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Cycles of Lust

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"F-forgive me for my clumsiness Alexander. I wasn't paying attention to the ropes..."
"The woman broke her neck, Daniel! The strappado was pulled too tight and you lost control of the rope. Now we are down a prisoner!"
"Please Alexander, I won't fall asleep again. Just let me continue helping with the, erm...torture."
"I'm starting to think the torture and warding rituals are causing stress on your mind. Perhaps it would be best if I took over…”
"The torture was enjoyable Alexander. It keeps the fear at bay, my mind is a storm of terror and agony. The culling of scum is the only control I have in this Godforsaken world! It is my sacred right to cleanse this world of filth! You dare deny me that Alexander?
"If you continue to talk to me as you are now, I might deny you your spine! Sigh...Are you well Daniel? These outbursts have grown rather common as of late. You've been so pale and tired the past three days. This malaise has only gotten worse since you arrived here."
"I am fine Alexander. Please forgive my short temper. It's just that...
"Just what Daniel? I don't like indecisiveness as you know."
"I'd rather not talk about it, Alexander. The subject of my exhaustion is not terribly proper"
"Do you mean to tell me that... you’re uncontrollably aroused?"
"N-no! No, of course not! Why would you imply such a thing, Alexander? Control your wandering mind for goodness sake!"
"Forgive me, Daniel. You just implied such a thing with the subject being improper. If that is what ails you, then I fear there is not much you can do. That is, of course, assuming you are a self-respecting Englishman...."
"Of course I am a self-respecting Englishman! I am not mindlessly lustful."
"So, you admit to being plagued by lust and impure urges? Don't look at me like that! I know all too well about the nature of sex. I've been on this planet far longer then you have Daniel."
"Well... I think I can handle my demons myself. Please, I can take care of this Alexander. The Shadow won't wait for me to complete the warding rituals."
"You are right Daniel, with the Shadow so near to the castle, I can't keep you from the rituals. Just stay awake next time. I can only save you from yourself so many times."
The clacking of thick, black claws on stone echoed through the vast halls. Alexander pushed open the massive iron and oak doors to his nest with great effort. The crest of the Black Eagle proudly hammered into the aged wood. The baron flicked his muscular tail towards his face to examine it. The hand at the end was rather similar to that of his hands but lacked the middle finger. Small finger pads on the bottoms of the joints provided both grip and protection from rough terrain. The rugged claws flexed and bent, pulling taut the powerful tendons. Alexander slammed the great doors behind him with two quick shoves of his tail. His empty eye sockets rested upon a rack of phallic tools of varying shapes and sizes. Each one had been hand-carved by Alexander, the veins and lumps sculpted out of strong yet flexible yew wood. He had crafted many tools and appliances in his time on Earth. Though not a perfect substitute, the toys were of some use to calming his raging heat cycles. Alexander plucked two ovipositors from the shelf. One was short and slim, the other long and thick. Much like the human anus, the ovipositor would need to be eased into taking larger objects, least it ripped or ruptured. A bottle of rose-scented oil rested on a nearby counter alongside some fake wombs. Alexander lifted the oil from the table using his tail, before curling up in his cosy nest.
Alexander slowly and precisely lathered the dildos with the oil. Selecting the smaller of the two phalluses first, he lifted it to the opening of his ovipositor. The split head flared open like a tulip at daybreak, a stream of clear body fluid flowing down the throbbing shaft. The beast gasped as the head of the dildo entered his sensitive flower. With a determined growl, Alexander slowly pushed the dildo in deeper. The sensation sent bolts of pleasure through his spine, causing him to moan loudly. There was no concern of anyone hearing his sensual cries down here. Soon, the toy was as far as it could go. A rather provocative bulge was quite obvious at this point. He slid it in and out methodically, loosening the throbbing orifice. Feeling satisfied with the looseness of his ovipositor, Alexander removed the small dildo with a satisfying pop. Precum splattered everywhere, staining the satin pillows and velvet sheets. He let out a satisfied growl before retrieving the larger dildo. Purring, Alexander nuzzled the veiny shaft with his chipped beak. He had carved this one in honour of his mate. Each wrinkle and bump were as accurate as could be. After sucking on the dildo for a few erotic minutes, the baron held the lovingly made toy to his ovipositor. He pushed the dildo in with ease, keening in ecstasy. Though sex was something that could be done at any point, the heat was when the sensations were ten-fold and the motivation was sky-high.
Alexander thrust into the dildo with lustful abandon. His mind raced with memories of his mate. How they would thrust into him, spilling their seed all over his ribbed chest. Alexander would often return the favour the next day, reminding them of their eternal bond. Those long nights left him aching but fulfilled. His banishment had left him wanton for love, for sex. Whenever his heat would start, Alexander would try to avoid leaving the safety of the nest as little as possible, for maintaining his human skin was nigh impossible and quite uncomfortable. Having an erection almost every hour of the day was its own cruel form of torture. One he was currently testing on the hapless boy from Mayfair. The baron produced pheromones that forced Daniel to succumb to his lustful urges. Whenever Alexander acted upon his desires, so too would Daniel. The young man was often as exhausted as he was. Alexander cared little though for as long as he could carry out the rituals and torture the prisoners, he was of use to him. It was almost as if the act of pleasuring those above him was something the Englishman’s body was made for. The way Daniel would bend down to pick up a body, or drink red wine seemed erotic to the baron's sex drunk mind. It wouldn’t be long until Daniel was in his arms, taking every last centimetre of his girth. Soon he would be primed and ready to be used like the little whore he was. Just a few more days and Daniel would fully succumb to his most primal urges.
Daniel panted as he whipped the arsonist. The man looked barely older than him, his delicate body slowly breaking. He licked his lips sensually as the whip fell. His victim let out a hoarse cry, a sound music to his ears. Daniel was used to the sounds of suffering; it was almost a melody to a gristly opera. With a powerful strike between the scapula, a spray of blood splattered across Daniel's sweaty bosom. With an annoyed grunt, Daniel tossed aside his already crimson undershirt, exposing his broad chest. Daniel absentmindedly stroked his left nipple, tugging at the sensitive redbud of flesh. He cracked his aching neck and stretched his well-muscled arms. The daily torture sessions had provided him with quite the workout, something the archaeologist was in dire need of. Long nights of terror and exhaustion had left his body in a poor state. His once toned and sun-kissed torso was now pale and sunken, with only a quarter of its original strength.
Daniel ran a bloodied hand down the prisoner's abdomen, brushing his fingers through wiry pubic hair. He circled around to admire his handy work, tracing invisible lines through the torn flesh. A kiss of the scrotum left the terrified prisoner whimpering and sobbing. Such power urged on Daniel's erection, a damp stain forming on his blood-soaked trousers. The Englishman groped his toy's bosom, twisting his nipples with a chuckle.
"Hush now my pet. Soon you shall forget." Daniel chuckled as he spanked the terrified man's arse. He plucked a bottle of Damascus Rose tonic, the pink liquid swirling around lazily, and pulled out the cork with his cream-coloured teeth. With a flourish, Daniel grabbed the prisoner by the throat and planted a deep kiss upon his lips.
“Now, awaken anew my little bird, and remember not these wounds or my face.” He cooed softly into the man’s ear; his hand guiding the amnesia tonic down the parched throat. The mad man chuckled and clapped his hands in delight as his toy slowly fell into a deep sleep. The once timid, hazel eyes were now awash with a new, terrifying flame. How could he have lived all his life not knowing the key to his most erotic fantasies were only a cat-o-nine tail away.