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Cycles of Lust

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Daniel sank into the warm water; a soft sigh left his mouth. After all the blood, guts, and gore, he was in serious need of a bath. He grabbed the bar of soap and started slathering it all over his bosom. Daniel felt baptized a new, a baptism of blood. Now was the time for cleansing, and Daniel was more than happy to alleviate himself of the sticky fluid. Nimble fingers grazed over his spine, itching absentmindedly at an old scar. Daniel looked at his manhood for a moment. It wasn't the largest, nor the most impressive, but it could get the job done. He stroked the head, pulling back the foreskin out of passive curiosity. After all that he had been through, Daniel wasn't exactly interested in pleasuring himself, yet something unearthly was urging him to do just that.
A strange, burning sensation tingled through his veins and into his sensitive loins. Whispers of sweet temptations urged on his lust. Unholy visions flitted through his tired mind like carrion flies on a horse’s eyes. Lucifer’s sweet words beckoning him. Suddenly feeling sick, Daniel jolted away from his member like a startled fawn, his eyes darting madly around the bathroom. What fowl demon had gotten into him? He reached for the rosary beads that he had taken with him on the long journey. The cool olive wood met his trembling lips as he recited a desperate prayer. His words had little effect on the rising voices.
"Sickening! How can I feel these sickening urges? What have I done? What have I become?" He broke down in hysterics, clutching his head in despair and rocking back and forth. His penis was already erect though, and Daniel felt an unnatural urge to appease its need. Every fibre of his being was at the will of this foul tempter. The desperate man bit his hand as to hold it in place.
"This is wrong, oh so wrong!" He sobbed. As all this anguish unfolded, Alexander lounged in his cosy nest. The boy was experiencing that same pain that he had felt decade after decade. Such a sight was quite cathartic. The baron gazed through the teary eyes, watching the boy’s mind slip away from within. He willed Daniel to give in, to entertain him. Daniel whimpered as his hand shakily wrapped around his shaft. Each stroke brought out a low moan. He fondled his testicles, rubbing the sensitive organs till they were raw. Within minutes, Daniel's hand was a blur. Letting out a loud cry, he ejaculated violently. Seamen dripped from his fingers and sullied the once pure water. Weeping, Daniel left the bathroom in a rush. Alexander hummed as he cleaned off his own junk. The spectacle had provided him with a tempting preview of things to come. Soon, he could mate with the Englishman. Daniel would be cowed to his ways and eating from his hand. The ritual and the pheromones had proved that.