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Cycles of Lust

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Alexander held a pale scrap of flesh in his clawed hand, running his talon over the tender surface. The skin had come from his face, which was starting to slog off. He peeled away another strip, revealing the pulsing, red hide below it. Methodically removing his mask, Alexander shed the skin on his left arm. Blood and meat struck the floor with a sickening squelch. The cold air hit the newly exposed skin, his real skin. The baron spat out his pink tongue in disgust and held it up. It wriggled in his claws before disintegrating to fine dust. He reached up to his fiery amber eyes and plucked them out as if they were merely glass. Such primitive organs were unbecoming of a perfect organism such as himself as he removed the stringy optic nerve. With most of his head free of the stuffy meat suit, Alexander leaned forward. Letting out a pained groan, he pushed his spine out of his back. The creamy white vertebrates were crowned with an ornate, simi-pellucid membrane. A long, muscular tail ripped itself free from his exposed back, the fingered tip dripping with blood and entrails. Alexander sighed with relief. Keeping a three-meter-long tail inside of his cramped body was rather painful. He dug his talons deep into his gaunt chest and removed the last bit of pesky flesh as if it were a coat. The baron stood to his full height as he stepped out of his own feet, flicking off yellowed toenails as he went. Such a morbid display, he thought to himself. Now free from his fleshy facade, Alexander turned to his nest. He petted his loins in anticipation and flicked his tail eagerly. After his daily round of pleasure, it would be time to start indoctrinating his new toy.
In only one week, Daniel had been coaxed into killing a man. A simple stonemason who had been caught on the road. A man that would perhaps be missed, perhaps by friends or family, or by none at all. His cries were barely muffled by the burlap bag tied over his head. Daniel wasn't the best at the painting end of things. The cutting, on the other hand, came easily to the young man. Alexander inhaled his sweat and panic. Even after being fed the lies, Daniel still struggled to take a life. Such an innocence would have to be dealt with he mused. Alexander aided his hand, guiding him along the wet, green lines. He hoped that his erection wouldn’t be noticed, seeing that it was pressing itself against Daniel's back.
A splatter of blood struck the boy in the mouth. Daniel stopped the mauling and gagged, tears pricking at hazel eyes. The crimson liquid trickled down his lush lips. Alexander only barely resisted the urge to throw Daniel to the floor and force his phallus into his bloodstained mouth. Daniel shakily wiped the body fluid from his mouth and onto his now ruined shirt. Said shirt clung to his pale skin with sweat. The baron ran his hand along his ribs, counting each and every one. For such a young man, Daniel was already quite lean and well-muscled. The blade finally left the chest of the stonemason. Daniel stumbled backwards, into Alexander's sinewy arms and bony bosom. He looked up at the ancient man, searching desperately for something. Those watery hazel eyes bore into him with a passion.
"You did well Daniel"