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Dark Pollen

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In the middle of spring, Ribombee make a special pollen to attract and seduce mates. It’s highly advised people avoid them during this time, as it affects pokemon and people too.


It was a warm and breezy spring day. The sky had been clear for several days and the breeze blew through Sora’s long raven black hair as she trailed behind Grimsley. It was by some sort of miracle that she had convinced him to come out during the day since he had been particularly against being in the daylight today. She couldn’t figure out why though. His handsome features were well complimented by the light of the moon, yes, but daylight somehow made him look even more gorgeous. The tired bags under his eyes and the white that streaked through his black hair all seemed to pop out beautifully in the morning sun. She genuinely couldn’t see why he was so against walking around during the day to show off his good looks.

Though, he must have noticed her staring at some point because he caught her gaze with his own. A tired smile graced his face as he chuckled, looking forward again as he continued on the flowery trail. Sora followed close behind, a playful smile on her features as she ran up to him and wrapped her arms around Grimsley’s waist, making the man stop and look back at her in surprise.

“You’re so much like a vampire, Grimsley,” she started, a calming yet playful tone in her voice, “You only come out at night, but you look great in sunlight~!”

He sighed, placing his right hand over both of her’s, “No need to tease me moonlight, I know I’ve grown dull with age.”

Sora tightened her hug upon hearing this, making Grimsley let out a short huff, “You’re plenty handsome, I don’t know how you can’t see it. Maybe it’s your eyes that are getting old and can’t see that.”

The couple let out a short laugh at this, Grimsley prying himself from her arms in the process to turn around and return the hug. It was a short hug that felt like an eternity, a hug that neither wanted to end. The sweet smell of the various flowers that surrounded them only seemed to encourage the loving mood. Sora felt whole, so close to such a wonderful man. She didn’t see what he could dislike about himself so much. From his laugh to his personality, all of it charmed her to a point of breathlessness sometimes. Even the way he looked now was beyond what mere words could describe. To her, he was perfect.

Meanwhile Grimsley couldn’t believe someone as lovely and entrancing as Sora could even bear to be around him. She was playful yet kind, witty and smart, and on top of that she was a sight to behold. From the night he met her he knew there was no hope in escaping, he was head over heels. He felt so old though, so unlike how he used to feel. As they both separated from their hug he felt his heart ache for closeness once more. He knew it was showing through in his expression because Sora’s usual playful demeanor was a great deal softer, a sweet smile and kind eyes staring up at him. He felt he could faint at the sight, but then he noticed her turn around and begin looking for something.

“What are you up to, darling?”

“It’s a surprise!” She wanted to make him feel better, so she was looking for… ah!

In her peripheral vision, Sora spotted a familiar yellow fly like Pokemon. Ribombee. She wanted to know exactly how to help Grimsley get out of this slump, but she was currently short on ideas; however, she remembered that Ribombee can feel a Pokemon or person’s emotions, much akin to a Ralts. Her veins coursed with joy as she approached it, stopping to pick a few flowers to offer it. She tried to find the most vibrant and gorgeous ones. They looked beautiful, almost as if they were made to be given to someone special. While these ones weren’t going to a person, she felt that they would still be going to good use.

Grimsley, finally picking up on what she’s doing, calls for her, “You don’t have to, you know. I’ll be fine.”

Sora pauses and looks back at him, flashing him a mischievous smile, “But I want to! Especially for you~!”

He flushes at this, watching her carefully before his gaze meets the Ribombee’s figure. It was certainly acting strange. It buzzed frantically and seemed completely unaware of its surroundings. He narrowed his eyes at it, watching as it made a pink pollen puff before setting it down. He noted the odd color, trying to figure out why it would make such strange puffs before it finally clicked. Grimsley ran towards Sora quickly, she was close to the Ribombee and had just called for it, getting its attention at last. His breathing quickens as he runs towards her faster, not caring for the mess of pollen and dirt getting on his white clothes. He calls for her, this time his voice his overflowing with concern, but it’s too late.

Just as he makes it to her and she finally notices his desperate features, a pink pollen puff is thrown at both of them, exploding in a cloud of pink pollen. Sora is lucky enough to breathe it in more slowly, but Grimsley, in an attempt to catch his breath, breathes in a lot of it. He feels himself begin to sweat, a feeling of warmth overtaking every inch of his body. His mind feels like a haze and he can barely breathe without smelling Sora. Every whiff he catches, every breath he takes, he feels his cock harden just a bit more. He feels so lightheaded, he can hardly think straight. The only thing on his mind is her.

As for Sora, well, her mind was becoming just as clouded with thoughts of Grimsley. She hadn’t breathed in nearly as much as he had yet she was already becoming just as hot and bothered. Her body felt warm, her cheeks were flushed a lovely shade of red, and Arceus she could just tell she was soaking her underwear from how wet she felt. She could barely stand straight and the sheer effort it took not to just crawl all over Grimsley was immense. She could only think of him. His sultry voice, his playful remarks, the way his hands felt on her body, every bit of it made her mind go even more haywire.

Grimsley seemed to be even less composed though because in a matter of seconds she felt his hands on every curve and crevice of her body. His lips met hers in a fit of passion and desire. She had never felt more pleasure from a kiss before, she felt she could burst as his tongue met hers. It felt warm, oh so warm. They both wanted so much more but their pesky clothes were in the way. Grimsley was fast to make short work of Sora’s clothes though, nearly ripping her shirt off and fumbling her bra off just to get a glance of her breasts, just to feel her skin against his own. His kimono came off with more ease than it ever has, his body on full display to her. Just looking at him made her long for him even more.

A soft moan escaped her lips as she felt Grimsley lick, bite, and suck her neck. She moved her hands to feel up his back. While Grimsley may have been older, he was definitely still a very slim and fit man. The way his sturdy muscles felt against the palm of her hand made her shudder, that or the trail of kisses and licks making their way down her body. Her eyes fluttered closed for a moment, pleasure enveloping her as she felt his tongue against her sensitive nipples. His agile fingers rubbed against her clit as added stimulation and Sora could feel herself just unraveling further under him. She was becoming eager and impatient though.

Grimsley’s gaze snapped up to Sora’s face as he heard her mewl, his name escaping her lips in an act of desperation. He would definitely be lying if he said that it didn’t make him want to fuck her right then and there. He wanted more too, but still had the sense to at least tease his sweetheart just a little though. The teasing was taking a toll on him too though, as he sat up and finally slid her pants and underwear off he saw just how wet she was. Just for him, he thought, all of this was just for him. He ran his fingers along her clit once more before sliding two inside of her. She bucked up against them with a moan, crying out for more.

“Grimsley, please, I don’t know how much more I can take… I need- haah-” She was cut off by another moan, sweat dripping from her forehead as she desperately tried to find the words to beg.

“What do you need, love?” His voice was low and heavy and he watched her like a predator. He was being held together by a string, just watching her beneath him filled him with need, but he needed more for her to say it.

“You- your-” She swallowed hard as she felt his palm against her clit, his fingers moving even faster, “Your dick, oh please, please, please, I need it- ahh~ I need you to fuck me please~”

That was it, he snapped. Anything that could have stopped him was gone in an instant and he quickly removed his fingers and replaced them with his cock. It slid in with ease and he felt his eyes roll back. It took a great deal of self control not to burst. Sora let out a loud moan, hands flying up to grip Grimsley’s shoulders. She felt so full, she could feel the way his cock throbbed inside of her cunt, the friction of his cock thrusting inside of her like a jackhammer. The feeling was intense. Every nerve was on fire and every thrust of his cock made her feel like she was in paradise. There was no feeling like it, and she wanted so much more. Every second it went on she felt herself coming closer to the edge.

Grimsley bent over to kiss her, something that was quickly returned with feverance. He easily took control of the kiss, sucking on her tongue and exploring every inch of her mouth. He didn’t want anything going untouched by him. She belonged to him, even if sometimes he couldn’t believe it. Feeling her cunt grip his cock like this though, her heated body pressed against him as to just feel more of him, all of it made him confident. She loved him, and right now, even he knew she only wanted him.

Sora saw stars as her orgasm rocked through her, Grimsley’s name as well as expletives flying from her mouth without any filter. Her legs wrapped tight around him as he only picked up the pace, his thrusts becoming messy as he desperately chased after his own orgasm. He wanted to fill her, make her his forever, and keep fucking her even through the night. With only a few more quick thrusts, he buried his shaft deep inside her, the tip of his cock pressing against her cervix as he came inside of her. He couldn’t stop himself, he didn’t even dare pull out, and from the moan that left Sora’s mouth, she didn’t want him to. Each wave of pleasure hit them both like a truck as their orgasms seem to last forever despite only being seconds.

Just as they ended though, Grimsley collapsed on her, his dick still inside of her. They both struggled to catch their breath and their brains were finally clearing of the thick fog that tormented them. In spite of that though, they both knew that they wanted more. Sora tugged on Grimsley’s hair slightly, grabbing the attention of the worn out man.

“Wanna go again?”

Through pants, Grimsley answered, “Of course.”