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Secret Service: Outtakes

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Outtakes Part 1 Andy’s biography in the mocked-up Christmas issue of Runway:


Name: Andrea Sachs

Birthplace: Olmstead Falls, OH

Birthday: July 16

Eye color: Chocolate

Hair color: Coffee

Alma Mater: Northwestern for English with a minor in journalism

Little-known fact: Andrea was accepted to Stanford Law School but chose to work for Miranda Priestly. Naturally.

Favorite meal: Corn chowder, grilled cheese sandwiches

Favorite Saying: Oh my God, Miranda’s going to kill me (even years after her employment at Runway ended, it is rumored that during times of great stress Andrea utters such words).

Future aspirations: Becoming a world-renowned investigative journalist; finding a way to get Miranda to acknowledge her existence in a public forum

**Editor’s Note: Recent events point toward Andrea’s aspirations becoming a reality

Defining career moment: Beating Miranda Priestly at her own game by obtaining the unpublished manuscript of the last Harry Potter book and delivering it the same day. With a smile.

Another defining career moment: Impressing Miranda Priestly by willingly making the hard choices, including walking away from Runway when Andrea realized it wasn’t what she wanted or needed.

Memorable Anecdote:  Used to the frumpy outfits this serious journalist wore, Miranda Priestly nearly tripped over her chair while watching a fashionably-dressed Andrea leave her office. In that moment it was as if the two had traded bodies. The editor finally recognized that Andrea is more than the smart, fat girl. Much more.