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By Vigor and Resolution

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Dick can feel his heart in his ears.

He knows it can't possibly be that loud, that there's no way Slade can hear it as well, but still he looks at the other alpha out of the corner of his eye, assessing. Slade simply continues to walk, unaware of—or maybe ignoring—how Dick keeps glancing at him.

He doesn't know why he's so nervous. It's not like he hasn't had sex before, after all. Not like he hasn't already played around with being the bottom. This isn't really all that different. Not really. So Slade's an alpha. A very big, very powerful alpha. That doesn't really change anything, does it? Mechanics are the same. Should be the same. They're the same, right?

They reach a dark wood door and Slade enters without hesitating, leaving the door open behind himself to invite Dick in, which Dick does after a moment of hesitation.

The room is large, as would be expected of the king's quarters. Against one wall is a bed and dresser, another has an ornate desk beside a pair of doors that lead out onto a balcony. There's a giant fire place in front of a grouping of armchairs and a couch, a filled bookcase beside it. There are also weapons pinned to the walls, various types of swords, a beautiful bow and matching arrows, some type of curved dagger that Dick wants to get his hands on, curious about its use.

Slade clears his throat, and Dick turns back around to face him, folding his hands behind his back to hide the nervous fiddling of his fingers. Slade's removed his crown by this point, and the top of his doublet is open, loosened for comfort. There are two goblets in his hands, and when he offers one to Dick, Dick takes it automatically, glancing down to see what he's been given.

It's a deep red like the wine he'd been indulging in earlier, but it smells sweeter, and when he takes a sip it tastes almost like strawberries. He lets out a pleased noise, asking, "What is this?"

"Don't drink it quickly," Slade advises, sipping from his own goblet with something like amusement. "It's still alcohol, and will sneak up on you."

"Trying to get me drunk?" Dick asks without meaning to, and Slade smirks.

"Trying to get you to calm down," he corrects. "No, I want you fully aware, Prince." He pauses, tilts his head. "Hmm, not a prince anymore, are you?"

No, not a prince anymore. A king, technically. Not of the country he expected, and not actually the one in command, but still he has the title. That's...a wild thing. He's a king. He's married. This wasn't just one big insane dream, it actually happened. And his husband is...Slade Wilson. An alpha, one who exudes confidence and power and showed that he has the actual skill to back it all up. And it's their wedding night.

He takes another drink from his glass, trying to settle his nerves. It's really not a big deal. This is all normal, and the mechanics are all the same. It's gonna be fine.

"Come here, boy," Slade instructs, voice low.

Dick swallows and complies, closing the distance between them and coming to a stop in front of the other alpha. Slade takes the goblet from him gently, turning to set both glasses on a nearby table. He then settles a large hand just above Dick's waist, pulling him closer until they're flush against each other.

Much like when Slade had him pinned after they sparred, Dick can't help but notice how much bigger Slade is than him. More muscled, taller, wider, practically dwarfing Dick this close. And Dick is no dainty flower, he's a fighter and a pretty damn good one. But, like this, it's very easy to understand how Slade got the reputation he has. Very easy to understand how he wins every fight he finds himself in.

"Have you ever been with another alpha?" Slade asks, still in that low voice. It rumbles through his chest and into Dick's own, making him shiver.

Dick shakes his head. "No," he says honestly. "I've...done things with an alpha before, but it never—got that far."

His words are awkward and stilted, and he hates it. Dick prides himself on his ability to remain calm and collected, to always have a clever line to toss back at someone, to have the right words to say. Slade makes that feel absolutely impossible.

Slade's nose brushes over Dick's hair, inhaling, and Dick fights back another shiver, focusing on the feeling of Slade breathing against him. The way they're positioned puts Dick's head very close to the curve of Slade's neck, and it's challenging to fight the urge to press his face forward, to follow the hint of metal and richness to the source of the other alpha's scent.

Slade's keeping it impressively well controlled, and Dick finds that he wants to make Slade lose that control, to make him unable to hold himself back.

"If I asked you to go to your knees," Slade says, drawing Dick back to the actual conversation at hand, "would you know what to do?"

Dick blushes at the question, despite the lack of mocking in the tone. And thankfully, yes, he would know what to do. He and Roy tried almost everything together, and Dick found that he rather liked going down. It was a skill he continued to grow with each subsequent partner.

"Ask and find out," Dick challenges, feeling a little bit more like himself, and Slade's teeth flash as he smiles.

"Alright," Slade says indulgently. "Then would you get on your knees and suck my cock?"

The bluntness of the question somehow manages to startle Dick, who hadn't been quite sure what to expect, but he refuses to let it show. Instead he takes a few moments to pretend to consider it, and then holds eye contact as he slowly sinks to his knees.

Slade's eye flares, and Dick smirks. Feeling far more confident than a couple minutes ago, Dick reaches up and undoes the strings keeping Slade's breeches closed, and then pulls them and his underwear down his thighs. The man's cock springs free, just beginning to harden, and Dick pauses for a moment.

He can't say he's ever been with someone so...big, before. Slade is apparently proportionate all the way through, his cock no exception, and Dick can only imagine how much bigger it'll be when actually hard. And it's...supposed to go inside of him. Is that even possible? He's not an omega, he's not made to have something like this in him—can he even take it?

"You're certainly helping my ego," Slade drawls, and Dick's eyes snap up to his face. There's a smirk curling the other alpha's lips, his eye dark with lust. Not a hint of embarrassment anywhere on him; not that he has anything to be embarrassed about.

Dick rolls his eyes at him and lowers his gaze again. "Your ego doesn't need any help."

"No," Slade agrees, "but the way you're staring is certainly doing it."

Dick just wants to shut him up, so he leans in, dragging his tongue up the length of Slade's cock. The man draws in a sharp breath, surprised by the suddenness of the action, and Dick, emboldened by the reaction, does it again, wrapping his hand around the base and squeezing at the faint bump where his knot would form. It pulls a quiet groan from Slade, making Dick smile, and so Dick keeps up the pressure and takes Slade into his mouth, bobbing his head and sucking, other hand raising to play with his balls.

He lets his senses fuzz out a little, focusing solely on the reactions of his partner, paying close attention to what gets a reaction, what doesn't, what makes Slade's hips jerk a little, and then doubling down on all of it. Slade's scent begins to fill his nose, lust thick in the air, and it makes Dick groan at how clear the other alpha's desire is.

The hand that slides through his hair is unexpected but welcome, and he gives a small moan of encouragement when Slade tugs on the strands, keening when Slade takes the permission and yanks more sharply. It knocks Dick out of his rhythm for a moment but he quickly gets back into it, moving to take Slade deeper into his mouth.

His jaw aches, but it's a good kind of pain, like the tingling of his scalp. He ignores both and pushes himself further, adjusting his head to let Slade's cock slide deeper and deeper, working past his gag reflex until it's in his throat.

Dick flicks his eyes up, locking onto Slade's, and swallows around him. A groan rips out of Slade, hand clenching even tighter in Dick's hair, hips jerking forward. Dick takes the motion without complaint, breathing measuredly through his nose until suddenly Slade is pulling him off in one rough movement, grabbing hold of the front of Dick's doublet and yanking him up to his feet, clashing their mouths together in a powerful kiss.

Dick moans into it, an arm wrapping around the back of Slade's neck, other gripping at his large bicep. Slade holds him tightly against his front and kisses him like he wants to devour him, and Dick feels light-headed, drunk on everything that's happening. He can smell Slade so strongly, almost overpowering. But he can smell himself, too, his lust clear as day.

One of Slade's hands slides roughly through Dick's hair, finally knocking the crown completely from his head, and neither of them pay the object any mind as it clatters to the floor. His hand settles on the back of Dick's neck and squeezes, and the simple touch has Dick's instincts rearing their head, baring his teeth into the passionate kiss and letting out a brief growl.

The sound seems to wash right off of Slade, but he does break the kiss, instead ducking his head to kiss Dick's neck, mouth moving up to his scent gland and sucking.

Dick's legs feel like jelly, shaking and threatening to buckle as he moans, throwing his head back to grant Slade more access. Slade rumbles approvingly, a deeply pleased noise as Dick bares his neck to him, and takes full advantage, licking and sucking and nipping and making Dick shake and whine in his grasp.

"Slade," Dick gasps. "Slade."

Slade chuckles against his neck, hot breath meeting overheated skin, and doesn't let up. Dick is painfully hard, his cock straining against his pants, and he hangs onto Slade for dear life, unable to do anything but cling and moan and ride it all out.

He comes just like that, falling apart in Slade's arms, shaking. And Slade doesn't stop until Dick is wincing and tilting his head away, trying to limit his access. Slade draws back just enough to capture Dick's mouth again, and Dick can barely breathe but it's so good, his entire body buzzing and surging towards Slade, desperate to be as close as possible.

Slade's hands move to Dick's chest, and he works at the bindings of his double with quick, skillful fingers, quickly opening it all the way and then shoving it down Dick's arms and to the floor, ripping off his shirt right after. Those hands move to his pants next, undoing them just as quickly and then shoving a hand inside.

It's hot and wet with cum when Slade's hand wraps around Dick's cock, and the other alpha chuckles, stroking him despite the way Dick whines at the touch so soon after coming.

"I'm gonna make you come again, boy," Slade growls in his ear, making Dick shudder. "Gonna make you scream my name. Want that, little alpha? Want me to fuck you?"

Dick groans and nods. He does, he really does. He still has no idea if this actually fucking works but he wants Slade.

Slade's hands are searing hot as they slide over Dick's bare skin, along his arms and across his chest and down his back, and Dick only offers a moan of encouragement when Slade's hands push Dick's pants down over the curve of his ass, squeezing and then using that grip to lift Dick bodily into the air. Dick can't help but laugh, a breathless noise tinged with arousal.

If Slade would stop proving himself then maybe Dick could actually think for a moment. Instead all he wants is for Slade to strip, for him to climb on top of him and give him everything he promised.

Dick works at the bindings keeping Slade's doublet closed, his finger fumbling far more than Slade's had but he still manages to get the thing open and push it off, throwing it somewhere and then immediately grabbing the bottom of Slade's shirt and yanking it up.

They crash down onto the bed, the wind going out of Dick as the entirety of Slade's weight rests on top of him for a moment before Slade leverages himself up, pulling his shirt the rest of the way off and kicking off his boots, reaching down to tug off Dick's as well and then reaching for his pants.

Dick tries to take the brief break to clear his head, but taking deep breaths only serves to flood his senses with Slade's rich scent, thick in the air, filling the room with arousal. It's heady and intoxicating, and Dick finds his cock stirring again.

Slade hums, pleased, and Dick gasps as a large, calloused hand wraps around his cock. "The beauty of youth," Slade muses, climbing back up Dick's body, trailing kisses. "Quick to come but quick to recover, too."

He grinds down against Dick, pulling him into another kiss. Dick wraps his legs around Slade's waist to pull him closer, running his fingers through Slade's hair and gripping at his back.

Slade shifts off him briefly, reaching over to the bedside table and returning with a jar of oil. Dick watches with half-lidded eyes as the other alpha dips his fingers in the oil, and holds still as Slade's hand begins to slide down his body, drifting along the curve of his hip. Dick takes the moment of distraction to tighten his hold around Slade's waist and twists them roughly, throwing Slade onto his back and landing straddling him.

Slade blinks for a moment in surprise, and then sends Dick a sharp, pleased grin. His clean hand lands on Dick's hip and squeezes faintly, and the oil-stick one moves around to Dick's ass, one finger rubbing softly at his hole, questioning.

Dick nods shakily, offering permission, and braces his hands on Slade's chest as that finger pushes inside of him. It's not an altogether unfamiliar sensation—he's explored enough that this isn't the first time something's been inside of him—but still he finds himself tensing against it, jaw clenching as he forces himself to relax.

Slade moves slowly, pumping the finger in and out and making no moves to rush any further. He strokes Dick's hip, eye half-lidded as it slides up and down Dick's body. And Dick slowly begins to relax, rocking down against the finger, thighs clenching to either side of Slade's waist. He moans when Slade's finger pushes up against a bundle of nerves, and barely notices the second finger slipping in.

Dick groans as Slade's fingers work skillfully, his free hand releasing his hip to instead wrap around his cock. Dick's quickly hardening again under the attention, and he feels lightheaded as he rocks between Slade's hands, desperate for more of both sensations and unwilling to give up either.

"Slade," Dick gasps, "more."

Slade obliges with a sharp grin, putting more oil onto both of his hands and then slipping three fingers up his ass, other hand stroking his cock roughly, dragging a small whine out of Dick's chest.

"Come on," Dick says, grinding back against the fingers, "I—I'm ready, I'm ready. Just fuck me already."

"What if I want to hear you beg, boy?" Slade rumbles, fucking his fingers in and out roughly and drawing a thin moan from Dick. "What if I want you to beg me for my cock?"

Dick pants, trying to gather his thoughts. He doesn't have the patience right now, he doesn't think, to play Slade's game. He—he wants right now. He doesn't want to wait anymore.

Dick wraps his own hand around Slade's cock, pulling a grunt out of the other alpha, and leverages himself up into a high kneel. Slade's fingers slip from his ass, and the man watches with a heated gaze as Dick slowly lowers himself down onto Slade's cock.

The stretch burns. He's never had anything this big inside of him before, and there's a small panicked part of himself that's screaming at him to stop, a warning flashing in the back of his mind that he ignores, pressing down slowly inch by inch.

Slade doesn't move, staying perfectly still underneath him and letting Dick control his descent. His hands grip at Dick's thighs when Dick eventually comes to a stop pressed all the way down, large fingers clenching rhythmically over his skin.

Dick sucks in deep gulps of air, adjusting to the strange sensation of being so full.

"Kid," Slade says, strained, "you planning on moving any time soon?"

Dick lets out a breathless laugh, a grin taking over his features as he nods. Sweaty hair falls in his face and he pushes it back, steadying himself before slowly rising. It's a strange, strange sensation, and one that sends sparks of pleasure up Dick's spine, making him shudder. He gets into a rhythm, pushing up and down, moving faster as he gets more comfortable.

Slade shifts underneath him, changing the angle, and Dick moans as the change has Slade's cock pressing up against that spot inside of him on every movement. Slade's hands are tight enough on him to leave bruises, and Dick relishes the ache, bouncing himself up and down and grinning sharply when he's awarded with a moan from Slade.

Slade surges upright to meet him, wrapping an arm around Dick's back and yanking him closer with a gasp. Slade kisses him, swallowing the sound and stealing the air from his lungs. He continues to let Dick set the pace, but it's so much harder to do now, Dick's head swimming at the proximity and with arousal. He wants to come again. He wants to have Slade come inside of him.

They rut and grind against each other, sharing the same breath, moaning into open-mouthed kisses. Dick sees sparks when Slade's lips travel back to his neck, attacking his scent gland once again, and it doesn't take long before he's whining and coming for the second time, arching up against Slade.

From there, Slade wastes no time, flipping them both over in Dick's disorientation and beginning to fuck roughly into him. It stings a little, but Dick doesn't complain, remaining pliant and floating in the afterglow, enjoying the feeling of the powerful alpha on top of him and inside of him.

When Slade comes, he does it with a furious growl, burying himself deep inside of Dick. The warmth that blooms is an unfamiliar feeling for Dick, but not a bad one, and he wraps his legs around Slade's waist to trap him close, keeping them together as they both come down, Dick's face tucked into the curve of Slade's neck.

It's a long time later that they pull apart, wincing at the stickiness from all the cum and sweat. Dick wrinkles his nose, frowning down at himself, and watches with furrowed brows as Slade reaches over to the bedside table and presses a button of some sort.

Ten seconds later, the bedroom door opens, making Dick yelp and grab at the sheets, yanking them over himself as a beta man enters the room. Slade lounges without shame for his naked form, smirking faintly at Dick before asking the beta to draw them a bath.

"Warning would've been nice," Dick mutters, sinking further into the bed and trying to pretend like he hadn't jumped out of his skin. The bed, at least, is very comfortable.

Slade chuckles. "But keeping you on your toes is so much more fun," he murmurs, leaning over and pressing his mouth to Dick's neck, an action filled with promise that has Dick shivering. He feels Slade smile against his skin, and doesn't fight when the older alpha pulls him underneath him, lining their bodies up. "Oh yes, I'm not even close to through with you. You're mine now, Richard. And I have so much planned for the pair of us."

Dick finds, as Slade captures his lips in a passionate kiss, that he doesn't think he minds that.