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"You sure you don't want this?"

It's not that Izuku didn't want it, fuck- he wanted it more than anything. But recently he's noticed he's been getting a bit... heavier.

It's natural in his family, everyone goes from small and slim to chubby and Izuku has been dreading it ever happening. He can't help the sugary goods he sees everywhere, the way the soft and buttery treats melt into his mouth and have him moaning in pleasure. It's so addicting.

It's all for a price though- his cheeks have been getting plumper, hands chubby and all that soft, plush weight going straight to his ass and thighs. He doesn't even fit in his favorite jeans anymore! Call it what you want, 'good weight', but Izuku can't stand it anymore. He's tried working out but he's always stopped by Katsuki coming in and asking too many questions.

And Izuku loves him, he really does, but he can't just admit that he hates the way he looks. Especially not to someone as strong and perfect as him.

Izuku's noticed the lingering stares that go on his ass whenever he stands up, how he jiggles more and can just sink his hands into it and it's all soft plumpness. How his thighs spread whenever he sits down and shorts ride up his legs.

"Deku?" Katsuki snapped his fingers and raised an eyebrow at him.

Izuku jumped, "ah, no! I'm okay. I'm full."

Katsuki leaned back and crossed his arms, staring at his still full plate.

"You usually eat much more than that."

Izuku tries his best to ignore the sting at the words. Katsuki's smart, of course he will notice when he's not gulfing down his cooking that he worships. Izuku stared down at his thighs clad in short, light green shorts and bit his lip, "It's okay! I'm stuffed, really!"

Katsuki leaned forwards and brought a spoonful of curry to Izuku's plump lips, rubbing his thumb on his cheek. "Eat it already!"

Izuku slowly opened his mouth and stared into Katsuki's eyes, blushing when his pupils grew larger when he swallowed.

It was so good, it tasted amazing. Izuku can't deny this, it's too much!

"You're the best cook, Kacchan." He smiled, shifting in his seat and huffing when his ass kept making him twist in uncomfortable positions.

Katsuki cleaned the edge of his lip and laughed when Izuku opened his mouth, waiting for him to spoon in more food. "Still have to treat you like a baby, huh? Fuckin' pathetic." He clicked his tongue and kept shoveling food down Izuku's throat.

Izuku felt his soft tummy getting all warm and fuzzy from the feeling, savoring the way the mild yet slightly spicy flavour lingered on his tongue.

"You still feed me though, Kacchan." Izuku laughed, moving forwards to wrap his soft lips around the spoon filled with more curry.

"Yeah cause if I don't you'll start whining, whatever." Katsuki rolled his eyes and finished shoveling the last of the curry into his mouth, patting his soft cheek as he chewed.

Izuku smiled and swallowed, standing up to hug Katsuki. He felt so small next to him, yet he couldn't help but twitch away when Katsuki's hand moved to his lower back.

"Fuck, I love this ass. It's so soft and mine."

Katsuki growled and grabbed his cheeks, squeezing them and moaning at the way it jiggled in his grasp.

"Ah- hah!" Izuku gripped his shoulders and shifted, Katsuki's hands falling to his soft waist. It wasn't that he was uncomfortable , he just didn't want him to find him gross.

Katsuki rubbed at his back and gripped his chin to face him. "What are you thinking?"

It wasn't exactly easy to say 'I've been getting chubby and I know you notice it and I don't wanna look so big next to you.' So Izuku resorted to lying. But he's smart, wouldn't let himself be fooled.

"I'm just really full." Izuku smiled at him, leaving a light kiss on his pursed lips.

Katsuki grunted and hugged him, letting his hand trail down to his ass again, spanking it softly and watching the jiggle. "Yeah?"

Izuku giggled and snuggled into his chest, ignoring the way his tummy squished against Katsuki's hard stomach. "I'm really okay, Kacchan!"

Katsuki decided to let it go. Izuku's not sure if he should be glad or not, hard decision to make.


Izuku looked at himself in the mirror and grunted when his jeans wouldn't go up past his ass, jumping to try and make them fit. It's no use, they're already ripping at the seams!

He turned around and rubbed at his ass, placing his hands under it to watch it jiggle.

"Man, I liked these ones..." Izuku sighed, almost falling as his ass bumped against the edge of the dresser.

He was chubbier, at least slightly more than 2 days ago. Izuku blames it all on Katsuki, he keeps feeding him like a spoiled puppy! It's no fair.

"Deku! Move your ass over here or I'm giving it to the cats!"

Izuku gasped and quickly pulled the tight jeans down his legs, whining when they got stuck on his thick thighs. "Hurry up, I don't have time for this right now..!"

He managed to take the jeans off completely and quickly threw on a random pair of underwear, ignoring the way it caught on his ass and let the bottom of his ass exposed to the air. It's fine, they're at their house anyways.

Izuku opened the door and went to the kitchen, biting his lip when once again, another huge meal presented itself on the table.

"This looks amazing! What is it?"

Katsuki turned around and looked him up and down, raising an eyebrow at his choice of pants, "what's up with that?"

Izuku stared down at his thick thighs and pulled the underwear down from where it got stuck between them. "I didn't have anything to wear..?"

Katsuki made his way over to him and let his hands fall down to his ass, fingers digging into the soft and plump skin.

"I ain't say it was bad, you look good wearing my shit." He laughed, spanking his ass softly.

Izuku flushed and grabbed his wrists, gasping when Katsuki's thumb pushed down his waistband.

"Kacchan." He warned, looking at the table that was still full.

Katsuki clicked his tongue and spanked his ass again, letting it jiggle in his palms. "Whatever. It's a new recipe I found, figured I would use you as my test subject to see if it was good or not." Katsuki finished, spooning a big serving of rice onto Izuku's plate.

Izuku ignored the way his cock slightly stood up as he remembered his touches, instead grabbing the plate full of food. "Why didn't you ask Kirishima to try it out?"

"I don't trust that loser to judge my cooking, all he does is stuff himself with fast food. I prefer someone who eats my cooking everyday." Katsuki sat down and watched Izuku.

"You aren't going to get a plate for yourself?" Izuku asked, looking up at him in confusion.

"I said you're gonna be my test subject, yeah? Can't have anything til' I know it's good." Katsuku shrugged and pushed the plate closer towards him.

Izuku narrowed his eyes and stared at the hefty plate, and god did it look delicious. He didn't know what it was, and truthfully, he never does. But it looked amazing and way too much for one person.

But that's okay, Izuku's gone way past the 'one serving' limit.

Izuku brought the spoon to his mouth and inhaled, moaning when the flavourful fish hit his tongue. It tasted amazing, and he had to suppress the urge to tilt the plate and shovel all of it straight into his mouth.

Katsuki bit his lip and moved a plate full of buns next to him, watching intently as he swallowed.

Izuku flushed and licked his fingers of the grease falling onto his hand, staring right into Katsuki's eyes and gasping when he felt his cock twitch under it's confines.

"It's good."

Katsuki laughed and booped his nose, wiping a grain of rice from the edge of his mouth. "Want' another plate?"

Izuku wanted to say no, that he didn't want or need it, that he was big enough as it was. But even with his tummy all full and warm he couldn't deny him. Katsuki didn't want for his reply as he grabbed his plate and filled it up again, the food looking just as delicious as it did at the start.

Izuku happily ate the meal, nearly choking from how fast he went.

"You never told me what it was." His words were slightly muffled as his cheeks fattened with the food in his mouth.

Katsuki clicked his tongue, "Idiot, did I never tell you to not eat with your mouth full? It's lemon rice with black garlic cod, figured it sounded interesting and it wasn't too spicy for your tastes."

"It tastes amazing! Kacchan never hesitates to make impressive meals, It's such a shame nobody else can experience this." Izuku smiled and blew at the hot rice, licking his soft pink lips to rid of the oil.

Katsuki crossed his arms and moved his foot to rest between Izuku's thick thighs. "I'd rather you be the only one blessed enough to eat this everyday than some shitty extra who will nag at me for more."

Izuku shuddered when Katsuki's foot pressed close to his half-chub, trying to ignore it by eating more. "Aren't you gonna eat?" He asked, glancing at the foot rubbing his inner thigh.

"Nah, you like it so enjoy it. I'll make something else for myself."

Izuku stared at the table full of food and huffed through his nose, weary. Recently Katsuki has been cooking way too much and giving it all to him. He doesn't like leftovers so Izuku has no choice but to stuff himself and he can't exactly force Katsuki to eat, either.

"Are you sure? I don't want to-" Izuku got interrupted by Katsuki grabbing his plump cheeks and pulling him towards him, making him slow down his chewing.

"I said it's fine. Eat it Izuku, don't let it go to waste." He let go of him and Izuku rubbed at his stinging cheeks. Ouch.

When Katsuki's foot pressed against Izuku's growing erection he quickly grabbed his ankle, staring up at him with wide eyes.

"Kacchan! What are you doing?" He furrowed his eyebrows when Katsuki shrugged.

"Surprised that you got horny off my cooking, you like it that much?" Katsuki mocked, taking his foot away from between his thighs. Izuku fixed his shorts that rolled up again and sat down, wincing as the cold seat hit his exposed ass.

"I didn't- it's your fault! Let me eat in peace." He ignored him and shoved the rest of the fish into his mouth, looking away from Katsuki's piercing eyes staring right at his head.

Even with the embarrassment Izuku's appetite didn't dwindle, he still continued to scarfe down the food and serve himself another serving.

"Y'know, if you're really horny right now I don't mind jerking you off." Katsuki suddenly piped up, making Izuku choke on the piece of bread he was swallowing.

Izuku coughed and rubbed his throat, glaring at Katsuki from the end of the table. "Don't even start, Kacchan. We can do that after."

"Oh yeah? Gonna finish faster?" Katsuki laughed and crossed his legs, twirling around the lighter in his hand.

Izuku ignored the double meaning in his words and continued to eat, rubbing at his swollen tummy as he swallowed. He couldn't eat anymore, he felt like he was going to explode but he had to finish it all.

Izuku bit his plump lip and pulled the hem of his underwear below his soft belly, sighing as the slight tightness went away. He continued to eat and glanced up, startling when Katsuki still kept staring intently at him.

"Kacchan, what are you doing?" He asked, mouth full of rice and fish.

"Making sure you finish eating, can't trust you if I'm not being attentive." It's the way that he said it so casually that did it for Izuku, it was so  kacchan-esque of him. 

"It feels like you get off to this, you're staring so hard." He flushed.

"I do." Katsuki casually said. 

Izuku paused and let his spoon hit the plate, furrowing his eyebrows and staring up at Katsuki. He looked serious, none of that joking tone in his face.

"Huh?" Izuku asked, blinking at him.

Katsuki clicked his tongue and bit off a piece of bread, stuffing it into Izuku's mouth. 

"Thought' it was pretty fucking obvious, damn. I love the way your ass has been getting fatter and the jiggle of your thighs. Don't tell me you haven't noticed people staring."

Katsuku said it like it was a fact, so simple and easy to understand. And Izuku had to catch himself from spewing something dumb.

"Kacchan when people stare, it's because they're judging me. I look so... bad next to you." He said, rubbing at his soft stomach and thick thighs.

Katsuki narrowed his eyes and looked at him dumbly. "Bad? Fuck' you on about? You look fucking amazing, I have to resist the urge to bend you over and fuck your fat ass everytime we go out and you wear those stupid jeans."

Izuku flushed and stared to the side, embarrassed. It wasn't obvious, not at all! Izuku assumed that Katsuki was always quiet whenever they went out because he didn't want to make it known that he was with him. And the more the thinks about it the more stupid the thought continues to get. 

Katsuki has never judged him for the way he looks before and he wouldn't now. What was he even thinking?

"I just- I'm sorry." Izuku apologized, staring up at him.

Katsuki sighed and ruffled his hair from across the table, getting up and rubbing his soft hips. "You have nothing to apologize for, dumbass.

I should've let you know that I don't hate the way you look."

Izuku shivered when Katsuki's hands started pulling off his underwear, leaving his flushed cock exposed to the air.

"Fuck, you look so cute like this..." Katsuki muttered, spreading his legs and digging his-

Fingers into his thick thighs, making him shiver as more of his body was exposed to the cold.

"Kacchan the food-" Izuku got interrupted by Katsuki pulling him off the chair and turning him around, grabbing him and holding him by his fat ass that jiggled at every step Katsuki took.

"Fuck that, I just wanna eat you all up. You're a much better meal than that shit." Katsuki growled, squeezing his ass and throwing him on the bed, glancing for a moment at the jeans thrown on the floor.

"Kacchan! That hurts!" Izuku rubbed at his ass and glared at Katsuki.

Katsuki rolled his eyes and pulled his tank top over his head, rolling up Izuku's shirt and diving down to suck and squeeze at his soft chest.

"Look who else has tits now." He laughed, leaving a mark between them and sucking a puffy pink nipple into his mouth.

Izuku covered his mouth and spread his legs as Katsuki crawled between them, letting one of his chubby hands grip his hair as he bit his nipples.

"Shut up, I can't help it..!" He complained, arching his back when Katsuki moved to suck on the other one.

Izuku felt like he was going to faint and he was barely getting touched. It was only a few soft touches, barely 10 minutes passing but he was already so close .

"Fucking hell, your little tits are so cute. Think I could fit my cock between them?" Katsuki asked, pulling off them with a thick string of saliva and wiping his mouth, spreading Izuku's thighs and grinding his clothed cock against Izuku's exposed and fully hard one.

"Kacchan, please.." Izuku whined, thrusting his hips up into the air. He was so desperate it was embarrassing.

"What? I don't speak whining bitch, Deku." Katsuki laughed at him and continued grinding his cock onto him, his sweats getting wet with Izuku's pre-cum.

"I don't wanna say it, it's embarrassing!" Izuku yelled, his hands moving to Katsuki's waist as he avoided looking at his bobbing prick.

"Yeah, it is embarrassing. You're so nasty and pretend you don't like it yet look at how much more you're leaking." Katsuku taunted, thumb rubbing at his tip as he continued to grind harder.

Izuku closed his eyes and spread his legs more, bucking up to chase the feeling. "Please touch me, you're doing it on purpose! I'm so close, I don't think I can hold on anymore." He whined.

Katsuki laughed and pulled down his sweats, rubbing at his own hard cock straining the dark fabric. "Yeah? Gonna cum already just from this?"

Izuku hated him so much, hated the way he made his cock leak and stand hard and painful with his taunts. But he also loved it, and he wanted to get fucked so hard it hurt.

"Please, Kacchan you already know what it is, I don't think-" He got interrupted by Katsuki pinching his cheek and he opened his teary eyes, staring right into his sharp and red ones.

"You don't think? That ain't a no, Izuku. Try harder, I don't bite." Katsuki said, petting his cheek.

The words couldn't be any more of a lie and Izuku knew it, his thighs were littered with bite marks and hickeys that were painful when his thighs touched and chaffed when he wore shorts.

"I wanna cum, please touch me..." Izuku whined, hiding his flushed chest and staring up at him.

Katsuki raised an eyebrow and held Izuku's thighs tight. "Good boy."

The words almost made Izuku cum right then and there, it was insane the thighs Katsuki made him feel. Ridiculous, because he shouldn't be getting so desperate over two words .

But they weren't just any words, they were Katsuki's, and they barely made its way out of his mouth. Izuku felt special and so desired when he said those words, it was ridiculous.

"Turn around, ass up." Katsuki ordered, pulling off his underwear and throwing them behind himself.

Izuku scrambled to get in position and let his fat ass hand in the air, trying his best to spread his thick thighs as much as he could to buck his cock into the sheets.

Katsuki crawled on top of him and slapped his ass, groaning when the soft skin spilled from between his fingers. His hands were huge yet Izuku's ass still managed to be bigger.

"If you could see yourself right now you'd be a mess, fuck." Katsuki whispered, slapping his fat ass again and spreading his cheeks, immediately digging in and licking up from his taint to his pink, blushy hole. He groaned as he licked inside, slobbering all over him and making a mess of slick saliva.

Izuku moaned and pushed his ass back into his face, grinding his cock down and shaking his hips, making Katsuki spank his fat ass again.

"Kacchan, Kacchan, Kacchan-! Please, s'good, want more it's so good.." Izuku bit his lip as he moaned, eyes rolling back into his head as his back arched and ass got eaten thoroughly.

Katsuki was so good at this, at making him a drooly mess. It was both pathetic and impressive how quickly he turned into a whining bitch.

"Fuck, you taste so fucking good, baby, shit.."

Katsuki growled, still eating him out and sending vibrations up his spine. He was so mean for making him feel like this.

"Gah! Oh my god, hah!" Izuku moaned, whimpering when Katsuki bit his soft balls and sucked them into his mouth, fingering his ass.

"Oh fuck, you moan so damn pretty. Gonna cum, yeah? All nasty n' shit?" Katsuki taunted, breathless and fingering him with two of his long and thick fingers.

Izuku pushed his ass back on his fingers and gasped when Katsuki spanked him, rutting his hard cock on the bed again.

Katsuki dug his fingers out of his ass and wiped his mouth, spanking Izuku and squishing his ass to look at his red and puffy hole leaking saliva.

"Bet I could fuck you and this would be enough, you love the sting anyways you horny bitch." He laughed, pushing down on Izuku's lower back and making his fat ass stick out more, rubbing against his large, fat and leaking cock.

Izuku cried out and gripped the sheets in his fists, shaking his ass and trying to take Katsuki inside. He wanted it so bad, wanted to be fucked until he couldn't breathe anymore, wanted to be turned into a mess worse than he is now. He's so desperate.

"Kacchan please, I can't, just put it in!" He cried out, whining when Katsuki ignored him and continued to finger him, avoiding his prostate.

"I can't hear you, speak up." Katsuki stared at his winking hole and bit his lip.

He was so sadistic, and Izuku was so close to just turning him over and jumping on top of him to ride him as hard as he physically could. Chubby body and all.

"Please! I'm so close, just a little more, please!" Izuku cried, arching his back when Katsuki grabbed his hair and pulled him to his chest.

"Yeah? You' that desperate? Want my fat fucking cock in your fat fucking ass? I'll wreck you." Katsuki snarled in his ear, biting his neck and rubbing his cock over Izuku's hole.

He wanted it so badly, he feels like he's about to faint by how desperate he is. It's both incredible and arousing, it's making his head hurt.

"Holy fuck, oh my god, ah!" Izuku whined, eyes almost bulging out of his skull when Katsuki suddenly shoved his cock deep in his ass, stretching his tight ass so fast and so much.

Katsuki started pounding into him, pushing him down further to watch his fat ass jiggle against his hard stomach, not stopping even with Izuku's loud moans and cries filling the room.

"You have such a fat fucking ass, all soft and bouncy, if I could eat you up I would. Shit..." Katsuki grunted, sweat falling down his temple.

Izuku was in absolute bliss, he couldn't feel anything else but the hard and fast pounding in his ass as he desperately pushed back and s eeked feeling on his still painfully hard cock.

"Gah! Too fast! Kacchan, Kacchan! Please, please, oh please, oh my- Ah!" Izuku moaned, holding onto the pillow under his head for dear life as the headboard banged against the wall. He's so sure that they'll be getting multiple noise complaints but he couldn't care less, not when he was getting wrecked.

Katsuki manhandled him and draped himself over him, bending his back and thrusting wildly onto his soft and squelching ass.

 "Shit, if you keep moaning like that I'm gonna cum. You'd like that though, wouldn't you? For me to fill your fat fucking ass with hot cum? To breed you all good, yeah?" He laughed, spanking his jiggling ass again.

Izuku looked behind him and moaned when he saw Katsuki's muscles flexing, chest and forehead all sweaty and his eyebrows furrowed. He looked so good like that, and Izuku was obsessed with the fact that he was the one that did that. That he made him a mess.

Katsuki's cock kept hitting right in his prostate and Izuku felt so full , way more than he did before. His cock was huge, as big as his forearm, and fuck. It hurt when he fucked him but it was too good to pass up.

"Kacchan please, I'm gonna cum, I can't- Oh my god, it's so good I'm gonna break, oh my god- ah!" Izuku closed his eyes when Katsuki started fucking his ass even harder.

"Yeah? You like that? Like your ass getting plowed like this? You're so fucking dirty." Katsuki spat in his ear, spanking him as he continued to pound his fat cock into Izuku's tight hole.

He moved his hand to jerk him off and shit- that was what finally did it for Izuku. He couldn't hold back his scream as he came, taking one of his shaky arms away from his pillow and holding onto Katsuki's strong forearm as he continued to fuck him far after Izuku came hard.

It was one of his best orgasms, he feels like he passed out and went to another dimension.

"Kacchan it hurts, I can't- ah!" Izuku moaned when Katsuki thrusted hard into him and came, groaning and moving his hips to ride his orgasm.

"Fuck, shit, you feel so damn good. Take it, take my fucking cum, baby." Katsuki whispered, spanking him before falling over and moving them to rest on their sides.

Izuku whined and shifted, rubbing at his tummy full of Katsuki's cock and hot cum. "I- hah.."

He couldn't say anything, he didn't have the power to even move. His whole body felt like jello and he's pretty sure tears were falling down his cheeks. Katsuki pulled out of him and spread his ass to watch his cum dribble out, fingering his sensitive hole.

"You' feeling okay?" He asked, rubbing Izuku's soft hips.

"Yeah, m'tired." Izuku mumbled, letting his head rest on Katsuki's strong arm as he tried his best to stay awake.

"After we clean up I'll put the food in the fridge for later, you didn't finish. I was getting entertained too." Katsuki said, twirling one of his curly strands of hair around his finger.

"Okay, okay, just give me a few minutes.." Izuku whined, turning around and pulling himself into Katsuki's warm and strong chest.

Katsuki raised an eyebrow and rubbed his back, laying back and closing his eyes.

He's definitely fucking him harder tomorrow. This was just the start.