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W is for Wing Kink

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Hawks had known from a young enough age that he was into older men. His first ‘older’ crush had been one of his high school teachers after all. He wasn’t sure what it was about them. Maybe it was the fact that those men had enough maturity for the both of them. God only knows that Keigo had none. Or maybe it was the way they looked. Rugged looking some would even say. Hawks liked that especially.  


So, it didn’t come as much of a surprise when he began to feel certain feeling towards a particular hero. The man was everything Keigo could have wanted, tall, strong, ruggedly handsome, and to top it all off, the man had an amazing quirk. Fire. It was truly amazing. It was even more amazing to see in person.


The feelings towards the hero had started in his last year of school. The younger man had always looked up to the hero, he had saved him after all. But his feelings for the older man weren’t just childish ones, he didn’t think he loved him, now that would be childish. No, he wanted to get fucked by him. To have Endeavour ravish him over and over again. That’s what Hawks wanted. But could he have that? Absolutely not.


Sure, he’d always thought about telling him, the two even patrolled together, he’d have time. But this was Endeavour we’re talking about here, and that man was just a fiery ball of rage. It was endearing though, even if it did scare him a little bit. He was sure it would be ten times worse when it was directed at him, but Hawks probably wouldn’t be able to focus, caring too much about the way Enji’s piercing blue eyes bore through his own. So, yeah that wasn’t really a chance he wanted to take. Maybe one day though.


‘One day’, Hawks thought as he soared through the red-orange sky. The cool autumn breeze feeling great against his skin, what was exposed of it anyway. He landed on a rooftop for a moment, taking in the perfect view of the city. Peaceful. Almost too peaceful.


They hadn’t encountered many villains in the streets in the past few months, the thought worrying. Well, worrying for everyone else but Hawks, he was just happy that he didn’t have to be so cautious all the time. Not that he was in the first place, but now he had an excuse.


He took flight again, wings stretching out to catch the wind, gliding through the air at breakneck speed. Now he just needed to meet with Endeavour.




Enji Todoroki had gotten to about the age of thirty when he had decided that he liked younger guys best. As he had become older he just didn’t find himself attracted to the guys that looked like him. The were all too rugged looking for his taste. Younger males, however, now that was a completely different. They looked so perfect to him. Most of them thin and weightless to him, allowing him to pick them up with ease. Or their flawless skin, wrinkle free and so completely different to his own. He found all of those things so attractive about those men.


Now what most didn’t know is that Enji would frequently have one night stands with these guys to blow off some steam. Always young men of legal age of course, Enji would never do something if he risked getting caught. It was mainly after work when he was pent up and angry, stressing about work and the day he’d had. But he had always found someone to relive that stress. He was the number two hero after all, there was plenty of young men that looked up to him, willing to do everything and anything to please him.


Endeavour thought that it was the best part about his job. That there were plenty of people who were willing to be putty in his hands, for him to use and shape and mould to perfection. He could easily get what he wanted an nobody would be non the wiser.


But recently, there had been a certain blond, red winged young man that had been on Enji’s mind recently, and that was Hawks. He wasn’t sure why. Maybe it was the fact that he felt like a God when he was with the other male, the blond looking up to him so much that he was practically begging to boost Endeavour’s already big ego. Or maybe it was because he followed Enji around like a lost puppy, always eager to please the other hero. And lets not forget his gorgeous face and those wings, God those wings. Enji didn’t know why he loved them so much, they were just like another body part to Hawks, but yet Enji couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to touch them, feeling the super soft feathers against his skin. Were they sensitive? Maybe he could make Keigo cum just from stroking them. That man wasn’t good for him, Enji knew, but if he had to sin then he was going to be the biggest sinner that God had ever fucking seen.


He’d been on his way to go meet up with the man in question now actually. They had patrol together and Enji couldn’t wait to get his hands on the blond. Endeavour was sure that Hawks would do anything that he asked, so it wouldn’t be difficult to get the other male on board with this. He was nearly certain that he had a childish crush on him anyway, probably some lovey dovey feeling that Enji couldn’t give a shit about. He was still a boy after all, the red head shouldn’t expect much from him.




Hawks flew down after a few minutes , spotting Endeavour on the pavement below him, making an expert landing in front of the other man. “Hey, Number Two”, he greeted with a grin, giving the hero a small wave, chuckling slightly. Endeavour didn’t answer, he didn’t need to. He just gave Hawks a look that was enough to make anyone stop in their tracks, even if it only stopped Keigo for a little bit, he would be thankful for the silence.


“What’re we doin’ today?”, the blond asked, still as enthusiastic as ever. It was something that Enji would never understand. He just kept walking, trying his best to ignore the other hero that was practically skipping beside him. “The same thing we always do, Hawks”, he sighed. He couldn’t leave him without an answer, he’d found that out the hard way. The first time that Enji hadn’t responded to a question that Hawks had asked the younger man had continued to pester him for about half an hour before he’d finally given in and told him what he’d wanted to hear. It wasn’t a good time for Enji.


“Hey, can I tell you something?”, Keigo asked cautiously, not wanting to get written off by the other man. This was important dammit. Endeavor looked at him again. Was the kid okay? He had never talked in that tone around him before, must be something worthwhile. “Sure Hawks, what is it?”, he asked, now genuinely curious about what he’d wanted to tell him.


“Um…”, Hawks tried, unable to find the right words to saw to the second greatest hero. Was he nervous, why? The blond was such a calm and laid back person, so why was he like this all of a sudden? Enji began to wonder if this was as big as Hawks was making it out to be. Maybe it would be just some prank to get a reaction out of the older male.


“Don’t have all day”, Endeavour said lazily, trying his best not to sound as worried as he felt. Keigo’s eyes fell to the ground. “Right, right.” It was okay, he could do this.


Perking up a little, Hawks stopped in his place, turning to face Endeavour. “I…I like you…I think, well it’s more like I want you, but I didn’t really want to say that to you cause you know, you might get angry and I don’t wanna be on the receiving end of that. Don’t get me wrong Number Two I think you’re great, but you’re scary. And as well as that I’m probably way too young for you right, Endeav-” His rambling was cut short a he felt Endeavour’s large hand grab the back of his neck, leading them into a nearby alleyway.


“Hey, we’re supposed to be on part-” Enji clashed their lips together in a hungry kiss, immediately going to suck on Hawks’ bottom lips, making him groan into Endeavour’s mouth. The red head smirked, wrapping his arms around the other’s waist to pull him impossibly closer.


Their clothed cocks brushed against each other’s for a brief moment, the force of the pull proving to be stronger than Enji may have liked. He was already half hard and wanting to tear the clothes off of the younger man and fuck him against the alley wall, not caring who caught them together. He was too far gone now, and he knew it.


Enji looked down at Keigo’s face, a deep blush had spread from his check up his neck and to his face. He really looked gorgeous like that. His lips were parted slightly, panting as he rolled his hips forward, silently begging for attention to be drawn to his hard cock. Endeavour had already thought of what Hawks’ beautiful cock would look like when he was having his way with him, the head an angry red and leaking, coarse blond hair at the base.


Enji licked his lips. He hasn’t been this excited to be with someone in a while. He reached down as Hawks clung to him, running his large hand through the feathers of Keigo’s wings. The younger man let out a small whimper, trying to muffle the sound by burying his face in Enji’s chest. “Sensitive?”, the man asked, the smirk evident in his voice. Hawks only nodded, unable to answer the other man as he continued to stroke his wings.


Small noises started to escape him again, but there was no hiding them this time, Enji made sure of it. He spun them around, backing Keigo against the wall, putting a hand around his throat, squeezing lightly. The blond’s eyes widened in shock, he never expected something like this from Endeavor.


“You’re kinky aren’t you, Number Two”, he said, grinning like an idiot. The comment only made Enji’s grip stronger, his hand closing more and more around Keigo’s neck. A small huff of air left the other’s mouth. Endeavour released his throat, instead brining his attention back to his wings, one hand stroking them again. His free hand immediately went to Hawks’ pants, undoing them and pulling them down enough to free his cock. Just as Enji thought it was perfect. His cock was flushed pink, beads of precum leaking from the tip, running down his cock to the blond hair that sat at the base. He’d been right.


Hawks’ blush deepened; he’d never felt so vulnerable in his life. He was nervous and scared, but yet he was loving every second of it. He felt dirty, felt like a slut. Maybe he was, to Endeavour anyway.

Enji grasped Keigo’s cock with his free hand, smearing the precum down his cock, using it as an aid to help him stroke his cock faster. The younger man cried out, clinging to the other hero for dear life, his nails digging into his back. Enji didn’t mind though, he’d always liked a bit of pain with his pleasure, or in this case, Keigo’s pleasure.


The taller man growled, a deep, low sound coming from within his throat, making Hawks shiver. The sound was permanently embedded in his brain now. He found it incredibly sexy. It was such a dominant sound, it suited him well Hawks thought.


The stimulation to his cock and wings was too much, he couldn’t take it anymore. He could feel his release getting closer and closer. Just a little more. “Fuck, Endeavour…please I…I’m gonna cum…I’m…” Hawks came, shuddering as he shot think ropes of cum into Enji’s fist. The other man said nothing, just held him till he came to.


When he seemed okay again, Enji brought two of his fingers up to Keigo’s lips. Knowing what was being asked of him, Hawks opened his mouth to accompany Endeavour’s fingers, licking his cum off of them. He moaned around the fingers in his mouth, the sound and sight enough to finally make Endeavor loose it. He pulled down his own pants, his cock now free from its confines.


Hawks’ eyes widened. Fuck, it was so much bigger than his own. He didn’t think it was going to fit inside, the thought making him moan, his mouth watering. “You gonna take my cock like a good boy?”, Enji asked, his face mostly serious except a grin forming on his lips.


The younger man nodded, eager to be filled with the thick cock in front of him. “Yes, Daddy”, he responded, biting his bottom lips playfully.




That was new. New but not unwelcome. “Good boy”, Enji praised, lining his cock up with the smaller man’s hole, pushing inside. Hawks cried out at the feeling of Endeavour’s thick cock stretching his hole. He had bit his bottom lip to the point of bleeding, desperately trying to focus on anything but the burning stretch he felt. He whimpered, looking up at Enji, silently asking him to slow down.


“You wanna take it slower?”, he asked, concern now laced in his voice. Hawks nodded, his forehead resting against Endeavour’s shoulder. “Okay then.”


Enji eased himself in inch by inch, as slowly and carefully as he could possibly manage, but Keigo was still having a difficult time taking it. There was a pained expression on his face that Enji would love to just wipe away if he could.


Hawks didn’t want to stop; he’d asked him a lot already. So, when he looked like he was particularly in pain, Enji rewarded him with encouraging words and praises. Anything to keep his mind off the pain.


“Good boy”, Enji praised, “you’re taking Daddy’s cock so well, Baby.” The other man smiled as best he could in this situation. “Thank you, Daddy.”


With one final thrust Enji bottomed out, a very full and relived Hawks under him. “You can move”, the blond reassured him. Enji knew he shouldn’t, not yet, but Hawks knew his own limits and he would just have to trust him.


Endeavor thrust slowly, sliding out until just the head of his cock was still inside before pushing back in. They both groaned. Enji had never had someone as good as Hawks before, the way his hole clenched around his cock made him want to die. He wanted to take that feeling with him.


Gradually his thrust sped up, their grunts and moans now very evident to anyone who would walk past. They couldn’t bring themselves to care though, too caught up in their own pleasure to worry about anything else happening around them. A villain could be running wild for fuck sake and they wouldn’t pay any attention.


Keigo could feel his second orgasm building. He wasn’t gonna last much longer. “D-Daddy…fuck I’m gonna…I’m gonna…” Enji didn’t respond just yet, waiting for the right time to say what he wanted.


“Cum for Daddy.”


And he did. Hawks came the hardest he had in his entire life; his stomach now covered in his cum. He slowly came down from his high, panting as the older man continued to fuck him and a brutal pace.


“Cum inside me, Daddy.”


He thrust into again, once, twice more, and then he was painting Keigo’s insides with his cum.


Enji recovered quickly, moving away from Hawks just enough to be able to fix his clothes, making sure he could pass as presentable.


The two walked back onto the street, Endeavor acting as if he hadn’t just fucked the shit out of the other male less than five minutes ago.


“Hey Number Two?”, Hawks asked, a wide smile plastered onto his face. Enji turned to look at the other man, not saying a word. “We should do that again sometime.” The red haired man huffed in response.


“I know that means yes.”