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Tonight, Angel’s Share is still buzzing and full of life. The sound of the bard’s music, the cheering voices of people drinking, travelers sharing their experiences with the curious ones. Amidst all the liveliness, the bartender, also the master of this bar, stood at the counter, cleaning the glasses and watching his bar thriving in silence.

In front of him was a man from a foreign nation, sitting down and enjoying the dandelion wine, the best of Mondstadt that he poured for him earlier. Despite the Liyue Harbor being quite far away, Zhongli sometimes, or quite often, pay Diluc a visit. Other times it was Diluc visiting him. Tonight was another night where the former happened.

“Your wine is as good as ever. No wonder why my friend likes it so much,” He spoke up, before taking another sip from the glass, enjoying the refreshing taste of the alcoholic beverage.


After finishing his glass, the black-haired male slowly stood up, reached his hand into the pocket,

and then immediately sat back down.

“...My apologies,” he said, keeping a straight face. His personal wallet didn’t know that he was going to visit Mondstadt tonight and didn’t get to make sure that he had some Mora on him. Diluc was holding back a snicker seeing such a sight.

“I know this is going to happen.” He slightly grinned. “You can pay me back later.”

Upon hearing his words, Zhongli exhaled with relief. Even someone like him would get in trouble if he couldn’t pay for a drink. This wasn’t his homeland, after all. Thankfully he knew the owner of this bar beforehand and Diluc knew that he often forgets to take Mora with him or forgets the entire concept of money altogether.

“Let me at least compensate you in some way else.” A pair of amber eyes looked up from his seat, meeting with the crimson red ones before closing them. Diluc was quite taken aback, blinking amusedly and sighing quietly but loud enough for the other to hear. He then turned back to put a newly cleaned glass on the shelf and murmured something.

“My shift ends in…” He paused, “40 minutes.”

Right then, Zhongli flashed a faint smile even if the other couldn’t see.

“I’ll wait,” he said.



Zhongli was lead into the storage room behind the bar, with the boss closing and locking the door as quietly as possible so the employee who took his place wouldn't hear them. He was then pushed against the wall by Zhongli, whose tongue found its way inside his mouth. Diluc couldn't lose to him either. He put his arms on Zhongli's shoulder and pulled him into a deeper kiss.

"My, you seem eager about this," a deep voice chuckled, pulling away to see a slightly flushed face illuminated by a faint light. Diluc let out a little 'hmph' sound upon being teased.

"It's you who seem eager about paying me back, Sir Zhongli."


His lips were sealed shut once again, this time more gentle than the last kiss. Maybe his words made Zhongli realize that he was a little too excited. Still, his gloved hands roamed everywhere, slowly taking off his coat. Diluc's steady breath hitched when the other rubbed his thigh against his crotch. He noticed that both of their coats and belts, and his gloves were already thrown away somewhere. Maybe it was the alcohol, but Zhongli actually seemed excited as he already had a small bottle of oil in his hand.

The shaky voice slightly hissed when the owner felt a hand reaching pass his shirt and into his pants. Slick fingers teasing and inserting slowly digits by digits. Still, he arched his back, letting the other freely explore inside.

"Don't be too rough. I'm going on patrol tonight," he whispered after they both got rid of their pants. Zhongli nodded, putting his hands under Diluc's thighs and lifting him, slowly letting him sink down to his length.

Diluc has always been quiet. He rarely makes any noise save for when he reaches his climax and it would only be a small moan. Which is fortunate, since Zhongli is the same and they can do this without being heard by the entire bar.

He knew that Diluc was enjoying the feeling of heat thrusting deep into him from the shaky breath he let out, how his grip tightened, how he clenched himself around him. He doesn't need to make any noise.

Crimson eyes closed, he threw his head back against the wall as Zhongli sped up. Toes curling in pleasure while letting out a ragged pant. He reached one hand down to stroke himself to the pace, trusting Zhongli to not drop him with only one arm to himself onto his shoulder.

A deep voice grunted and mumbled, dropping the character of a polite man when Diluc clenched down on him even tighter. Amber eyes gazed at the pale porcelain skin that was inviting him to nibble down on it, which he did, earning a gasp from the other person as he repeatedly stimulated his sensitive spot. The red-haired male smells like wine, of course, he would, and Zhongli likes it a lot.

Diluc was bruising his lips from how hard he bit down onto it, and Zhongli decided to put a stop to it himself. Gently, he placed his lips on top, slowly pushing his tongue inside. The sweet taste of dandelion wine felt intoxicating to Diluc not because he is extremely lightweight but because of the tenderness contrasting the rough pace below. He couldn't do anything but whimpered.

And with a moan, Diluc spilled himself onto his hand, legs spasmed as he rode out his orgasm while Zhongli was still moving inside, breathing right into his ear. It wasn’t long before he reached his climax too.

Both panting, they stayed like that for a while before Zhongli slowly pulled out and let Diluc down. Pale hands held onto the broad shoulders for support until he could stand on his still-shaking legs.

Beads of sweat decorating on the flushed face, he fixed his messy ponytail before wiping them away and then looked around for his clothes. Until suddenly, he felt something warm on his thigh.


Diluc closed his eyes and sighed, realizing that he had to clean both himself and the floor up so nobody would notice that anyone was doing something in the storage.

"Do you want me to clean you up?" Zhongli asked.

“No, it’s fine. I can do that myself." As uncomfortable as he was having to walk around with cum inside his body and can very much feel it leaking out, the redhead still denied his offer while putting his belt back on. "...But maybe you could clean the floor, though," he joked.

Diluc feared that if he were to let Zhongli clean him up, the Darknight Hero wouldn’t get to go on a patrol tonight.