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S is for Sensory Deprivation

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He really should have been skeptical when Hizashi suggested they make a bet, but it didn’t even cross his mind of how far the blond could possibly go with it. Even in high school, their little harmless wagers had never gotten too extreme. However, what Hizashi was suggesting was out of the question.


“No”, Shouta looked the other man dead in the eye. “Absolutely not”. Hizashi looked even more disappointed than he felt. Why wouldn’t Shou just do it? Fucker. He never got to have any fun. His gaze settled on Nemuri, who was sitting behind Shouta, stretching her arms above her head. Hizashi gave her a look that said ‘do something! Anything! Please!’. He didn’t miss the smirk that had formed on her lips. She reclined back in her chair, a mischievous glint in her eyes.


“Hey Shou? What if I joined in on this little wager of yours? Would that make you feel better about it?”, her tone was sugary sweet, almost pleading with Shouta to take up her offer. Shouta turned his head to look at the woman disapprovingly.


“I can’t fucking believe you’re actually alright with this. You heard what the happens to the loser, right?”, he waited for Nemuri’s small nod, “and you’re okay with that?”. Hizashi couldn’t hold in his laughter anymore, letting out a loud snort as he watched his two friends debate. “C’mon Shou just do it. It can’t hurt right? Besides, you need a little bit of excitement in your life”. Shouta glared at the other man, wanting nothing more than to kill him. He let out a long, exaggerated sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose.



“Great!”, Hizashi practically yelled. “Remember, Nemuri’s just coming along for the ride, so if you win, both of us loose. However, if you loose then we both get to punish you. Just be nice to those damn kids and don’t open your big mouth”. Hizashi disappeared from the staff room, leaving both teachers to wonder just what it was they had gotten themselves into.


Shouta sighed for a second time. He already knew what he was getting himself into. He had to go through today’s training class without giving any kind of criticism to the kids, constructive or not. And if he so much as said a word to them, he’d loose, and have to indulge in Hizashi’s stupid sensory deprivation fantasy. Great. Just fucking great.




The class was just about as painful to watch as Shouta imagined. Mineta spent most of the time trying to get a good view of the girls fighting one another. Kirishima and Bakugou looked like they were going to actually kill each other and Kaminari had actually managed to make himself go brain-dead within the first five minutes of class.


Had he not taught these kids enough already that they actually spent their class training and not messing around. He guessed not. But the worst part about that class was that in the middle of watching Bakugou and Kirishima, he’d told both of them that they were being reckless and that either one or both of them was going to end up with Recovery Girl. And she’d had just about enough of everyone’s shit as he’s had.


And to top it all off, Hizashi had been observing the class the entire time. Waiting for him to loose like he knew he would. Screw him. As soon as Shouta had warned both boys of their unnecessary actions, he’d turned to look at Hizashi, who was smiling like an idiot. He hadn’t gotten to say anything to him before he’d winked at him and disappeared back inside.


Shit. This was going to be a long night.




“Ngh!”, Shouta moaned around the ball gag in his mouth. He hadn’t been expecting either of them to start this quickly. It wasn’t exactly unwelcome, just surprising. He knew damn well that he’d lost but being flogged had never been a possibility in his mind. Shouta heard Hizashi chuckle behind him, relishing in the half-pained, half-pleasured look on his friends face. Bastard.


Shouta let out another high-pitched whine as Nemuri brought the soft leather of her flogger down on his thigh. It stung like a bitch, sure, but it also felt so fucking good. She rested the flogger on his thigh for a long moment, enjoying the way the man’s legs shook in anticipation. Shouta wished he could see them but he had been blindfolded before anything else, blocking his vision and leaving him desperate to look at them. Shit, this was going to a lot harder than he thought.


“You’re doing so well, Shou. She’ll put it away now, okay? It’s time to have some real fun”, Hizashi spoke after Nemuri had brought the flogger down on the inside of Shouta’s quivering thighs, a little too close to his leaking erection for comfort. Shouta nodded weakly, exhaling harshly through his nose. Footsteps echoed out of the room, heels clicking intimidatingly on the wood floor; a signal that Nemuri had gone to put her flogger in a safe place. She’d need it later.


Hizashi took a step back, taking the time that Nemuri was gone to drink in the sight of the other man like this. He was breathing heavily, strands of dark hair sticking to his forehead. The beautiful flush on his face had spread downwards to his neck and chest. ‘Beautiful’, Hizashi thought. His eyes drifted to Shouta’s thighs. They were an angry red from the abuse of the flogger and still shaking slightly. His cock was twitching against his abdomen, a bead of pre-cum forming at the tip. The sight of Shouta like this made Hizashi’s own cock begin to stir, making him realise just how excited he’d been for this.


“I hope you boys didn’t start without me”, the sound of Nemuri’s voice made Shouta jump. When did she come back? He heard hushed whispering followed by laughter. Shouta didn’t care if they whispered or laughed at his misfortune, as long as one of them touched him soon. He couldn’t leave his cock neglected for much longer. Shouta felt the bed shift beside him.


“Get on your knees. Face down, ass up”, Nemuri’s voice was dangerously low and so, so close. He wanted to say something, anything. Wanted to see her, wanted to feel her. God, this was equal parts frustrating and infuriating. Shouta did as he was told, flipping over so that he was on his stomach, waiting for a few seconds before bringing his knees up underneath him, raising his ass in the air. Even if he weren’t blindfolded, there was no way he’d be able to see anything in this position. His long hair had draped down to cover his face, almost like a curtain.  “Good boy”, Nemuri praised, smoothing her hand over the pale globes of flesh.


The sound of Hizashi belt hitting the floor had Shouta trying to suppress a moan; not that it was going to make much of a difference with the gag there. He knew what was going to happen next. Fucking finally! Shouta felt the bed dip again, feeling Hizashi’s presence behind him. He wiggled his hips invitingly, encouraging the blond to do something, to touch him.


“I would tell you not to get impatient, but to be honest, I’m getting there myself. Lucky you”, Hizashi said the last part like he were mocking him and Shouta couldn’t help but want to punch him. He felt Hizashi’s blunt cockhead at his entrance and inhaled sharply. “If you did what I asked of you earlier, this should be easy”. He tried to nod, but the position was awkward. Shouta had actually complied to one of the Hizashi’s demands for once. Just after his class had ended, the other man had texted him, telling him that he better be stretched well before he came to his room that night.



And he had. He’d gone back to his own room, and after grading the papers he’d needed to, he’d gone into his bedroom. Shouta had grabbed the bottle of lube on the nightstand and fucked himself open on three of his own fingers until he’d deemed himself ready enough for what was about to happen. He would’ve added a fourth for good measure, but his phone had buzzed with a text from Hizashi asking him where the fuck he was.


Shouta tried to speak around the gag, trying in vain to tell Hizashi that he’d done what he asked. ‘It doesn’t matter’, he reasoned with himself. He knows. He always knows. Hizashi tightened his grip on the man’s hips, giving no more warning than that before plunging into the tight heat in front of him, bottoming out in one, cruel thrust. Shouta screamed, the unsuspected thrust taking all the air from his lungs. And Hizashi, the cruel bastard, gave the other man no time to adjust to the intrusion, beginning to fuck Shouta hard, pulling out until there was barely anything left and using his bruising grip on Shouta’s hips to slam him back on his cock.


Another loud whimper left Shouta when Nemuri reached under him to wrap her hand around his shaft, pumping in time with Hizashi’s thrusts. Fucking hell. Were they trying to kill him? Probably. The sound of skin on skin and Shouta and Hizashi’s moaning almost sounded too loud in the otherwise silent room. Neither men had realised that Nemuri had slipped her hand into her panties to touch herself until she let out a soft moan. Hizashi turned to look at her, smirking. “Aw do you hear that, Shou? Since we haven’t been paying attention to her, Nemuri’s taken matters into her own hands. God, she looks fucking gorgeous, Shou. I bet you wish you could see her, huh?”, Hizashi laughed. The needy whine that left Shouta’s throat was music to Nemuri’s ears, the sound shooting down to fuel the heat in the pit of her stomach. Fuck. She wasn’t going to last much longer.


But by the looks of it, neither were the other two. Shouta’s entire body was shaking violently, on the verge of release and begging for it. He was panting out through his nose and the flush on his cheeks had only gotten more prominent. How cute. Shouta finally came with a muffled cry, his release painting his stomach. His body went slack, Hizashi still holding by the hips.


Nemuri was next, a high pitched whine leaving her, thighs shaking as her orgasm washed over her. The sight of Shouta completely fucked out and wrecked too much for her to handle. She watched as Shouta came to just as Hizashi spilled inside him, moaning loudly.


The room was dead silent for a while afterwards, all three heroes needing to catch their breath after Hizashi had removed the gag and blindfold from Shouta. Nemuri was cuddled into Shouta’s side, perfectly content. Shouta smiled to himself, turning to face Hizashi.


“I might have lost on purpose”.