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inhabited by summer

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Lin Qiushi dropped the scarf that had been strangling his neck, staggering a step further in the snow. All his attention was on holding tight to the key in his hand, still smeared with pine sap. He had to get it to Ruan Nanzhu. He’d probably be waiting at the door. Where was the door?

Something made him think, the tent. Back to the tent. But he couldn’t go back. That was where the dead man was waiting, with his black, cracked skin. That’s what the stinging wind was telling him, in wailing warning voices. He paused, trying to blink the snow out of his eyelashes, before the looming terror shoved him another step forward, then another, out into the directionless void.

He dropped another layer of clothing, and another, as he went and the vibrant ski jacket and dark undershirt disappeared into the snow. It was still so hot. He staggered on. He kept the key close to his heart, and it felt cold – refreshing, in this impossible heat. He slowed his steps, pressing the chill metal into his skin, and thought he heard someone calling him. He stared into the swirl of snow in front of him, the shifting shapes of what might have been trees, or rocks, or shadows, or dead men, then slowly turned around to look back. Everything in him fought looking back – it was like his bones were resisting him, cracking and strained, but –

It came again, faint through the howling wind and gibbering Russian voices.


Everything was white as TV static. Lin Qiushi’s entire self rebelled against taking another step towards the dead man’s tent. But he still listened hopefully, waiting for another slow heartbeat, and heard it again. His name.

Then out of the stinging swirl of white Ruan Nanzhu appeared, dark and solid. He collided with Lin Qiushi and wrapped around him. His touch felt far away, but Lin Qiushi pushed into it anyway.

“I found it,” he mumbled, and took the cold key away from his chest, with a strange sensation, like a bandage pulling off, and pushed it at Ruan Nanzhu. He could barely remember now, how he’d managed it – getting it out of the tree and the ravine and past the lights, while Nanzhu distracted the dead woman without eyes back at the tent, but then the snow started, and the voices.

“Qiushi, Qiushi,” Ruan Nanzhu said again, his hair whipping everywhere, and squeezed his arms tighter around Lin Qiushi. Lin Qiushi’s body felt layered with dense cotton batting, like he was a malformed doll of himself. “This way, baby, I have you.”

“We can’t go that way,” Lin Qiushi protested, nuzzling in to get at the cool fresh feeling of Ruan Nanzhu’s neck. “That’s the dead man’s tent.”

“Well, I took it. It’s mine now.” Ruan Nanzhu said, tugging him.

“But,” Lin Qiushi said, and wanted to brace his feet, but Ruan Nanzhu pulled and he went reluctantly.

“And you’re mine, too, so it’s fine.”

“Am I?” Lin Qiushi wondered, pleased, and let himself be moved a bit faster towards the tent. Ruan Nanzhu, he noted distantly, had a rope and was hauling them along it, like hauling in an anchor. Smart. Nanzhu was so smart. “Did you take me?”

“Not yet,” Ruan Nanzhu huffed and it was awkward, unusually awkward, for him – it was like he was trying to wrap himself around Lin Qiushi like a coat and pull them along at the same time. “Keep moving. That’s it. Just come with me.”

There was a dull red beacon on top of the tent and it created a strobe effect that illuminated the stinging snow in pulses, dancing terribly along Ruan Nanzhu’s dark hair and his fine cheekbones. Lin Qiushi missed a minute, a stretch of time - he blinked and suddenly he was being shoved in a tent that suddenly didn’t seem so bad up close, really. Not a dead man in sight.

“Oh, okay,” Lin Qiushi said faintly and let himself collapse. The terror that had been driving him away into the wilderness felt obviously external now, an influence of the door. Its sudden absence made him light-headed and dreamy.

He closed his eyes and hummed vague responses as Ruan Nanzhu manhandled him this way and that. He only opened his lids again briefly when he heard a zip - Ruan Nanzhu was messing with two sleeping bags. Zipping them together to make one larger one? Then there was a smooth slide of perfect skin against his own, as Ruan Nanzhu curled against him, calves twined around Lin Qiushi’s and hands running up and down his back.

It was nice, a tiny warm world inside a brutally cold door, with just the two of them. The orange walls of the tent were translucent like an eggshell, letting in dim, shadowy light. If his skin hadn’t started to feel like it was hot for real, Lin Qiushi would have probably fallen blissfully asleep already. Plus Ruan Nanzhu kept moving, rubbing at him - also not especially conducive to sleep.

“What are you doing?” Lin Qiushi slurred, words half-formed in his clumsy mouth. He was starting to feel like maybe he hadn’t been overheating at all. Maybe he was starving for heat, hungry for this press of chests together.

“You’re too cold,” Ruan Nanzhu said, and pulled him in closer, like an octopus. All limbs in a space too small, but somehow taking it all over with ease. A beautiful, handsome naked octopus. Had he said that outloud? Ruan Nanzhu was huffing, shaking his head. “We have to get you warm, Qiushi.”

“Core rewarming.” The words pulled out like taffy, slow. Lin Qiushi remembered the term from their research into this door’s clue. Dyatlov Pass. Winter gear and winter first aid, all the signs of hypothermia, had seemed important to know. They’d looked it up, done training. It seemed like a long time ago. The other people in the door seemed like they’d died a long time ago now, too. They’d been in this winter world for what felt like years.

But now Ruan Nanzhu pressed his lips to Lin Qiushi’s forehead, which was nice. Being skin to skin with someone, it turned out, felt pretty good. Lin Qiushi was a plant, and Ruan Nanzu was the sun, and his touches were sunshine, all over. Hot and tingly. “You’re going to be okay, we just have to get you warm. I know where the door is, we just need to get you warmer before you go through it. Thank god you didn’t take off your shoes. It’s okay. You’re okay.”

Ruan Nanzhu had found the door. Lin Qiushi relaxed against him, boneless and shivering, and felt safe despite the howling wind and distant, weird words whispering in it. Ruan Nanzhu’s heart was beating so fast, Lin Qiushi noted distantly. His words were fast, too. He was going at a higher frame rate, while Lin Qiushi was still in slow motion.

“You’re naked,” Lin Qiushi noted after a dreamy eternity had passed, and wondered if it would be weird to try to look down between them. He hadn’t seen Ruan Nanzhu’s dick before, just knew its shape from the brief glimpse of morning wood beneath elegant black boxer briefs.

It was probably as beautiful as the rest of him.

“We’re naked,” Ruan Nanzhu agreed with a sigh, keeping up the brisk rub of his hands over Lin Qiushi’s body. It was starting to tingle in an almost painful way now, especially when he captured Lin Qiushi’s hands and brought them up to his mouth, blowing on them. Lin Qiushi gasped a little, overwhelmed at the sensation, and Ruan Nanzhu made a low noise in response. “Not how I imagined it, but I’ll take it. Are you feeling any better, baby? Any pain?”

“Stings, but I don’t mind, it’s good,” Lin Qiushi assured him with a sigh. He pressed closer, rocking his hips. “Keep doing that.”

“Qiushi, do you know what you’re doing right now?” Ruan Nanzhu asked, sounding delighted and amused, but also strangely stiff. “Does it really feel that good?”

“Hm?” Lin Qiushi asked, nuzzling in under Ruan Nanzhu’s chin. It was nice, being shorter, sometimes. He felt good like this. A little raw all over, but Ruan Nanzhu had him, so it was okay. He was almost dozing when he realized what that feeling was, silky and hot and too good, half-hard and sliding against Ruan Nanzhu’s -

“Oh god,” he mumbled, trying to jerk backwards. Ruan Nanzhu just held him by the back of the neck, and their legs were already entangled, and Ruan Nanzhu was laughing again and pressing kisses over the top of Lin Qiushi’s head.

“Don’t stop, I don’t mind at all,” Ruan Nanzhu purred, and resumed rubbing his foot along the back of Lin Qiushi’s calf. He pulled at Lin Qiushi’s hand until Lin Qiushi uncurled it and let it be tugged back upward to Ruan Nanzhu’s mouth. “At least part of you is warm.”

“Stop teasing me,” Lin Qiushi said faintly. He felt his heart pick up, weirdly tangible and heavy in his chest.

“But you need to warm up,” Ruan Nanzhu said, innocent in a way that Lin Qiushi knew too well. “Do you like it, Qiushi? Does it feel good? Am I making you feel warm?”

Lin Qiushi could make out Ruan Nanzhu’s smirk in the shadowy light inside the tent just before he started pressing kisses on each fingertip. First it was just soft brushes of breath and lip. Then as Lin Qiushi sucked in a breath, startled at the rawness of sensation flooding his skin, Ruan Nanzhu made a pleased little noise, and opened his mouth, and it got wet. Wet and hot and Lin Qiushi could hear himself making little sounds, but he couldn’t make them stop.

It felt like some of the cotton muffling Lin Qiushi mind and body was falling away, and becoming increasingly clear that they were both, really, so naked, and that each shivering motion Lin Qiushi made was just pressing their skin together everywhere. And everything was warm, hot and tingling. Lin Qiushi couldn’t help squirming, which made it worse.

“Fuck,” he said.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Ruan Nanzhu purred, and started breathing those hot, open-mouthed presses of lips down Lin Qiushi’s fingers towards the palm, pausing to tongue the thin skin of the wrist. “I know it’s bigger than that, you’re just cold. We’ll warm you up.”

He was trapped here, under Ruan Nanzhu, trying to stop grinding his perfectly adequately sized dick against Ruan Nanzhu’s thigh before he died. Ruan Nanzhu wasn’t helping at all.

“Don’t – I don’t, I. I know you’re just helping, I’m sorry,” he gritted out, agonized. The morning wood they’d both shared had been one thing, easily glossed over. This felt harder to ignore, and there was no way to escape. He was just – fuck, he kept getting harder, with Ruan Nanzhu’s body pressing down on his. With Ruan Nanzhu’s mouth on him.

“Lin Qiushi,” Ruan Nanzhu said. “Don’t be sorry. I’m not sorry.” Then he nipped at Lin Qiushi’s wrist, a sharp bloom of pain under his teeth. “Unless… would you get hard for anyone right now? A beautiful stranger? Zhang Yuqing? Tan Zaozao? ”

“No!” Lin Qiushi denied instinctively, recoiling at the thought of any of this happening with anyone else.

Ruan Nanzhu hummed, sounding pleased, then dropped a question into the dark, warm space between them: “What about Zhu Meng?”

“You are Zhu Meng,” Lin Qiushi said, too exasperated to play the game right now, and felt more than saw Ruan Nanzhu’s eyes narrow in the shadows. Then he felt his brain blue screen as Ruan Nanzhu settled more heavily atop him, and he could – he could feel it. Fuck, Nanzhu’s dick really was huge. He swallowed.

“Is that a yes? Do you want me to sound like her?” Ruan Nanzhu asked silkily, punctuating the question with a grind of his hips that made Lin Qiushi’s eyes feel like they might roll back into his head.

“Nn - no, fuck. Sound however you want,” Lin Qiushi mumbled weakly. What did you even do with a dick that big, what the fuck.

“Hm. Do you like this?” Ruan Nanzhu asked, and rolled his hips again, and Lin Qiushi’s body took over, rocking upwards, one leg wrapping around the back of Nanzhu’s as he shivered and gasped.

“Qiushi,” he crooned, voice low and rumbling, and caught Lin Qiushi’s chin, brushing their mouths together. “Do you like it?”

“Can’t you tell?” Lin Qiushi snapped, blushing hot, and then huffed. Of course Ruan Nanzhu would want to hear him say it. And maybe this was all a game to him, maybe this was just – a perk of core rewarming, a way to reassure himself that Lin Qiushi was alright, after a close call, or just a way to pass time before the end of this door. Maybe it was something more. Maybe it always had been.

Every part of Lin Qiushi felt like it was on fire right now, sensitive and hot and almost painful with how much he felt, how much he suddenly realized he wanted this. He was probably warm enough now that Ruan Nanzhu could stop, that they could get dressed, but.

“Nanzhu, I do like it,” he said, making a snap decision, and stretched up for a frankly awkward kiss. Movies made it look so easy, but it wasn’t. How did people get their noses in the right place? Ruan Nanzhu had frozen at the touch of their lips, and Lin Qiushi pulled back, worried. But Ruan Nanzhu was starting to smile, shark-like, so maybe he’d just been surprised for some reason. Anyway, Lin Qiushi was already naked and shivering in a camping tent, and had already revealed his complete inability to kiss. So he might as well keep going. It was either that or run screaming out into the snow like a naked madman.

“I like you so much,” he said doggedly, and tried again. The kiss was a little better this time, the angle softer. Then Ruan Nanzhu’s lips moved, and his hand tightened almost painfully on Lin Qiushi’s hip.

“Baby,” Ruan Nanzhu said thickly, after a long moment, and the next kiss was like being devoured. Oh, Lin Qiushi thought, that’s how to do it, and adjusted his angle, and let Ruan Nanzhu lick in deeper, moaning.

“I’m going to make you feel so good,” Ruan Nanzhu crooned between kisses, which frankly was mind-blowing. How did Ruan Nanzhu have enough air to speak? Lin Qiushi couldn’t stop gasping and panting beneath him. “You’ll love it, don’t be scared.”

Scared? Hm.

Lin Qiushi hooked his arms around the back of Ruan Nanzhu’s neck and bit his lower lip, looking up through his lashes in the dim light. “But I’ve never done this before,” he murmured, trying to imagine how Ruan Nanzhu would play this. “Be gentle with me, Ruan-ge.”

Lin Qiushi had a moment to think, I’ve made a mistake, before Ruan Nanzhu made a low rumbling sound, then - was he seriously a vampire? - pressed a hard, sucking bite into Lin Qiushi’s throat.

“Lin Qiushi,” he growled between attacks with his mouth. “I like you so much.” Lin Qiushi hadn’t thought he’d ever enjoy being bitten, but something about this, the hot wet suck and scrape of teeth, was making his body crazy. He was melting, his legs falling apart and his head falling back.

A hand found his mouth, and Lin Qiushi opened for it automatically when two fingers pushed demandingly down on his lower lip.

Ruan Nanzhu pulled back to look up at him, eyes glittering, then tenderly ordered, “Suck it,” before dipping his head again. Lin Qiushi opened wider, awkwardly, and licked at the long, strong fingers, a heavy weight against his tongue, pressing against it. It was too much, it almost made him want to gag, but then Ruan Nanzhu’s terrible mouth found his nipple and Lin Qiushi couldn’t help the sounds he started making, and the fingers went deeper, easier.

“Good boy,” Ruan Nanzhu crooned when he pulled his fingers back, dripping. Lin Qiushi chased after them automatically, unthinking, then felt his cold cheeks flushing hot red. “I knew you’d love it.”

“What are you doing?” Lin Qiushi asked hoarsely, licking his lips, and then flung his head back with a thunk as Ruan Nanzhu resumed making sucked red marks down his chest, and a wet finger traced down his now thoroughly hard dick.

“Testing your core temperature,” Ruan Nanzhu said sweetly into his skin, and then slid his hand back, and Lin Qiushi’s eyes went wide.

“I thought we could do - something, nnn,” Lin Qiushi lost hold of the sentence, as Ruan Nanzhu rubbed his hole with a wet finger and sucked on his ear at the same time. “Easier?” He finished weakly. He hadn’t envisioned much of anything, his brain mostly white noise about kissing and dicks and touching, but he’d dimly thought blowjobs were supposed to be nice. And less intense.

Ruan Nanzhu wasn’t pressing his finger inside, yet, but it still felt weird being touched there. There was something about letting Ruan Nanzhu touch him like this that made him feel like he was baring his throat. Lin Qiushi was exposed, entirely naked and splayed out before Ruan Nanzhu’s gleaming gaze.

And fuck, it was hot. He felt hot all over, hotter than before.

“Easy,” Ruan Nanzhu scoffed, and drew Lin Qiushi’s hand down to touch his dick, scorching and soft and huge. “Don’t you want it, baby?”

“It’s too big,” Lin Qiushi protested, before realizing he’d played right into Ruan Nanzhu’s delighted hands.

“Is it?” Ruan Nanzhu purred, and pushed his hips so that his dick stroked through Lin Qiushi’s over-sensitive fingers. “How big is it, Qiushi, do you like it?”

Lin Qiushi didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He couldn’t tell if he was shivering from the cold, now, or from the overload of Ruan Nanzhu like this, bright-eyed and sweet and pleased with himself. He was nipping at Lin Qiushi’s ear again, tugged it with his teeth, and teasing his hole with a fingertip at the same time. It was wet enough to sink in if he just pressed it, but he didn’t. Finally, Lin Qiushi pushed his hips back against the touch tentatively, and hissed out a breath between his teeth as Ruan Nanzhu pulled his touch away.

“Do you want it?” Ruan Nanzhu asked smugly, and Lin Qiushi gave in, laughing again. It wasn’t so different, really, being with Ruan Nanzhu like this and being with him normally.

“Yeah, I want it,” Lin Qiushi sighed, giving in. And at least he knew how to give a handjob - he’d gotten himself off enough, if not from this angle, and if not with a dick this thick and long. He still wished he could see it, but this was enough for now, the sweet drag of skin on his hands making him shiver. He wasn’t wild about the idea of getting his ass fucked in the door - maybe not even out of the door. The idea was still alien, something his mind slid off confusedly, like Chestnut slipping off a glass table - but he trusted Ruan Nanzhu.

“Mmm,” Ruan Nanzhu hummed, sounding like a cat himself. One that had brazenly stolen a saucer of cream and was planning to leisurely enjoy it while purring and staring at the original owner smugly. “Feeling warm yet?

Before Lin Qiushi could answer, he slipped a finger inside, and Lin Qiushi choked on the weirdness of it, shuddering and blinking.

“Does it feel strange?” Ruan Nanzhu wanted to know. “You’ll like it.”

Lin Qiushi made a noncommittal noise, hiding his face in Ruan Nanzhu’s shoulder and trying to keep his hand moving. He didn’t want - Ruan Nanzhu should get to enjoy himself, too. He didn’t want to lie back and just take it, he wanted to contribute.

Ruan Nanzhu kept his own hand moving, at first shallow little thrusts, then deeper. His finger was so much, so much smaller than his dick, but it felt huge, overwhelming.

“You like it already,” Ruan Nanzhu noted smugly, and Lin Qiushi realized that he was moving with Ruan Nanzhu, pushing for more without even realizing it, even though it felt so strange, it felt - intense, it felt like so much, like he was cracking open his own chest and letting Ruan Nanzhu root through it. And like he wanted to, wanted to be that vulnerable, wanted Ruan Nanzhu there, inside him.

“Yeah,” he agreed, soft and hoarse, and Ruan Nanzhu smiled and kissed him. A distraction technique, maybe, because he slipped in another finger mid-kiss and picked up speed, and Lin Qiushi could feel his smile grow as Lin Qiushi grunted in surprise and then -

“What the fuck,” he choked, and then, “Do it again.”

“You sure? You want it?” Ruan Nanzhu drawled, and kept slowly, steadily, fucking Lin Qiushi with his fingers, hitting the spot unerringly that made Lin Qiushi’s eyes roll back each time. “Mm, you’re warming up. Your core temperature is rising, I can feel it. This is getting you hot, Qiushi?”

“Nn,” Lin Qiushi said, and he’d given up on trying to jack Ruan Nanzhu’s dick and was just holding on to his shoulders.

“Good boy. Let’s go.”

And then it was cold suddenly, and Lin Qiushi’s ass was empty. Arctic air was pouring in their shared space as Ruan Nanzhu left the sleeping back to start rummaging through a backpack and found, alarmingly, a knife. There was a sound of something tearing. Lin Qiushi stared, blinking, while his limbs trembled.

“You’re warm enough now that the hypothermia shouldn’t affect you badly outside the door,” Ruan Nanzhu judged, all business suddenly as he gathered up their backpacks , tucking a note - clue to the next door, Lin Qiushi realized - into the pocket of one.

He was strikingly, incredibly naked, and looked completely at ease, even crouched over in the tent with a huge boner. Unlike Lin Qiushi, who was still panting and shaking, staring at him. And Ruan Nanzhu’s dick, oh god, it really was beautiful. Pink and perfectly proportioned, heavy and curved. And huge. Huge. “Let’s go.”

“What?” Lin Qiushi managed.

“I’m not going to fuck you inside the door,” Ruan Nanzhu said impatiently, then, with a gleam in his eye, “Unless I have to. We’d have to hurry. Think you’re ready for me now, Qiushi?”

Two fingers was not enough. “No, no,” Lin Qiushi agreed finally, and stumbled to his feet, gathering the sleeping bag around him like a massive set of robes.

The door was the strangest Lin Qiushi had been through yet, set into the frozen ground beneath the tent, but it opened easily with the key. Feeling like some kind of awkward caterpillar, clad in sleeping bags, Lin Qiushi inched down through the door and into the bright, clean light of what felt more like a tunnel than a hallway. Ruan Nanzhu followed, and before the light got too bright caught Qiushi in a kiss.

“See you soon,” he said, eyes dark as an abyss, lit from within by burning stars, and disappeared.

Lin Qiushi opened the door to his own bedroom, and staggered, shocked by instant shift of realities. He went in an instant from naked-in-a-sleeping-bag to fully clad in winter gear, what he’d been wearing when he first entered the door. And to add to the confusion of the shift, he was cold again. He hadn’t realized that he’d stopped shivering inside the door, with Ruan Nanzhu wrapped around him, until now, when the shivering was back, hard enough to make his teeth chatter.

Still, he wasn’t passing out, and he didn’t have the urge to rip off all his clothes like he had before. He’d just diagnosed himself with mild hypothermia and was thinking he should get some warm tea, or maybe take a bath, when the door slammed open and Ruan Nanzhu strode in.

He put a hand to Lin Qiushi’s cheek easily, cupping it and staring into his eyes. Lin Qiushi thought, I kissed you. You just touched my ass with those hands. Oh my god. while Ruan Nanzhu’s lovely, dark voice said, “Qiushi, how are you? Should we go to a hospital?”

Some part of Lin Qiushi had worried Ruan Nanzhu would be aloof again, outside the door - wintery, frosty, distant. But it was like he could see easily now, beneath the serious intent on Ruan Nanzhu’s face, something softer and more tender.

“I thought you were going to warm me up,” Lin Qiushi heard himself say, and Ruan Nanzhu’s face brightened like a sunrise before he pushed Lin Qiushi back onto the bed with a bounce.

“Well, the best treatment is warm fluids, delivered internally,” Ruan Nanzhu said mock-thoughtfully, and the pleased, smirking smile on his face sent a zing through Lin Qiushi’s heart. “Ugh, but now I have to undress and prep you again. All that work.”

Even as he complained, he was deftly batting Lin Qiushi’s shaking hands away from the zippers of his coat and easing it off his shoulders, and in almost no time Lin Qiushi was naked again, blushing on his bed and shivering with some combination of cold and the look in Ruan Nanzhu’s eyes.

“I’ll look at you more later,” Ruan Nanzhu sighed, almost to himself, and covered Lin Qiushi in quilts before quickly stripping himself and sliding into the bed. This time, Lin Qiushi was aware enough of his own body to realize he was cold, and that Ruan Nanzhu was so hot, and most thoughts of modesty fled in the face of how delicious it felt to be rolled over and nuzzled warm.

“You feel good,” he mumbled, and was prepared to feel enormously awkward about this whole pause in the middle of his first sexual acts. Ruan Nanzhu apparently was ready to dive back in immediately, though, taking that as his cue to press Lin Qiushi into the bed and fuck into his mouth with his tongue.

“Just good?” Ruan Nanzhu murmured between kisses, rolling his hips, and yep, yes, his dick was definitely still huge.

“Amazing,” Lin Qiushi corrected himself, panting. “Ruan Nanzhu feels incredible. Oh fuck!” Ruan Nanzhu had apparently, while Lin Qiushi was feeling awkward and frozen, obtained lube and had warmed it in his hands before sliding a much bolder finger inside than before.

“So tight,” Ruan Nanzhu praised. “You’ll feel so good on my dick, Qiushi.”

“Just good?” Lin Qiushi managed, and was bitten on the nipple for his troubles before Ruan Nanzhu added a second finger. Ruan Nanzhu wasn’t teasing as much this time, like maybe having to stop in the middle of finger-fucking Lin Qiushi to get him to safety had been frustrating for him, too.

Two fingers felt so weird and good Lin Qiushi could barely contain himself, tossing his head on the pillow and trying to hide whatever horrible face he was making.

“No, let me see you,” Ruan Nanzhu said, grabbing his face with his free hand, and kissing Lin Qiushi’s panting mouth. “Lin Qiushi looks so hot already, just from my fingers. I just want to wreck you and watch, you’ll let me watch, won’t you? Don’t hide from me.”

By the time Ruan Nanzhu used three fingers, Lin Qiushi didn’t have the mental space to care what his face was doing. It was taking all his energy not to moan loud enough that other members of Obsidian might come to check on who was getting murdered. Ruan Nanzhu’s fingers were so good, fuck.

Then Ruan Nanzhu started jerking his dick with the other hand and Lin Qiushi was pretty sure the game was up, because it was all he could do not to come instantly. He knew what locks felt like now, giving up and falling apart before Ruan Nanzhu’s talented touch.

“You can come, baby, I want you to,” Ruan Nanzhu crooned, watching him intently. “Come for me.”

“But, I thought, you?” Lin Qiushi managed, and tried and failed to think of the worst things he’d seen in the door, even as Ruan Nanzhu’s fingers fucked into him and pulled at his aching cock in an impossibly good counter-rhythm. Was he even human? How?

“Oh, are you trying to wait for me?” Ruan Nanzhu said, kissing him. “My sweet Qiushi. I’m going to make you come at least two times before I do.”

Well, shit. Lin Qiushi gave up, and came. Ruan Nanzhu kissed him through it, biting at his slack mouth and making low, rumbling pleased sounds as Lin Qiushi shuddered under him.

So this was sex. It was a lot, Lin Qiushi noted, and let Ruan Nanzhu move his body around on the bed as he tried to catch his breath. He was sweating enough that they didn’t need the cocoon of blankets anymore, and it felt nice when the cooler air hit his skin.

“I like you so much, Lin Qiushi,” Ruan Nanzhu said, pushing Lin Qiushi’s thighs apart and up towards his chest, looking at his face the whole time. His own expression was almost cold, intent, but Lin Qiushi felt hot under it. “I like everything about you.”

“Oh,” Lin Qiushi said, stunned, and watched in shock as Ruan Nanzhu’s face melted into a gorgeous laugh. Ruan Nanzhu kissed Lin Qiushi’s nose, still holding him open, and smiled at him.

“I can’t believe it took me crawling on top of you naked for you to realize,” he teased, and before Lin Qiushi could protest that Ruan Nanzhu’s approach to flirting was really confusing, actually, he felt Ruan Nanzhu’s dick nudge at him and was shocked back into silence again with how much he really wanted it.

It was still too big, but he wanted it anyway.

“You love it,” Ruan Nanzhu observed smugly, grinding just against him and watching Lin Qiushi’s face. “Baby, I’m going to fuck you so good.”

And then he pushed in, staring as Lin Qiushi’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

“Oh god,” Lin Qiushi said, and felt his back arch, and it was just the first thrust, he was going to die.

“So tight,” Ruan Nanzhu said, sounding a little breathless for the first time. “Damn. Good? Still good?”

“Move,” Lin Qiushi said, and locked his legs around Ruan Nanzhu’s waist, shuddering as each shift in position dragged him a little more open, a little more raw. “Fuck me.”

Ruan Nanzhu smiled at him again, sparkling, and did. Three fingers had only barely been enough, but it was still good, that first burning stretch of being opened combined with the raw look on Ruan Nanzhu’s face. Lin Qiushi lost track of time as thoroughly as he had in the blizzard, this time in a haze of heat and sweat. It was all a blur of Ruan Nanzhu asking him if he liked his dick, if it felt good, tell me you love it, and Lin Qiushi saying again and again, yes, yes, yes.

He came easily the second time: his legs over Ruan Nanzhu’s shoulders, watching the open, besotted look on Ruan Nanzhu’s face as he looked back at Lin Qiushi. The bed was slamming against the wall with each thrust, which should have been embarrassing, and probably would be later. But right then Lin Qiushi could only think Ruan Nanzhu looked so happy, and his dick felt so deep, just on the edge of painful and too good, and that they could do this again. He came without warning, clutching bruises onto Ruan Nanzhu’s back, and heard Ruan Nanzhu crooning his name.

“I’ve never, twice in one night, before,” he panted after, as Ruan Nanzhu stroked his arms and kissed him through the aftershocks. His dick was still hard and grinding into Lin Qiushi’s ass.

“Oh?” Ruan Nanzhu said interestedly, and Lin Qiushi realized he’d taken it as a challenge only when he slid out and then down Lin Qiushi’s body, sucking Lin Qiushi back to hardness.

Ruan Nanzhu moaned and bit hard into Lin Qiushi’s thigh when Lin Qiushi, a little shyly, asked him for his fingers mid-blowjob.

“Lin Qiushi’s ass needs me,” he said instead, and squeezed it with slippery fingers, biting again and worrying Qiushi’s sensitive inner thigh with his teeth and tongue before letting go. “How can I give it second best?”

He pushed back inside - fuck, had he gotten bigger? - and this time set a brutal, almost unsteady pace, covering everywhere on Lin Qiushi he could reach with wet, stinging kisses.

“Oh fuck,” Lin Qiushi heard himself say. “like that, like that, like that.” Ruan Nanzhu shuddered and then Lin Qiushi felt the hot rush of him coming. He was still moving his hips in sweet, little grinding thrusts, and it was so wet he could hear it. Lin Qiushi came again, almost dry, and collapsed into some kind of primordial ooze of nerves and swear and pleasure, and beneath it all a bone-deep contentment.

“So good,” Ruan Nanzhu sighed, after an unknown amount of cuddling and nuzzling had passed. He was still playing with Lin Qiushi’s oversensitive hole, seemingly fascinated with how Lin Qiushi squirmed and gasped against him. “I knew you’d be so good at it.”

“We’re good together,” Lin Qiushi mumbled back from the puddle he’d collapsed in, limbs still shaking faintly. His toes were still curled. He was pretty sure he was in some kind of shock. Ruan Nanzhu beaming at him didn’t help. Fresh from deflowering a virgin, Ruan Nanzhu’s cheeks were pink and his hair was disheveled and his neck was covered in red places where Lin Qiushi, overwhelmed, had bitten down. He looked so good Lin Qiushi felt like he was going to short-circuit.

“I think so too,” Ruan Nanzhu sighed dreamily, tucking himself around Lin Qiushi. It was sticky and hot, but after the cold of the door Lin Qiushi didn’t give a goddamn about that. It felt good, familiar, having Ruan Nanzhu pressed against him like this. Being naked didn’t change much, fundamentally. He was so comfortable.

He thought, if someone could have asked him what he wanted most, right now, in the world, it was this. Ruan Nanzhu in his room, outside the door, in this world, in his bed.

Everything felt very warm as he drifted easily off to sleep.