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If Everything Changed ...

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At the apartment Chris was renting, Lydia and Chris sat in the living room, talking lightly, while Isaac stood in his room. It was sparsely decorated. A futon bed against the wall, a desk, and a full length mirror in the corner next to an old dresser they got at a thrift store. He stood in front of the mirror, finger toying with the zipper on Liam’s jacket. He took a deep breath, unzipping it and letting it fall off his shoulders to the floor. He was still skinny. Not much hip width, but there was less angles and more softness to his body. It was weird to look at him, like he wasn’t him. His breasts were small, maybe a b-cup, he wasn’t sure. Perky as hell though, so he supposed he could thank the genie for that. Sighing, he pulled off the gym shorts with a quick tug.

The genie hadn’t magically made his skin smooth and hairless with the sex change, and it was obvious when he was completely naked. Just as he was a male, his body hair was rather sparse. Thinner than he was used to, however. He ran his hands over the curly pubes, flushing. It felt like he was violating a body that wasn’t his to touch. He scrambled, grabbing boxers from the open suitcase on the ground, pulling them on. He avoided looking in the mirror as he chose some jeans. They didn’t fit well at all. His male body seemed a bit thicker around the waist. Wider? He didn’t know the term. He sighed, letting the jeans fall, and grabbed a pair of old, comfy sweatpants. He tightened the drawstring so they didn’t fall and picked out a simple shirt. God, he looked absolutely ridiculous in these clothes, but it didn’t matter. Deaton would set him right by the end of the day, so he only had to look weird for a few hours.

“Isaac? Scott called, said Deaton needed to talk to you,” Lydia said, knocking on the door. Isaac sighing, nodding his head.

“Okay, be out in a second.” Isaac called, looking at himself in the mirror. This was all too bizarre. Absolutely and utterly bizarre.

Pulling on his oversized shoes, he slumped out to the living room, grabbing his leather jacket off the hook and pulling it on. Chris offered a concerned smile but Isaac could see the pain in his eyes. He wanted to say he was sorry, that he wasn’t thinking when he made the wish. That, if he could do it over again, he would wish for Allison back. He said nothing.

Lydia drove him over the clinic, casting concerned glances to him along the way. The pack had gathered. Kira, Stiles, Malia, everyone that wasn’t working or otherwise indisposed. Isaac crossed his hands over his chest, self-conscious of his body and of how fucking cold it was in the clinic. Embarrassed, he watched the floor while Scott explained to everyone what was happening now. No one said anything as Deaton led Isaac into a private examination room to talk.

“Can you tell me the exact wording of your wish?” Deaton asked softly, feeling Isaac’s neck for glands or something. He didn’t know. Guess he needed a check-up anyways. Make sure everything was still in working order. Isaac nodded numbly.

“I said ‘I just wish everything could be different’, why?”

“Seems she could, uh, artistic liberty with the wish,” Deaton said coolly. Isaac growled, but the vet just continued on, unfazed. “I’m not sure there’s anything we can do. Genies are very strict with their rules, and taking back wishes is considered a great taboo in their culture. In fact, even asking a genie to take back a wish is a death wish. It’s considered rude. The best we can hope for is for someone, perhaps Scott’s mother or the Sheriff, to rub the lamp and wish to have you be a boy again. But that might not work.”

Isaac’s heart sank. He was stuck like this? As a girl? Until when? Forever? “Why?” He asked softly, tucking his hair behind his ear so Deaton could check his ears.

“Well, Genies have this rule made for creatures who live in groups like werewolves or vampires. A pack, or coven, or group, has one wish per decade. It’s to make sure the group just doesn’t pass around the lamp, wishing for whatever they want. Genies are designed to give humans an even playing field against the supernatural; if the supernatural could abuse that power, the genies would find it unbalanced. If the genie considers any humans associated with the pack to be in the pack, then she won’t grant their wishes. Stiles is out of the question; he’s submitted too many times to Scott, not to mention the Nogitsune. He’s stuck in a grey plane between human and creature at this point,” Deaton explained calmly, continuing to make sure Isaac was in good health.

“There’s…nothing? Nothing we can do?” Isaac asked weakly, looking at the doctor.

“I’m afraid not, Isaac. Not right now.”

He was a girl. Indefinitely a girl.

He laid back on the examination table while Deaton went to tell the pack. Curled up on his side, he broke down again. He felt isolated, out of his body, out of his comfort zone. He hated the genie, and her trick, and he hated himself for wishing mindlessly. He heard someone come in, and looked over to see Stiles. The human sat down on the examination table, and rubbed Isaac’s back gently, comforting him. Isaac sniffled, hiding his face in the crook of his arm.

“I’m sorry, Isaac,” Stiles said solemnly. Which was strange. Stiles was never serious with Isaac, only harsh, cruel, and sarcastic. “I know how it feels to feel like you don’t have your body anymore.” Isaac turned his head again, looking over his shoulder at the human. Stiles was staring at the floor, but Isaac could smell the salty tears that were just the right scent of Stiles over the smell of his own. “I will help you find a way to reverse this.”

And with that, he was gone. And Isaac felt a bit more reassured.

After about twenty minutes of crying softly to himself, Isaac pulled himself up into a sitting position. Grabbing some tissues from a box on the counter, he wiped his eyes and blew his nose just as someone knocked on the door. Isaac didn’t bother saying anything, just pulled the door open to see his alpha. Scott smiled a little, but it didn’t reach his eyes. Without hesitating, the other boy pulled Isaac in for a bone crushing hug that he quickly returned.

“You okay to talk with the pack and stuff?” Scott asked when he pulled away. Isaac nodded, sniffling a bit. It had to be done, he supposed.

Following his alpha to the back surgery room where they always seemed to discuss pack business, Isaac chose to lean up against a sink in the back of the room. Everyone was there, he noticed. Malia and Stiles sat together on the counter, fingers intertwined. Kira and Scott stood side by side, Kira’s sword slung across her back. Derek and Peter occupied opposite corners, Braeden standing next to the younger Hale. Derek was doing all he could to avoid looking at Isaac, and Peter barely hiding the fact he was staring. Lydia stood, filing her nails, and Liam sat on a stool, legs swinging. Chris, Melissa, and the Sheriff stood close to Deaton, all whispering. Isaac wondered what Melissa had to do to get the time off, and his heart clenched. He didn’t want to have her sacrifice precious work time for him.

“Okay,” Scott started, instantly commanding the attention of everyone in the room. Even Peter dragged his eyes away from Isaac to look at the True Alpha. “I think we should just have one of the humans rub the lamp and see if the genie will grant a wish for them…if not, then we’ll let her go back into her lamp and keep it locked up somewhere safe.” No one opposed, but Peter’s eyes glinted dangerously as Derek took the lamp from out of the backpack, handing it over to Melissa. Clearly he wanted a wish, and Isaac was a little smug that he couldn’t have one. Peter was a part of the pack, whether he liked it or not.

“Okay, here goes,” Melissa said, trying to be cheerful and offering everyone a small smile before she rubbed her palm over the surface of the lamp. There was a heavy silence, just like before. This time it make Isaac’s skin crawl and a growl rise up in his throat. He didn’t trust the silence.

And just like before, she appeared, no smoke, no light, just suddenly there, sitting on an examination table, legs crossed, hair now free flowing, and a coy smirk on her lips. Her eyes scanned the pack before landing on Isaac, and her eyes suddenly got bright. “Hi there, sweetie. Enjoy your wish?”

Isaac snarled, going to lunge for her. Surprisingly, it was Liam who stopped him, pushing him back against the counter. The pup instantly averted his eyes, but kept his palm against Isaac’s chest…before he quickly pulled it away, flushing bright red. A moment later, Derek’s heavy hand was on Isaac’s shoulder. “Anger isn’t going to fix this, Isaac,” the older wolf said softly. Isaac pulled his shoulder away from Derek’s touch. What would a Hale know about anger solving problems, anyways?

“Hm, anyways, who rubbed my lamp?” the genie asked, completely as ease. Melissa raised her hand and the genie tsked softly. “Sorry, no can do. Mother of an Alpha of a beta who just made a wish? That’s more than enough power for any werewolf.” She said, hopping off the table to take the lamp.

“Wait,” Scott commanded, taking the lamp from his mother’s hand. The genie frowned slowly. “At least answer some questions for us.”

“Fine, I suppose I can do that,” the genie answered after some internal deliberation.

“What did you do to me?” Isaac asked instantly, stepping around Derek and Liam to glare down at her.

“Turned you into a girl. It was easy, actually. Didn’t have to do anything but change all of those pesky Y chromosomes into X ones. Nature took over and DNA was changed and ta-da, you’re here!” the genie said, before holding her hand out for the lamp.

“You won’t change him back?” Scott asked darkly, eyes turning red. The genie’s own eyes flared, her open hand curling into a fist.


“And you won’t grant a wish for anyone here?”


“Will another genie?” Lydia asked, eyes calculating. The genie turned sharply, eyes flaring again.

“Depends,” she said coolly before a cruel grin crossed her face. “But you’d have to find one. We’re rare. Can’t have everyone’s mother, brother, sister, and father making wishes, of course. Can I go back home, now?” Isaac snarled loudly, snatching the lamp from Scott’s hands, claws scratching into the surface. The genie’s eyes went dark.

“And what if I destroy your home?” he demanded.

“Isaac!” Scott snapped before the genie could retort. “Give her the lamp. We have no more questions for her.” With a low growl, Isaac obeyed his alpha and tossed the now scratched lamp to the genie who vanished the second she caught it and the lamp floated for a moment before settling on the ground gently.

The second it touched the ground, everyone was talking at once. What should they do? Isaac just slumped against the counter, tapping the top with his nails. The pack was getting loud now, before Scott commanded everyone to be quiet. They had to think logically, first, Chris said. Melissa just wanted to make Isaac comfortable. It was the adults that were arguing the most. The Sheriff seemed over the supernatural at this point, and Deaton just seemed tired.

“Quiet!” Scott shouted, picking up the lamp and handing it off to Derek to put in the bag. “We just need to think.” He said firmly. “There’s always a way to make things right. We know that. Isaac, we will make this right, I swear. Stiles and Lydia will research everything they can until we find a solution. But until then,” Scott continued before anyone could talk. “We need to decide what to do until then.”

“Isaac Lahey no longer exists.” It was Peter, his cool, calculating voice sending shivers up Isaac’s spine. He had never trusted the old wolf, and he definitely didn’t trust him now. “Isaac cannot go out in society as him. He needs a fake identity, and papers to back it up. History of grades, where he was born, parents.”

“I can forge the papers and history,” Braeden offered around a toothpick in between her teeth. “It’s easy, and looks legit. You just need to decide on a name,” she said to Isaac who frowned. He wished he could keep Isaac. That was his name. It felt weird to use anything else.

“He could pose as my niece,” Chris spoke up, “so that he doesn’t have to move all of his things.”

“No, looks too weird,” the Sheriff said gruffly. “Isaac goes missing or whatever we decide, and suddenly you got a niece living with you in Isaac’s place?” Chris nodded, before looking at Isaac who dropped his eyes to the floor. So now he had no home either.

“He could be a foster kid,” Melissa said softly. “We still have that open bedroom.”

“Or we can avoid making too much of a pattern and have him live with us, Dad,” Stiles said without looking at Isaac. “Sheriff taking in a ward? It’s not the weirdest thing that’s happened in this town.” Everyone agreed with that without question.

“It’s up to Isaac,” Scott said firmly. “He’s the one at the center of this, we accommodate him.” There was a murmur of agreement and Isaac sighed. He didn’t want to be accommodated. It was his fault that they were in this position. Everything had been so quiet and he had to mess it all up for them. They should’ve just abandoned him for putting the pack in danger or at least disturbing the peace. But everyone was looking at him like he needed to make a choice. Chris’ place, the McCall house, or the Stilinski house…Isaac could barely look at Chris. He had a chance to give him back his daughter, and yet here he was, a girl instead. And he didn’t want to break Melissa any more than he already did. So the Sheriff’s house it was.

“I’ll stay with the Sheriff,” he said softly, hoping Chris would understand. He peeked up, and the old hunter nodded a little. He did and that lifted an entire weight from his shoulders.

“I need a name,” Braeden reminded softly and Isaac groaned, putting his face into his hands. He could take his mother’s name, but someone could make that connection easily. He could take Allison’s name, or Erica’s, in honor of them, but that felt like cheating them out of a life that was taken from them. It felt wrong. Could go Laura, too, but was just as wrong. His name was Hebrew, right? Could go along the lines of Sarah, or Mary…or something like Isabella so they could call him Izzy, which was close to Isaac…but no, those didn’t fit.

“I don’t know,” he said weakly. “I like Isaac.” Braeden sighed heavily, so he started to think a little more. He could honor Camden, but no, he wanted to be his own person at least. “What do I look like?” He asked the pack, looking around.

“Alexandria,” Lydia answered thoughtfully, head tilting.

“He looks like an Emma, Lydia,” Stiles said as if that was obvious.

“Kayden?” Kira offered softly. Isaac shrugged at all of them before he remembered something from his past. His mother, singing a song to him, letting him stand on her feet while she danced, and he didn’t care. He wanted her name.

“Sigrid,” he said softly. “I’unno about a middle name.”

“Ylva,” Lydia offered before looking at the looks everyone was giving her. “It means female wolf. It’s Norse.” She explained with a sniff. Isaac smiled a little.

“Sure…and I’unno about a last name.”

“Ward. Cause you’re gonna be a ward,” Stiles offered with a grin. Everyone rolled their eyes, but Isaac nodded. Why not, right?

“Okay, Sigrid Ward, you’ll have your papers soon,” the bounty hunter said before sliding off her chair. “I’ll get started on them.” And with that, she left, putting her sunglasses on as she stepped outside through the backdoor. With her departure, almost everyone trickled away until it was just Isaac, Scott, and Lydia, Deaton having gone back to work.

“So, uh, Isaac,” Scott said, getting the wolf’s attention. “Lydia and I talked a bit, and we thought that, if you want, you should get some new clothes. Lydia offered to pay for it all, and offered to help you.” Isaac blinked before feeling like he was going to cry again for the third time that day. His pack was too good to him, and he didn’t deserve it. “Also, we all agreed to use dude pronouns, even when you go to school, if you want.” Isaac pushed off from the counter, hugging his alpha tightly. He wished he could find the words to say thank you, but Scott just seemed to know.

The Alpha left, and Lydia took him to the Mall. Isaac sighed a little, looking out the window.

“You have a really nice figure, Isaac,” Lydia said thoughtfully but in the school queen bitch way, and it made Isaac smile a little. Lydia just seemed to know when to turn on the concern and when to turn it off. And he was grateful for it. “It shouldn’t be too hard to find some things for you. Malia was the same way.” Isaac nodded, biting his lower lip, eyes scanning the side of the road as she drove. This was surreal. This was going to hit him tonight and he was going to break down completely and they’d have to check him into the Eichen house.

“This is a chance to start new, if you think about it,” Lydia said as they walked into the mall. Isaac felt self-conscious in his clothes. As male, he chose his clothes based on their looseness. It offered more room to breathe, so that the bruises that his father left him wouldn’t get rubbed up against. Lucky for him, loose clothes looked good on him, and he never had to worry about it. This was a completely different ballpark…and Lydia was right. This was his chance to start over. Completely fresh, and play with this new persona he had made for himself. He could make her however he wanted…a version of himself who was never beaten, never weak. A version of himself who was strong, and powerful, and happy. Even if it was just pretending, Isaac couldn’t resist the temptation. It would get him through this, making Sigrid a version of himself he never got to be. His mother’s Viking blood would push him through this, and he’s survived this long, it was time he had fun with it.  

“Let’s make me hot as fuck,” Isaac said and Lydia grinned devilishly.

“Then let’s start with Victoria’s Secret.”