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If Everything Changed ...

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Isaac was walking through the woods. It was a half-moon out, and he felt a constant control over his wolf. New moons were the worst, besides the full, when he didn’t feel in control at all. No control over his wolf, when he was weakest. He didn’t know why he despised it, especially when Scott treasured the new moons. Being human, and normal, again was Scott’s dream. Isaac chose to be a wolf, practically begged Derek for the bite. Sometimes he wished Derek had never asked, or at least asked when he was a better person. But the past was in the past, and he had moved on. Derek certainly had, with his new ability or whatever it was.

Isaac had missed a lot since leaving, and coming back right after everything…he just didn’t know. Didn’t know his place, didn’t know his control, and he felt like he didn’t know his pack either. Lydia was changed, Stiles completely off his fucking rocker. Liam and Malia were new, and the only person he had felt close to had replaced him in the pack. Even Derek and Chris seemed distant. Everything was messed up. He was so messed up. He was unhappy in France, miserable here, and there was this gross uneasiness in his gut that nothing was going to be right.

Hence the walk in the middle of the woods, alone. He wanted an answer, or at least a solution. He was farther than he’s ever been before. Farther than he probably should be. Scott’s territory ended a few miles back, and yet he was still walking. Just a lonely little beta, and he was still walking. He was being stupid. He sighed, stepping over a log and shoved his hands into his pockets. Taking another step, suddenly the ground gave way and Isaac was falling down a steep slope through thorny bushes and thin branches. He didn’t even had time to yell before he was rolling across grass.

Groaning, the young beta sits up, checking for any outstanding injuries. Nothing but a whole lot of scratches. “Shit,” he groaned, pushing his curls out of his face, looking around. He was completely lost now, having rolled through the forest. Disoriented, he looked up to see if he could find the North Star, or any constellation that he could recognize, just like Chris taught him. The canopy was too thick, and the moon was too bright. He couldn’t see a thing. Swearing again, Isaac stood slowly. He didn’t think he had a concussion, but he didn’t want to test it for a while. Just let the healing take effect.

With the stars failing him, Isaac glanced around. Nothing caught his eye…just forest and shadows and mist. Standard night in the woods. Isaac reached out for his wolf’s eyes. Glowing orange in the dark, he sighed a little. The shadows seemed thinner, but there wasn’t anything useful in them. Isaac turned, scanning the forest floor for anything to point the way. He heard moss grows on the side of the north, but he wasn’t sure that was true. Sighing, he was about to give up and just try and climb up the slope to retrace his footsteps when he saw something glinting under some tree roots.

Curious, the wolf wandered over. Glancing around, he slid to his knee, and brushed asides the leaves and years of dirt revealing a small…bottle? It looked like a strange gravy boat or tea kettle with a small little handle and a long, thin spout. He picked it up out of the dirt, turning it over in his hand when he realized suddenly that it was a lamp, like out of Aladdin. Isaac glanced around again before tentatively rubbing the lamp with his palm.

The woods became silent. Everything within seemed enhanced. Every rustle of the leaves, every whistle of the wind. His heart even seemed loud, booming in his ears. There was nothing. With a heavy sigh, he stood and turned.

“What the fu-!” Isaac started before a hand covered his mouth. A woman, standing in what looked like a shawl. He wasn’t sure what it was called. It was colorful, with reds and blues, and gold trim. With dark skin and dark hair, braided hair, and large, curved body, she was beautiful. Her eyes were like molten gold with bright red coals mixed in. He instantly went to wolf out, eager to deal with this strange woman first and be safe but before he could she stepped away from him like she wasn’t even walking on the ground. Then he realized she wasn’t walking on the ground. Dumbstruck, he watched as she turned towards him.

“So here’s the thing, Glow-y Eyes…Humans get the three wishes. Everything else supernatural, aliens, chickens, they get one wish and one wish only. So what do you want?”

“I, what?”

“Am I speaking your language? The lamp usually translates it for me. Spell, you know,” she said, taking the lamp from his hands, turning it over, tapping its surface with a perfect nail.

“Oh, uhm, no, you are, speaking English I mean. I’m just-“ he rambled before catching onto her words. “Wait, one wish?”

The genie looked at him while she looped a long finger through the handle of the lamp, letting it hang by her side. “Basically, yeah,” she nodded, lips pursing. “It wasn’t always like that. Used to be that no supernatural creature could have any wish. Couldn’t lord it over the humans, and stuff. But revolutions happen, religions started, and governments erected. Humans got scary, genies got generous. So go on, what do you want?”

What did he want? Isaac wanted everything. He wanted his pack to be safe, he wanted his life to be stable, he wanted great grades and he wanted to be able to do whatever he wanted with his life. He wanted so much, and yet everything seemed so dismal. If he could just change one thing in his life for the better, what would it even be? Should he wish for wars to stop? He doubted that. Wish for someone to fall in love with him? Maybe have a girlfriend or a boyfriend? Wish for his brother to come back?

Or his mother?

“I just want it all to be better, I don’t know what to wish for.”

“You don’t have to spend the wish right away. I’d prefer it. It’s cold out here,” she sighed, crossing her arms. Isaac frowned. No, he didn’t want to keep her away from her home. He’s been away from his home before, in the cold and alone. He understood that. He swallowed thickly. Maybe he could trick her into giving him what he wanted, though he didn’t know what he wanted…no that would never work. Genies were too smart for that. Running his fingers through his hair, he looked around, always wary about enemies, especially this far from his Alpha’s territory.

“I just wish everything could be different,” he whispered under his breath to the wind.

Apparently genies have just as good hearing as werewolves do, because before he knew it, she was snapping her fingers with a coy smirk. “As you wish, little wolf.”

And then everything went black.

The wolf came back to consciousness to a concerned looking Scott with bright red eyes staring down at him. Isaac groaned. Everything seemed to hurt. His back, his bones, everything about his body. His head was the worst, like a little gnome was in his head shooting the inside of his skull. Squeezing his eyes shut, he tried to roll over when he realized someone was gripping his arms to his side. Opening his eyes, he checked his right side to see Malia, eyes blue, teeth bared. Instinctively he growled back, being higher in the pack than her. Instantly from his left was another snarl. He turned, glaring at the freshman kid, Liam, Scott’s bitten beta. He snarled louder than Liam. The reaction made his wolf hummed in pleasure. The pup shrank back instantly, but the grip on his arm didn’t lessen.

“Guys, relax,” Scott said firmly. Isaac’s eyes snapped to him instantly. He was using the ‘Alpha’ voice, particularly one that said there might be danger nearby. Suddenly the memories from the night before came rushing back. The slope, the lamp, the genie. Was he still way beyond the territory, was that why Scott was wary? Was he hurt? What did the genie do to him? He groaned again. What had happened? Did he mess up everything…again?

“Who are you?” Malia snarled suddenly, “And what did you do to Isaac?”

What? He thought instantly, brows furrowing. Before he could ask what she meant, falling footsteps alerted them all. Out of the brush came a black wolf carrying a small backpack in its mouth, and what looked like tattered clothes. His clothes? They looked like them. What the hell did that genie bitch do to him? He was starting to panic.

With one step, the wolf was upright and human, pulling jeans from the backpack and pulling them on fluidly, his eyes flickering over the scene with no shame as he did. Isaac was used to seeing Derek’s junk, honestly, but shouldn’t he have some thought to cover up before Malia saw? Looking to her, he realized she hadn’t strayed her gaze from him. Two pairs of footsteps suddenly thrummed lightly through the ground and coming out of the woods from the left was Lydia and Chris, the latter with a crossbow over his shoulder, the former with a shiny silver, bejeweled genie’s lamp in hand.

Yet again, before he could speak up about the lamp, Scott cleared his throat, commanding the attention of everyone. “Liam, Malia, let her up.”


They two betas reluctantly retreated and Isaac sat up, realizing at he was naked but for a pair of scott’s gym shorts and what smelled like Liam’s jacket. The aches and pains in his body were quickly fading, and he was able to focus much more clearly at the problem at hand. Mostly as Scott’s pronoun misusage.

“Who are you?” Derek asked coolly, stepping up next to Scott, massive arms crossed. His eyes flashed before returning to their human-form color. Isaac frowned. Did the genie erase their memories of him? No, that couldn’t be it, because Malia asked about him.

“More importantly,” Malia snapped, still crouched, claws out and fangs down, “what did you do with Isaac? You reek of him, you bitch.”

“I didn’t- Oh what the fuck,” Isaac startled, covering his mouth. His voice was changed…Looking down his legs, they had changed too. Longer, they seemed, and significantly thinner haired. He ran his hands over the lighter, less-coarse haired calves, confused. Why did his voice change…Oh god, why did Scott use ‘her’? Scrambling, Isaac peeking out the front of the jacket. Breasts...boobs…pretty nice boobs, but they were his breasts. “Holy shit, oh my fucking god, Scott, Scott, it’s me. It’s Isaac.” Confusion passed across everyone’s face. He stood quickly, and yep…he was lacking an appendage he had quite liked. He turned around in a circle, trying to look at his back. He eyes wandered over his hands. Still long fingers, but his palms were long instead of wide. Nails were clipped just like they were when he was a guy, but they seemed narrower, more feminine. Turning his head sharply to look at Lydia when she said something under her breath, something hit him in the face. His hair. Holy shit, his hair was long, curly, and impossibly silky and it just hit him in the face!

“Okay, calm down,” Scott said firmly, placing a hand onto Isaac’s shoulder. “Relax…just, uh, tell us what happened.”

So he recounted it all. How he was walking way beyond the territory, how he slipped and fell, and then found the lamp. How the genie appeared and promised a single wish, and how he wished for everything to be different. Trembling, Isaac finished the story with his new voice, arms wrapped around himself. This was certainly different, but not what he meant at all.

“Holy shit,” Malia said bluntly. “Hot as a dude and as a chick.” Isaac gave her a sharp glare. If he had wanted comments from the peanut gallery, he would’ve waited to tell Stiles. She raised her hands in submission, eyes averting in pack submission. At least he was still highly ranked, Y chromosome or no. Scott seemed at a loss as to what to do. Even Derek seemed disturbed at the turn of events. Chris looked concerned, but…sad. Isaac didn’t want to know what he was thinking…probably things about Allison.

Thinking of her, Isaac started to break down. He could’ve wished for anything, literally anything. For Allison to be back. For all of their friends who had died tragically to come back to life. He could’ve wished for the pack to be safe forever.

“Oh sweetie,” Lydia said softly, shoving the lamp into Derek’s folded arms as she approached. Pushing aside his now long curls, she wiped away his tears. “We’ll figure this out. Let’s get you out of the woods first, literally, okay?”

“Good idea, Lyds,” Scott said finally, red eyes fading to his soft, compassionate brown ones. “Take, uhm, him to get some of…his clothes,” he said, stumbling over the pronouns but saying them firmly. At least he was trying, Isaac thought numbly, sniffling. “We’ll go to Deaton, see if there’s a way to reverse it or not. Let’s not rub the lamp, though. Put it in the backpack, Derek,” he ordered kindly before clapping Isaac on the shoulder. “We’ll figure this out. You’re not alone, Isaac.”

Isaac nodded, hiccupping. “Thanks, Scott,” he murmured, letting Lydia and Chris lead him back to the car while the rest of the pack ran the way to the vet’s clinic. He wished he never made that stupid walk. Then none of this would’ve happened. He’s the stupidest werewolf in the history of existence. And with that thought, he fell asleep in the backseat of Lydia’s Prius.