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Being busy for Festa preparation, amongst other things, meant that Jungkook and his boyfriend were busy. Being busy for festa preparation while also promoting an album? Bangtan were fucking lucky they were at least somewhat good with time-management, is all Jungkook could say.


Jungkook's fledgeling relationship with Namjoon also had to take a backseat during their preparations and promotions, which was fine. Logically, Jungkook knew it was fine. But also, Jungkook hadn't gotten a chance to do half the sexy stuff with Namjoon that he wanted to, and that meant that Jungkook was, consciously or not, suffering. Greatly. Like, picture having your pubic hairs being pulled out one by one but you're kind of into that. That kind of suffering.


And look, Jungkook was used to horny suffering, he was fine with it, really. Except, he really wanted to fuck Namjoon. Like really badly very much so, but he had only put his dick in Namjoon's ass like one time , and every time they managed to get the chance to get intimate other than hurried hand jobs somewhere in a closet in BigHit, Jungkook's dumbass asshole took hold of all his mental faculties and made him go "oooh Namjoonie-hyung, fuck me please." Which was also fine. Jungkook very much enjoyed having the lights fucked out of him by Namjoon. If he had to rate it out of ten, he'd give it a score so high that on the graph, it would shoot out of the excel sheet and into the goddamn stratosphere, which was not technically possible, but honestly, with the power of Namjoon's dick in his ass, Jungkook felt like he could bloody well accomplish the impossible.


But Jungkook also felt that it was only right, only fair, only reasonable that Namjoon got the experience of having the lights fucked out of him too. Jungkook was a giver, after all. There was a reason his jaw game was so strong.


So Jungkook suffered. Imagine trying to ask your boyfriend, after he got home from spending effectively like 20 hours in the studio consecutively and having only eating like a singular roll of kimbap that Hoseok scavenged from the staff fridge, if you could stick your gigantic, enormous (yes, Jungkook would use those words exactly) cock in his ass. Just imagine.


Jungkook didn't want to find out if the done look he predicted Namjoon would give him would become reality.


And usually Jungkook didn't have the time or the energy to think about it (a lie, but one that would suffice). Except for certain occasions. Except for when Namjoon's Namjoon-ness got exceptionally unbearable. Except for when he really, really couldn't handle the want anymore.


June had been an incredibly forgiving month thus far. Jungkook had spent most of his time working, so his horny didn't really get a chance to run wild the way it usually did. Namjoon had too, so it wasn't like his boyfriend was sitting on the side of practice being a sexy little distraction in his reading glasses and dad-sweats and tempting him all the time.


There was one time, though, that really stood out to him as a battle of wills that June– when they were performing Fake Love for Inkigayo. Jungkook's brain was like, normal horny for Namjoon on stage, but then Namjoon, god help him, decided the best course of action was to accidentally rip Jungkook's shirt on stage during Yoongi's verse.


Jungkook thought he was going to lose it right there on stage.


And then, backstage, when Namjoon rushed up to him all wide-eyed and blustering, stuttering an apology cutely over the delighted cackles and teasing from the other members Jungkook's brain did a U-turn on the horny highway. It went from "dear god, it would be nice to be absolutely rawed after Namjoon rips my shirt off. and also my pants. and maybe my arm" to "if the last thing I saw was Namjoon begging for my cock like he does for forgiveness, I may not even need his ring on my finger to die a happy man".


And it hadn't fucking stopped since.


Jungkook wasn't as into Dom/Sub stuff as much as Taehyung and Jimin were. Half the time, it didn't even matter to him who was in the driver's seat as long as they both got to come. But every once in a while...


Look, Namjoon was just so articulate. And clever, and smart, and in control of his faculties and in charge of things. Could you really blame Jungkook for wanting to see how the man would look when he wasn't? It was food for thought. It really was.


Unfortunately for Jungkook, his brain had the terrible inability to shut the fuck up and that meant that it had declared chowing season on the apparent open buffet of horny for Namjoon fucked dumb.


Jungkook was a strong man, and he considered himself pretty good at self-control all things considered (read: being allowed to have Namjoon's dick in his mouth), but for each and every broken camel's back, there was a straw that broke it. And the straw that broke Jungkook's metaphorical camel who did not exist because Jungkook didn't believe in harm coming to any animals, was, well. Ddaeng.


BTS weren't the kinds of men to keep secrets from each other, and Namjoon and Jungkook weren't the type of boyfriends to do so either, but Namjoon did like his secret music projects, especially when it was a "big surprise" such as what he and Hoseok and Yoongi had made for Festa and it was supposed to be revealed all grande like. And Jungkook liked to see Namjoon happy, so Jungkook didn't pry. But goddamn he was curious. Especially when Taehyung bragged about how awesome it was, because he'd snuck into Genius Lab one night and 'hacked' into Yoongi's computer (guessed the password while Yoongi was peeing) and managed to listen to the whole thing before Yoongi came barrelling in and started frowning at him severely.


Jungkook was... curious.


So when they finally got to hear the song at rehearsal, about a day or two before it was released to the world, Jungkook felt that it was only right to sit down for his hyungs' performance, in a chair, in the corner of the practice room to watch. Hear the song for the first time, get the full experience, you know–the works. He always loved Namjoon's music, had been his leader's biggest fanboy since debut, and it felt like a privilege to get to hear a rapline song like this, as if he were a fan.


Jungkook was not prepared in the slightest. Namjoon was wearing a white t-shirt and black trousers and a hat and it should not have been sexy, but fuck. Fuck. Just– the way the shirt draped over his shoulders as he strode through the room, the way Jungkook knew a pert little ass rested underneath those baggy pants. It was torture. Complete, utter torture.


As soon as the beat started, Jungkook knew he was going to love it– the meld of Korean instrumentals with a trap beat called to his soul. And then Namjoon rapped. Only a few lines, but Jungkook found himself blinking his way through Hoseok and Yoongi's verses as if he was in a daze. The song was just so good. But Jungkook should have known that a couple of lines in the intro wouldn't be all Namjoon had to offer by way of verse in the song. He really should have.


Jungkook had a bad habit of lulling himself into a false sense of security. Bobbing his head along to what Yoongi was currently saying, his body started moving almost naturally, desperate to dance to the beat. And then Namjoon's verse began.


Jungkook froze.


That voice. That voice, soft and gentle, a stark contrast to the way the beat had been pulsating only moments before and the words that were making their way out of Namjoon's mouth–sharp, pointed. Piercing. Jungkook felt his breath hitch and his muscles tense. his gaze fixed itself on Namjoon, a laser focus as the other man made his way through the words. Jungkook gulped.


Jungkook's hands clenched. No fucking way. Namjoon was– Namjoon was stuttering. Mocking other rappers who stumbled over their words, a stark contrast to Namjoon's own eloquence, the way he weaved his way through the syllables as if they were mere formalities. But he was stuttering.


Jungkook swore he was paring attention to the words but–


The thing was, Jungkook was just horny. Jungkook was horny and he wanted to fuck Namjoon and Namjoon was stuttering and while normally those three things could be dealt with separately and filed away for later, Jungkook had been thinking lately. Since the Fake Love shirt incident. Since Namjoon stuttered through an apology backstage. Since his mind brought up the interesting idea of, well, Namjoon losing control with him. Because of him.


Jesus bloody fuck.


Jungkook could just imagine. Imagine fucking Namjoon. Imagine pounding into him so hard he was babbling, incoherent. Fucked dumb. Jesus bloody fuck, Jungkook wanted that.


He didn't notice he'd stopped breathing until the tightness in his chest began screaming at him. Jungkook shuddered in a breath, watching Namjoon perform the closing lines, the other members closing in around him. Jungkook's hands were still clenched at his sides. Namjoon was just so.


"Again!" Taehyung shouted, "God, that was amazing!"


Again? Jungkook was going to have to watch that again? Coudn't he just... Leave? Jerk one off in the bathroom real quick? Douse himself in some water? Something? Before he could even move, the song started up again, Namjoon uttering his opening lines, and even though Jungkook knew what to expect this time, he still sat stock still in his seat, holding his breath, like watching a car crash, knowing what damage it would cause to him and still staring. Watching. Listening. Torturing himself.


Beautiful, beautiful torture.




Jungkook couldn't look Namjoon in the eyes after that. The practice had ended and Jungkook all but hightailed it out of the practice room, not even uttering a goodbye greater than a hasty bow and a thank you to their staff before jetting out of the door like he had somewhere to be. He did. Jungkook needed a breather and he needed one quickly because if he was going to have to be in the same room as Namjoon for one more second after his brain had taken a U-turn down horny highway, he would likely explode.


Shutting himself in one of the bathrooms that lined the corridors of the BigHit building, Jungkook took a long, deep breath. He turned towards the sink and opened the tap, splashing some water on his face. Looking at himself in the mirror, he blinked–he looked flushed. Half broken. Jungkook didn't even know how that was possible, considering he had been only imagining things and there was no way his imagination could wreck him like this, overactive as it was.


He couldn't go out there like this, and from the looks of it, his cock wasn't going to calm down until he did something about it.


Fuck it. Jungkook palmed himself over the top of his trousers, a shuddering sigh escaping from his lips as he rubbed himself. He eyed the door. It was locked, thank god, because Jungkook was not going to come in his pants in the bathroom like a teenager.


He pulled his waistband down, so he was bare from his thighs up. He was going to come in the bathroom, sure, but those pants were expensive and Jungkook had no desire to go back out there with jizzy trousers. At the very least it was uncomfortable.


Jungkook leaned against the sink and closed his eyes, heart rate picking up as he gripped his dick, tugging lightly. It was already hard, and – Jungkook hissed at the rough slide – it really wouldn't take much. Jungkook imagined, biting his lips, how Namjoon would fall apart under him.


Jungkook was well familiar with the other man's gasps, his cries, his moans. He was well familiar with Namjoon's voice, the gentle cadence of words whispered into his ears. He wanted to be familiar with his stuttering like that, with the knowledge of Namjoon's lack of coherence, with the knowledge that that lack of coherence was due to him.


Sometimes Jungkook liked to feel powerful.


His Hyung, like that, under him, babbling– Jungkook wanted it. He needed it. He wondered how the hell he'd bring it up, but the mere image was so good, so potent, that he came into his own hand after only a few tugs, a small whimper shuddering out of him.


God. Namjoon would probably whimper wouldn't he?


Jungkook forced his eyes open, because there was no way he was getting hard again. The orgasm was fine, enough that he could probably go back out there and ride back to the dorm in the same car as Namjoon and not spontaneously combust when Namjoon asked him what was going on.


Washing his hands, Jungkook drafted his proposal– "Hey, Namjoon-hyung, so I know we both have negative zero time, but could you carve out like max three hours so I can fuck you dumb? I have Thursday free, does that work for you?". He shut the tap off. Yeah, there was no way that was going to fly.


Although... Namjoon was pretty into the whole open and clear communication thing. Maybe if Jungkook just...


"Jungkook-ah," a small, hesitant voice asked, knocking on the door, "Jungkook-ah, are you okay? You sound like you're in pain."


Oh fuck. Namjoon. Namjoon had heard him coming in the bathroom, and thought he was in pain? Jungkook didn't want to lie, but he also didn't want his boyfriend to think he was some crazy, horny monster who couldn't go a couple of hours without touching his dick. He didn't want Namjoon to think he was some sort of teenager unable to control himself. That was... The opposite of what Jungkook wanted. It was difficult enough, already, to get Namjoon to stop letting guilt over dating Jungkook consume him because they'd met when Jungkook was a child, even though Jungkook had told him repeatedly that the only way it'd be weird was if Namjoon thought he was sexy or had feelings for him when he was a child, to which Namjoon had replied, horrified, that he would never, and that Jungkook had only become something more to him around the younger's nineteenth birthday. And that was, of course where Namjoon's agonising began.


Before Namjoon could get to talking about how long and hard he pined for Jungkook, however, Jungkook would often interrupt him with a pointed look that said you want to talk about pining? And began talking about how he'd been in love with Namjoon since he was fifteen after which Namjoon would begin squirming and covering his face and whining you're not helping and Jungkook would giggle and tackle him.


Which was cute, and all, but Jungkook ideally wanted Namjoon to want to be fucked by him, and not just. Tickled, you know?


Taking a few deep breaths as he slipped his trousers back up, Jungkook steadied himself. He could do this. He could so do this. He could walk out there and look Namjoon in the eye and not make a fool out of himself and not give away that he'd just been masturbating in a public bathroom to the thought of Namjoon losing complete coherence in his speech because of Jungkook's uber awesome dick game.


Jesus. Jungkook needed a glass of water.


Breathing in deeply, Jungkook decided to just do it. He could open the door and talk to Namjoon. It would be like ripping off a plaster, he would be fine.


He opened the door.


Oh fuck, Jungkook was not fine.


Namjoon was standing there, puppy-dog eyes and pout in full force as he waited for Jungkook to come out. "Kook-ah!" he exclaimed, "God, you're fine?"


Jungkook was going to lie to his boyfriend, he was not fine.


"I am," he choked out, and Namjoon smiled, stepping aside to let Jungkook move out of the bathroom doorway, shutting the door behind him. "Just. You know. Needed the bathroom."


"You just jetted off like that, I thought there was something wrong," Namjoon slung his arm over Jungkook's shoulders and Jungkook forced himself to relax and not tense at the contact like he had an issue, "And then when I heard those noises... I was worried."


Jungkook sighed, internally because he didn't want to worry Namjoon further, and mentally smacked himself for being so desperate that he had to do that in. A public bathroom.


"Ah, Hyung, I was..." he searched for words. "Constipated?"


"... What?"


Namjoon had slowed down now and was looking at Jungkook confused. "I was constipated?"


"So you were..."


"Attempting to take a shit, yes," Jungkook was nodding and god, why was he nodding, why was he like this, why did he tell Namjoon he was constipated when he'd literally pooped! That morning! And he was pretty sure Namjoon knew, as disgusting as that sounded. "It didn't go well."


"Aw, I'm sorry, Kook-ah," Namjoon ruffled his hair. Jesus, Jungkook really didn't deserve Namjoon, the poor man looked so confused and so concerned over Jungkook's lie. "We'll get you some barley tea when we get home, okay? Hopefully it'll pass soon."


Jungkook honked out a laugh. "Yeah. Hopefully, ha."


Jungkook was going to hell.




Turned out that Ddaeng was not just sexy because it was the first time Jungkook had heard it. Backstage at the prom party's dress rehearsals, Jungkook was suffering. Greatly. He felt like his body was going to explode out of its skin with how warm it had somehow gotten, with how much he felt like he was boiling in his onesie and suit get up for his Black and White performance with Jimin.


It was just– the outfits. The fucking outfits. Why did Namjoon have to look so sexy in his robe and sunglasses like that, why did he have to look like that and sound like that and play with Jungkook's hormones? It wasn't fair.


Jungkook literally couldn't stop staring at Namjoon.


He tried, he really did, to talk to Namjoon about, well, fucking him, but the truth was that they simply didn't have the time. The prom party was tomorrow, and they'd been running around non-stop preparing for the performances and arranging their tour and there simply hadn't been time to have honest and intimate conversations and if Jungkook was being very honest his dick was starting to hurt (not in a good way) with how much he'd been masturbating in the shower.


There wasn't much he could do now was there? Nothing he could do except suffer.


By the time the prom party rehearsal was over, Jungkook was ready to climb out of his skin. His leg bounced up and down in the car on the way home, and he could feel the way Namjoon watched him, concern in his eyes, the entire journey there.


"Jungkook-ah, can we talk?" Namjoon asked later that evening, after they'd both showered. Jungkook had tried his very best to get all his frustrations out in the shower, but dinner had presented a new challenge in the form of Namjoon smiling around mouthfuls of food, cheeks full and flushed. Was Jungkook going to jail for horny crimes? Maybe so.


Jungkook tittered. "Uh, sure, Hyung."


He followed Namjoon to the older man's room, silently slipping through the door Namjoon held open and seating himself on the bed. Namjoon sat in the desk chair across from him.


"Jungkook, what's been going on?"


Okay, so maybe Jungkook wasn't as slick as he thought.




Namjoon levelled a look at Jungkook that amounted to don't even try it, I can smell your bullshit from a kilometre away and Jungkook respected that. He really did. He sighed.


"Fine, god. So, I uh," he paused, not quite being able to find the words.


"Is it Hyung?" Namjoon pressed, leaning forwards, elbows on knees, "Did I do something to make you uncomfortable?"


"No," Jungkook rushed out, "God, no, this is not a you problem, Namjoon-hyung. It's a me problem. This is my problem."


"But there is a problem?"


Well. Jungkook had been rehearsing how to go about this for days, but now that he was in the position where he had to spit it out, speak, he had nothing to say. Words completely and utterly failed him.


"It's... Embarrassing."


Namjoon frowned and got up, repositioning himself after a few steps on the spot next to Jungkook on the bed. "Jungkook, I know we haven't been dating for the longest time, but aside from being my boyfriend, you're one of my best friends. You can tell me if you want to. I just want to help."


Namjoon really did have the best of intentions, dear god. He was all kind and eager to help with Jungkook's problem, and Jungkook's problem was that Jungkook wanted to rail him into tomorrow. Jungkook was 100% a bad person, dear god.


Jungkook sighed. He wished wished wished he could avoid this conversation for even a moment longer because it was absolutely not a vibe.


"So. You know how we've been... busy."


Namjoon nodded. Jungkook took that as a sign to continue, and sunk his fingernails into his palms a she worked his way through the words. "And you know how a lot of our sexual activity has been like... Paused? Like we haven't really done anything recently, and like!" Jungkook put his hands up, before Namjoon could protest. "That's fine! That's totally cool, I know our relationship isn't defined by how many times we bang, but I just. I miss you? I miss sex? Does that make sense?"


Namjoon's expression softened into a gentle smile and his eyes were kind. "Jungkook-ah, that is a totally normal and reasonable reaction."


His arm made its way around Jungkook's shoulder and Jungkook relaxed into the warm, comforting smell of Namjoon enveloping him. "I miss you too, baby," Namjoon kissed the side of his head, "So, so much."


And oh. God. Yeah, Jungkook going to jail for horny crimes was totally a massive possibility. When Namjoon started in on the babys, Jungkook was a goner.


Jungkook hummed and turned his face into Namjoon's neck, breathing in and pressing his lips into the soft skin there. He felt Namjoon's breath hitch at his small kisses, and oh. God okay. That was... Jungkook was not planning to be horny but goddamn.


"Was that all, Jungkook-ah?" Namjoon's voice was high and airy, "Were you just missing Hyung?"


Jungkook stilled. He could say yes, and they would probably make out, and hell, he may even have gotten the opportunity to get lucky. But. Jungkook wanted to fuck Namjoon. He really wanted to fuck Namjoon. He knew that he would have to address it at some point, because Namjoon was Namjoon and things couldn't go unsaid for long, not when he had a boyfriend as hell-bent on clear and honest communication as Namjoon.


"Not... Entirely." Jungkook pulled away from Namjoon's neck and almost frowned at the loss of contact, looking up at the other man bashfully.


Namjoon widened his eyes in question and peered down at him. "Alright then, what's up."


"So. You know how I said I've been missing like... the physical aspect of our relationship, right?" Namjoon nodded. "Well, the thing is, recently, I've kind of wanted to... change things up a bit?"


Namjoon blinked. "What do you mean?"


Ugh. Jungkook hated having to explain things like this, it was so annoying. "So when we have sex, right? It's always you fucking me, and don't get me wrong," Jungkook stated, before Namjoon could get any ideas. "I love being fucked! Like, 10/10 would spend my entire life getting fucked by you and would be the happiest man on earth.  Like your dick is basically magic, Namjoon-hyung, wow."


Namjoon's cheeks were red and his face was scrunched up in an adorable picture of mortification. "But?"


"But," Jungkook continued, fiddling with his hands, "I kind of maybe want to fuckyouyouknowifyou'reokaywiththat?"




Jungkook sighed and repeated. "I kind of maybe want to fuck you, you know, if you're into that."


This was so humiliating. Jungkook was making an absolute fool of himself, he hated it here, he really did. Namjoon blinked at him, cheeks red, almost shocked. "What brought this on?"


What was Jungkook supposed to say? "Honestly? Your verse in Ddaeng is really hot, Hyung. Like. Really hot."


As impossible as it seemed, Namjoon coloured even further, Jungkook watching as heat filled his cheeks. "Oh?"


"Yeah, Hyung, uh. The stuttering. The attitude. Just, everything really, but especially the stuttering, like. did you have to be that sexy? Did you have to sound that sexy? Was it really necessary?"


Namjoon giggled at Jungkook's words, hand touching lightly at his arm and Jungkook knew that action. God. God, maybe he was getting lucky tonight if Namjoon was using his flirty hand moves on him.A thrill of delight shot through Jungkook's body.


"I mean," Namjoon snickered, "I didn't intend to sound sexy, but I'm glad you liked it?"


'Liked it' was an understatement, a huge one if Jungkook had anything to say about it. Jungkook was haunted by it. It followed him around every day on his shoulder whispering into his ears, plaguing his brain absolutely non-stop. Jungkook said as much to Namjoon, who turned an even more impossible shade of red and made Jungkook grin.


He was so cute. God.


"I mean, how can I turn down a proposal like that? Getting dicked down by the Jeon Jungkook?" Namjoon said, and Jungkook groaned, covering his eyes in embarrassment.


"Why would you say it like that?" Jungkook whined, "When you say it like that, it sounds so... So unsexy."


"Jungkook," Namjoon deadpanned. "Look at me."


Jungkook did not want to look at Namjoon. Jungkook wanted to bury himself in a hole and hide and pretend like the entire conversation had never happened and like he'd never heard Ddaeng a single day in his life.


But that would make Namjoon sad. Jungkook didn't want Namjoon to be sad.


Sighing, Jungkook removed his hands from his eyes and looked, a little sour, up at his boyfriend. "Yes?"


Namjoon always looked at him so kindly, so lovingly. Always so quick to understand, always so willing to listen. It was one of the many things that made Jungkook feel so safe with his boyfriend, so comfortable speaking to him, even if Jungkook did sometimes feel like he was going to evaporate from mortification sometimes.


Now, however, Namjoon was looking at Jungkook with something a little warmer, something like a simmering pot, something unmistakable and yet wholly unknown.


"Jungkook-ah," Namjoon's voice was low, "I didn't say no."


Jungkook blinked. Namjoon's cheeks were still that lovely shade of red and his lips were slightly parted, an expression a little awkward but a little not on his face.


"In fact," Namjoon continued, face getting steadily redder (and whew did that do something to Jungkook's brain, because Namjoon flushed red so prettily, so absolutely beautifully like a little rose, that Jungkook wondered if that flush was solely reserved for the older's face or if maybe...). "Before you so rudely interrupted me, I was about to enthusiastically consent!"


Namjoon finished off his little announcement with a flourish, folding his arms and pursing his lips and Jungkook felt himself holding his breath so as not to, Jungkook didn't know, do something stupid as he was pretty much always prone to doing. 


"I feel like I need to apologise for jumping to conclusions," Jungkook began, keeping his words even, "But just to like, be 100% sure–you do want me to fuck you? Is that what you're saying?"


"Yes, Jungkook," Namjoon sighed, "I want you to fuck me. Please."


Well. Jungkook was a very lucky man, wasn't he. His super hot boyfriend was 100% down to get the D, his super hot boyfriend who also had an absolutely spectacular ass and a habit of wearing Versace thongs. God. Jungkook almost forgot about those. He wondered...




Jungkook had zoned out again, because of course he had, staring at Namjoon's neck like a bloody fool, and he quickly snapped his gaze up to the older's eyes. "Hi, Hyung."


"Hi, Kook-ah," Namjoon gave him a small smile. "So like... Do you want to make out or?"


What an absolute pointless question.


"I can't believe you even have to ask," Jungkook scooted towards the other man on the bed, crowding into his space a little. Namjoon leaned into the gentle contact between their thighs, his body gravitating towards Jungkook's with a sigh.


Jungkook watched as Namjoon's eyes fluttered closed as he leaned in, his breath fanning over Jungkook's face for a second before Jungkook brought his mouth to his. Namjoon's lips were always soft–so soft, moving against Jungkook's in little motions that hinted at want and love. Would it always feel like this? Would Jungkook wake up and one day not find Namjoon's lips as soft, his body as warm, his arms as welcoming? He hoped not. He hoped this thing with him and Namjoon could be a forever kind of deal, even though it scared him to say so.


Bringing his hand to cup Namjoon's cheek, Jungkook languidly slipped his tongue between Namjoon's mouth, drinking in the other man's little gasp ,pressing himself in closer. He could hear the slick sounds of their mouths working together, and felt his own heart beat in his ears. There was a distinct pressure in his head, behind his eyes, a need for more that refused to go away and Jungkook leaned into it, leaned into Namjoon.


Namjoon's hands slipped around Jungkook's waist, gripping at his t-shirt and Jungkook grinned at how desperate the gesture made Namjoon seem. Opening his eyes, Jungkook took a long look at his boyfriend–they'd only been kissing for maybe a few minutes, but Namjoon was already flushed, pink, lips swollen and shiny. His eyes were still closed, his chest moving up and down with his deep inhales and exhales, trying to catch his breath. Namjoon's grip was still firm on his shirt, and Jungkook found himself beset with the need to know what was going on in Namjoon's head.


Pecking his lips lightly, Jungkook whispered. "Hyung, are you fine?"


Jungkook's eyes followed Namjoon's throat as the other man gulped, eyes still closed. "All good, Kook-ah."


"Hyung, your eyes are closed."


"Yup." Namjoon nodded, cheeks reddening with each word. "That they are."


"Am I that ugly or...?"


Namjoon made a face at Jungkook and he could imagine the done look in Namjoon's eyes if the man's eyelids hadn't been in the way. "Very much the opposite, actually, just. Need to catch my breath, you know? Wouldn't want to get too carried away."


Moving close to Namjoon again, Jungkook pawed at Namjoon's sides, fingers finding purchase around his boyfriend's waist. "And if I want you to get carried away?" Jungkook whispered. kissing at Namjoon's mouth, "What then, hm?"


Namjoon groaned, a breath shuddering through his nose. His tongue darted out to lick at his lips, and Jungkook fought the urge to suck on it.


"God, Jungkook," Namjoon whispered, "Please can you just."


Jungkook was having an absolutely marvellous time. Namjoon was in his arms, and asking him for something, and Jungkook felt so absolutely giddy at the prospect of having the other man all pliant, all docile, absolute putty in his arms. Jungkook felt like he was on top of the world.


"Please can I...?"


A little grunt of frustration. Jungkook's brain was doing cartwheels. Namjoon was so close to losing it and Jungkook had't even done anything yet.


"Please can I what, Hyungie," Jungkook whispered darkly against Namjoon's lips. "What do you want from me?"


"When I asked you out, I didn't know you'd be this much of a tease," Namjoon's voice was small, "Do you find joy in my pain? Do you?"


Namjoon was just being dramatic, Jungkook knew, but he hummed a little. "Honestly? Kind of?"


Namjoon's eyes shot open, wide, and Jungkook was floored at the heavy look in his eyes, warm, simmering. "Are you insane? You can't just say things like that and expect me to be okay, Jesus, Kook!"


Jungkook chuckled. "Was I supposed to lie?"


"Do you want me to pass out?"


"You're the one who's all gung-ho about open and honest communication, Namjoon-hyung. Need I remind you of that time you edged me until I literally had to form the words 'please, Namjoon-hyung, let me come' or?"


Namjoon groaned again, nose scrunching up as he leaned his head back. "I knew that would come back to bite me in the ass, I knew it."


"I can bite you in the ass–"


"I am leaving," Namjoon declared, trying to extract himself from Jungkook's grip, "That was awful I can't believe I was about to let you put your dick in my ass, god."


Jungkook whined, his grip holding fast. "Nooo, Hyung, I was joking."


Namjoon always looked so cute when he pouted, lips all puffy and cheeks all round. Jungkook wanted to plant the biggest kisses on those cheeks. Since Namjoon was still in kissing distance, Jungkook did.


"What are you doing," a giggle, "Jungkook-ah."


"Don't be mad at me, Hyungie, I was only playing," Jungkook pushed his nose against Namjoon's neck, resting his lips on the long column of skin. He heard Namjoon sigh, and felt the man's body relax in his hold.


Jungkook continued laying soft kisses along the side of Namjoon's neck, dragging it out a little longer. He felt the vibrations of Namjoon's hum against his lips, his tongue darting out to elicit a low noise from Namjoon's throat.


"Hm, it's okay," Namjoon leaned his head to the side, allowing Jungkook better access, "Like being played with anyway."


Jungkook's brain stuttered to a pause. His breath stopped in his throat, and his movements froze as his neurons rushed to process the words that had just come out of Namjoon's mouth. Jungkook gulped.


"I'm sorry?"


He detached himself from Namjoon's neck and blinked. Namjoon had a lazy, dazed look in his eyes and smiled down at Jungkook, a little smug. "You heard me."


Jungkook blinked again. He supposed he'd never get used to how easily Namjoon managed to turn situations on their heads, how quickly he went from begging to teasing and back again like flipping a switch. Not that Jungkook minded, of course–it kept him on his toes, even though it did send his brain into overdrive trying to go from one direction to another within seconds. Cons of dating a genius, but what could Jungkook do– not date Namjoon? Absolutely preposterous.


Also, Jungkook liked a little bit of a challenge. The satisfaction of seeing Namjoon give in again? Would probably be something akin to rocket fuel to Jungkook, sending him careening off to Pluto without even needing to stock up on oxygen.


"Oh, Hyung, I'm well aware you like being played with," Jungkook slipped his hand under Namjoon's shirt as he dove for the other man's mouth again, causing him to lean backwards onto his elbows. By this rate, Jungkook would be on top of Namjoon in (yes, he did mentally calculate based on the rate of god-knows-what) around fifty seconds give or take. "And I very much enjoy using you."


Namjoon inhaled sharply, mouth parting at the sight of Jungkook's body crowding over him. "You gonna use me, Kook-ah?"


Jungkook must have done something absolutely amazing in his past life, like rescuing penguins or something, because that was evidently the only logical explanation for how absolutely undoubtedly lucky he was that the single hottest man in the universe (fuck Seokjin and his tens-nines logic) was effectively asking him to use him.


Manoeuvring over Namjoon so that his legs are on either side of the other man, Jungkook nipped at his lips. "Always, sweetheart. Always."


At the pet name, Namjoon-s eyes closed shut, a huff escaping his lips. "Jungkook, you know what that word does to me."


"But you are my sweetheart," Jungkook muttered against Namjoon's lips, sucking gently on the soft flesh, lapping at every little breath that made its way out of Namjoon's mouth. "My sweet hyung, sweet for me."


Namjoon's fingers raked up Jungkook's sides, sending a little shiver through his body as he pressed himself deeper into Namjoon's mouth, tongue eager and heart racing, Namjoon moaning a little with each lap.


Settling down on Namjoon's hips, Jungkook hissed at the feeling of his cock, hard, pressing up against his jeans, creating a delicious pressure in Jungkook's own, his breath rushing out of him as he parted from Namjoon with a slick sound.


"Jungkook-ah, can you–"


The door clicking open. A shriek. Jungkook startled, hard enough that he toppled off of Namjoon and onto the floor beside the bed, as taehyung shouted. "My eyes, my poor virgin eyes."


Jungkook scowled as he lifted himself off of the floor. "Hyung, what the fuck?"


"What the fuck me, what the fuck you, Jeon Jungkook, defiling my poor Namjoonie-hyung while the rest of us are outside minding our own business." Taehyung's hands were covering his eyes as he bellowed. "The indecency, think about the children!"


"Hyung, Yeontan is a dog and he doesn't even live with us."


"I was talking about Seokjin-hyung," Taehyung continued.


"Taehyungie, was there a reason you came in here or?" Namjoon's voice sounded from above Jungkook and he could see his boyfriend sitting up, a little rumpled, on the bed. His cheeks were flushed and his lips were practically almost bursting, that's how ripe they looked, and Jungkook simply wanted to–


"Yes," Taehyung hissed, fixing Jungkook with a glare. "Hyowon-hyung wants us to come into the studio for something, needs us to redo gang vocals or something real quick. Also Bang PD wants to talk about the  tour."


Now? Did they really have to do all of those things now? It was like the entire bloody universe was conspiring against Jungkook's efforts to fuck his boyfriend, and Jungkook was not impressed. He took back what he said about doing something good in a past life, clearly he had been the one building beach houses and kicking the penguins out of their natural habitat instead of saving them, because damn was his luck shit. He didn't even get to cop a proper feel!


"Is it really important, Taehyung-ah?"


"I mean considering Seokjin-hyung asked me to drag you guys out into the car by your ears, yes it's important."


Jungkook heard Namjoon sigh, and the tell-tale sounds of the other man slipping his legs over the side of the bed. God. if Namjoon was giving in, then Jungkook guessed he had no choice but to go.


"Tell Hyung we'll be out in five," Namjoon sounded defeated. "And close the door behind you."


Jungkook watched as Taehyung smiled at his boyfriend, bowing a little as he swept the door closed wordlessly. Jungkook blinked even harder at the now-shut door. He couldn't believe that had happened.


"I'm going to fucking kill Taehyung," Jungkook pouted. "And Bang PD and Hyowon-hyung."


"You are not going to kill anyone, Jungkook-ah," Namjoon said softly, extending a hand for Jungkook to pull himself up with, "Even though it's frustrating, violence is never the answer."


"Yes, but sometimes it does feel nice," he retorted, pressing his face into Namjoon's chest. God he could have had his mouth all over those by now, and instead Jungkook was staring sadly at Namjoon's t-shirt encapsulating his frankly magnificent tits, mournful at the fact that instead of banging, they had to go out there and deal with work stuff. Life was so cruel.


Namjoon simply sighed and kissed Jungkook's cheek once, gesturing at the door before making his way towards it, Jungkook following sullenly after him.


It was going to be a long few hours.




"Jungkook-ah, close your mouth," Hoseok tutted from beside him.


They were backstage at the prom party and Jungkook was watching Namjoon get dressed in his Ddaeng outfit, a little slack-jawed even though he'd seen this look at the rehearsal before. Namjoon laughed easily with the makeup noonas, and Jungkook eyed his dimples with envy as he imagined kissing them. They didn't have time for that, not now, not with all their ARMYs out there waiting for them, but it was nice to imagine.


"I'll close my mouth when Namjoon-hyung stops looking like that." Jungkook sighed.


He knew they didn't even have time for him to be mooning over Namjoon like this, a fact he was swiftly reminded of as a member of staff made her way towards him armed with a makeup brush and some eyeliner, and jungkook sighed, letting the woman handle his face as Hoseok drifted off in another direction, probably seeking out Jimin to go over some things with.


"You're gonna get lockjaw," Jimin chimed in his ear and Jungkook glared at him.


"Don't you have something to do, Hyung?"


Jimin giggled ad Jungkook narrowed his eyes at his friend, who was enjoying his current suffering far too much for Jungkook's taste. He sometimes wondered if Jimin was a sadist, and then chided himself for wondering because duh the man literally had a closet dedicated solely to whips and 'dick stompers' as he fondly called the heels he'd never dared to wear out of their dorm and Jungkook could have sworn that he saw welts on Taehyung's back one morning when the other man was coming out of the shower.


"Ah, I would put the entire world on hold to watch you in horny hell, Jungkook-ah, you know that," Jimin slid his arm around Jungkook's shoulders easily and tapped the side of his cheek. "Been doing it for years now, I'm an absolute pro."


"Can you not find joy in my suffering for once," Jungkook bit out, eyes still following Namjoon and the easy way he grinned at the makeup ladies, at how ready he was to do as they asked him, lift his arms, close his eyes, anything. Was Jungkook jealous? Ha! Jungkook had never been jealous a day in his life.


"I'll do that when you stop boring holes into staff that talk to Namjoonie-hyung with your eyes, kid, you're not slick."


Jungkook frowned. He wasn't doing that. He was just... Watching. Yeah, that was the word. And could Jimin really blame him? Hell, Jimin was guilty of far more than simply staring intently with Taehyung, which Jungkook found fitting to remind him of, and to which Jimin responded with a sharp swat on his backside.


"Anyway, we're on in five," Jimin sing-songed, patting Jungkook's back. "See you on stage, Kook-ah!"


Eurgh. Jungkook loved being an idol, he really did. He loved the fact that he got to do what he loved as a career, loved music, loved performing, loved their fans. But times like this, even with warmth blooming in his heart at the sounds of the audience's muted cheers, Jungkook found himself feeling down just at the... Thought of all the things fame had kind of postponed in his life. He loved it. But it was just– would he and Namjoon-hyung have time to be together in another life, in another universe, where they weren't in a world famous music group, if their lives weren't filled to the brim with packed schedules? In another universe, would Jungkook have to wait this long to get his dick in Namjoon's ass?


He frowned, picked at the edge of his shirt a bit. Probably. It wasn't as if Jungkook was the fastest mover in the world, and in part it was the entire Bangtan thing that prompted him to finally confess to his hyung. Would Jungkook in another universe have the balls? He didn't think so, if anyone was the ballsiest Jungkook it was him.


A staff member gestured at the stage, indicating that Rapline were up. Jungkook sniffed eagerly as Namjoon made his way to the stage, winking as he passed by Jungkook. Lord, why did the man have to look like that. It was worse than the Cypher Pt. 4 coats for the Wings Tour. Namjoon looked so. So. Gah, Jungkook's brain was absolute soup.


He shuffled to the edge of the stage, hidden by the curtains, and couldn't help himself from staring once more as Ddaeng began. He thought he was doing fine, head bobbing along to the music, fond smile plastered on his face like the whipped fool he was, when the beat neared Namjoon's part of the song. His boyfriend on stage whipped out a fan and began rapping and Jungkook's soul escaped from his body and no, he was not exaggerating.


Namjoon on stage was electric.


Jungkook's breath hitched as the other man began his verse, words ricochetting forcefully out of his mouth, blending seamlessly with the beat. And then the stuttering began. Namjoon opened his mouth and started  stuttering and so did Jungkook's brain. There was something so different about this song performed in front of an audience–the energy Namjoon was giving off was maddening, Jungkook felt like his lungs no longer existed. Was he breathing? He didn't think so, but it was fine because honestly all he really needed in life was to hear Namjoon rap and he was pretty sure he'd be good to go for about 100 years.


Jungkook shifted uncomfortably, painfully aware of the want blooming in his lower belly, his trousers feeling a little tight. God, this was a bad idea, he couldn't go out there with a boner in a onesie, they'd think he was insane! But god, it wasn't as if he could help it, jesus, anyone with eyes would feel the way he felt when he looked at Namjoon, it was science.


Namjoon brushed his hair out of his face a little and Jungkook goggled at the sweat beading on his forehead. He wondered if they could use sweat as lube... Probably not, would probably hurt like hell, but Jungkook was around 80% sure that he could handle the pain if it meant getting fucked by Namjoon's sweat? It was just the perfect combination of gross and sexy, and–


And there he went again. Jungkook absolutely destested his lizard brain, stupid thing, one minute he was thinking about railing Namjoon and the next his brain was screaming oooh, Namjoonie-hyung, fuck me please like goddamn, could Jungkook have one thing without his asshole ruining everything?


Stupid asshole. Always sabotaging his plans.


As the song winded down, Jungkook found himself breathing heavily, as if he had been the one performing instead of his boyfriend. Looking around, his eyes narroqwed on a bottle of water and Jungkook gulped it down rapidly as darkness fell on the stage and the staff began indicating for him to get out there with Jimin. It was okay. It was fine. He was fine.


Namjoon passed by him on his way off stage and planted a sweet by sweaty kiss on Jungkook's lips in the process. He winked. Oh fuck, Jungkook was so not fine.





By the time the Prom Party ended, Jungkook was riled up to the point where he could feel himself resembling a caveman with how jittery and monotone he was. He had had enough. He was going to fuck Namjoon, and the rest of the group were going to leave them the hell alone for at least five hours so that he could accomplish his goal and that was that.


"Alright," Jungkook announced to the entire car, all seven of them plus their managers. "I am going to need you all to not need anything from me and Namjoon-hyung for the next twenty-four hours. Can you do that?"


He could see Namjoon peering at him curiously from the corner of his eyes. His boyfriend was wearing those infernal grey sweatpants, fiddling with the phone in his hand, and Jungkook refused to look at him because if he looked at him he would explode. Simply cease to exist. Poof, gone.


Seokjin smirked. "Why's that Kook-ah?"


Narrowing his eyes, Jungkook leaned forwards, elbows on knees, eying his hyung threateningly. "do you really want to know, Seokjin-hyung?" he asked, a twinkle of mischief in his eyes. "Really?"


If Seokjin really wanted to know, Jungkook had no problem with broadcasting what he planned to do to Namjoon to the entire car, the entire world if need be, although he had a sneaking suspicion that Namjoon would object to the latter.


"He does not need to know, thanks," Yoongi slapped a hand over Seokjin's mouth, gently, just enough pressure to cause a grumbling from the older. "And neither do the rest of us. Keep your filthy little trysts with Namjoonie to yourself thanks you very much."


"Hyung's so polite to me," jungkook said, looking pointedly at an annoyed Seokjin, "Unlike some people Yoongi-hyung understands that couples need alone time."


Seokjin raised his hand and wrestled his mouth away from Yoongi's hand. "Yah, brat! Don't forget who raised you! On my back, I fed you and cleaned after you–"


"Seokjin-hyung, I was fourteen when we met. You make it sound like you cleaned my diapers. While I don't dispute the influence you had on me growing up, you weren't that much of my childhood, Hyung."


"Why do you like to hurt me," Seokjin whispered, hand to his heart in mock offence.


A giggle cut through their banter, a sweet sound bubbling up from the man beside Jungkook.


"Don't vex Hyung, Kook-ah," Namjoon rubbed a soothing hand on Jungkook's thigh. Well. He probably thought it was a soothing hand. But there was something keenly not soothing about Namjoon's gigantic palm moving up and down his clothed thigh, perilously close to his dick that he was trying with all his might and willpower to keep in check, because a goddamn boner in the middle of a car with nine other men of which only one was his boyfriend would just be embarrassing. Jungkook's penis had embarrassed him for once day, he thought.


"Aren't you going to tell Hyung to stop vexing me?" Jungkook pouted, keeping a laugh in the back of his throat.


"Jungkook, you started it," Namjoon levelled a playful look at him. His hand was still on Jungkook's thigh. How did Namjoon expect Jungkook to concentrate when his fingers were making little circles on his skin, hmm? Was Namjoon not aware of the effect he had on Jungkook? Was Namjoon not aware of how keenly his touch made Jungkook suffer when Jungkook couldn't even do something about it like fling said thigh over Namjoon's and commence ravishing the other man?




Huffing, Jungkook folded his arms on his chest, determined to look out of the window and think of literally anything else on the car-ride home. Music. He would think about music. Namjoon's moans were kind of like music, the little huffs and sighs and –


Motherfucker. Jungkook's penis was at it again. He looked outside the window. Judging from their surroundings, they were about five minutes from the dorm. Jungkook could survive five minutes. Jungkook could so survive five minutes, because he wasn't going to be a weirdo and think sexy thoughts about his boyfriend in a car with other people when all his boyfriend was trying to do was comfort him!


He felt Namjoon move closed to him, leaning in to whisper something in his ear. His breath was so warm.


"Kook-ah, Hyung's got a surprise for you."


From the tone of Namjoon's voice, there was absolutely no mistaking what the other man meant. Turning his head to give Namjoon a bewildered look, Jungkook's heart stuttered in his chest at the dark look in Namjoon's eyes. Jungkook looked down at Namjoon's hand still on his thigh, literally right there, and looked back up at the man, eyes wide. His breath hitched. Namjoon winked.


Jungkook was definitely not going to survive.



By some miracle of the universe, Jungkook survived the entire journey back to the dorm. It was hard. Literally, and figuratively, it was hard. How the hell was Jungkook meant to get through his life if Namjoon kept teasing him like that? It simply wasn't fair!


He made it though, through gritted teeth and clenched jaw and fingernails digging into the skin of his palm to keep himself grounded, except he had to stop that one because digging his own fingernails into his palm made him think about digging his fingernails into Namjoon's palms which made him think about digging his fingernails into other parts of Namjoon like his waist or his thighs or his pert little ass that the man had been working on so diligently recently.


By the time they got back to the dorm, Jungkook's leg was tapping absolutely incessantly, his inability to sit still combined with the rocket fuel currently filling his veins at the contact from his boyfriend. Jimin and Taehyung kept sending him haughty looks, which made Jungkook even more keyed up because everyone knew, everyone knew what was going through his mind and what was going to happen when he and Namjoon left the car and made their way back into their dorm and into–


Wait. Were they going to bang in Jungkook's room or Namjoon's room? Because Jungkook wasn't sure he'd properly cleaned his room that morning and he also wasn't sure if the cleaning lady had come and oh god he was all stinky and sweaty from the performance. He needed a shower. What, was he just going to tell Namjoon to wait like thirty minutes tops while he cleaned himself and his bedroom? He knew he and Namjoon had spent so much time with each other over the years that they had definitely seen the worst sides of each other, but even the thought of Namjoon thinking he was a slob was mortifying, especially when, next to Hoseok, Jungkook was the dorm's resident neat freak. At the very least, Namjoon would be worried that something was wrong, and that meant that Namjoon would probably want to talk instead of fuck and then Jungkook would have to go god-knows how long without railing Namjoon so hard he lost the capability to form words and while Jungkook wasn't a brat per se, he really wanted that to happen so he really needed to make sure that Namjoon knew that he was 100% in his right mind and consenting to rail him to the moon and back.


"Jungkook-ah," Namjoon's voice sounded in his ear, "We're home, sweetie."


Sweetie. Jungkook was supposed to be the one making Namjoon melt with the pet names, not the other way around, dear god. But he couldn't help the way his body melted at the words, the way a smile tugged at his lips as the car door clicked open for him to get out. Namjoon wrapped his fingers around his hand, finally removing them from Jungkook's thigh, and Jungkook felt like the fresh air gushing into his lungs was more than just the Seoul open-space.


So walking was ha– difficult. Walking with Namjoon's hand on the small of his back was even more difficult. The elevator ride to their floor? Absolutely impossible. Jungkook didn't know what the hell was wrong with him (An incurable case of horny, his insufferable lizard brain provided, much to his exasperation) but he did know that the only way to fix it was by at least doing something remotely sexy with his boyfriend resulting in an orgasm, even if he didn't get Namjoon's ass today. He would like to have it though. Like, if he could choose.


When they finally made it through the doorway of the dorm, a breath huffed out of Jungkook's mouth in relief, his body almost slumping as tension made its way out of his body. Wordlessly, the other members beelined to their own bedrooms, not even bothering to excuse themselves, which Jungkook was grateful for.


He felt Namjoon's body beside him. "So."


The air was somehow thick with something, making it hard to breathe again. That one word from Namjoon's lips made Jungkook aware, so so aware, that the other man was expecting something, and expecting Jungkook to deliver on that something, which he totally completely could, he swore, he was just! Overthinking things? Possibly? Maybe?


"Hyung, I–" Jungkook furrowed his brows, not quite sure what to do now. Everything was falling into place for him to have what he wanted, but he felt so awkward and weird in his own skin.


Namjoon turned to him with kind eyes, a comforting hand making its way to his waist. "Hey, Kook-ah, it's okay. If you don't want to, we don't have to like–"


"No!" Jungkook blurted, "No, I very much want to, I just." He floundered, "I'm not quite sure what to do now? Like, what is the process of things? What do you want, Hyung? Do you want to wash up first or?"


Namjoon giggled, dimple peeking out. "Honestly, Jungkook? I'm all clean and stuff down there, I swear, I cleaned up before we went on stage today, so I'm good to go if you're okay with a little sweat?"


Sometimes Jungkook's brain did this thing where it became only white noise, no comprehensible sound, just static and also screeching. That was what was happening in his brain at that moment. Nothing but brrrAHgshtdhfjska. Sweaty. Namjoon. sweaty. Namjoon had like. Prepared for him. Made sure he was all ready to be fucked. By Jungkook.


Groaning, Jungkook closed his eyes for a moment to centre himself. "Yeah, no, I do not mind at all, Hyung, in fact," he started moving towards Namjoon's room, pulling his boyfriend along with him, "The sooner the better, let's go!"


Namjoon chuckled behind him, trailing after him with light footsteps, shutting the door behind him with a foot. He paused for a moment, looking at Jungkook, before slowly turning the lock on his door.


Oh boy.


Jungkook neede to get in the right headspace. He needed to channel whatever was going on in his brain when he heard Namjoon stutter in Ddaeng. That insatiable need to make Namjoon lose his wwords, lose his control like that, only for him and oh, there it was.


Namjoon must have seen something in Jungkook's eyes when he looked up at the other man, because he blinked, eyes wide. "Hi."


Jungkook felt a little smug at how gone Namjoon could be just from looking at him. He smirked. "Hi, Hyung."


"Jungkook-ah," Namjoon sighed as Jungkook pulled him into his arms with one sweep of his forearm, Namjoon melted so willingly into his body, the hard plans of his chest and stomach pressing against Jungkook's easily. "What do you want from me?"


"Isn't that a question," Jungkook nosed at Namjoon's neck. The older smelled like comfort and electricity at once, the lingering light of the stage preserved in the perspiration that had dried on his neck. "So much, Hyungie, I want so much from you."


"You said," Namjoon hissed as Jungkook's tongue darted out to lap at the side of his neck, fingers clenching in the back of Jungkook's t-shirt. "You said you wanted to fuck me? Something about stuttering?"


Jungkook hummed as he trailed his fingers up the planes of Namjoon's back, feeling a shudder running through his spine as he pushed the large, flimsy t-shirt up higher and higher. "I did indeed," he began sucking on Namjoon's pulse gently, just enough to cause a groan to  rumble out of his boyfriend, not enough to leave a mark. "Very much wanted to fuck you, Hyung."


Namjoon shuddered out a breath, air rushing onto Jungkook's ear, and Jungkook pulled the shirt higher still, so that Namjoon's entire torso was bare and the man had no choice but to move backwards, detaching his lips from Namjoon's neck, to slip it over his head and down his arms. Namjoon's entire body, tanned and golden from the summer, was tinted pink with his want and Jungkook smiled at the way Namjoon shivered with his eyes on him.


"Not fair," Namjoon huffed as Jungkook began running his hands up and down his sides, pressing closer to him, "I can't be the only one shirtless, Jungkook-ah."


"Ah, Hyung, but I'm the one fucking you, remember," Jungkook chuckled, bringing his finger up to tweak at Namjoon's nipple, "I don't have to do a thing but take my cock out for you."


Jungkook underestimated the effect his words would have on Namjoon– older man's eyes immediately closed, a sharp inhale sounding from his throat, pressing his dick against Jungkook's thigh. God. Jungkook wished they had more time, and maybe they'll get around to some thigh stuff eventually, but he absolutely needed to have Namjoon this desperate under him. He needed it like yesterday.


"Please, Jungkook-ah," Namjoon whined a little as Jungkook pressed their lips together, whatever  following words trailing into a soft mprh as he parted his lips, allowing Jungkook to curl his tongue in his mouth.


Namjoon gasped into Jungkook's mouth as he slipped his hands under the waistband of Namjoon's sweatpants, fingers brushing teasingly against the curve of his ass, not quite dipping down low enough for Namjoon's liking judging by the urgent noise the older made in the back of his throat.


"Oh, Hyung," Jungkook ground his thigh into Namjoon's length a little harder, "Alright, go lie down for me, get yourself ready."


With a pat to Namjoon's backside, Jungkook let go of his dazed boyfriend, stepping away as Namjoon rushed to the bed. He ran a hand through his hair, trying to calm his breathing because this was about Namjoon losing control, not him. Hearing the shuffle of Namjoon making his way onto the sheets, Jungkook looked up and stared at the sight before him. Namjoon was all rumpled, trousers kicked off around his ankles as he struggled to find the bottle of lube he had hidden away under his pillow, because Namjoon was nothing if not prepared.


But Jungkook noticed something from the way the material of the sweatpants were pooled on the floor now, Namjoon squirming with a bottle of lube on his bedsheets. There was no underwear. Namjoon hadn't been wearing underwear.


"Hyung, you really were all ready for me, weren't you," Jungkook tried to keep his voice from straining as he walked towards the bed, slipping his own shirt off in a show of acquiescence to Namjoon's wishes.


Namjoon was leaning up on his elbows, cock on full display, pink and tip glistening with pre-come. Jungkook almost salivated at the thought of having it in his mouth, but he knew that if he started with oral he'd get side-tracked again and Jungkook simply refused to let this opportunity go to waste.


Shuffling forwards on his knees, Jungkook contemplated leaving his pants on for a moment before deciding, no, Namjoon deserved to have him butt-naked, it was the absolute least he could do, besides Jungkook was't too crazy about the idea of getting come on his trousers, so.


Namjoon's eyes watched him hungrily as he shucked off the rest of his clothes, following the movement of his cargo pants down his thighs and onto his floor, the way his thighs flexed as he stepped out of them, the way his biceps bulged when he boosted his way onto the bed onto his knees. Namjoon watched him like he was desperate, like he wanted, and Jungkook was all-too pleased with that fact.


"You waiting for me to open you up?" Jungkook took the bottle of lube from Namjoon's hand, moving himself in between the man's parted thighs.


Namjoon sighed, nodded. "Jungkook, please don't make me beg."


Jungkook grinned, but opened the cap and squirted a generous amount onto his fingers, running his other hand across Namjoon's nipples. "Maybe later. Gonna need you to turn around for me, Hyung, on your knees for me, please."


Namjoon shook his head a little, but moved himself so he was on his knees, elbows leaning against the mattress, ass perfectly presented for Jungkook. God. Jungkook was going to pass out. He needed to get a hold of himself before he actually did and then he'd never get to fuck Namjoon ever again.


Shuffling closer, Jungkook parted Namjoon's firm thighs gentle, settling his other hand on his waist. "You good, Hyung?"


"100% peachy, Kook-ah, now can you please just–" Namjoon bit off into a gasp as Jungkook trailed his wet fingers over his asscrack.


"Can I?" Jungkook was probably enjoying this more than he should have been, all things considered.


"Fingers," Namjoon choked out when Jungkook began pushing into him, gentle, "Please can I have your fingers."


"Just my fingers?" Jungkook chuckled, moving his hand and feeling Namjoon's hole clench around him, "don't want anything else?"


"Jesus, Jungkook, I want your dick too, but its not like I can take it all without prep so," Namjoon moaned as Jungkook slipped another in and began thrusting a little rougher, "Fingers. More. Please."


Jungkook was nothing if not a people-pleaser, wanting nothing but to give Namjoon whatever he wanted, so of course he kept that in mind as he moved his hand, bringing his other hand to wrap around Namjoon's cock, draping his body over his broad back. From his position over Namjoon' Jungkook's cock was bobbing against Namjoon's thigh, the pressure just enough to keep Jungkook on an edge somewhere.


Mouthing at Namjoon's ear, Jungkook moved his fingers faster, grinning at the slick sounds of him fucking Namjoon, basking in the desperate noises and low groans escaping from Namjoon's throat. Namjoon was so tight around him, so warm, Jungkook had no doubt he'd feel like heaven around his dick. God. Jungkook slipped another finger in, feeling Namjoon push back against his thrusts, and tightened his grip on the cock in his hand, moving to grip at his balls for a moment before focussing back on the task at hand.


At one particular cruel twist of his fingers, hitting his prostate, Namjoon moaned, long and loud, the sound ringing off the walls. "Jungkook, please fuck me."


"I am fucking you," Jungkook laughed against Namjoon's ear, hitting the spot over and over again.


"Want your," Namjoon hissed, "Your cock, please Kook-ah."


Jungkook kissed the side of his neck and slipped his fingers out, one by one, watching as Namjoon's hole clenched round the empty air as he squirted more lube onto his cock, discarding the bottle as he coated himself, still moving his hand gently around Namjoon's dick.


Lining himself up with Namjoon's ass, Jungkook began pushing himself in, breath catching in his throat as he found himself engulfed by muscle, the lube making the slide impossibly easy, Namjoon opening up easily around his cock.


Pausing a moment to catch his breath, Jungkook let his eyes rest on the way Namjoon's back moved up and down with each breath, his ears tinged pink.


Jungkook began moving slowly, his muscles straining lightly as he tried to keep his balance and pace. Namjoon's arms had given out already, his entire torso flattened against the mattress with his cheek against the sheets, huffs of breath escaping with every thrust, body moving back and forth with Jungkook's movements.


"You good Hyung," Jungkook it out, "You close?"


"Hng," Namjoon groaned, "Junk–ah," he broke off in a strangled moan, "Hmph, close."


Jungkook was absolutely fascinated by his boyfriend's lack of words, by the struggle Namjoon had to speak his mind, by the way his thrusts had made him absolutely speechless. Jungkook felt power surge through him, a strain of tenderness following it–Namjoon was so vulnerable with him, an absolute honour.


Ramming his hips into Namjoon's, Jungkook ground up against Namjoon's prostate, tightening his hold around Namjoon's dick, moving his hand faster, thrusting harder, making sure every single one of his movements elicited a breathless, choked gasp from Namjoon's lips.


He could feel pressure building in his groin, desperately chasing for a release as Namjoon slowly unravelled under him with a high whine, shuddering into Jungkook's hand without even a word, just a garbled melody of sound reaching Jungkook's ears and bouncing of the walls, clenching hard against Jungkook's length. The sound of Namjoon's high keens had Jungkook coming soon after, emptying himself into Namjoon with a groan into the older's shoulder blades.


Settling his body over Namjoon's relaxed torso, Jungkook breathed heavily through his nose, planting small kisses along Namjoon's sweaty shoulder blades as he attempted to catch his breath. Namjoon's chest was heaving under him, heavy breaths shuddering out of his lungs.


"Good?" Jungkook whispered into the soft skin of Namjoon's back, pushing himself up to slip out of Namjoon's hole.


Namjoon simply moaned, another long one, and Jungkook leaned down to where Namjoon's eyes were, slightly worried at the other man's lack of speaking.


"You good, Hyung?" he peered enquiringly at Namjoon's face.


Namjoon's eyes were curved up into sated crescents, a small, lazy smile on his lips, dimple on display. He made a happy sound of agreement. Jungkook blinked. Damn, Namjoon was really speechless. God. Okay.



Jungkook stared for a moment before kissing Namjoon's nose, shifting himself up onto his knees again so he could shuffle off of the bed to get a washcloth to clean them up. He tried not to focus on the sight of his come leaking out of Namjoon's ass, filing the image of his spent boyfriend literally leaking away for later, because god, what a sight it was.


Wiping himself off quickly, Jungkook returned to the bed with a wet cloth, dabbing gently at Namjoon's ass, cleaning him up with a fond smile on his lips.


"Hyung, turn over," Jungkook whispered, "I need to get the sheets off."


Grumbling, Namjoon flopped over, shuffling lazily to the side so Jungkook could strip the sheet off the bed, grabbing the cloth to wipe off his own cock. With another cloth, Namjoon dabbed at his sweaty forehead, sitting up and eying Jungkook curiously.


"So," Jungkook grinned, passing Namjoon a bottle of water, "Good?"


Taking a swig, Namjoon grinned back. "God, it was," he searched for the words, "Honestly? Life changing."


Jungkook laughed. "I'm sorry, Hyung, but there's no way I'm not repeating that to Seokjin-hyung, that's literally the best thing anyone has ever said to me."


Namjoon groaned, gulping down a new mouthful of water. "That's not fair, do I tell Hyung all the stuff you say about my dick?"


"That's because I tell Hyung all those things unprompted, Joonie-hyung," Jungkook levelled a look at Namjoon.


They smiled at each other, before Namjoon began speaking again.


"I don't suppose you want to just, I don't know, not shower?' he looked shy.


"Absolutely not," Jungkook giggled, swinging his legs back off the bed at once and holding out his hand for Namjoon to grab onto and pull himself up with. Jungkook had a line, and that line was going to sleep essentially covered in sweat from an entire day of performing, and then come from literally having sex afterwards.


Namjoon regarded his hand for a moment, before rolling his eyes and sighing. "Fine."


Jungkook smiled, pulling Namjoon up and making his way to the door.


Turning the lock and cracking the door open, Jungkook's eyes darted to either side of the hallway, wary of nosy hyungs and their snooping proclivities. Not a single hyung in sight, although Jungkook did not doubt that tomorrow, there would be teasing bounding off the walls of their dorm as there was no way their member didn't hear all that. Namjoon was loud.


He turned towards the bathroom, Namjoon trailing after him.


He was so absolutely happy, it was unreal.