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The Last Frontier

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Later that day in the shade of Shibden’s largest tree


Anne’s head was in Ann’s lap; Ann’s back was against the tree, made comfortable with Anne’s UW Husky softball sweatshirt providing necessary padding. Ann swallowed. “I’ve never behaved like I did last night.”


Anne just hmmed and waited for Ann to go on. She did. “I’m okay with it. You wouldn’t have done what you did unless you were, too. I know there was some part of you that …”


“Liked it?” Anne asked.



“It wasn’t just a part of me. All of me liked it.”


“What if it never happened again? Would that be okay?”


Anne sat up, wanting to be honest and say the right thing. She faced Ann. “Had you ever felt the emotions you felt last night? Have you thought about what they were?”


Ann closed her eyes. “At first it was relief and rage when I hit the shields. Relief that it was over. Rage at how long I’d lived in the shadow of my fear. I know my life has been good, even with that shadow but …”


“You have every right to that rage.” Anne went on. “What did you feel later because when I felt your hands on me, it didn’t feel like anger.”


Ann’s eyes were still closed. She thought back to her hand gripping Anne’s harness, hard. “Powerful. Totally in command.” She paused. “You were wet … easy to fuck. It told my brain you liked me that way.” 


“I wouldn’t miss it if it never happened again. But if we’re both on that page in the future, you’ll find I’ll be easy to fuck then, too.”


“I have a question.” Ann’s voice was lower. “How easy would you be to fuck right now?”


Anne thought she feels in control of her life, finally. “I’d be easy—can you take it slow? At least in the beginning?” I have to be able to walk home.


Ann was not unsympathetic. She’d just started walking normally again herself.


Ann’s apartment that night: primary bedroom


“Maybe Mom doesn’t tell anyone she’s moving to Korea to be with family. If they’re keeping an eye on her and try to figure out where she went, they’ll realize she isn’t with family … eventually. I don’t want anyone visiting my aunts asking questions. That would be bad.”


Villanelle nodded but said nothing. Eve was thinking out loud. 


“We just bring her to Seattle as secretly as possible. Would Anne fly us there, maybe? We could get Mom a fake passport so she wouldn’t be using her name, right?”


More nodding from Villanelle.


“If she does that, it means she just up and disappears, which would be weird. If she tells anyone she’s leaving, people will wonder where she’s going. If she tells people where she’s going, they can check to see if that’s true.” Eve ran out of steam for a moment and took a breath.


“What do you know about your mother’s life? Does she have friends or some regular things she does with other people? Are there people who would throw her a going away party?”


Eve ignored the questions. “Isn’t the best option sometimes the most straightforward? Maybe she tells people she’s moving in with me but lies about where that is. If they snooped around at all and found out she’s gone and find out it’s with me, they’d have to figure out where I am which is something they might already have been doing--unsuccessfully. I think this could work.”


“Fake passport, then?” Villanelle asked.


“Whatever we do, yes, fake passport. While we’re at it, let’s get ourselves some new fake passports, too. Couldn’t hurt.”


Eve had settled down—a lot—and Villanelle decided it was time. She went into the ensuite and came out in nothing but a silk dressing gown, her hair down, and that look in her eyes—the one Eve could never resist. Eve realized a while back that there was no reason she should, would, or could ever resist. Why on earth would I try? She’s a fucking goddess to behold, to hold, to be held by. If I ever resist, get me an MRI—seriously—get me a goddamn MRI.


A few moments later, Villanelle was bent over Eve’s back, telling her to be quiet. “Do I need to gag you with the belt from my robe?” she asked, as she teased Eve mercilessly. “Do I?” Eve was almost in tears from the arousal Villanelle would not carry to its logical conclusion—her orgasm. Eve shook her head.


“Are you sure?” Villanelle put her hand over Eve’s mouth and snapped her hips, driving the toy in hard. Still inside Eve, she played with Eve’s nipples with her free hand. Villanelle demanded Eve lick the thumb of the hand that had been covering her mouth. “Make it wet, Eve, you will want it very wet.”


Eve could not think beyond what she wanted and what Villanelle’s voice was telling her to do. She coated Villanelle’s thumb with saliva. Villanelle sat back on her knees. “Quiet, Eve,” she commanded, working her thumb between their bodies and into Eve’s ass. “I am going to really fuck you now.”


Eve knew how perfect they were for each other sexually. Villanelle liked to talk when she was fucking Eve, preview what she was going to do, ask sexy questions, lay claim to her body and soul with her words. Eve loved it, was incredibly aroused by not only what Villanelle said, but how she said it—sometimes softly, sometimes teasing, sometimes demanding.  Eve had been blessed to find Villanelle for so many reasons, but right now it was because she was a fucking goddess—one who knew exactly how to fuck her. 


When Eve got close, Villanelle began asking are you mine over and over and each time Eve had (almost) sobbed yes. Villanelle felt Eve’s powerful contractions begin around her thumb that went on for a gloriously long time.


When Eve came back to herself, she turned over and made Villanelle straddle her head. Villanelle’s pubic hair would be coated with her own arousal. Eve wanted her mouth to be on Villanelle now. She wanted her hands on Villanelle’s ass and she wanted Villanelle to fuck her face and she wanted Villanelle to lose her shit. She didn’t care if Villanelle was quiet about it or was too rough or took too much. As long as she was alive when Villanelle finished so they could do this again.


Villanelle looked down at Eve. She felt Eve’s mouth on her; Eve’s hands on her ass. It was the Second Act of tonight’s play. A play already written and being written simultaneously. After several minutes of consuming all that Villanelle had, Eve took her own thumb and coated it with her own arousal from between her own legs, returning the anal favor, working her finger into Villanelle's ass. Not long after, Villanelle eyes locked onto Eve’s as she came on Eve’s face and in Eve’s mouth. It took a moment for Villanelle to come back to herself and then she moved. Eve would live to do this again.


Villanelle laid down on top of Eve, each with a thigh slotted into the other’s crotch, slowly moving toward no end. Until Villanelle felt Eve’s nails on her back foretell the Third Act. Both actors had dialogue in this Act. Villanelle liked to hear Eve, too.


“Tell me, Eve. Tell me what you feel.”


“Your hands in my hair. Kissing you, your teeth on my neck. My hands on your shoulder blades, holding you to me.” Eve thrust up between Villanelle’s legs. Villanelle’s mouth was at Eve’s ear, so Eve heard Villanelle’s deep, low response from the back of her throat.


“I want to fuck you again, Eve. Do you want me to?”


“Yes, with your fingers, I don’t care if I come. Just fuck me,” Eve said, pulling Villanelle’s head down to kiss her. “As long and hard as you can.” After several minutes, Eve grasped Villanelle’s arm, stopping her. Villanelle raised her head; their eyes meeting again, both breathing hard. Eve nudged Villanelle so she could get up.


“I’ll be right back,” Eve said. She felt a little drunk as she walked to the bathroom, her hearing seemed muffled. What just happened?


Villanelle was lying on her back when Eve returned. Which was good since Eve intended to lay partially on and partially off Villanelle, with her head on Villanelle’s chest.


Eve got comfortable against Villanelle.


“What was that … for you?” Villanelle asked.


“Like nothing I’ve ever felt before.” Eve was still trying to sort it out. “I need to sit with it for a while.” She paused, “I want to tell you something. Promise me you won’t laugh.”


“I promise,” Villanelle said, seriously.


“I think the earth moved.” There was silence. “Thank you for not laughing,” Eve said.


“You’re welcome.”


Eve laughed, then. “Okay, stop being nice. It was kind of cringey. Jesus Christ.”


Eve was propped up on an elbow, looking at Villanelle’s face. Villanelle smirked. “I am glad you had your Carole King moment with me, Eve. Do I make you feel like a natural woman?”