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your history keeps pulling me down

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(A video playing, dark lighting and bright neon colours, probably a bar. Man on screen laughs)

Man on screen (wearing a red and black cheongsam, pointing at the camera): I want you to know that this is the lamest dare you’ve ever made me do, Huaisang.

Voice off screen: Just pick a song already, won’t you?

Man on screen: Awwww, Chengcheng, if I didn’t know better I’d think you want to hear me sing!

Voice off screen: Just get on with it, idiot!

Man on screen (making placating gestures with his hands): Alright, alright, I will. (He puts a finger to his lips and looks thoughtful) Mmm, I want Florence then, kay?

Voice off screen: Florence?

Man on screen: Yeah, yeah, Florence and the Machine. And I’ll sing, ah… Leave My Body! (He laughs) Yes, yes, Leave My Body. C’mon, a’Sang! Do the thing! Who wants to do the background vocals? Mianmian!

Voice off screen: We don’t need background vocals.

Man on screen (offended): Hey! If I do this and let a’Sang film it, I’m gonna do it right! Come on, Mianmian, will you help me out?

(A woman walks into view, wearing a yellow cocktail dress, dragging a girl in a red dress with her. They stand a little behind the man, the woman in the red dress scowling.)

Girl in yellow: Qingqing and I will do it, but remember that you owe us, Wei Ying.

Man named Wei Ying (laughing): Alright, alright. I’ll paint you both a portrait, how about that? Let’s do this now! A’Sang!

Voice off screen: I’m doing it! Give me a minute—do you know how hard it is to see in this lighting?

(Music starts playing. Wei Ying grins, starts to sway with the music.)

Voice off screen: How long is that intro?

Different voice: Oh hush!

(Wei Ying starts to sing.)

SangSang @second_nie

dared my friend to sing something and he picked a #florence_and_the_machine song. thank you, @weiwuxian for this excellent performance at the shittiest bar known to man. guest performances by @mianmian and @drwen; girls, i’m sure he’s going to pay you back. eventually


@idlealigator replied to @second_nie



@snailcomposition replied to @second_nie

he’s so pretty omg????? 😍😍😍😍


@nottobealesbianbut replied to @snailcomposition

they are /all/ so beautiful wtf


@la_u_ren replied to @second_nie



@florencelivez replied to @second_nie

I have never heard a cover this good your friend is a GOD AMONG MORTALS @machine_machine you need to see this /immediately/


@machine_machine replied to @second_nie



@mo_xuanyu replied to @second_nie

oh wow I have never heard anything more beautiful. Xian-ge is really so talented!


@mianmian replied to @second_nie

look how cute qingqing and I are!!!! we are obviously the best thing about this video

@mianmian replied to @second_nie

aren’t you glad we went shopping together last week look how good that qipao is on him @weiwuxian I told you to listen to me


@drwen replied to @second_nie

good job huaisang


@wenchao replied to @second_nie

what do you mean shittiest bar??? Why were you in the @Nightless_Official if you don’t like my bar????


@firefirefire replied to @second_nie

does your friend do this professionally?? I know someone who’d sign a contract with him in no time


@wanyinno replied to @second_nie

@weiwuxian look loser you’re trending #wei_ying_sings


@vanya_anya replied to @second_nie



@qinqin replied to @second_nie

oh I didn’t know @yanlis’s brother had such a good voice. he went to gusu music academy with the rest of you, right?


@KITTY replied to @second_nie

This is the shittiest quality video and he still somehow slays??? Imagine hearing him live im 😍


@ignwion replied to @second_nie

No way this is real. It’s obviously a publicity hoax


@sinna replied to @second_nie

WAIT he said a painting- does he paint too???? Get you a man how can do everything holy shit

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SangSang @second_nie

Thank you all for your kind words! @weiwuxian appreciates you all, but he’s too hungover to tell you so himself rn. If you want to support him, you can do so on patreon here and follow his professional art account at @yilinglaozu. He does commissions too!


@second_nie replied to @second_nie

If he reaches more than 100 followers today, I will unearth the clip of him singing What The Water Gave Me. He’s a big #florence_and_the_machine fan


@niemingjue replied to @second_nie

Well, I guess we found who we’re including in the summer exhibition now. You know if you wanted me to include your friend you could have just asked me, right?


@jinyao replied to @second_nie

You didn’t tell me Wei Wuxian was doing this professionally, a’Sang


@florencelivez replied to @second_nie



@idlealigator replied to @second_nie

We know who we’re stanning now lads

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Wei Ying wakes up and immediately panics, because there is too much light in his room, which means it must be late already, and if he’s late for another shift Song Lan might actually deck him for it. It’s not until he falls off the bed scrambling for his phone that he sees it’s a Sunday, and exhales.

The electronic clock writes 12:41 and under is what appears to be an actual sea of notifications. Wei Ying frowns. He wasn’t that drunk last night, was he? He’d remembered if he posted something wild that blew up again—like last time. They don’t talk about last time—the twit was deleted, and it means Wei Ying never has to face it again.

He unlocks the phone screen and squints down at it. He has 100+ notifications of twitter for both his accounts—maybe 100+ for each account—and that might be the most notifications he’s had since he made these accounts years ago, when he was young and stupid and has just graduated the Gusu Music Academy, venturing on his own into art school.

Just what in the world did he do? In both accounts too.

He has around 20+ tags, a million notifs and even more new twits in his feed. He has DMs from his sister, his brother, Xingchen, Xuanyu and a number of other people that he doesn’t text that often. Wei Ying blinks down at the screen. Right. Perhaps he should take these one at a time.

Curious enough to skip brunch to look through them, Wei Ying shrugs, and clicks on the DM notifications first.

Jiang Yanli @yanlis has sent you a twit from @second_nie

(today, 9:30) Xianxian! The video from yesterday has gone viral!

(today, 9:30) Jiejie is so proud of you

(today, 9:30) ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


Jiang Cheng @wanyinno has sent you a twit from @second_nie

(today, 10:03) I can’t believe you’re fucking trending over this

(today, 10:03) there’s even a tag, wei ying, why are you doing this to me

(today, 10:03) at least you’re getting more followers on your art account I guess


Ghost General @wen_ning has sent you a message

(today, 8:09) wei-ge congratulations!!

(today, 8:09) everyone liked your singing so much!!

(today, 8:09) you’re really so talented, wei-ge!!! ✨ ✨


Wen Qing @drwen has sent you a message

(today, 7:30) you had better be holding up your end of the bargain, I’m waiting for that portrait


Momo @mo_xuanyu has sent you a message

(today, 11:30) xian-ge, your cover of leave your body was so good!!!


bright moon and gentle breeze @xingchen has sent you a message

(today, 8:40) congratulations on going viral, a’ying

(today, 8:40) I hope this gives you some wider range for your commissions

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one braincell trio




bi chaos: I woke up today to more than 10k notifications, having gained over 500 followers on each one of my accounts, and more tag mentions that I’ve had in my LIFE

bi chaos: five people I have never heard of before in my life dmed me to tell me how beautiful and hot and talented I am and how pretty my voice is

bi chaos: I have ten new messages from people asking for info on my commissions

bi chaos: @fan man DID YOU PLAN THIS?????

bi chaos: I actually received a serious work email from your brother’s gallery asking me if I want to participate in his summer exhibition in a few months

fan man: I don’t know what you’re talking about wei-ge, I only posted the video like we agreed for the dare

fan man: it’s not my fault if people were impressed by your performance

fan man: I’ve always told you that you’re very talented in arts

fan man: besides, did I not tell you that chengsam was an excellent idea?

bi chaos: this is all you have to say for yourself????

no: are you actually dissatisfied about this?

no: your art is finally getting attention and you’re whining??

bi chaos: they followed me for my looks and for my voice

fan man: and stayed for all three

fan man: face it, wei ying, you have that sweet sweet talent

fan man: we weren’t theatre kids for nothing wei-ge

bi chaos: but so many people followed me????

bi chaos: there’s no way all of them liked my voice and my art fr

fan man: I give up

no: how are you so smart and yet so stupid

no: okay listen to me asshole I’ll only say this once

no: and if anyone asks I will viscerally deny it

no: but you are fucking talented

no: you are literally so talented, people would kill to have your art skills, your singing skills, your acting skills

no: so fucking stop selling yourself short or I’ll tell jiejie, got it?

bi chaos: a’cheng do you really mean that

no: unfortunately yes

bi chaos: A’CHENG 🥺 🥺 🥺

no: shut the fuck up, we’re not fucking talking about this

BI THE WEI @weiwuxian

Umm??? Apparently I have gained a shitton of followers overnight, thank you all, 🥰 🥰 I know I’m awesome. If you followed me for the song, you will be disappointed bc I mostly post memes, but my art account at @yilinglaozu is much more organized I promise

a’Sang says I should do another song to celebrate the new followers, what do you guys think?


@lilian replied to @weiwuxian



@lanier replied to @weiwuxian

I can’t believe you have such a gorgeous voice and you kept it hidden from us


@yanlis replied to @weiwuxian

Congratulations xianxian!!!


@actuallybill replied to @weiwuxian

Don’t you feel embarrassed that you got famous by wearing a dress? I mean, I know you’re gay, but…


@weiwuxian replied to @actuallybill

First of all, I’m bi and genderfluid so fuck you. Second of all, no, ofc I’m not embarrassed to be wearing a dress bc I know I look gorgeous. you’re just jealous you can’t pull off that look


@aggelikoula replied to @weiwuxian


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this is a serious art account @yilinglaozu

@ all those of you who asked me about my commission rules, check out this post for more details or DM me, my commissions are currently open, and I ship pretty much everywhere. Thank you for my following count that broke the speed of sound last night, I see and appreciate all of you 🥰 🥰 🥰


@mariam_m replied to @yilinglaozu

Ahhhh that’s so great!! My sister is thinking of commissioning you, I’ll let her know


@sair_seer replied to @yiling laozu

Do you have a ko-fi as well as patreon????


@vanya_anya replied to @yilinglaozu

Do you take fandom requests??? What fandoms do you draw for???


@machine_machine replied to @yilinglaozu

Is it possible we can see at a comic con or smth????

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Lan Zhan had started making reaction videos on youtube as a vocal coach only at his brother’s suggestion. It was not really a thought he had entertained—he is not usually a person with obvious reactions. But as a vocal coach, it’s easier to comment on an artist’s singing technique, on their voice, their rhythm and all that.

He didn’t think he was going to have that much fun with it, honestly, but there is something relaxing about listening to a different artist people recommend to him and making a video of himself listening to them. So, here he is, looking through his twitter account and through the comments of his last video, and there is one particular twit that makes him pause.


panic!panic!panic! @elliot17

@hanguangjun can you do a reaction of the #wei_ying_sings video????? His voice is so /good/ I’d love to hear what you think!

Video here:


@fortheloveofmusic replied to @elliot17



@lanastanaccount replied to @elliot17

omg yesssss do it @hanguangjun please!!!

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For a moment, Lan Zhan entertains seriously the possibility of searching for that video right now, even if that would break his promise to only search the songs when he’s doing his videos. But the tag writes Wei Ying, and Lan Zhan knows that name. Three whole years later it continues to haunt him.

After they graduated from the Gusu Music Academy together, at the same year, Lan Zhan followed his uncle’s connections and studied to become a vocal couch for their music industry. Wei Ying had been accepted into a small art school in Yiling, and he moved away as soon as he could. Lan Zhan’s life had been so busy, and then Wei Ying’s too, and they did not keep in touch. Lan Zhan had entertained the notion of searching for him on twitter, but he refrained. It might possibly hurt more to see Wei Ying’s life and be reminded that he is no longer a part of it.

It can’t be the same Wei Ying. After all, it could very well be different characters. Lan Zhan knows, he remembers, that Wei Ying plays the flute, and that Wei Ying’s voice is beautiful and has a lot of potential, but Wei Ying had never taken singing seriously; not as seriously as Lan Zhan. Wei Ying had played the flute seemingly without effort, but only as a hobby he said, and he sang like an siren (Lan Zhan is biased when it comes to Wei Ying, but not at this, this is an objective fact) but had laughed off any professional singing careers.

Wei Ying had loved art. Wei Ying loved creating and colours, loved getting paint on his clothes and on his hands and on his cheek, loved making a mess with colored fingers. Wei Ying loved creating art, and he was beautiful in it. His paintings were breath-taking, just the sight of them, the blending, the colours, the strokes—masterpieces.

Lan Zhan hopes he can keep creating art for the rest of his life.

He closes the app, and then closes his phone, and gets up to make himself some tea.

Perhaps this was a mistake.

The camera is looking at him, but Lan Zhan is looking at the video on his screen, at the low quality of the man in the red and black cheongsam in Nie Huaisang’s account. He knows that his eyes are wide, but he cannot react. He is possibly not breathing, but it doesn’t matter.

The moment he clicked the video, three things became clear:

  1. Fuck, this is Huaisang’s account, Lan Huan is following him. That is why his brother sent him so many messages this morning. Lan Zhan has carefully not looked at them yet.
  2. Fuck, that is Wei Ying. The Wei Ying he knows, who goes by the nickname Wei Wuxian from his adoptive family.
  3. Fuck, his voice. Wei Ying’s voice is even more beautiful than Lan Zhan remembers it being. He hits all the notes with an effortless ease that is more than impressive. Wei Ying may have never taken singing seriously, but he has improved significantly.

Lan Zhan may have actually played himself.

BI THE WEI @weiwuxian

mn feeling like using she/her pronouns today


BI THE WEI @weiwuxian

Going for coffee with @drwen and @mianmian. Pray for me, qing-jie might maim me or I might drown myself in a bathtub after their PDA viscerally reminds me that I’m as single as a pringle

@weiwuxian replied to @weiwuxian

And it’s so sad! Pringles aren’t even good!!


BI THE WEI @weiwuxian

Milk before cereal, I have said what I said


BI THE WEI @weiwuxian

@wen_ning YOUR SISTER IS BULLYING ME . this is biphobic


@drwen replied to @weiwuxian

I’m a functional lesbian I inherently have more rights than you


@mianmian replied to weiwuxian

Stop dragging my gf you asshole where is the bi solidarity I signed up for????


@weiwuxian replied to mianmian



BI THE WEI @weiwuxian

I am being cruelly betrayed 😭 😭 😭


@second_nie replied to @weiwuxian

Is this because I didn’t tag you in my latest post

@second_nie replied to @weiwuxian

That was a mistake wei-ge I promise


BI THE WEI @weiwuxian

Back to he/him pronouns now thanks


BI THE WEI @weiwuxian

LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL SON!! ISN’T A’YUAN THE CUTEST??? Proudest baba in the world

(picture of a'Yuan, grinning toothily at the camera and holding a lollipop)


@yanlis replied to @weiwuxian

My nephew is so cute xianxian. Tell him guma loves him very much


@drwen replied to @weiwuxian

I hope you’re not only feeding him lollipops


@wen_ning replied to @drwen

We went for lunch too, jiejie


@mianmian replied to @weiwuxian



@sweetxlo replied to @weiwuxian



@idlealigator replied to @weiwuxian

omg you have a son??? He’s adorable I love that for you

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Wei Wuxian wakes up the next day to his alarm and groans, because it is not his day off, and he needs to go to the coffee shop early, because otherwise Song Lan might hurt him. He sighs, and turns to his nightstand, reaching for his phone.

His phone says it’s 7:00AM. Wei Ying sighs again, cursing the hour, and proceeds to look through his notifications. He has a few minutes before a’Yuan comes demanding breakfast.

On the top of his tag mention notifs, the very first one says: Lan Zhan @hanguangjun has mentioned you.

Lan Zhan.

Wei Ying drops his phone on his face.

Lan Zhan @hanguangjun

The new video is out! By popular demand, I did the #wei_ying_sings video that went viral a few days ago. @weiwuxian’s vocals are impressive. You certainly have made impressive progress since we were at school, Wei Ying

#hanguangjun_reacts, #bichen_videos


@elliot17 replied to hanguangjun



@lanastanaccount replied to hanguangjun

Ohmygod they went to school together???? @weiwuxian has been to gusu music academy?????


@bichenlivez replied to hanguangjun



@hold_my_light replied to hanguangjun

wei ying?????? /wei ying???????/ @hanguangjun what are you keeping from us???


@susheisreal replied to hanguangjun

ofc you two losers would find each other again

‘Vocal Coach Reacts to Viral Twitter Video #wei_ying_sings’

(video plays, man on screen wearing a white cardigan looks at the camera with severe eyebrows. Behind him, full book shelves are visible)

Man on screen: hello, I am, as you know, Lan Zhan. Welcome to my new video.Thank you for clicking, please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Today, by popular demand, I will be doing a reaction to the newly circulated video that went viral on twitter. I have not seen it yet, but this is what I am here to do. So, without further talking, let’s get to it.

(Lan Zhan looks away, presumably to his computer screen and frowns slightly. A video appears at the bottom of the screen, showing them an image. It’s a dimly lit place with colourful light that a lot of people will recognize as the famous bar Nightless City at Qishan District. The video starts with a man in a red and black cheongsam laughing.)

Man on video (pointing at the camera): I want you to know that this is the lamest dare you’ve ever made me do, Huaisang.

(Lan Zhan’s eyes widen. The video continues for a few moments before he pauses it.)

Lan Zhan: in the spirit of full disclosure, I would like to say that I know Wei Ying already. Unfortunately, we have lost touch over the years.

(Lan Zhan turns back away. The video starts again. Wei Ying starts to sing.)

(The video ends. Lan Zhan closes the widow)

Lan Zhan: Well, certainly I would say that this was incredibly impressive. Ever since I knew him, Wei Ying has had incredible potential. I had told him a lot of times that he could consider a singing career professionally, though he didn’t seem to agree. It seems now, despite, that he has made impressive progress. His vocals are really touching and powerful—he has excellent control over his voice, something that is not easy to do. His vocal range is wide—I have reviewed Florence's Best Live Performances before, so I can really say that he mimicked her perfectly, from the voice to the range and the style.

(Lan Zhan looks away for a moment, then back at the camera.)

Lan Zhan: I think it has truly been a privilege to be able to listen to this amazing piece, despite its bad quality of image. Thank you all for the recommendation.

the gang and the band all together



jc: excuse me why do I care about this

nhs: ah, wei ying, didn’t you know that lan zhan works for lan music industries now?


lqy: judging by your reaction I’m going to take a wild guess and say no


wq: what do you mean he made a video ab you?

wwx: apparently???? he has a ‘vocal coach reacts’ yt channel???? which is actually so good wtf I saw half of his videos in one sitting

jc: that’s not bc he’s good, it’s bc you have a crush

wwx: shut up

wwx: anyway as I was saying, I got a notif today that he tagged me on twitter

wwx: which???? he has a twitter???? since when?????

nhs: a few years now I think er-ge mentioned it

wwx: and you didn’t tell me????????

wq: back to the point

wwx: right

wwx: he made a reaction video for my silly video a’sang posted, and apparently he said ON CAMERA that I impressed him and he actually looked impressed too wtf

wn: you are v impressive wei-ge

wwx: that’s not the point WTF

wwx: I am having a mental breakdown that is too much new information

nhs: wei ying, how ab you just DM him on twitter and start with smth funny


wwx: that’s not a bad idea hold on I’ll brb

lqy: he won’t be back

nhs: well I certainly hope not

wq: you know smth

nhs: who, me??? I really don’t know anything!! 😶 😶

wq: 🤨

BI THE WEI @weiwuxian

SNKJAFHAJK I just saw @hanguangjun’s new video and I let out an inhuman shriek at 7.10 in the morning a’yuan came and asked me if I died and my landlord knocked on the door to make sure I was okay

@weiwuxian replied to @weiwuxian

he looked really concerned too


BI THE WEI @weiwuxian

@xingchen @zixhen is it okay if I’m late for work I’m having an existensial crisis and my four-year-old toddler told me that I’m not handling it well

@weiwuxian replied to @weiwuxian


@weiwuxian replied to @weiwuxian

I have raised him well


@xingchen replied to @weiwuxian

a’ying are you alright?


@weiwuxian replied to xingchen

xianxian needs a reboot but he will be okay. Hopefully. If not you can have my spotify account xingchen, play something nice at your wedding with @zichen for me


@zichen answered to @weiwuxian

We are already married you doofus. Now get your ass to work

Lan Zhan @hanguangjun

Lan Zhan, he/him, professional vocal coach for @LanMusicOfficial

10 following – 1.589 followers

Became a member on November 2017


BI THE WEI: haha fancy seeing you here

Lan Zhan: Wei Ying

BI THE WEI: haha that’s me!!! 🥰 😊 😊

BI THE WEI: how are you doing lan zhan???

BI THE WEI: we haven’t talked in so long!!!

BI THE WEI: I’ve missed you!!! 😘 😘 😘

BI THE WEI: you seem to be doing so well with your life!!!

BI THE WEI: meanwhile im over here doing commissions for a living haha

BI THE WEI: how have you been lan zhan???

BI THE WEI:  did I tell you I have a son now???? He’s the cutest lan zhan I love him so much

Lan Zhan: I have been well

Lan Zhan: how has Wei Ying been?

BI THE WEI: wei ying has been well!!!

BI THE WEI: say, lan zhan, where are you living? I work at a coffee shop at yiling, how about you come around sometime? We can have brunch together and I’ll introduce you to a’yuan!!!

Lan Zhan: a’yuan?

BI THE WEI: my son!!!!

Lan Zhan: I would like that very much Wei Ying

BI THE WEI: !!!!!!!!!

BI THE WEI: how does sunday morning sound then???

BI THE WEI: its my day off

Lan Zhan: it sounds great. I will be looking forward to it

BI THE WEI: 🥰 🥰 ✨ ✨ ✨ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Lotus siblings


xianxian: JIEJIE


jiejie: a date???? A’xian, how wonderful!!

a’cheng: fucking finally

a’cheng: go kiss him and put us all out of our misery

xianxian: IM NOT I-

xianxian: shut up

a’cheng: oh please you have been pining over him for YEARS

a’cheng: finally my prayers have been answered

a’cheng: you can go and be someone else’s problem now

jiejie: boys. Be nice

jiejie: what are you going to do a’xian

xianxian: a’xian doesn’t know 😭 😭 😭

xianxian: jiejie he likes me right

a’cheng: FOR FUCK'S SAKE

jiejie: a’cheng, be nice

jiejie: ofc he likes you a’xian

jiejie: you two were good friends back at school

xianxian: yeah

xianxian: do you think he’ll like a’yuan tho???? I can’t associate with someone who doesn’t like my baby angel

a’cheng: ofc he’ll like a’yuan

a’cheng: everyone likes a’yuan, he’s fucking adorable

jiejie: im sure lan zhan will like a’yuan as well a’xian

jiejie: does xianxian know what to wear?

xianxian: no…

xianxian: but I’ll ask a’sang it’s okay

jiejie: good luck a’xian!!!

jiejie: remember jiejie said everything will be okay!!!

xianxian: jiejie is the best ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

BI THE WEI @weiwuxian

Going on a date with my high school crush I meet again after three years…. And he’s going to meet my son…. Haha no ofc im not nervous at all 😳 😳

Seeing Lan Zhan again is none at all like Wei Ying expected it to be, and yet it exactly like he remembered meeting Lan Zhan for the first time.

Lan Zhan is beautiful in his white and blues, elegant in the cut of his jaw and the curve of his face, ethereal in the sweep of this black hair against his brow. Wei Ying feels his breath stop, just for a little. Lan Zhan is also looking extremely more panicked as a’Yuan clings to his leg and wails for his baba. It’s adorable.

Wei Ying takes a picture and plans to post it once he can.

“Lan Zhan!” Wei Ying calls, and Lan Zhan’s eyes immediately turn to him. God, Lan Zhan’s eyes are so beautiful. Lan Zhan is so beautiful—how is it fair for someone to be this perfect???

“Baba!” a’Yuan cries when he sees him, throwing himself at his arms. Obediently, Wei Ying bends down and picks him up, lets a’Yuan hide his face in the crook of his neck.

“Aiya, Lan Zhan, fancy seeing you here,” Wei Ying grins. He consulted Huaisang before coming, so he knows that his red shirt cuts just so and shows off his muscles, his tight leather jeans frame him enticingly, the dip of his collar just enough to show interesting skin. His hair is up into a ponytail tied with his favourite red scrunchie, the one Lan Zhan gifted him back at school. His make-up is touched just so, some eyeliner there and some lipstick here.

Wei Ying looks good. He would be offended if Lan Zhan’s eyes had not looked him over. That was, in fact, the goal. Lan Zhan is supposed to look because Wei Ying wants him to.

“Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan says, and though his eyes are still wide, there’s a tilt to his lips; a soft smile by Lan Zhan’s standards. Wei Ying’s heart does some acrobatics just seeing it. “Hello.”

“Ah, Lan Zhan, so serious!” Wei Ying chuckles, and can’t stop his expression from turning the slightest bit soft. “I really missed you, Lan Zhan.”

“Mn,” Lan Zhan says. “Missed Wei Ying too. This is…”

“This is a’Yuan!” Wei Ying brightens, showing off his baby like a proud soccer mom. A’Yuan barely raises his head at the mention of his name, eyes wide and curious. “My son. I gave birth to him.” Lan Zhan’s eyes widen for just a second, and Wei Ying laughs, the force of it sending him forward. “Ah, kidding, Lan Zhan, I’m kidding!”

“Mn,” Lan Zhan says.

“Lan Zhan!” Wei Ying says, walking closer to Lan Zhan and tugging him, so they can start towards the café. “I can’t believe we’ve both had twitter for so long and we didn’t know that about each other! And you’re making youtube videos too now!!! Such a rebel, Lan Zhan!”

“It was brother’s idea,” Lan Zhan says, because of course it was. The tips of his ears are tinged a little pink.

“I love it,” Wei Ying says honestly. “You’re so good at it. After I saw that you tagged me I had to watch the video—you were so sweet, Lan Zhan!!! I really wasn’t as impressive as you said—and then I liked it so much I went and saw all your videos! They make you so happy, Lan Zhan, I’m glad.”

“Mn,” Lan Zhan says again, and now his ears are definitely pink. “Wei Ying is very impressive. I was just telling the truth.”

Wei Ying’s cheeks colour unexpectedly. “Ahahaha, yeah, a lot of people liked it apparently.” he wants to rub his neck, but his hand can’t reach when he’s holding a’Yuan. “And so many people said I looked so pretty in my cheongsam! Did you think so too, Lan Zhan?”

“Mn,” Lan Zhan says, and Wei Ying stutters. “Wei Ying was pretty. Wei Ying is always pretty. Wei Ying is beautiful.”

Wei Ying’s whole face catches on fire.

“Baba is very pretty!” a’Yuan agrees solemnly.

Wei Ying will combust. They’re both just so cute.

BI THE WEI @weiwuxian

I would like you all to know that @hanguangjun is the love of my life, the light of my days, my beautiful talented future husband, the father of my son and my fated one.

(picture of Lan Zhan standing in the middle of the street, a’Yuan clutching his leg and crying. Another picture of Wei Ying and Lan Zhan sitting next to each other in a café booth, a’Yuan on Wei Ying’s lap.)


@yanlis replied to @weiwuxian

Congratulations xianxian!!!! 🥰 🥰


@drwen replied to @weiwuxian

Good work idiot


@mianmian replied to @weiwuxian

A’yuan is the best ❤️


@second_nie replied to @weiwuxian

Didn’t I tell you the jeans would work 😉


@wanyinno replied to @weiwuxian

Fucking finally. Congrats



Ahhh congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you wei-ge!!! ❤️ ❤️


@mo_xuanyu replied to @weiwuxian

Xian-ge that’s great!!!


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Lan Zhan @hanguangjun

Yes, @weiwuxian and I are now happily dating. Thank you all for you nice words


@huanlan replied to @hanguangjun

Not that I’m not happy for you a’zhan, but when did all of that happen?????

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