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Because forever wasn't long enough

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"Hey Ryan, what's up?"

Ryan looks up to see Shane sitting in front of him he seemed a little uneasy. Ryan takes a big gulp of his now-cold, too creamy coffee before answering.

"Nothing. Just too little sleep. I keep having a dream that jolts me awake."

Shane didn't seem happy, but Ryan was too tired to notice. They worked in silence save for the chair creaks and buttons clacking until Shane spoke again. "Hey Ry, you're still up for the shoot tonight, right?"

Ryan nodded, then realizing Shane didn't see he confirmed it with a yes.

The car ride to the abandoned building was nothing special. Shane spoke a lot, picked up the slack for Ryan, who stared out the window. Shane was startled when he spoke.

"Shane!" He almost hit the breaks with how urgent Ryan sounded. "What's that park?"

Shane glanced over and sighed. "Uh Mirtisal park, why?"

"Have we ever been there?"


"Have I?"


"Have you?"

"No," Shane said the last one a little louder than before, he looked at Ryan. "God Ryan why is that park important?"

Ryan had been at that park. He didn't know when or how or why. But he was there. He had to be. He couldn't just make up an entire park he's never seen with perfect accuracy. It was that gravel he and Shane stepped on, those trees they walked past. It was that trail they shined flashlights on as they struggled to see.

Ryan looked to where he could see the entry gate in the side mirror. "That's the park from my dream."

There was silence for a while. The turn signal would make noise, passing cars would woosh over the wet asphalt road, an occasional horn. Shane was fidgeting and Ryan hadn't noticed. Ryan was usually more observant. Shane made a left turn before speaking again.

"This dream is obviously bothering you." He looks ahead at the traffic light, waiting for green. "You haven't been yourself all morning, and it's getting to you. Tell me about it. It might help."

"I've had it three times. Only this week. We step onto gravel, we talk. We walk down that path, we talk. I can never understand what we say. I know we're forming words but I can't process them, they just fly right by. We end up in a clearing, we talk some more, but this time it's different. It feels," He paused, thinking, "it feels wrong. We're mad or scared or something. And then," Ryan cuts himself off, he figures telling Shane, 'Oh yeah, and then we get to the part where I have the sneaking suspicion that you're dead.' doesn't make for the best conversation. "And then I feel like I'm falling. Not dream me, me me. And I wake up."

Shane looks at Ryan with a smile. "That doesn't sound too bad. I'm sure you saw a movie with a similar scene. Maybe a youtube video of the park." He looks back to the road. Shane didn't understand, there was something wrong in the dream. It felt so wrong.