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In a world where everything keeps falling apart

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"Don't... don't do this, Shane."


Because of the throbbing pain on his head and abdomen, Rick couldn't move properly. There were other bruises on his form from the previous fight.

There was only one way out of this, he realized.


So he pleaded, looking directly at his best friend's eyes, whom recently he argued a lot with, who also was currently on top of him and just moments away from strangling him.

Considering his alpha strength, Shane could kill him with this position right now, if he wanted to.

There were weapons thrown a few feet away during the fight. He just had to bid his time to reach them.


"There's still a way back from this. Nothing has happened here. We're gonna stand up from the ground, we're gonna walk back to the farm, together. Back to Lori, back to Carl-"


Suddenly Shane let out a broken laugh.

Rick stared up at him, confused.


"You still think this is about her, don't you?"
"..What?" The confusion only grew, at the same time anxiety started to come out.


"Let me tell you right now, it's not about her. Or Carl. It's just about you, Rick. Always has been. She was just a connection-"


Rick suddenly got a feeling where this was going.

A whole new kind of horror and disbelief started to kick in his gut.


"-to feel you. It's you. All I ever wanted is you."


Said his best friend, who he had considered as a brother, who always watched his back not caring about his omega status. Or, that's what he thought.


"I always have, since we were kids. You needed an alpha to take care of you so I was there for you all the fucking time. Kicking off all the assholes who dare tried to touch you, shielding you from the ones who whispered behind your back. Just waiting for a right moment to mate. Then all of a sudden, you decided to run to a beta woman to start a brand-new life,"


Shane's voice gradually became threatening and furious, the hand holding Rick's throat tightening. Rick chocked a little.


"Like a fucking ungrateful slut you are!"


His mind was reeling.
He had believed in Shane, thought he was the only one alpha who saw Rick as a normal man, not a prize to be claimed or an object of twisted lust.


It turns out he had been mistaken for all these years. During the entire time they had stayed at their friendship. Despair and betrayal engulfed his mind, but even that was not the most important thing in this moment.


There was some dangerous glint in Shane's eyes, intense and hungry. Exactly like the way an alpha would look at an unclaimed omega.


He had been mistaken for one more thing. Shane's intention was not killing him.


All of Rick's crisis instincts screamed at him to get the hell out of here.


"All those years I had to just watch you live like that. Playing roles of a powerful husband and father. But deep down you and I always knew that's not where you truly belong. You belonged to me. You were mine, Rick, not Lori's. You were meant to come under my roof, spread your legs for me and bear my children, not Lori's!"


Feeling nauseous listening to this, Rick started to struggle, but Shane grabbed his hair and slammed his head hard against the ground. Again and again.


Rick let out broken noises somewhere between whimpers and screams, then eventually went limp. The vision in front of him started to sway and he couldn't make a movement.


"Now, I'll do what I always had to do, as your rightful alpha."


The sound of opening the belt clicked. Then he felt his own jeans dragged down and completely taken off. The chilly air made goosebumps on his bare white skin.


No. This couldn't be happening.


Even in numbness owing to the concussion in his head, he desperately tried to move away as much as possible from this nightmare. But all he could do was just a little twitch of his arms and legs, which was easily overpowered by the alpha above him.


Two large hands grabbed both of his legs and spread them open. A warm, solid body came between and then something stiff, hot and impossibly thick pressed against his entrance.


Rick finally lost it.


"No.... no.....! Shane, PLEASE, NO!!"


He practically started to wail in a rugged voice, having no choice but to be an weak omega begging for mercy.


But the alpha simply leaned in close and whispered, voice dripping with desire.


"I love you."


Then he thrusted in.