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- - - - - 



Izuku's always had awful chronic pelvic pain.


It started when he presented and had to go through cycles and the associated internal mess, but got worse the more he used OFA throughout his body. He spends a lot of his pre and post-heat days wobbling upright and doing his best to hide how bad things hurt — something that gets relatively more easy the more he learns to use his quirk better (i.e., not shattering each of his limbs into gangly messes). 


By the time he graduates UA and somehow ends up sharing an apartment with Kacchan(!!), he's managed to get onto a better birth control that helps, but sometimes it's just… overwhelming. 


Normally he's able to deal with things on his own, just take a hot bath and go to bed after a long patrol, but this cycle is just a wreck. He had a mass incident earlier in the day, and all the time spent jumping into the air and twisting around rubble has him hardly able to do more than hobble home and struggle into his pyjamas. 


Of course, that's how Kacchan finds him, being a weak, whiny Omega too out of it to lift his head and apologize for taking up space on their bathroom floor.



- - - - - 



Katsuki comes home to find Deku curled on the bathroom floor, shivering and gritting his teeth.


'The fuck's wrong with him,' is the first thought Katsuki has, but Deku doesn't even seem to have noticed him standing in the hall, peering through the crack of the door. The whole room reeks of pain, and with how Deku's holding his lower half, it's obviously a cycle thing.


It's awkward but Katsuki goes into the kitchen and makes food, then shoves it through the door without saying anything. They don't talk about their stuff, especially not now that they live together. It's just an unspoken 'shit happens' kind of understanding.


An hour later, the empty plate slides out through the crack. Katsuki picks it up and rolls a sealed electrolyte drink in on his way back to his room. He spends a while in his room, scrolling on his phone before stretching and getting up. Neither of them work tomorrow, but Deku's still in the bathroom and Katsuki has to piss. 


Deku doesn't look like he's going to move, so Katsuki moves him back to his own, merch-filled room. It's definitely not skin-tingling to have that weight in his arms, or Deku's half-conscious face pressed to his neck.


Deku rolls out of his arms into his pile of a bed (his nest, Katsuki's Alpha supplies), claw-like hands holding onto Katsuki until the last second. Katsuki tucks the layers of blankets all around Deku before he can figure out why he's doing it. He just has to seal the nerd into his blankets, then pile pillows around him until it feels right, and then Katsuki can finally leave. 


Deku still smells a bit like pain, but he also smells warm and fed — and a little like Katsuki. He doesn't think about that when he goes to bed. Although he thinks about it more when realizes he's missing one of his coziest blankets halfway through the night. The one he spent a good minute tucking Deku into earlier… damn it. Now he's thinking about the fact shitty Deku's wrapped up in one of his pup blankets, and Katsuki was the one who tucked him into it. 


How the hell did Deku have my blanket in the first place?



- - - - - 



Katsuki wakes up early, despite going to bed past his usual grandpa hour.


There's no noise from Deku's room, so the nerd must still be passed out. Katsuki clatters around in the kitchen, glaring at the extra food like that'll make it less incriminating. He is not providing. Deku's just trying to cop out of their ranking competition, and Katsuki can't have that.


It's weird. Deku's had heats and shit before and Katsuki's never been affected like this. Sweating and prowling around the hall and too itchy in his skin to sit down. Even working out doesn't help, just makes him sweaty and scent harder, growling quietly to himself.


He can hear Deku mumbling in his room — something about sweets — on one of his rounds of the apartment. They don't have sweets. Katsuki could order something… but then someone would be here, smelling his— Katsuki hides in his room, wishing he could strangle his Alpha.


Deku no longer smells like pain. He smells sweet. Sounds sweet, too, little croons that crawl under Katsuki's skin from behind his bedroom door. Katsuki puts a very flimsy lock between him and one very bad decision. Pinning Deku in his nest — a nest filled with Katsuki's bedding — is a goddamn bad decision.


Katsuki has a suppressant pen  — expired as fuck because he's used to muscling through all his shit — that he uses out of desperation. He will not fuck the nerd. He will not— there's a goddamn horror-movie creak from the hall, and Katsuki rumbles uneasily as that sweet minty scent pushes toward him. 


Izuku knocks on his door, boots it open — probably meaning to do it gently, but the thing lets out an ominous crack anyway. He's wrapped in Katsuki's blanket, looking sleepy and out of it.


Katsuki can feel his face twitch. Stupid idiot looks so dumb, walking around like that… Katsuki grumbles as Izuku shuffles in the doorway, sniffing the air, green eyes dark and interested. Damn. It.


“Deku,” he rasps, sitting up and glaring at the intruding, minty-smelling little bastard.


Deku comes forward, ignoring Katsuki's half-hearted growl. He climbs onto Katsuki's bed, blanket and all — and buries his face in Katsuki's belly, making stupid cute snuffling noises. Katsuki grumbles and shoves at Deku's head, but it devolves into dragging his sharp-looking hands through the idiot's rumpled hair, skin tingling where Deku rubs his nose into it. 


This is so fucking stupid. Worst decision ever.


Deku's curled up on top of him, in heat. Or heat-adjacent… he’s never payed too much attention to the minutiae of Omegas' cycles. Is this just how aroused Deku gets in general? Or is it… something else. Katsuki shoves down the smug satisfaction that pops up, thinking ‘it’s because of me.’ He has no idea if that’s true, and asking would be arrogant as fuck. 


Deku doesn't seem to be getting… aggressive, at least. Just a big fucking dead weight sprawled out on Katsuki and stinking up his room. Katsuki's glad Deku's face-down in his belly so he can't see the stupid, embarrassed flush on his face.


“Go stink up your own room,” he grumbles eventually, shifting a leg out from under Deku, wriggling the feeling back into it with a grimace.


Hhhmn… nnooooo…” Deku says eloquently, to Katsuki's stomach. 


Katsuki pushes his knee into Deku's side, mouth twitching at the nerd's whine. Deku clings to him harder, burrowing into Katsuki like a heat-seeking little mole. The blanket's spread over his whole lower half now, sealing in the warmth. This minty shit is never coming out of his bedding. (The thought doesn't piss him off as much as it should.)


Deku turns to the side and grips onto one of Katsuki's legs. Wrapping an arm and leg around and clinging tighter. “You little—” Deku's whine cuts him off, clearly begging. His nose drags over the line of Katsuki's hip, sending a shiver down his spine. Deku smells a bit like pain again and Katsuki rumbles unconsciously, face twitching at the off-key purr that vibrates his skin. 


Katsuki stares at his ceiling, questioning his life as Deku worms his way up his body, bringing the blanket and his stupid octopus limbs with him. Deku's so damn comfortable (heavy, hot) on top of him. His nose presses into Katsuki's shoulder and one of his thick (heavy, amazing) thighs drapes over Katsuki's waist. 


Katsuki's hand warms on his back, slipping up beneath the loose shirt Deku wore to bed. Deku sags with the heat Katsuki pours into his palm, going loose-limbed and useless like a starfish full of heavy as fuck muscle. Katsuki's arousal is definitely there, but the suppressant (and that stupid, hazy minty scent) keep him relaxed enough to deal with it while Deku… Deku fucking falls asleep.


Katsuki has to pee, he's hungry, he has a semi, and Deku's fucking dead asleep, drooling on Katsuki's shoulder, making happy little sleep-purrs that do nothing to dissuade that 'wanting to fuck' instinct. 


For some reason unknown to him, he stays put. Deku seems to roll toward wherever his hands are, so he leaves them on the idiot's back. Stupid nerd likes the heat of his quirk or whatever. It's whatever. He smells bette— less shitty when Katsuki leaves his hands warm.


Katsuki ducks his head down awkwardly a while later, tipping to one side to see if Deku's still dead to the world. He definitely is, lashes long and dark against his cheeks. Katsuki looks away, ignoring the hammering of his heart. It's officially time to pee, so he wriggles his way free of his 'passenger', snorting at the way the the mass of Deku and blankets absorbs the warm space he leaves behind.


Katsuki brushes his teeth when he's done relieving himself, scratching at his belly and twitching at the minty smell that rises in the air. Ugh… Katsuki rubs a hand through his hair as he heads to the kitchen, leaving his dumb, den-stealing roommate in his bed while he gets food.


He's drooling making breakfast. Whatever. there's a lot of meat in these omelettes. Fuck it. He drinks like, three glasses of water but still feels warm, light trickles of sweat weaving down the back of his neck. 


Katsuki wolfs down his meal and brings a plate back to the den. Deku's awake — the little creep — staring at him from a cocoon of blankets, licking his lips at the food in Katsuki's hands. 


“You are not eating in my bed,” Katsuki growls, tapping his foot and ignoring Deku's pitiful whine and accompanying sad eyes.


Deku lets out a grumpy, rattly sound that makes Katsuki's head hurt. Finally the stupid nerd concedes, sliding off the bed (blankets and all) to sit on the floor, holding his hands out for the plate. Katsuki sighs and hands it over, eyeing the rumpled, blanket-less, minty mess of his bed.


It’s weird but interesting seeing Deku like this, seeking Katsuki out and being so… Omega. He’s never acted like this for other people. It’s hard not to feel flattered. And aroused. Definitely aroused. That suppressant pen wasn't a long term solution, after all.


Deku finishes the food and Katsuki realizes he literally just stood there watching him eat without moving or saying anything. The hell is wrong with him?


Deku turns and squirms back onto the bed, settling in the middle — a satisfied lump of Omega and blankets. Katsuki rumbles and Deku hunches down further on the bed, eyes narrowing.


Go back to your nest. It should be easy for Katsuki to say, but the words just won't come. He moves closer and Deku glares at him before pausing, sniffing the air, eyes big and dark once again. 


“Kacchan… come,” he insists quietly, lifting the edge of the blankets.


Part of Katsuki wants to snap and yell about it being his bed, but the other part's too busy kicking off his slippers and crawling into the blankets, tugging Deku into his grip with a demanding rumble. His hands wrap back around Deku's back, warm and radiating heat over his spine and hips. Deku's legs cinch up around Katsuki's waist, nosing into the hollow of his throat and flicking the blanket so it covers Katsuki's back. 


This is definitely not roommate territory.


Katsuki's face presses into Deku's hair, rumbling and growling when Deku's fingers shift beneath his sleep tank, tracing the scars and valleys of muscle in his back. He's hard and pressing against Deku's stomach, aching in his sweatpants. Deku squirms closer, sharp little teeth skating over Katsuki's collarbone. Fucking…


“Bad,” Katsuki hisses, one hand lifting to tug his head back, red eyes narrowed on his Omega's face. Deku whines and tips his chin away for Katsuki, pink skin flushed and vulnerable. “Mine,” he mumbles, tipping Deku onto his back, pressing his own sharp teeth into the curve of his neck. Deku's heavy thighs squeeze around his waist, making him wheeze and pull back with a growl. 


"Gentle.” Deku purrs, sprawling out beneath Katsuki, blinking lazily at him. Gentle, huh… he can be fucking gentle. He'll fucking smother his stupid minty idiot with… gentle.


Katsuki pushes at Deku's shirt, pleased when his Omega wriggles out of it. Katsuki can smell a newer, spicier scent mixing with the mint when his face pushes back into Deku's neck. Deku purrs and his claws shift through Katsuki's hair and down his back.


Katsuki shivers and nips Deku's neck. “Stay still,” he grouses, intent on getting the scent right, making the perfect, flushed mark in the curve of Deku's neck.


Deku rolls into his stomach with a groan. Katsuki shifts to line their hips up, panting into Deku's skin. Arousal floods the den. Deku smells really good now, soft mint and warm spice — smells like Katsuki's.


Deku's legs hook around his hips as Katsuki sucks a mark into the base of his throat, clutching at Deku's thighs. Deku moans into Katsuki's ear and his face burns. They're grinding it out like horny teens and Katsuki can't be bothered to care, too focused on scenting Deku. Rolling his hips faster, pulling Deku close and letting out possessive growls at his Omega's pleas and whines.


Deku's legs clamp around his ribs as he cums. Katsuki stiffens and digs his teeth into Deku's shoulder, shuddering slowly to a stop. Deku sniffs at Katsuki, hands curling in his hair before wrapping loosely around his shoulders. Katsuki grumbles — it's his turn to starfish.


Deku lays still for a few minutes before pulling at Katsuki's arm. He's about to give Deku a dirty look, thinking he's asking for more, but instead Deku presses Katsuki's palm into the base of his stomach. Deku chirps and Katsuki hides his flush in Deku's bitten shoulder. He pours heat into his palm and Deku sighs, sprawling beneath him with a sated, drowsy purr. He really does like Katsuki using his quirk on him, at least for things like this. 


Deku passes out, obviously pleased despite how awful both their pants are going to be in a while. Katsuki grumbles to himself, but his eyes are heavy, sleep coming easy with the warm weight of sated Omega nuzzled up against him. 



- - - - - 



Izuku wakes up… not in his bed. 


He was having a very nice dream — which apparently wasn't a dream at all considering Kacchan's curled over him with his mouth open, fangs digging lightly into Izuku's shoulder, rumbling off and on in his sleep.


Izuku tends to go a bit 'instinct driven' when he's in pain and near his cycle, but he didn't expect it to go like this. Sure, he's been half-conscious before and taken his mother or friends cuddle-hostage a few times, but he hasn't uh… well.


He shifts and grimaces at the wet, cold feeling in his sleep shorts. Kacchan snorts and grumbles above him, clutching him tighter. Izuku's butt is asleep from their… position, but moving makes Kacchan growl, teeth digging in a little. Who knew Kacchan was a sleep cuddler?


Kacchan smells really nice too… all minty and spicy… wait — minty?? 


Izuku cranes his head to one side, flushing at the line of bruises and teeth marks on Kacchan's shoulder leading toward his neck. Apparently his hormonal self has no qualms about marking his crush. He was supposed to play it cool! Be Kacchan's roommate that annoyed him and maybe eventually a f-friend, not — not jump him and steal his blankets and leave bite marks all over his neck and c-cum


“If you don't stop mumbling, I'm gonna smother you in this blanket,” Kacchan growls. Izuku squeaks and tries to scrunch in on himself — a useless feat with Kacchan's dense, muscular weight on top of him.


“Hey, nerd,” he grumbles, smug satisfaction in his voice, “look here.”


Izuku turns his face, bright red, bottom lip tucked into his teeth to look at Kacchan. Kacchan's face lays against his shoulder, eyes half-shut and dark. A hint of fang flashes in his mouth as he rumbles and leans toward Izuku, one hand digging into Izuku's hair to keep him still while Katsuki nips and licks into his dropped open mouth. 


Oh. Izuku melts into it, an embarrassing little purr rattling his chest while Kacchan shifts on top of him, sharp claws tracing the curve of his hip. The kiss breaks and Izuku whines, flushing miserably as Kacchan blinks in response, a slow, satisfied grin curling on his face.


“You awake now, you little shit?” Izuku nods, beet red and burning up, minty scent filling the air. Kacchan's knee pushes his leg to the side, shifting closer against him.


“Good,” he growls, hiking Izuku's leg up around his waist, growling as he takes Izuku's mouth again.


Kacchan's hair is nice and soft — and he lets out little muffled groans when Izuku tugs on it. There's retaliating nips to his mouth and claws digging into his ass — but Izuku's not put off by that. Kacchan likes him. He didn't make fun of Izuku — he came onto him this time!!


Kacchan shoves at Izuku’s sleep shorts and underwear, fingers working beneath the waistband to press into the plush curve of his ass. Izuku whines and wriggles helpfully, gasping for air when Kacchan rips away, pushing Izuku’s legs toward his chest. Kacchan yanks his shorts down his legs and flings them somewhere behind them before crowding back against him.


The scent of slick and a hint of blood hits Izuku’s nose and he turns bright red, embarrassed at the reality of p-period sex!! All the dirty talk he’s grown up hearing about ‘parting the red sea’ swirls in his head. He’d feel gross about not being perfect and fruity-smelling like all the magazines talk about if it weren’t so obvious that Kacchan wants him regardless of how imperfect he is. 


Wait… are they — are they actually going to have sex? From the way Kacchan’s scent’s gone all feral and interested, apparently so. Frotting is one thing, but the pants off definitely isn’t roommate territory. Not that it matters much now. Izuku’s pretty sure ‘just roommates’ don’t behave like they’ve been doing. Providing food and a warm den like m-mates did… 


Kacchan makes a sound against Izuku’s throat. It would be rattling and vaguely threatening if not for the flood of horny and want in that familiar, sugar-smoke scent.   Oh, fuck it. Kacchan’s sheets are black. Both of them are hard, and the little bit of r-red that might show up clearly isn’t a turn off for his Alpha. Ohhh, his Alpha… that sounds good. Really good. 


Izuku growls back, knees squeezing around Kacchan’s waist as he digs a hand into that familiar shock of blond hair, pressing Kacchan closer to his neck. The arched neck and sweet scent pouring out of him have Kacchan panting and licking his skin, teeth pressing and shifting over each new patch of flesh and leaving what will probably be horrific marks behind.


It’s Izuku’s turn to shove at Kacchan’s pants, teeth digging into his lip as he concentrates. Kacchan grumbles as Izuku’s claw-tipped fingers dig into his thighs, jerking forward with a hiss between his legs. Izuku’s whine warbles up around them and Kacchan melts down onto him with a hungry growl. Izuku’s heart pounds at the weight and heat, the hard — very… very hard, big dick pressing into the seam of his thigh. 


“Deku,” Kacchan hisses, rolling forward with a wave of new horny scent from the both of them. 


“Mmm… get — you can—” They freeze as Kacchan’s next grind has him sliding right between Izuku’s legs, wet and hot and just… opening up for him. 


Kacchan’s eyes are all swallowed up with black, flushed across his cheeks and even the tips of his ears! It’s so cute — so… so


Kacchan licks his lips, one hand trailing down the back of Izuku’s leg to hike it up around his waist. He leans closer, nipping the curve of Izuku’s jaw before grumbling and rolling their necks together. Oh… smells good… even better than the bed with the two of them in it, smells like — like IzukuandKacchan, not just the two of them ricocheting off the boundaries of their rooms and the shared spaces, tentatively twining together but never like — like this. 


Izuku arches up against him, twisting his hips and shivering at the nice friction there. He’s wet and horny and he doesn’t care how messy they get — he just, he wants


“Yeah?” Kacchan says, husky and rasping and Izuku can’t help but nod frantically, tangling his fingers in Kacchan’s hair and tipping his head to the side, submitting neatly as Kacchan growls and presses their mouths together. 


Kacchan’s hand slides down from the base of his dick to his slit, teasing it open and pausing at the way Izuku tightens briefly against him. Kacchan’s scent is warm and sugary and musky all at once, overpowering but inviting and soothing. Izuku moans into the kiss as Kacchan’s fingers sink neatly into him, no tug or discomfort, just warm and smooth to the knuckle, spreading apart and crooking inside him. 


Izuku’s head tips back with a groan, a broken — “feels good” — that has Kacchan panting hungry curses above him.


“Fuck — fuck,” he hisses, fingers sliding out. “Need — I’m gonna fuck you, Deku. You’re mine,” he growls, shifting over Izuku. He's getting up onto his knees, gripping Izuku’s lower back to hold him in place, lifted just a little off the sheets. 


Izuku can only moan and nod, gripping Kacchan’s shoulders and biting his lip between pants as his Alpha drives into him, smooth, slick, wet, burning — big, really big. And good. Nice and warm and solid all along his front, that familiar narrow waist easy to hook his ankles around and pull Kacchan closer and keep him there with the strength in his legs.


His Alpha. 


Mine,” Izuku growls back, claws digging into the muscle of Kacchan’s shoulders. 


Kacchan arches against him, pressing deeper, muffled hisses and groans escaping those bitten lips. His eyes close as Izuku’s fingers tug in his hair, neck arched up and back, the bob of his throat as he swallows a target Izuku’s eyes latch onto hungrily. Izuku nips Kacchan’s throat, pulls him closer — starts marking up the length of that strong, sweat-streaked neck. His… needs more of his marks… 


Kacchan moans above Izuku’s head, hips rolling slowly. He’s half-collapsed forward, barely able to keep Izuku lifted up from the sheets now. He gives up entirely when Izuku sinks a neat little bite into the crook of his neck, licking his lips and purring smugly at the dark little bruise swelling into the skin. 


Omeg-aaa,” Kacchan growls, the intensity somewhat ruined by the cracked moan he lets out when Izuku grabs his ass.


“Faster,” Izuku demands, snapping his hips up against Kacchan. He squeezes deliberately as he slides back down onto the bed, letting Kacchan’s dick draw out through the tight grip of his insides. 


Kacchan snarls and pounds into him. No preface, no slow start up into it, just hard, fast slams inside him that rip desperate moans and cries out of Izuku's throat. The bed frame smacks into the wall. They’re going to get… nnnn… noise complaints… 


Kacchan’s hands nail him in place. No escape from the onslaught, just two burning palms locked around his hip and the opposite shoulder, hips working fast and deep, chasing each new twitch of Izuku’s insides. 


“Fast enough, slut?” Kacchan hisses, grinding in a little deeper. There’s a distinct swell to his dick now, an arousing stretch that has Izuku’s head spinning too fast to keep up with his responding squeezes. 


“K-Kacchan,” Izuku whines, hands slipping down to wrap around Kacchan’s chest, clinging closer. 


“Mmm… fuck, you feel good,” Kacchan rumbles, thumb sweeping over the line of Izuku’s hip. His back arches as he pushes in deeper, slowing just a little bit, dragging out in a slow, twisting drag. 


His stupid Omega — desperate, awful, horny thing — absolutely preens at being told by their Alpha that they feel good. Good Omega. Tight, warm, and wet — just for Kacchan. 


Izuku’s whimpers are frayed and desperate, doing his best to lift his hips and get Kacchan in deep again. The hand at his hip is strong, however. Izuku’s bottom half is his powerhouse, but Kacchan’s hands, arms, and shoulders are crazy powerful. It’s like trying to move a steel bar — Izuku’s done that, but he’s too distracted to try and use OFA now to get fucked how he wants. 


Kacchan grins, sweat dripping down the attractive, muscular line of his neck. Izuku’s feet curl, legs jerking as an intense wave of pressure and heat washes down from his belly, through his cunt and down out his legs. 


Kacchan shivers and grips him harder, green electricity sparking over both their bodies. “God, fuck,” Kacchan snarls, teeth digging into Izuku’s shoulder. “Gonna knot — fuck, I’m gonna flood your slutty little hole you… nnnn, fuck!“


Ohhh — Izuku noticed the swell earlier, but he didn’t even think about how it would feel to get knotted 


“Yes — ahh — Kacchan, knot, Alpha,” Izuku whines, writhing in Kacchan’s grip, caught in place and struggling between instinct and his desire to get free and take his pleasure however he wants.


Kacchan swears above him, hand snapping out from his shoulder up to the headboard of the bed, sparks and the crackle of wood searing proving his own loss of control. “Mine — fuck, you’re mine, shitty Deku — take it,” Kacchan growls, loud and insisting, ricocheting off the walls of the room. He snaps his hips a few more times before shoving in deep and throbbing inside Izuku.


The overstimulation is intense — it’s thick and stretching him, sealing him and Kacchan together. Wet heat floods into him and Izuku whines in embarrassment and desperation as the heat in his lower half translates into a huge, back-arching squeeze, and a squirt of fluid between his legs soaks both of them with his next orgasm. 


“HA,” Kacchan snarls a triumphant sound, half-laugh, half-growl. He grinds in deeper, leaning down from the headboard and nipping at Izuku’s upturned lips. “Knew you’d fucking squirt on it, you little slut.” Kacchan’s red eyes gleam, trailing over the wrecked, panting tangle of him. “My slut.” 


Izuku whines indignantly, but he’s too out of his mind from the sensations to snap back and deny the accusation. He’s distracted by the heavy, comfortable weight of Kacchan settling onto him, rattling purrs vibrating through his skin. 


“Full,” he whines, a little while later, a hand sneaking down between them to trace the curve of his belly. He’s — he’s never been knotted before. It’s a lot. 


Kacchan’s hands brace against his back as he rolls them onto their sides, steady heat seeping through his palms and into Izuku’s hips. His nose brushes through Izuku’s hair, rumbling and pulling him close. “You can take it,” he mumbles, encouraging and demanding all at once. 


Kacchan’s scent is thick and spicy, filling the whole room with it. Izuku’s momentary post-cycle heat flash or whatever the hell this was seems to have faded, but Kacchan’s very clearly only just beginning to dial up into his own cycle. His belly already aches with how full he is, how stretched his insides feel — but he knows for a fact that he’s probably not going to be off of Kacchan’s dick for a few days with how tight and possessive his Alpha’s holding him. 


Vaguely, Izuku wonders if having a conversation about the thick bites on both their throats and the knot locking them together is a good idea — but the aftershocks of orgasm and the slow, determined rolls of Kacchan’s hips steal the words away. He can probably remember what he was going to say… after Kacchan’s done pumping him full. 


Kacchan turns him onto his belly a while later, hiking his hips up and pushing through the wet inside of him, stirring it up into a frothing, dripping mess as his knot recedes. 


Kacchan’s rasping laugh rings in Izuku’s ears and he mumbles, dragging his face free of the pillow to stare back at his roommate. “Whass… funny,” he mumbles, too wrung out to do more than breathe and just exist while Kacchan keeps him full.


“Suits you,” Kacchan growls, fingers lifting from Izuku’s thighs to spread him open from behind, tracing the swollen lips of his cunt around the base of his cock.


Izuku yelps at the tender feeling. “Kacchan?!” He cries, embarrassed but too horny — again — to stop his Alpha. 


“Minty smelling little shit… course you’d look good with a peppermint swirl,” Kacchan snarls in his ear, leaning down over him. His fingers retreat, wet and trailing over Izuku’s sides. Kacchan’s hips pump in and out, his pace slowly increasing. 


Fuck, it feels good. Kacchan’s warm and familiar, holding him in place and nosing over the back of his neck, sharp teeth pressing in to keep him still. Izuku moans his submission and tips his hips up, sprawling on his chest in his Alpha’s comfy, mint and spice-scented bed. 



- - - - - 



When the stupid rebounding horny mess of their cycles finally ends, Izuku has to waddle to the bathroom. He's dripping and swollen and too tender to even think about going again. He glares at Kacchan, naked and unrepentant on his back in the wreck of the bed. He watches Izuku with slitted red eyes, arms folded over his head, licking his lips at the slow drip between his Omega’s thighs. 


Izuku leaves the room without caving to the temptation of climbing onto Kacchan’s chest and letting his Alpha ease the tenderness with his mouth. He wants to shower and spend more than 10 consecutive minutes without a cock (or tongue) in his pussy, thanks very much. 


It’s only when he’s rinsing off before hopping into the bath that he realizes — horrified, embarrassed, aroused — what ‘peppermint swirl’ means. 


“UGH!! Kacchan!!” 


The stubborn, embarrassed silent-treatment Izuku gives his Alpha doesn’t last too long, however.


Kacchan makes him a big post-cycle meal after they’re both done showering — as well as some sweets he has no idea how they got into the apartment. Kacchan even sits with him on the couch after they’re done eating, mindlessly watching some Hero news, sitting on his phone right beside Izuku, warm and familiar. 


Izuku’s head droops eventually, drowsy and unconsciously turning to press into Kacchan’s side. Kacchan bullies him up off the couch with a grumble, slinging an arm round his waist and pushing him past his own bedroom. Izuku flushes when he realizes they’re heading back into Kacchan’s room. 


It still smells like the two of them and a ton of sex in here, but Kacchan slings him into a fresh, clean bed piled with both their blankets. It’s presumptuous and ridiculous to make a nest for Izuku without even talking about the whole ‘are we roommates or are we mates’ thing, but Izuku’s too flushed and his Omega’s too pleased at the cozy nest to complain. He curls into the blankets, snuffling toward Kacchan once he sprawls out on the bed beside Izuku after shutting the door. 


Izuku’s not sure how much time passes, but he’s comfortable with Kacchan’s hands on him, warm and somehow knowing just where to press each time a little ache or cramp springs up. Kacchan rumbles eventually, shifting Izuku onto his side before rolling him to his back. Kacchan’s fangs are sharp and gleaming as he slides down between Izuku’s legs, evidently hungry for more.


Izuku’s still a bit sore — and embarrassed — but he twines his fingers into Kacchan’s hair and lets his Alpha have him. His legs drape up over Kacchan’s shoulders while he whines through another ridiculous, back-arching orgasm.


Yeah. Definitely not just roommates anymore.



- - - - -