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Cubs of the Night

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Logan flipped his sunglasses up as he looked up at the “Longfellow” lettering on the old brick building in front of him. He felt his boyfriend come stand next to him.

“What’re you thinking, Lo?”

“Sometimes I wonder if I should go to college. Get a degree. Be a proper adult, whatever that means.”

Logan heard Leo snort in amusement.

“Quoi, now?” his lover teased, “How long have we been alive? And you just now want to be a proper adult?”

“Enfoire” Logan shoved him gently before opening the oversized doors and heading towards the large staircase, then up the stairs to the second floor, turn right, second door on the left. Professor Dumias, the door read in gold lettering.

Logan threw the door to Dumo’s brightly lit office open. “Hey Dumo! We brought…” Logan felt his brain melt as he took in the student, looking up at him in surprise, seated in one of the plush chairs across from Dumo.

They had long, floofy red hair and big brown bambi eyes that seemed to pull Logan in.

“Logan,” Dumo sighed, leaning back “I do wish you would learn to knock.”

Logan nodded mindlessly, feeling Leo gently push him fully into the office.

“Sorry Pascal.” Leo apologized before turning to the redhead. “Hi! I’m Leo and this is my partner, Logan.”

The redhead shook Leo’s extended hand. “Finn. I’m one of Professor Dumias’ students this semester.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Logan noticed Leo hold Finn’s hand a moment longer than necessary and waited to feel a bit of jealousy. But nothing came. Logan mentaly shook himself and turned to Dumo.

“For you, Professor.” Logan set the cup on the desk and dropped gracelessly into the other chair, next to Finn. “So what’s your major?”

“Oh, ah, education. I’m getting my masters and then, I don’t actually know. Professor Dumias here thinks I should go for a PHD, but I’m not sure.” Finn fidgeted with a small cube in their hand.

“I’m sure whatever you choose, you’ll be great Sugar.” Leo said, leaning over the top of Logan’s chair.

Logan thought the blush now coloring Finn’s face was very attractive. Dumo clearing his throat jarred Logan out of his thoughts, very rudely if you asked him.

“Thank you for the coffee, but if you two don’t need anything else, Finn and I need to get back to work.” Dumo pushed his glasses up his nose.

Logan thought he noticed Finn’s face fall slightly at that statement. He wasn’t sure if it was wishful thinking or not.

“Right. We should go mon coeur. Let the smart boys get back to work.” Leo joked

Logan thought he saw hurt flit across Finn’s face for a moment at Leo’s joke and he suddenly felt he would do anything to keep them safe. Oh no, he thought, I've felt this before.

“It was really nice meeting you, Finn.” Leo smiled, heading out the door.

Logan stood, a bit disappointed and made to follow Leo out the door.

“Wait.” Logan felt butterflies alight in his stomach as he turned back to Finn.

“Yeah?” He asked after a beat of silence.

Finn hesitated. “Uh, nothing. Nevermind. Bye.”

“Oh, okay, bye.” Logan couldn’t help feeling disappointed as he waved, closing the door behind him and walking to the large staircase, finding Leo leaning against the railing.

Logan stood next to his partner, bumping shoulders, "Hey."

“You’re attracted to Finn.”

Logan blinked, then looked down, anxious about what Leo might say, “I, ah, sorry?”

Leo swung his head to stare at Logan, “Why are you sorry, mon coeur? I didn’t mean it badly.”

“Oh.” Logan felt relieved, even as he held back his next words as a few students passed them on the stairs.

Leo laughed, straightening, “We should talk at home, mon amour.”

Logan took Leo’s hand, pulling the taller man towards him, making Leo steady himself against his chest before kissing him softly.

“Oui, let’s go home.”


Logan leaned against the front door feeling it click shut. He sighed listening to the calm silence of their apartment.

“Logan! Want a snack?”

Logan laughed softly, hearing his boyfriend already banging around in the kitchen. “Sure love! Just a small pack.” He felt his cat winding around his legs and scooped her up.

“Hey Dusky, were you a vicious little blood-sucker while we were gone?” He buried his face in Dusk’s dark fur and went to sit on the couch, wrapping himself in their couch blanket.

“Well you look comfy.” Logan looked up at Leo who was holding out a small blood pack, he smiled and grabbed it, taking a long sip, Dusk starting to sniff at his face curiously.

“No Dusty, not for you. Go find Soufflé.” Leo placed her on the floor and sank down next to his partner. “So, Finn.”

Logan laughed, “Not beating around the bush I see. Yeah, I think he? She? They? Hey, what pronouns do you think they use?”

“I couldn't tell you, you’d have to ask them.” Leo shrugged, “You think Finn what?”

“Oh, I think Finn’s cute.” Logan ducked under Leo’s arm and snuggled firmly into his side, “I’d like to get to know them, even if nothing happens. For a minute there I thought they were gonna give me their number. Ce la vi, I guess.”

“I wonder if Dumo would give us their cellular number.”

“Nah, Dumo cares about student - teacher confidentiality. I’d say we hang around les professeurs office waiting for them to show up, but that sounds creepy, even for us.”

Leo raised his eyebrows.

“You know because we’re vampires? They’re supposed to be creepy, oui?”

“I think they’re sexy now.”

“You’re sexy now.” Logan retorted, kissing his jaw playfully.

“I’m always sexy.” Leo winked before leaning to place kisses down Logan’s neck.

Logan hummed in appreciation. Leo scraped his fangs along his neck making Lo’s breath hitch. “Leo,” He laughed, “we don’t have time right now, I gotta go to work.”

Leo growled and sank his teeth into his neck. “Trying to get me high?” Leo hummed in agreement, Logan sighed, enjoying the floaty feeling that came with the injected endorphins from his boyfriend’s bites.

Logan felt Leo’s fangs retract as he was pulled fully into his lover’s lap, Leo’s tongue pressing against the wound until it closed a moment later. As he dropped quickly from the short high, his thoughts returned to the cute redhead they’d met earlier as he lumped fully surrounded by Leo’s body and scent.

“I thought you had to get ready for work.” Logan could hear the smirk in his lover’s voice

Logan groaned in response, “Now I don’t wanna.”

Leo laughed and kissed his cheek as he got up and tossed the blood packs in the kitchen incinerator. “Do you think you’re gonna get a chance to stock up on some more blood?”


Logan moved to the bedroom, stripping as he went, pausing to scratch behind Soufflé’s ears before grabbing his work clothes from the closet.

“There are a lot of connards on Fridays aren’t there?” Leo called from the kitchen.

“Yup, fuckers don’t know I can smell that shit from a mile away. Bastards ruining my perfectly good drinks.”

“So you’re barkeeping today?” Logan looked up to see Leo eyeing him from the doorway.

“Yeah, and Sirius is security.” He chuckled, “if he’s not too busy eyeing the new barkeeper.”

Leo laughed as he picked up Soufflé & sat on the bed, petting her, “He’s gonna ask to switch with you isn’t he?”


“You going to?”

“Absolutely not.” Logan felt his lover’s eyes on his ass as he bent to put on his boots “Enjoying the view?” he asked, straightening up.

“Of course”

“Je t’aime.” Logan wrapped his arms around his lover's neck and kissed him deeply.

“I love you too. Now get going, you’ll be late.”

A week or so later

“Finn!” The redhead in question spun around on the sidewalk to see the brunette from Professor Dumias’ office sprinting towards them in the dusky light, with the blonde a few strides behind.

Finn smiled, “Hi. Um, Logan, right?” The brunette nodded and Finn looked up at the blonde, “And you’re Leo.”

“Oui.” Leo smiled, “I like your lipstick.”

Finn blushed, “Thank you. I, uh, I’ve been letting myself do more uh, typically feminine things, like do my makeup and wear skirts. I mean I’ve always wanted to and I guess college is kinda the place for experimenting, though I think that more refers to when you’re just out of high school getting your bachelor degree than going back for your masters-”

Finn cut off, feeling a gentle touch on their arm, “You’re rambling.” Logan said softly.

“I’m glad you’re feeling comfortable enough to experiment.” Leo smiled warmly.

“Hey, are you in a hurry?” Logan asked, “We wanted to talk to you again, but we don’t want to keep you up.”

Finn felt butterflies alight in their stomach learning that these two cute boys had wanted to see them again. “I’m getting food before the dining hall closes, would you two want to walk with me?”

“Sure.” Logan said

Finn started walking again, Leo and Logan falling into step on either side of them.

“Finn? Is it alright if I ask what your pronouns are?” Leo asked, surprising them.

“Oh, um,” Finn stared intently at the ground, willing their voice to stay steady, “people use he/him for me.”

Leo’s voice was gentle, asking, “Is that what you prefer?”

Finn felt shaky as they shook their head, “I like they/them, but no one really uses them though. It’s fine.”

“Would you like us to?” Logan placed a hand on the small of their back and led them aways off the path.

“I don’t want to inconvenience anybody.” Finn was sure they were shaking by now, as they firmly stared holes into the grass.

At this Leo tilted Finn’s face to look at his, “Your pronouns are not an inconvenience. Don’t believe anyone who says otherwise.”

Finn wasn’t sure how to respond, they’d never had anyone actually tell them anything like this.

“Hey, hey, don’t cry.” Leo’s blue eyes were full of worry as he gently wiped away the tears that Finn didn’t realize had been falling. “It’s okay, whatever makes you comfortable, is what we’ll go with, okay?”

Finn nodded, looking between the two of them, “I’m sorry, I’ve never really talked to anybody about it before. Thank you.”

“Of course,” Leo smiled at them.

Logan continued rubbing gentle circles on their back, “can I give you a hug?”

Finn didn’t wait to respond before turning to hug the smaller man. Despite him being shorter than them, Finn felt encompassed by Logan. They pulled apart after a moment.

“Would you still like us to walk with you to the dining hall?” Leo asked

Finn nodded, “I feel like I just unloaded a lot onto you, I promise I’m not always like this.”

“Gender stuff can get really confusing, especially if you don’t have someone to talk about it with. I got lucky, my maman was amazing.” Leo smiled a bit sadly as they all began to walk again.

Logan grinned, “And then after, you met Dumo and Celeste and they’re pretty amazing too.”

“Of course they are,” Leo laughed, and Finn felt their heart stutter for a moment at the sound.

“Wait, Dumo? Didn’t you call Professor Dumias ‘Dumo’?”

“Oui! Dumo and his wife Celeste have a knack for taking people under their wings. Leo and myself among them.”

“I’m surprised that he hasn’t invited you to dinner at his house yet.” Leo commented.

Finn frowned in thought as the three of them reached their destination. “You know I think he might have, I just didn’t realize it at the time.” They sighed, “Here’s the dining hall, so I guess we split here? Unless you two want to join me.”

Leo glanced at Logan and they both smiled, “We’d love to.”

“Great!” Finn led the way in and looked up at the menu board, announcing the day's buffett, “looks like tonight’s focus is Italian, they like to have different cultures-” they turned around, “what’s wrong?”

Logan had gone pale. “Merde. Oh, I have a, a, um, a really bad garlic allergy. Yeah, allergy. Leo you stay though. I gotta…” Logan pointed his thumb at the door, before bolting out.

“A garlic allergy? I didn’t know that was a thing.” Finn said, “God, I feel awful, will he be alright? Do you need to go make sure he’s okay? It’s fine if you do, I can eat by myself, that was the original plan. Not that I want you to leave, just if you need to, it’s fine.”

Leo chuckled, a bit nervously, “Non, non, he’ll be fine. He reacts really badly if he eats garlic, I’m not too bad, I mean I work at a restaurant so-”

“You’re allergic too? Fuck. We could go somewhere else? They’ve got different cafes around campus, I know all the ones that are open super late.” Finn offered.

“Finn, I’ll be fine.” Leo assured them as they walked over to pay, before leading the way towards the food, “Are you normally a night owl? Or is it just all the midnight cramming that has you haunting cafes ‘super late’?”

“No, I’m a night owl. I try to make sure most of my classes are in the afternoon or evening.” Finn stared at Leo who seemed to be determined to get some of everything on his plate. “I guess garlic really doesn't bother you.”

Leo shrugged, “Makes my mouth tingly and kinda numb, but it’s not too bad.”

They headed towards the tables, Finn frowning, “That’s not good Leo. It could get worse.”

“Eh, like I said, I work as a chef, I have to taste all the food, make sure it’s good.”

“Hang on, you said you worked at a restaurant, I assumed you, like, took orders at McDonalds or something. Wait, how old are you?” Finn narrowed their eyes at Leo as they sat.

“Oh, I’m a hun-” Leo cut off abruptly, then smiled nervously. “Nineteen. I am nineteen”

“Ookay, doesn’t it take a long time to become a chef?” Finn raised an eyebrow.

Leo chuckled, “It helps when the owner is basically your mom.”

“Oh, yeah, guess it would.” Finn thought for a moment, “Wait, basically?”

“Yeah, it’s a long story, but yeah, Celeste is essentially my maman. Mine died a while ago. But that’s a bit of a downer.” Leo explained. “How are you liking classes this semester?”

“Fine, they’re mostly good. Professor Dumais’ class is my favorite so far though.” Finn chewed thoughtfully, “Logan said Professor Dumias has a knack for taking people in. How’d they happen upon you?”

Leo muttered something in another language. Was that French? Finn wondered. Hot. Then Leo took a deep breath. “Well, Dumo and Celeste took me in after I got,” Leo hesitated, “hurt. Shit went down, my life got destroyed, they found me and helped me rebuild everything.” He poked at his food with his fork.

Finn frowned, looking down. “That sounds really hard. I’m sorry. I’m glad they were there to help you.”

“Yeah, they were the first people who knew I was trans and were okay with it.” Leo smiled, “I don’t know where I’d be without them.”

Finn nodded, “That’s really great”

They sat in silence for a moment before Leo broke it. “Merde, I didn’t mean to unload the tragic backstory this early on, now I have nothing mysterious left to reveal.”

Finn laughed, “Can I ask,” they paused and Leo nodded, “would Professor Dumais be alright if I asked him to use they/them pronouns for me?”

Leo’s smile was like sunshine, “He would be more than alright with that.”

Finn felt their cheeks heat a bit and the conversation turned to lighter topics and flowed easily for the rest of the meal.


Finn looked up a few hours later as a voice announced that the dining hall was closing. “We should get going before they kick us out,” they said, standing and taking their tray to the return, Leo following closely. They both walked out into the night in a comfortable silence.

Finn took a deep breath, trying to calm the butterflies, “Hey, I’d like to do this again. Hopefully with Logan next time.”

Leo chuckled, “That would be great, can I get your number?”

Finn couldn’t help feeling a little guilty for being attracted to two guys that were already dating each other, but still couldn't stop smiling as they gave Leo their number. “I have to do research for a paper Professor Dumais assigned. I need to go to the history museum on campus tomorrow, would you two like to join me?”

“I’d love to, and I’m sure Logan would too.” Leo said “Hang on let me text him your number and ask.”

Finn’s phone buzzed and they saw Leo had added them and an unknown number to a new group chat. “Lo’s at work by now so he may not get back right away.” Leo said.

“Where’s he work at?”

“He’s a barkeeper at Backbar. Doubles as security sometimes too, sometimes I think he gets a kick out of throwing people out.”

“But he’s short.” Finn’s eyes widened and they felt their cheeks heat. “Wait-no-fuck.”

Leo just laughed, “I suppose he is, but don’t tell him that. Unless you want him to manhandle you in a show of strength. Or, I don’t know, maybe you’d like him to manhandle you a bit.” Leo winked and Finn was sure they were as red as their hair.

They looked up at Leo and they both stood in silence for a moment, just looking at each other, the air seemed to still and Finn finally understood what it meant to be lost in someone’s eyes. They felt pulled towards Leo and barely registered stepping forward until Leo cupped their neck in his hand. Finn gasped and moved to step away, but Leo gently stopped them.

“This was an amazing evening Darlin’.” Finn felt their brain short circuit as Leo pressed a gentle kiss to their cheek.

“Would you like me to walk you back to your place? Don’t want you getting attacked by werewolves or vampires in the night now do we?” Leo’s eyes were playful, but sincere.

Finn just shook their head, smiling, “I’ll be fine. Thank you though. Good Night Leo.”

“Night Finn. See you tomorrow.”

Leo squeezed their hand before walking off and if Finn couldn’t stop themself from smiling like a fool all the way home, well, no one else had to know.