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Keigo loved attention.

It was his drug of choice, and it came in all shapes and sizes. From the rush he got whenever Endeavor complimented his hero work to the hushed whispers behind hands every time he patrolled the city while the sun was out - he loved it all. Shoved it down his own throat and swallowed it whole. 

But Dabi’s attention lit a fire inside him like no other.

The first time he caught Dabi staring at him, Keigo thought he was going to die. 

It wasn’t that he thought Dabi would actually kill him, he was too valuable for that; Dabi looked at him like he wanted to eat him alive. And, God, that sent a shiver up his spine. It was as if his spine was heating up. It felt like he could feel Dabi’s warm fingers trailing up his back, stopping to rest at the back of his neck. Like he was aflame. 

For the first time, Keigo felt like he couldn’t handle so much attention. 

He looked away. “What?” he asked, staring down at the table in front of him. He could still feel Dabi’s eyes on him. But he received no response.

Huffing, he turned back to his phone. Anything to get his mind off of the eyes burning a hole into his being. 

He heard shuffling, and then the sound of a chair being pulled up beside him. Reluctantly, he raised his head, finding Dabi sat next to him with his legs crossed and a scarred arm resting on the table. Staring at him.

“Jesus, what do you want?” Keigo sighed. That burning feeling from before was starting to crawl up his spine.

“Just thinking,” Dabi replied, his voice monotone. The corner of his lip was ever so slightly upturned. It made Keigo feel like he was melting.

This feeling was foreign to him. He’d never been one to turn down attention from even the people that hated him. Why was he crumbling now?

“Well, stop.”

The laugh Dabi let out was nothing short of evil, and knowing. “Oh, birdie,” he sighed, “do you really hate me that much?” Keigo wanted to wipe that smug grin right off his face.

“Yes,” he snapped, again going to his phone. He thought about faking some kind of hero obligation, maybe saying that he needed to go see Endeavor, or maybe that he’d been called to a villain attack nearby-

“Really?” Dabi said. “I don’t think you do.” Suddenly, he reached forward, and a warm hand came to rest on Keigo’s knee. 

Jesus Christ was he weak.

“I don’t think you hate me at all,” Dabi continued, his hand beginning to trail further and further up Keigo’s thigh. The hero felt his wings tense at their close proximity. “Matter of fact…” The hand was nearly on his dick. “I think you might even like me.”

Once again, he was on fire. He wanted to throw himself at him, drown in his gaze, melt beneath his palms. Wanted to burn against his fingertips.

Before the hand could go any further, there was a sharpened feather at Dabi’s throat. 

“Fuck you,” Keigo hissed. 

Dabi took the feather between his fingers and gave it a long, sensual lick against his flattened, pierced tongue. The noise that escaped him was fucking pathetic .

Again, Dabi chuckled, but it wasn’t mocking. “Still hate me?”

Fuck you. ” 

And then Dabi’s lips were pressed to his. The kiss was heated and, on Keigo’s end, desperate. The attention was fucking intoxicating. Just the feeling of Dabi’s tongue against his own was enough to make him whimper into his mouth. Admittedly, it tasted like he was licking an ashtray, but he loved it. When Dabi’s hand came to tangle in his hair, he thought he might combust. 

Teeth sunk into his bottom lip and he moaned into his mouth. “I knew it,” Dabi murmured against his lips, hands now coming to his ass, earning him another pitiful sound. He picked Keigo up like he weighed nothing, gripping his hips in a way that Keigo hoped would bruise. The next thing he knew, he was being thrown on his back onto the shitty couch in the League common room. 

He was on him again in seconds, nipping at his neck just hard enough to leave a mark. Keigo sighed blissfully, relishing in the feeling just being touched by Dabi brought him. “Knew you wanted this,” Dabi whispered, hands working on ripping Keigo’s shirt off as quickly as possibly. Despite himself, Keigo nodded, trying desperately not to buck his hips against Dabi’s. As soon as his shirt was off, there were teeth on his nipple, biting down hard . An embarrassingly loud moan escaped him. He couldn’t help it. He was burning.

Dabi grinned, moving to bite the other one. “Jesus, your moans are so slutty,” he chuckled. 

Oh fuck.

Keigo was rock hard, now unafraid of bucking his hips. The friction was fucking delicious. Almost as delicious as the groan Dabi let out when their clothed dicks rubbed against each other. He rose from Keigo’s chest, sitting on his heels. “Off. Now.” 

He didn’t need to be told twice.

While Keigo shimmied out of his pants, Dabi worked on undressing himself. He took off his shirt first, revealing pierced nipples and more scar tissue. He had to hold back a whimper at the sight.

“Those, too,” Dabi said once his jeans were off. He practically tripped over himself trying to remove his brief, desperate to be under him again. Dabi grabbed him roughly by the jaw to bring him into another searing hot kiss. Keigo heard his belt unbuckle. 

“On your knees.”

He sank to the cold, hard floor, wiggling in between Dabi’s legs. For the first time, he was eye to eye with his cock. There were piercings there, too; a Jacob’s ladder and one at the tip. His mouth watered.

“Do you have a safe word?” Dabi asked, belt in hand. The sight made Keigo’s dick twitch. He shook his head. “Come up with one.”

The hero considered it for a moment, and then said, “Endeavor.”

The immediate disgust on Dabi’s face made him burst into laughter. “Gross, change it,” he said while Keigo giggled. The smile the sound brought to his face did not go unnoticed. 

“Fine.. Let’s just say, ‘red.’” 

“Better. Jesus, talk about a boner killer..” 

Dabi leaned down to kiss him again, and he decided that the tongue piercing was one of his favorites of Dabi’s features. The metal against his flesh was something he could certainly get used to.

When they pulled away, Keigo felt the leather of the belt against his neck. His eyes widened when he realized what was happening. Dabi noticed and stopped.

“Tell me if you don’t want this.”

Keigo swallowed. “No, I want it. Fuck, I want it.” 

With that, Dabi continued to wrap the belt around his neck, holding the two ends in each hand. Just the feeling of something around his throat made his mind begin to fog over. He was sure his lids had lowered at this point. 

Slowly, experimentally, Dabi began to tug on the belt, bringing Keigo’s mouth closer to his dick. “Suck.” 

His mouth fell open and again the belt was tugged, forcing him to envelope his lips around the villain’s cock. Nothing could have prepared him for the feeling of sucking Dabi off. For the weight of his cock on his tongue, for the delicious way the piercing at his tip felt against the opening of his throat, for the way he tasted. 

He moaned around the cock in his mouth. The vibrations earned him a quiet, low, “Fuck, birdie.” He nearly moaned again.

At first, Dabi allowed him his freedom. He let Keigo bob his head up and down on his dick. Let him lick beautiful, fat stripes up the shaft, let him swirl his tongue around it, let him gently kiss and suckle his tip. 

Keigo thought, briefly, that he might’ve died and gone to Heaven. That maybe Dabi’s stare had killed him earlier, and now he was in the afterlife, worshipping his cock like it was a fucking deity. 

But the stare from before was nothing compared to the treat of a gaze he received when he looked up, Dabi’s length still prodding at his throat. The look in Dabi’s eyes was absolutely sinful. His eyes were half-lidded and they bore down on Keigo with such a knowing look. Like he owned him. Through his haze, Keigo thought that he did.

Again, Keigo moaned, and the way Dabi’s cock twitched in his mouth was wonderful. That was the last straw, though. Dabi adjusted his grip on the belt and yanked, forcing the rest of his length down Keigo’s throat and squeezing his neck, effectively cutting off his air. 

It was then that Dabi began to fuck his face. He pulled Keigo off and back onto his dick with the belt, causing a lewd gagging sound to emit from the hero below him. When he tugged the belt toward him, forcing Keigo to deepthroat him, the squeeze of the belt around Keigo’s neck squeezed his cock, too. “Oh, fuck, ” he groaned, throwing his head back.

Seeing Dabi like this and knowing that it was because of him made Keigo want to explode. That fire from before had officially consumed his entire body and was beginning to settle in his mind, each sound escaping Dabi acting as kindling for the flame. The forceful in and out of Dabi’s thrusts hurt his throat and he didn’t give a fuck. 

He loved having his throat used like this. Loved the way it cut off his oxygen. Loved the way the leather burned the skin of his neck. Loved being at Dabi’s mercy.

He found himself thrusting his hips forward out of desperation. His cock hadn’t been touched at all and God did he need it.

Suddenly, Dabi gave the belt an especially rough yank , bringing Keigo’s nose to press against his stomach. Roughly, he thrust his cock down his esophagus again and again, desperately chasing his orgasm. “ Fuck, ” he growled, “You like when I choke you? Huh, birdie? Like when I fuck your face like this?” Keigo couldn’t respond. He was floating. A few more thrusts and Dabi was cumming down his throat, forcing him to swallow the warm, thick liquid. “That’s right,” he moaned, continuing to buck into Keigo’s mouth. “Take it, you fucking slut.” 

If Keigo had been able to make noise, he would’ve whined. The degrading name sent pulses of need to his own dick.

Finally, Dabi yanked him off of his cock, sliding out of his mouth with a lewd popping sound. Until then, Keigo hadn’t even noticed the tears streaming down his face, nor the spit and precum around his chin and lips.

Dabi stared down at him, observing his handiwork. “Wow,” he sighed, “you really do look like a slut.”

Keigo absolutely mewled. He felt the gap between his legs widen subconsciously. Dabi smiled knowingly.

“Still with me, birdie?” he asked, bringing a hand to Keigo’s cheek. He leaned into the touch, nearly forgetting about his aching cock.

“Mmhmm,” he managed. His throat felt scratchy.

“Good. C’mere.”

Dabi helped him up onto the couch, laying him on his stomach. “I don’t have lube,” he said, and then spread Keigo’s ass cheeks. “That’s fine, though.” Before Keigo could think of a response, Dabi’s tongue was pressing against his hole.

He whimpered pathetically, his elbows giving out so that he was face down into the cushions. Dabi’s hands were holding his hips to keep his ass in the air as he lapped at his hole, kissing and sucking the skin around it. Keigo swore under his breath, resisting the urge to move his hips back and thrust himself closer to Dabi’s face.

The tongue began to dip further inside him, the piercing adding a little bit of an extra sting. A really good sting. Keigo groaned at the feeling. He arched his back to give the villain more access. His tongue began to explore his insides, squirming and wiggling, trying to loosen him up. Succeeding. 

“Feels so good,” he whimpered, his cock pressed to his stomach, painfully hard. If he could think straight, he would’ve told Dabi to hurry up and fuck him already. He opened his mouth to do so when the tongue brushed against the spot inside him that made him see stars. A loud moan escaped, and he heard Dabi hum behind him. 

“Should be enough,” he said, giving Keigo’s hole one last heavenly lick. A kiss and then a bite on his left ass cheek. The hero whined.

He heard shuffling as Dabi positioned himself. He leaned over to whisper in Keigo’s ear, “This is probably gonna sting. Just relax,” before slowly inserting the tip. He was right, it did sting. But Keigo didn’t care. All he could think about was how much he loved Dabi’s cock. How much he loved being his main focus. Loved his attention. 

When he didn’t hear any sounds of discomfort, Dabi sheathed himself fully inside. The feeling of being stretched around Dabi’s cock was indescribable. Beautiful. Magical. 

Fuck, ” Keigo whined. He was grateful for the hands on his hips, because he was sure his knees would’ve given out at this point. 

“Didn’t expect a whore like you to be so tight,” Dabi hissed, fingernails digging into the skin of Keigo’s hips. Another whine.

Slow, careful thrusts quickly turned into rough, fast ones. Fingers had found their way into Keigo’s mouth, and he drooled around them as Dabi’s pierced tip abused his prostate over and over again. “ Dabi, oh my God,” he moaned.

“Fuck. Such a pretty bird. Such pretty noises.”


His cock pulsed at the words. Attention from Dabi at all excited him, but praise was a whole new aspect of his newfound obsession. He mewled, throwing his hips back to take even more of his cock. 

“Oh, you like that?” 

He couldn’t answer.

The thrusts picked up. “Thought you got off on being a slut, but maybe you want something else. Maybe you just want me to love on you, hmm? Tell you what a good boy you are for me.”

He was on fire. He was on fire. He was on fire.

Suddenly, there was a hand wrapped around his cock, tugging in time with the thrusts into his ass. Keigo lost all ability to think.

Lips pressed against the back of his neck. “ Such a good boy. So obedient.” The fingers in his mouth pressed harder against his tongue. “You take my cock so well, birdie. You’ve given me jerk off material for months.

The idea of Dabi touching himself to the thought of him, the thought of fucking him - it was too much. Too good. 

“Please,” Keigo whimpered, feeling that now familiar heat begin to coil in his stomach. He was so, so close. So close his vision was beginning to spot.

“Please what, pretty bird?” 

He moaned, now fucking up into the hand tugging on his cock. “Please, please Dabi- please l-let me cum.” His brain felt like complete mush. His hips felt singed. They probably were.

Dabi bit into his neck again, sucking at the wound. “Hmm? Why should I do that?” he teased. 

“Please, I’ve- I’ve been good, so good-”

“Oh, but birdie, you hate me, remember?” He removed his hand from Keigo’s dick. This man was fucking evil.

“No!” Keigo cried at the loss of the warm, strong grip. He continued throwing his hips back, trying to at least chase the feeling of Dabi’s piercing against his prostate. “Don’t- I don’t hate you,” he whined. He didn’t have to look at Dabi to know he had that stupid fucking smirk on his face.

“See? I knew you didn’t hate me.” He started to thrust even harder, rougher than before. Keigo was seeing stars. Entire constellations. “You love my cock too much for that, right?”

Yes, ” Keigo cried out, “God, yes!”

“Good boy.” The hand returned to teasing his dick, focusing especially hard on the tip. “Cum for me.”

It only took two more tugs on his cock to send Keigo over the edge. The orgasm that washed over him was poetic. He was burning from the inside out. He’d become an  ember in Dabi’s fire. 

Dabi continued to fuck him through his orgasm, still yanking on his cock even when he begged for no more, please, please. He came inside him with a deep, gravelly groan that Keigo would think about on late nights for the rest of his fucking life.

He was flipped onto his back and grabbed gently by his jaw. He was glad to see that Dabi looked fucked out, too. “What do you say?” Dabi asked, looking at him expectantly. Keigo’s mind felt completely blank. This must have been obvious, because he continued, “What do you say when I fuck you that good and let you cum?”

“Thank you,” Keigo replied, and it felt like second nature. Dabi smiled down at him. Even in his haze, the attention brought heat to his cheeks.

“Good boy,” he said, leaning in to kiss him softer than he had the times before. He continued to kiss down his jaw and neck, all the way down his stomach, stopping just above his pelvis. It was strange to be treated so softly by him, but Keigo was not complaining in the slightest. 

Dabi suddenly stopped, looking up at him with a slightly disappointed face. “Fuck, you came on the couch, didn’t you?”

Keigo threw his head back and laughed.