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So You Wished So It Shall Be

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Chapter 2: Riddle Rosehearts, female MC; Having a crush on a hopeless romantic MC angst ending 

Chapter 3: Riddle Rosehearts, female MC; Having a crush on a hopeless romantic MC happy ending 

Chapter 4: Trey Clover, female MC; Getting finger trapped with MC 

Chapter 5: Malleus Draconia, gender-neutral MC; MC teaches how to dab to Malleus 

Chapter 6: Azul Ashengrotto, female MC; Azul being oblivious to MC’s flirting 

Chapter 7: Idia Shroud, female MC; Crushing on the MC who defeats him in video games all the time 

Chapter 8: Idia Shroud, female MC; Idia and MC who defeats him all the time in games get a closure 

Chapter 9: Leona Kingscholar, gender-neutral MC; RSA bullies harassing his partner 

Chapter 10: Grimm, female MC; MC wraps Grimm into a burrito and treats him as a baby 

Chapter 11: Leona Kingscholar & Ruggie Bucchi, gender-neutral MC; MC and Ruggie put cucumber near Leona and record what happens 

Chapter 12: Trey Clover, female MC; MC gets homesick while baking together with Trey 

Chapter 13: Jack Howl, female MC; Jack and his crush the MC hide under Azul’s desk 

Chapter 14: Rook Hunt, female MC; MC who is scaredy-cat goes to fright fest with Rook 

Chapter 15: Divus Crewel, female MC; MC’s mom and Divus are bffs and they encounter each other while shopping costume for MC  

Chapter 16: Malleus Draconia, gender-neutral MC; MC and Malleus spend Halloween night by visiting abandoned places 

Chapter 17: Sebek Zigvolt, gender-neutral MC; MC tells Sebek an urban legend and strange things happen 

Chapter 18: Deuce Spade, female MC; MC helping Deuce out for Halloween decorations 

Chapter 19: Sam, gender-neutral MC; MC works for Sam during Halloween 

Chapter 20: Cater Diamond, female MC; MC celebrates every month’s 14th day as Valentine’s Day with Cater by making homemade chocolate 

Chapter 21: Azul Ashengrotto, female MC; MC sees Azul's baby picture, thinking it is adorable and reacts accordingly 

Chapter 22: Silver, female MC; MC and Silver go to New Year Celebrations and share their first kiss 

Chapter 23: Sebek Zigvolt, female MC; MC makes chocolates and gives them to Sebek while confessing her feelings on Valentine's Day 

Chapter 24: Azul Ashengrotto, female MC; MC decides to confess her feelings on Valentine's Day with prompt: "just kiss me, I can’t take this anymore" 

Chapter 25: Ace Trappola, female MC; Ace has a crush on MC and get jealous, they fight about it and he ends up confessing his feelings 

Chapter 26: Vil Schönheit, female MC; MC eats poisoned apple and becomes the victim of the sleeping curse, Vil tries to wake her up with true love's kiss 

Chapter 27: Floyd Leech, female MC; Azul and Jade walk in on MC and Floyd hanging out which leads to a huge misunderstanding