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The Price I Paid for Loving You

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Infecting She-Ra was one of the greatest things Catra had ever managed to accomplish.

She had to bite her lip to suppress the laughter that bubbled up in the back of her throat as she watched Adora swing furiously at her friends, who all looked on the verge of pissing themselves. They knew she outweighed them in terms of strength and magic. And of course, they didn't want to risk hurting their oh-so-precious hero.

And Catra could only watch in heightened amusement as Adora struck the ground with a fierce blow, causing the icy rocks around the trio of idiots to crack apart and crumble, cascading them all down into oblivion. She so wished she had a camera on her right now.

She had to admit, she had been terrified for a moment that her plan had backfired. That she was going to be completely at the mercy of her own weapon. Well, Entrapta's weapon. She had worried that telling Scorpia and Entrapta to stay behind was a huge mistake.

But this seemed to be working perfectly in her favor.

Catra let out a laugh, "This is the greatest thing that's ever happened!"

She spoke too soon it seemed.

Upon hearing her voice, Adora rounded on her, and Catra barely had time to jump out of the way as she swung her sword downwards. When her sword only struck solid ice, Adora just rushed towards Catra again and continued to swing and swing, unfazed and not showing even the slightest hint of exhaustion.

Catra managed to duck and dodge the swinging sword easily enough, though it certainly was a test of her reflexes. She had to admit, this was kinda fun, it felt like she was being faced with a real challenge. She could feel real adrenaline buzzing in her veins now, blocking out the sting of cold and wind.

When Adora did manage to land a blow with her fist, Catra ignored the sharp ache in her jaw and retaliated quickly by throwing snow into her eyes, hoping to disarm her for at least a moment.

Every second counted in battle after all.

Catra hoped to utilize those seconds and jump away again, put more distance between the two of them, but she had underestimated her opponent's newfound strength and recovery time, and could only yelp in surprise as she felt a hand seize her ankle with a fierce grip and slam her into the ground.

Okay, that hurt.

Adora had never been so merciless in her attacks. Despite what Catra's thoughts often told her, she knew Adora still cared for her at least a little, enough to never unleash the full extent of her power on her, enough that it was a weak spot. One Catra often stuck her fingers in and twisted.

It was only just moments earlier that Adora had held her at sword point with a stern look and a command not to move, and Catra had only spat that she didn't have the guts to do anything. She hadn't felt a single ounce of fear then.

The same could not be said now.

When Adora rounded on her this time, Catra realized how badly she had fucked up. This wasn't Adora. The Adora she knew would be angry, sure, but her eyes always betrayed her. Her eyes, even when narrowed in contempt or focus, always held mercy and forgiveness and tenderness, all of which Catra despised. At least that's what she told herself.

These eyes were blood-red and full of unbridled, uncontrollable rage.

The monster drew closer, raising her sword with a virus-ridden arm and a cruel, malicious smile while Catra could only crawl back helplessly, with nowhere to go and no one to help her.

"Adora, wait!" she cried out. She was desperate now for the old Adora to surface, the one she always called weak.

She wouldn't actually kill her, right?

But the monster Catra created only laughed maniacally, a sound so purely evil, so unlike Adora that Catra's blood ran cold.

She was gonna die.

Adora was gonna kill her, and she was gonna laugh while doing it.

There was no mercy to be shown this time.

All Catra could do was close her eyes and wait.