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Ever Since That Day...

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Ever since that day…


The day all Italians fell in shock.

The day things stopped being the same.

The day four people drowned in complete misery.

The day a memorable to the Italian mafia name was buried under the ground.

Ever since the day Giancarlo Bourbon Del Monte, wildly know as the Lucky Dog, hugged the bouquet of flowers and fell into an endless sleep…

Bernardo couldn’t get his head up straight for days, weeks, months, even until now. Gian’s sudden death - getting pushed off the road and snapping his neck right after the car hit a tree, thus dying on the spot, left Bernardo in a quiet, but massive state of shock. He was the first one who received the bad news, being told to share it with the rest of the CR:5 captains. Though as soon as he found out about the to-be-future-boss boy’s forever lasting condition, his mouth gaped open but no words would escape his throat for quite some time. His body automatically froze every slight movement he made as if the greenete’s brain was a machine that broke down and couldn’t function at all anymore.

His lips never managed to spill out the issue to anybody, some of his subordinates, who had overheard the situation, had to go and speak to the other captains in Bernardo’s place. Meanwhile, the 2nd-ranked captain spent a majority of his time in his office – his head being hung low, the only support being his hands, his eyes staring at countless of papers on the desk without really reading what was written on them. He felt… actually, he would describe his emotion as ‘nothing’. He wasn’t feeling depressed nor sad, definitely not happy, just plain nothing. Like a glass empty of water.

He would start getting reckless in his work day after day. Less phones would be answered, despite their constant ringing, the notes will be sloppily written and less detailed, he would start eating and drinking less, only having coffee from time to time just so he could stay awake. And every cup of coffee would be brought by his subordinates or Ragtliffe out of concern – and half the time their worries for Bernardo would be rejected by him. If it were up to the captain to take care of himself, he wouldn’t. In fact, he was getting tired of receiving support and care from other people. He just wanted to hear his stomach’s tortured growls, bear his dry as a desert throat, let his rotting and dirty body get eaten by the ants, soak the papers with his tears, fall asleep. Ah, yes… how nice it would be to fall asleep. Without waking up to face yet another effortless day.

Luchino was second to hear about the news delivered by Bernardo’s subordinates. As soon as they were finished, Luchino’s eyes widened in surprise, watering as the sun was shining right into them. He didn’t allow himself to cry, not until he was alone and his room’s door was locked firmly. That’s when his emotions and tears started coming out. He wanted to scream, shout, cry, break glass, beat someone up. But he knew had to stay calm and not cause a commotion. He would’ve never thought Gian would mean so much to him now.

It was the blonde, who got the womanizer’s senses back together. The one, who supported him and his choices, no matter how bold some were, the one, who helped him get over his wife and daughter. Oh, right… Sharlin and Aiichire. The 3 most important people in his world all shared the same fate, right? Dying in horrible accidents, which Luchino was unable to help. Now he had nobody. He was alone. The only support he will ever continue to have, is the support of those prostitutes and sluts in the bar who try to get into his pants.

That’s how his future went. After some time, he stopped visiting the lost one’s grave and spent almost all of his time in a variety of bars and underground nightclubs. He would get piss drunk every night, have sex with a random middle-aged whore, drug himself, fall asleep, wake up and repeat. The man even got into a coma after pissing off some street gangsters who, much to his dismay carried around glass bottles and baseball bats. His coma lasted about 3 days and he was safe and sound, though his subordinates had to keep an eye on him in case he got drunk again. They couldn’t risk to lose another important person of the CR:5.

Although Ivan was supposed to find out last, he managed to catch up with Bernie’s subordinates and ask why they were pacing around all day. They hesitated a bit before spilling out the issue of Gian’s death. Needless to say, Ivan shouted out a string of curses which eventually turned into sobs and whimpers as his voice cracked. It was shocking to see him like this, but the boy couldn’t muster a fuck to give and continued crying while hitting every wall that surrounded him.

Even though he was trying to mask it, everybody knew by now that Ivan deeply loved Gian. The captain still tried to hide the fact he missed Gian, but he didn’t really take it any lighter than everyone else. Sure, he put just as much effort as he normally did in his work but that doesn’t mean he was indifferent about the accident. There would be more cigarette buds all over his bed, table, floor and even on the fridge. He wouldn’t even bother to change clothes or so much as eat a hot dog. His case was similar to Bernardo’s, but unlike him, Ivan would eat and talk when the others were around.

But then came the real problem – Rosalia. Ivan hadn’t forgotten about her. In fact, she was his biggest concern. He feared that she would bring up Gian and ask about his whereabouts. It’s what she did. The captain had no idea how to tell the little girl that Gian was… well, gone. “He just got stuck in prison again.” is what he would say. “When will he come back?” she would ask, with a childish smile and curious eyes. Ivan would keep quiet for a bit, sweat and tell her “Who knows?” trying his best to sound annoyed. Neither him not Cavalli had the guts to tell the chipmunk the truth.

“He’ll be at our wedding right?”

“… He’ll definitely see it.”

Giulio? Let’s just say that Giulio is by Gian’s side for good now. He had it the hardest. He couldn’t imagine living a day without seeing his precious Gian-san and making sure he was unharmed, let alone the rest of his existence. He promised to himself that he will be by the blonde’s side no matter the circumstances. And the only possible solution was to join him in the other world and protect him even there.

As soon as he dragged himself to his room, he pulled the knife out of his cabinet and started stabbing his chest repeatedly while mumbling his love’s name, until he stopped breathing completely. He left the world with watery eyes, but with a smile. A smile which gave him hope of seeing his Gian once again and staying with him forever, now that nothing were able to stop them.

Don Bondone was the one who found Giulio, 2 days after he had killed himself. The Mad Dog’s body was motionless, soaked in blood, he wasn’t breathing. He was with Gian now. He was up there. Of course, Don Bondone blamed the CR:5 for his grandson’s suicide and threw a tantrum which everyone ignored. They were all expecting this from the knifer, and yet they made no effort into stopping him. They supported his choice and decision to be with Gian… In fact, they all wished to join the was-supposed-to-be-boss but then there would be nothing left of the CR:5 and that was something unpleasant.

But there was a note on Giulio’s bed, written in his own blood. It insisted that Giulio had to be buried next to Gian. His plead was heard.

Giancarlo Bourbon Del Monte
May 23rd, 1936