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Degenerate Wish

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What is it you bastard?

I heard you were an Omega.

HAAH? Of course not! I'm-

Are you sure? You're so petite and Omega-like-

SHUT UP! I'm an Alpha! I..I

Poor Chibi... a male Omega... You'll spend the rest of your life as whore....How piti-

I'M NOT AN OMEGA! I- I'm an Alpha!

Really? Are you sure about that Chuuya? Then why does your Secondary Gender Analysis sheet say-

Chuuya woke up in cold sweat, eyes popping open before he heard that dreaded statement. Gasping for breath, he got up from the shabbily laid futon and tried to regulate his breathing, slowly calming down.
He groaned and looked towards the slightly open curtains. The sky was a deep violet shade, with tendrils of gold sunlight leaching across it, which streamed through the window, causing Chuuya to slightly squint.

Still dark outside. Fuck, what time is it?

Throwing out a hand, he fumbled in the dim light, looking for his phone. There were a quite a few empty wine bottles strewn about his bedside, which explained his splitting headache.
Finally, he managed to grab his phone, and turned it on, the sudden brightness momentarily blinding him.

5:00 a.m

What the fuck.

Chuuya started to put his cellphone away, ready to snuggle into his somewhat comfy sheets and snooze till noon, like he normally would, but then he noticed he had a new message from Dazai.
Suddenly, he remembered the awful nightmare that had woken him up at such an ungodly time, and the main instigator of it.

It's all that bastard Dazai's fault. I would never have had that nightmare if he didn't keep spouting bullshit.

Rubbing his eyes, he checked the message, ignoring the desperate cries of his sleep deprived mind. Dazai rarely sent messages, and it was usually for important things, so it would be safer to check it.
He recalled the first time he ignored Dazai's messages, out of anger, when they were in the middle of some petty squabble. Since Dazai was usually the one Mori gave orders to, the bastard had ended up communicating an important message from Mori, through text instead of calling, knowing Chuuya wouldn't check it. In the end, it resulted in him fucking up on their next mission, and then getting lectured by Ane-san for hours on the importance of following the Boss's orders.
Since then, he made sure to always check any message he got from Dazai, whether it was a lame joke, random pictures of dogs with a hat and collar drawn on them, or god forbid- something that actually mattered. As much as he wanted to block that bastard, he couldn't.

Expecting some useless drunken text, he opened up their chat history, grimacing.

Mackerel Bastard: Chibiiiii, do you remember what today is? Remember to be ready at 8! I hope you're prepared! ~ : )
Sent- 4:31 a.m

The moment Chuuya read the message, it took him a second to register it, before promptly hurtling the phone at the wall in shock. Fortunately he manipulated its gravity to ensure it didn't break on impact (another thing Ane-san would give him grief for), but that second of shock soon turned into dread.
Suddenly he realized why he had that horrible nightmare, and why he had drunk himself into sleep.

Today was when he'd receive the results of his Secondary Gender Analysis test.


There was no way Chuuya could go back to sleep now, as tired as he was. Every time he closed his eyes, flashes of that nightmare and Dazai's taunting smirks made him wrought with anxiety.
So he would have to do the next best thing; take a cold shower and then drink a gallon of coffee.

Slowly crawling from the comfort of his warm futon, he made his way to the bathroom, stripping as he walked across the quaint apartment.
He was in his boxers by the time he entered the bathroom, yawning as he switched on the lights.
A floor length mirror reflected his groggy, disheveled self.
Dried drool and puffy eye-bags decorated his wan face, framed by his disgustingly oily hair.
Chuuya grimaced.

Ugh... I look terrible..

After splashing some water on his face, he observed himself for a bit longer, noting that his muscles were finally starting to be become well defined, the fruit of his intense training and workouts finally paying off. A grin adorned his face as he flexed his bicep, and patted his abdomen a few times.
Hah, I can't wait to show these off to Daza-
Chuuya immediately stopped that line of thinking, vaguely feeling there was something wrong about it.

Whilst he admired his toned muscles, with a frown, he also noticed that he was still as.... vertically challenged as ever. Coupled with his pretty face(that's right, Chuuya knew he was pretty), and svelte figure( the muscle wasn't too obvious yet), no wonder Dazai's taunts about him being an Omega really did worry him, even if male Omegas were so rare, that they could practically be considered non-existent.
Until he met Dazai, Chuuya had pretty much been convinced he would be an Alpha, regardless of his characteristics that suggested otherwise. His powerful ability and overwhelming presence had just screamed Alpha, so he never had any reason to think other wise. Besides, its not like he really would have minded being a Beta either, and Omega was something he never even considered.

His entire view on Secondary genders changed completely the moment he joined the Mafia, a world where it meant more than Chuuya ever realized.
While Ane-san gave him a very general overview on the history, biology, and socio-political overview of the secondary gender in the underworld, it was only when he went on missions, or interacted with other members did he realize how big a role it played.
Alphas were generally the most powerful, offensive ability users, that held most of the leadership roles in the Mafia. They weren't that common, making it even more covetable. Being an Alpha immediately meant more respect, regardless of your achievement, which frankly, Chuuya felt was bullshit.
The exception to the whole "Alphas in charge" ideology was Mori-san. The entire criminal underground had been in shock, when the Port Mafia, the most notorious organization in the country, was being lead by a Beta doctor, of all people. Numerous long time members of the Mafia revolted, unable to believe their leader wasn't a powerful Alpha.

Of course, Mori crushed all of his foes, and they never even saw him coming. They had no choice but to acknowledge that ruthless man as their new Boss. Now , if there were any who were still displeased, they needed to keep it to themselves, lest Mori with his innumerable eyes and ears catches wind, and miserably punished them.

That was one thing Chuuya really admired about the Boss, ignoring all his other... questionable traits.
In a matter of months, Mori-san had done the unthinkable, conquering a century old organization that had always been lead by Alphas, and completely overturning the status quo.
Being a Beta in the Mafia wasn't a shameful thing, but it wasn't exactly a matter of pride either. Most of them were just ordinary, not even Ability users, and held replaceable, mundane postions. There were always exceptions in everything, so some had risen to leadership positions, but none as high as the Boss themself. He had proven himself to be far more intelligent and capable than any other Alpha, which was the beginning of huge changes in the status of Betas.
What Mori had done was almost revolutionary, but of course, like all revolutions, it was beginning to trigger a blood bath, and internal strife.


But the one gender that didn't seem to be affected or benefit at all from all of this, was of course....
If there was anything Betas and Alphas could agree on, it was that Omegas belonged at the bottom.

Chuuya made his way into the shower, turned the tap towards the right, and a blast of cold water hit him, making him shudder violently.

Ah fuck, that's cold

Similar to regular society, teenage members, or rather, anyone who was unassigned a secondary gender, were all required to undergo a test, that took place once every two years, and submit it to the Mafia personnel records. However unlike the rest of society, the result you get could mean life or death, in the Mafia.

Obviously Alphas were the cream of the crop, and meant instant status elevation and benefits, regardless of how much you've actually contributed. Expectations were just naturally set higher for them, in a positive- " Alphas can do anything" - sort of way. This was despite the fact that Mori was now Boss.
Somethings just never changed.

Being a Beta was okay too, you would just need to work harder to prove yourself, so if you were reasonably talented, you would be no less than an Alpha. The chances for Betas to thrive had considerably improved since Mori's regime.

And then there was Omega.
Born to fail, to lead miserable lives. They were extremely rare, especially in lawless place like the Mafia.
At least in regular society, they were protected citizens, cared for by the government. At the most, they'd only face the usual discrimination and harassment.
But in the Mafia.....

Heats could ruin missions, and effective suppressants were too expensive, and not to be "wasted" on Omegas, despite the Mafia controlling most of the illegal drug market.
Most Omegas were also physically weaker and had less useful abilities, if any at all.
The Mafia has no interest in caring for those who can't be useful to them, so they'd just have to find a way to make them useful.
So most members that are identified as an Omega, are either immediately sold to Mafia run brothels, or married off to high-ranking Alpha members, as mistresses.
There was no escape from the Mafia either. Once you entered, there was no turning back, unless you wanted to be hunted down for defecting.
Only a few Omegas were treated somewhat humanely in the Mafia, and given decent positions, dependent on how skilled they were. Even then, they were always relegated tasks that involve seduction or other sultry acts, like Ane-san's girls.
That's all they were useful for anyway.

Chuuya's mouth was filled with a bitter feeling when that thought crossed his mind. Ane-san had taught him not to discriminate by gender, regardless of what goes on in the Mafia, and Chuuya was sure as hell going to follow that, whatever the outcome of today's test.

But he couldn't help but be scared, that he would be an Omega too, Because even if he knew better than to give someone shit for something they can't change, the rest of the world didn't. He hated admitting that Dazai taunting him about being an Omega affected him more than it should have.

Not to mention a male Omega... do they even exist?

I really hope I'm not an Omega..

Chuuya suddenly slammed the tap closed and walked out of the shower, grabbing a towel to dry his now fluffy and fruit scented locks.

I'm terrible

He strolled out of the bathroom, tying another towel around his waist as he made his way towards the kitchen, and grabbed the pot of coffee on the counter, directly drinking from it, not bothering to get a cup.
There was a ding from his phone.
Another message from Dazai.

What does this fucker want now? Is giving me anxiety and nightmares not enough for him?

He considered ignoring it, thinking it was another unneeded reminder of what today was, to make him even more stressed.
But he knew better than that.

Mackerel Bastard: Chibiiii are you awake?
Sent- 6:01 a.m

Gravityrules: Yeah I am, thanks to you, bastard. What the fuck do you want now?
Sent-6:01 a.m

Mackerel Bastard:How rude : (
Sent-6:01 a.m

Gravityrules: Stop wasting my fucking time and tell me what you want
Sent-6:01 a.m

Mackerel Bastard:Ohh , I forgot to mention that the secondary gender test result meeting is at 6, in the main building, not 8. Oops. ; )
Sent-6:02 a.m

Chuuya almost spat out his coffee, seething in rage.
He looked at the time, and felt an urgent itch to violently strangle a certain brunette

Its already 6... it'll take me another 15 min to get dressed and get to the venue, even if I take my bike

Like hell that bastard "forgot". Fuck I should have known he'd pull something like this

Showing up late on one of the most important days in the Mafia, where there would surely be a number of expectant senior members?

Dazai, you fucker


6: 14
That has to be a record time

He felt a little smug, and proud of himself for getting dressed, driving and running through the enormous headquarters in just 12 minutes.
However, his self congratulation was short lived when he was met with about a 40 pairs of eyes, ranging from curiosity , disapproval and mockery.
Of course the mocking grin came from Dazai, who was seated at the front, flanked by two black haired teens, a boy and a girl. The boy looked especially vicious, but also weary, like he had seen far too much in life, an expression he was all too familiar with.

Those two must be the stray kids Dazai picked up earlier to become his subordinates

Chuuya didn't have too much time to dwell on Dazai's new little "projects", as a loud cough brought him back to his senses.
The room was in pin drop silence, and a stern, pudgy middle aged man wearing a white lab coat standing in the front of the hall with a microphone, was now frowning at him.
There were about 20 to 30 teens in the audience, looking at Chuuya, clearly impatient that he had interrupted such an important time, and a few senior Mafia officials standing in the back, rolling their eyes, and snickering. He felt his face grow red.

Fuck, Dazai

With an internal groan, he realized Ane-san was there too, seated in a balcony overlooking the room , looking positively furious, lips curling and nostrils flaring.
His body already began to ache, imagining the beat down she was going to give him, after this. He tried to look as apologetic as possible, hoping it might slightly quell her rage.

"While I normally condone tardiness, and would be inclined to make you exit right now, this is too important an event for a young mafioso such as yourself to miss, so I suggest you quickly take a seat, Mr....?"

"Nakahara.", Chuuya mumbled, face burning.

"If you would please, Mr.Nakahara", drawled the white coated man in, gesturing with his hand, in a mock welcome gesture.

"Of course", muttered Chuuya, making his way to the seat right behind Dazai, glaring at the back of the brunettes' head. Dazai's shoulders were trembling slightly, and with renewed fury, Chuuya realized the bastard was laughing.

He wanted to kick that smug grin right off his face, but white coated man in the front suddenly looked towards them, as though he had read Chuuya's mind, before quickly averting his eyes.

"Ahem... Like I was saying, before that.. interruption, I am Dr. Umemoto Hiroki, and it is my team that had been given the great honor of conducting the Secondary Gender Test this year, for the Port Mafia.", finished the man, raising his hands in a clapping motion.
He was met with a feeble, half hearted applause, but he seemed to pay it no mind.

"If you may recall, the actual test was conducted a few days ago, by one of my colleagues, Dr. Shiraishi Ryota. Unfortunately, he... he could not make it here today, so I'll be the one with the privilege of announcing the results."
Chuuya seemed the faintly recall that the man in front of them right now, Dr. Hiroki, wasn't the one who had been taking the blood samples during the actual test. However, he barely remembered what had even happened that day, too nervous of the outcome to notice anything else. And it's not like it mattered anyway.

Dr. Hiroki looked mildly uncomfortable now, his eyes wildly darting around, and sweat dripping from his rotund face. A fake smile was plastered on his face, as he spoke, voice trembling slightly.
Suddenly, he looked towards Chuuya's direction again, and his face grew even paler.

What the hell?

"In a few minutes, I will bring the files containing your analysis results, after which I will announce your name, Secondary Gender, and hand over the sheet with all the detailed information. "
Slowly, Dr. Hiroki put down the microphone, and waddled his way into a small room at the side of the stage.

The moment he left, the silent room broke out in noise, from excited rambling and panicked sobbing. A few rowdy groups of boys began to horse- play, and animatedly discuss what they would do if they turned out to be an Alpha, while a few of the mousy and petite looking girls had tears streaming down their face, from fear. Most of the others just chatted with those around them, as calmly as they could, but there was a hint of unease or anticipation in some.
Of course, the first thing Chuuya did was kick Dazai the back of Dazai's chair, causing him to stumble towards the ground. The black haired boy sitting next to Dazai immediately widened his eyes, and balled his fists, looking at Chuuya warily, but he didn't attack.

"Owww~Chibi is so cruel~", whined Dazai, rubbing his forehead, before devilishly grinning. "Wasn't it fun? Testing how fast you could get ready if-"

"You bastard", hissed Chuuya, grabbing Dazai's collar and pulling him close."You knew that the timing was changed, but you didn't bother mentioning it till the last minute? I knew you were an unreliable prick, but I didn't realize you were this much of an asshole."

"Who, me?", asked Dazai, eyes widening in mock surprise, and exaggeratedly looking around.

"Why you-"

"Dazai-san. Who is this?", said the black haired boy next to Dazai, frowning at Chuuya's hand wrapped around his savior's collar.

Chuuya let go of Dazai, and looked at the 2 kids next to him( well they weren't much younger than him). Behind the black haired boy was a similar looking girl, peeking at him from behind his shoulders.
When Chuuya caught her eye, she immediately darted out of view, the boy further obscured her, looking at Chuuya warily.
Reluctantly, he let go of Dazai, and adjusted his crinkled gloves.

"Nakahara Chuuya. This bandaged bastard's-", Chuuya cast an angry glare at Dazai, who grinned back.

"Partner. ", offered Dazai.

".....Yeah. Unfortunately", grumbled Chuuya.
Dazai paid no mind to the jibe, and instead stood up, moving towards the two black haired teens.
He placed a hand on both of their shoulders, and brought his head down to their level, placing it in between, and facing Chuuya.

"These are the Akutagawa siblings. I picked them up a few days ago from the slums, where the Port Mafia was handling drug shipments. Cute, aren't they?"
Chuuya grinned as kindly as he could, so they wouldn't look so uncomfortable. He knew how difficult it was to grow up in poverty and then have no other choice but join the Mafia.

Just like me

He had no doubt Dazai had used some underhanded method to acquire them, but he tried not to let that bother him.
The girl made an attempt to smile, but seemed to be too shy, and looked down, while the boy continued scowling.

This brat-

"This here is Gin-chan", said Dazai, patting the girl's head, "And this here is Ryuu-kun. But it's better if we just call him Akutagawa-kun"

"I plan to make them my new subordinates. Akutagawa here has quite the formidable ability , and lots of potential.", boasted Dazai, the slightest hint of approval in his voice, patting his head.

When Dazai patted Akutagawa's head, the boy seemed as though he might faint from excitement. There was a faint blush on his cheeks, and a twinkle in his eyes when Dazai called his name.
Chuuya couldn't help but grimace. Dazai could be very charming if he wanted to, but Chuuya knew better.

Poor kid. He has no idea what he's in for

Suddenly, he realized the room had been unusually quiet for some time. There was only hushed murmuring.
With a start, he realized that a quite a few of the other teens gathered there were staring towards them. Even a few senior members peered curiously at them.

What? Why are they looking here?

It was then that Chuuya realized that they were looking at Dazai, and it clicked.
Dazai had just become Executive a few days ago. The youngest Executive in Port Mafia history. Many of these people were seeing Dazai for the first time. While they had both been in the Mafia officially for a year, most of the members hadn't seen the brunette in person. Only the exclusive squad that he personally commanded saw Dazai often. He also usually gave orders from headquarters, or an unseen vantage point. As a strategist, and torture specialist, only a few designated people had ever got a glimpse of Mori's famed protegee; The "Demon Prodigy" . Even when Dazai entered the field, which was mainly with Chuuya, as a part of Double Black, is was either undercover or an evacuated area if they needed firepower . Most of the people that lived to see the two of them in action, didn't survive. Chuuya was on the field with other members more frequently than Dazai, so he wasn't as unrecognizable. Dazai was elusive, and usually unseen, despite having a larger than life reputation. But that was only possible before he became an Executive member. Now he had to show his face more often and attend more gatherings as a customary gesture.

But why are there so many senior members here? Is it normal for this many to show up for the Secondary Gender test? Is it to see Dazai? But surely they must have seen and met Dazai during the celebration event dedicated to him a few days ago? Why come again?

Then he realized. They didn't care about the Secondary Gender test, or here as some custom. Their presence wasn't necessary, and all important information would be passed to them later by the Head of Personnel later anyway.

They're just here to see what Dazai gets. And maybe me too

The people that showed up were all Alphas, and had been with the Mafia for a long time. They were practically born into it, and were also the ones that opposed Mori the most. These were pure Alpha families, that were deeply ingrained into the organization. They couldn't be considered "members", because they didn't work for the Mafia, they worked with it. Their positions in the Mafia were more honorary, rather than an actual title. All of them were incredibly wealthy, the financial backbone of the Mafia, holding influential positions in various sectors of the country, and maintaining it's immense sphere of influence. Politicians, celebrities, CEO's, and even government officials. They were all tied to the Port Mafia, for generations. In fact, even Ane-san and Hirotsu-san were from these families, but chose to support Mori. Some of the teens in the hall with them, like the group of rambunctious boys that were now glowering at them, were probably kids from the families, ready to enter a position they had been born into, rather than work for, like Chuuya and Dazai.
The successor of the Mafia is generally chosen from one of these families, by the previous Boss. as per usual tradition. Yet....
No had been been more incensed than them when an outsider, and a Beta doctor of all people, replaced the old Boss. The conflict in the Mafia had been brutal, but somehow Mori had prevailed, twisting their arms in backing him. And once he got complete control, no one could even deny that Mori was a far better leader than the previous Boss, the Mafia thriving and growing even more powerful after just 2 years under his command. They had no choice but to accept him, because he never gave them a chance to oppose.
But that didn't mean they were happy about it.
All they could do, was watch. Watch Mori as carefully as possible, to find any weakness, any mistake, and then swoop in, to eliminate him
They weren't entirely powerless, they were just biding their time.

Which is why they were watching Dazai and Chuuya, Mori's greatest assets.
Double Black was famed for their feats, a name known through out the underworld. Even by these bigshots.
And Dazai had just become Executive. He was also Mori's beloved student, trained by personally by him.
They were assessing both of them, seeing if they had any weakness, or if they would give them any vulnerability to exploit. To manipulate. To destroy.

And that started from the Secondary Gender Test.

A shiver ran down Chuuya's spine, as he accidentally caught the eye of a tall, muscular man wearing an expensive velvet suit. Short brown hair was slicked back, framing his tanned face. Cold grey eyes stared predatorily at Chuuya, and sadistic smile adorned his lips, as he watched the two of them. It took a moment, but he recognized him.
The new head of the Tsushima family, from which the previous Boss was from. He often saw this man around the headquarters, seemingly "checking in" on Mori. But nobody hated Mori more than them, especially when they heard that the family head had left the Mafia to an outsider. They had all accused Mori of foul play, but they were never able to prove it. They were the most dangerous, and the most wary.

He had already made a bad impression on them by being late.

Dazai.... I fucking hate you

Chuuya looked towards Dazai, who was also looking at the officials, completely unfazed.
There was a lazy grin on his face, that did not extend to his eyes, matching the level of cruelty and malicious intent Mori normally exuded. There was also a strange rage, that nobody but Chuuya could detect.
But for some reason, Chuuya felt oddly comforted, knowing Dazai was next to him right now, no matter how murderous he looked.

"Dazai... You know why they're here, right?", he asked, trying not to let on how worried he really was.
Dazai nodded, not breaking eye contact with the officials, until one of them looked away first, either due to intimidation or boredom.

He glanced at Chuuya, face significantly more grave than it had been when he had arrived.

"The Secondary Gender Test. They're here to see if we turn out to be Betas or Alphas, or even.... Omegas", said Dazai, his eyes lingering on Chuuya for a few seconds

"I... am... not... an Omega", whispered Chuuya, through gritted teeth, eyes widely looking around, seeing if anybody heard the accusations.

Dazai laughed at seeing the panic on the red-head's face.

"Chibi really doesn't want to be an Omega, huh? Well you aren't wrong for thinking that way. If one of us even turned out to be a Beta, they'd use that to undermine Mori, saying the organization is being overrun by Betas, and use every mistake we make against us. Breathe wrong, and they'll pounce on us. But at least Mori might still be able to support us then, as long as we were still useful to him. He values skill more than anything anyway. But if we were Omegas.... especially male Omegas.... it's straight to either a lab or being sold as some wealthy man's plaything. Even Mori won't be able to do anything for us, without them immediately turning on him for it."

"You know all this.. and you're still so calm?", asked Chuuya, his throat growing dry from fear. "Dazai... what.. how-"

"Of course I'm calm. I already know what I am. Mori had me tested 2 years ago, when I was 14. "

"Wha-? Then...wha-"


"What? You're an Alpha??", asked Chuuya, sounding more surprised than he intended.

"Is that so hard to believe?", asked Dazai, lightly chuckling.

"No....I believe you...".
Chuuya had a feeling Dazai would turn out to be an Alpha anyway. He couldn't imagine him as anything else. The intelligence, charisma, and raw feeling of danger he radiated could never suggest he was anything but an Alpha.The only non Alpha part of Dazai was his pathetic combat skills. Of course, there was a chance he could have turned out like Mori, who possessed all the most desirable traits only Alphas are supposedly inherently born with, in Beta body. But that was more an anomaly than the norm. It was also the only reason Mori was tolerated. He was more Alpha than Beta on the outside.

"But.. if you already know, why are you here?"

"That wasn't an official test. It was conducted by Mori, personally. They won't trust Mori's results, so they hired an external source, funded by them to do the bi-annual testing, like always. The results can't be influenced or falsified by Mori, because these are private companies are funded by the families. This year its Zeneca Labs."

"Oh....", said Chuuya, at a loss for words. He had thought that this was something Dazai was also in the dark about, and something they were going to discover together. That there was a chance that Dazai was just as nervous, or had spent a few sleepless nights over the results. Turns out it was just him. For some reason, that made Chuuya feel a little disappointed.
It also made him much more anxious than he already was. Dazai was already a confirmed Alpha, now it was just Chuuya that had no idea what to expect.
He realized he was beginning to sweat heavily now, his chest rapidly rising and falling, and panic overwhelming him.

Dazai looked at him and frowned, a hint of concern entering those normally emotionless brown eyes.

"Chuuya... relax", soothed Dazai, placing a reassuring palm on his trembling shoulder. The Akutagawa siblings watched him curiously, until Dazai moved to hide Chuuya from view.

When Chuuya looked at him, Dazai was momentarily startled to see the glistening of tears pooling in those brilliantly blue eyes.

"Dazai...What if I really am.. an Omega...You said that- I-"

"Chuuya! I was just messing with you! Did you actually take me seriously? There's no way you did. " , said Dazai, a small smile lining his amused expression, a tiny bit of guilt visible, so briefly that Chuuya thought he had seen wrong.


"I knew Chibi was stupid... but not this stupid....I guess all that milk you're drinking completely went to waste," Dazai raised his hand up, gesturing to Chuuya's height." You haven't grown here", said Dazai. "Or here," Dazai rapped his head a few times.

Chuuya finally blinked away the few drops of sorrow that had been gathering in his eyes, and glared. Instant relief had flooded him when Dazai said those words he had so desperately longed to hear.

"And how was I supposed to know? You seemed serious!", snapped Chuuya, feeling stupid for almost crying at such a place.

"Common sense Slug,", sighed Dazai, shaking his head.
"Although I suppose you do have a lack of it. I guess I'll have to walk you through it, as usual. Omegas only make up 10 percent of the population, out of which almost all of them are female. Male Omegas are only born through a genetic abnormality that is so rare, that there are only about a few hundred of them in this entire country. Most of them are also relatively easy to identify at a young age as well, often due to possessing deformed Omega organs that cause health problems. So there's no chance you are one. Besides, the government facility that contained you would have known, and it would be in your files, which is currently in Mori's possession. If Mori knows, he would have already done something, whether it be a plan to conceal you, or remove you as a possible liability, in the early stages of your Mafia entry itself. Its that simple. "

Dazai nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders, but to Chuuya, everything Dazai had just told him, was a huge weight off his shoulders. He finally felt like he could breathe a bit.
But the moment his worry left, it was replaced with annoyance and anger towards Dazai for making him so scared.

"Common sense also means not throwing yourself off bridges and having your partner fish you out every time, you bandaged mackerel", retorted Chuuya, his brain finally calm enough to be snarky.

Before Dazai could insult him back, the doors on side of the hall opened, and Dr. Hiroki walked back out, flanked by 2 young women holding a stack of documents.
Chuuya quickly sat back down, behind Dazai, and pushed him into his seat.

In an instant, the hall grew silent again, with many pairs of eyes intently focused on the chubby man's movements.

"Ahem.. I see that I have everyone's attention, so without any further delay, we will proceed. My 2 assistants here, carry the files with each of your test results. When I call out your name and gender, I will hand over your respective file with additional details. After receiving the document, you are requested to not return to your original seat, but to a new seating section designated for your subgender. Alphas in the right section , Betas in the middle, and Omegas in the left. Is that clear?"

There was a murmur of "Yes", which seemed to be enough affirmation for the pudgy man.

"I shall now begin announcing the names."

"Iwata Jiro- Beta."

An ordinary looking boy with oily black hair walked up, unsurprised the outcome, but with a slight tinge of disappointment, that did not go unnoticed. Chuuya recognized him as one of the boys who transported materials and documents throughout the building. There were a few awkward claps (including Chuuya) as Iwata Jiro walked to his seat, along with not so concealed snickers from the group of flashy boys sitting at the back.

Those insufferable pieces of shit

"Akiyama Toshio-Beta."
The next few names were all Betas, some of them even coming from that gang of pretentious boys from those prestigious Alpha families, much to their horror, but Chuuya's delight.

Serves you right

Chuuya's anxiety only worsened as he waited his turn, going from drumming his fingers, then tapping his feet, and constantly swallowing, annoying Akutagawa-kun. Even Dazai shot him an exasperated look.

"Akutagawa Ryuunosuke- Alpha."
There was a vague, strangled sound of surprise, that came from Akutagawa. Immediately, he looked at Dazai, for acknowledgment, eyes shining with excitement. For moment, Chuuya thought he saw Dazai's eyes darken, and a sneer beginning to form on his face, a dangerous expression he was all too familiar with.
But he must have imagined it, because now all that could be seen on Dazai's face was a small smile, and nod of approval as he clapped his hands together.
Akutagawa practically leaped with joy when he saw Dazai acknowledge him, and the vestiges of a pleased smile began to form on his face as he walked to the front of the room.

That brat... so he can smile.
But despite the twinge of jealousy he felt, Chuuya couldn't help but feel happy for the kid. What made him feel even better was the snide and sullen looks some of the other boys shot at Akutagawa, but they obviously couldn't say anything. The stray dog Dazai had picked up, was an Alpha, and according to Dazai, a formidable ability user. Chuuya saw this as a slap in the face of now frowning Mafia officials. There was a another card in Mori's hands now, courtesty of Dazai.

"Not bad...", murmured Dazai.

"Not bad? You mean, awesome right? Do you see those bastards faces? They can't believe they lost another powerful player to you and Mori."

"I wouldn't be too sure about that", whispered Dazai, as Dr. Hiroki began to read the next name on the list.


"Akutagawa Gin-Omega." Dr. Hiroki gave a simpering, strange smile. "Our first Omega of today".
He looked like he wanted to say more, but suddenly stopped speaking, as though he had been muted.

In an instant, all of the joy in Akutagawa's face dissipated, as he looked at his younger sister, who had turned pale from shock. The young girl instantly began trembling as she slowly got out of her seat. Chuuya could vaguely hear some mocking, vile whispers.

"Omega huh? Pretty thing"

"I'll definitely be visiting her in whatever brothel she's sold to"

"Hahaha, you beast!"

"Can you really blame me? I mean, that's a nice one-"


Chuuya kicked a chair across the room, and the violent impact caused it to be crushed into pieces, denting the wall with it.

"Oops", said Chuuya, as he glared at the source of those disgusting statements; that group of kids from the old families.

Instantly the insulting chatter died down, and Chuuya was given some dirty looks, but he didn't care. Dr. Hiroki also looked like he wanted to reprimand him, but had suddenly stopped himself.
His rage had boiled the longer he heard those fuckers talk, until he just exploded. The Akutagawa girl had clearly heard everything as well, and began to tremble even more.

If you were an Omega, and from one the main families, your fate wouldn't be as bad. They were considered to have more value, and were the ones usually given roles in the Mafia, or married to wealthy older members, to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. They had been trained to live as upper class spouse.
But Omegas that were of unknown origin, orphans, or poor, had no chance. It instantly meant being circulated in the Mafia's prostitution circle, operated by some of the Alpha families. These Omegas had no one backing them, no one supporting them, no one giving them any "value".
And the Akutagawa siblings knew that.
Ryuunosuke watched his little sister shiver from fright, as tears began to well up, and slowly drip down her face. He needed to do something. He needed to help her.
But how? He was a nobody. He had nothing. So how could he hope to give his precious sister everything?

But that doesn't mean I won't try. We'll escape. I'll take her out of here....

Am I even strong enough to do that? Can I make it out of here, alive?

But I have to try. For Gin.

Just as Akutagawa was about to activate Rashoumon, Dazai stepped forward, and placed a gentle hand on the shaking Gin's shoulders.

"Gin-chan. Don't worry. I'm the one that found both of you, and took you in. You and your brother are very talented people, that I have high hopes for. So rest assured, I will take care of both you, like I promised. Both of you are mine. No one can take you away from me, because to do so, would mean opposing an Executive member of the Mafia".
Dazai's voice was clear, and could be heard throughout the room. Although he seemed to be soothing Gin, there was an underlying threat in his words, which seemed to have been understood by the other occupants of the room, as the atmosphere suddenly became tense, and there was a pin drop silence. An Alpha staking his claim wasn't a casual thing, and right now, no one had the courage to oppose Dazai.

For once, Chuuya felt a bit of respect for Dazai, and he smiled inwardly. He was glad Dazai had stepped up and protected this girl, because its exactly what Chuuya wanted to do, and would have done. Although he definitely wouldn't have handled it as smoothly as Dazai, so he was glad he didn't have to instead. It was flawless, the subtle implication of retaliation if Gin was harmed, bringing upon the Demon Prodigy's wrath, all while weaving it into a gentle reassurance for the terrified girl.

Dazai.... this is what I admire about you

Akutagawa Ryuunosuke looked like he had seen God, as tears of relief began to pool in his eyes, watching Dazai pat his little sister on the head, before sending her off to collect her file.
If he had already idolized Dazai, he now looked ready to worship the brunette.

Dazai-san... I'll never forget this

Chuuya noticed the terrifyingly devoted expression on Akutagawa's face, before curling his lip in disgust and pity , again.

He's definitely going to suffer


With every passing name, Chuuya only grew more and more restless. His patience was wearing thin, and he didn't think he could remain calm for much longer

"Sazama Takeshi- Alpha. "

Ugh... when will they call me...

"Sako Katsuo- Beta"

I'm going to die from anxiety

"Fukui Izanagi- Beta"

Fuck, and Dazai that bastard looks so calm since he already knows. Fuck him.

"Dazai Osamu- Alpha"
There was wave of applause and approving nods, as Dazai slowly got up, looking positively bored. As an Executive, he was given a lot more admiring, fawning looks and respect as he walked to the front. The last thing Dazai needed to cement his Executive status, was his Secondary Gender, regardless of his feats. Kouyou seemed to have left some time ago, so the most powerful person in the room had to be Dazai now. Without even trying, Dazai now exuded an aura of absolute superiority.
A few of the Alpha boys even looked at him expectantly, as the brunette walked towards the Alpha seats, as they made arrangements to accommodate him in their circle. Dazai smirked at them, with nothing but disdain in his eyes ,opting to sit alone in a corner.

Chuuya couldn't help but stifle his laughter at the dumbfounded expression on their faces. Dazai had completely ignored them, because he had no reason to put on a pretense and pretend he liked them. No, it was them who needed attention of an executive, and somehow, they thought they were entitled to it.

"Yamasaki Kayo-Beta"

Suddenly Chuuya was brought back to the gravity of the situation, and his realized now he was waiting, sitting all alone, as he waited for his turn.

Relax. Calm down. It'll be fine.

"Ozaki Amaya-Alpha. "

Ozaki??? Isn't that from Ane-san's family?
Chuuya shot a glance at Ozaki Amaya, red haired, with all the fierceness and strength Ane-san had, but not the compassion.
Ane-san had no love for the Ozaki family, and hence, neither did Chuuya. They were the ones that had instigated the former Boss into hunting down and killing the person Ane-san loved, while they tried to escape the Mafia. It was then that she told him there was no escaping this cruel world, that forever trapped you in the darkness. And that he would find no love that ended happily in this rotten place.
Maybe it was just Ane-san's bitterness speaking, but a part of Chuuya had believed her. He couldn't imagine loving anyone in a world where they could be ruthlessly killed in an instant. Chuuya didn't want to love someone, lest they be taken away from him, like things always were. He didn't want to fail to protect someone, again.

Unless they were more than capable of protecting themselves

For a second, Chuuya's eyes caught Dazai's, who was looking at him with amusement, watching him fret and worry.

What the hell am I thinking??


"Nakahara Chuuya- Alpha."


Dazai Osamu entered the penthouse he had been gifted after becoming Executive. It was barren of furnishings, as he had just moved into it yesterday, on Mori's insistence.
He tossed the keys hapzhardly onto the ground, not caring that he'd probably stub his toe on them later on.
He would have liked to lie down on something, but the lack of couches or beds made that a bit hard. The minimal furniture he did own would only be arriving later today, so he opted to lie down on the hard wooden floor, and stare blankly at the white ceiling, thinking hard about the events of the past few days.

Chuuya being an Alpha.... was something he expected, but a selfish part of him had hoped the slug wasn't one. The part that had constantly taunted Chuuya about being an Omega, in the small hopes that it may be true. The part of him that despised Alphas, and their sickening scents. The part of him that didn't want Chuuya to be one of them. The part of him that cared for Chuuya in a way he couldn't explain, to himself, or anybody else.

He thought back to the last conversation they just had, after Chuuya had been declare an Alpha.

"Looks like I'm an Alpha too. All that worrying for nothing! ", Chuuya had said, with his usual dumb grin on his face. Dazai didn't say anything for a second, and Chuuya thought maybe he didn't hear.


"Yes, yes Chibi, I heard you the first time, no need to bark. I was just wondering how such a small Alp-"

"Shut up!! You're just bitter and jealous-"

Dazai had gone into fits of manic laughter after that. "Jealous??! Bitter??! Of what? If the dumb slug can recall, I'm an Alpha too! Why would I be jealous?"

After that, both of them had stormed out, shooting daggers at each other as they walked out of the door.
Then Dazai had come back to his empty house, and was now aimlessly lying on the ground.

Chibi.... You were right. I am jealous. I am bitter. I'm so incredibly angry and jealous, to an extent you would never understand

Dazai slowly got up from the ground, into an upright sitting position, and pulled out the file he had hidden under a floor board of the house, a few days ago, and began to tenderly open it.
There was an inscrutable expression on his face a he looked at the slip of paper he was holding, and the secondary gender given on it.

He could feel that manic, derisive laughter building up in his throat, as he resentfully looked at the word next to his name.

Ahhh this is fucking hilarious.

Dazai took the lighter he kept in his coat pocket, and held it to that tiny slip of paper that was driving him mad. The only real proof of what he really was.
And then he let it burn.

Watched, as the small flame slowly charred away the one secret he'd keep till his death.

Dazai Osamu- Omega




Dr. Umemoto Hiroki was having a very bad day. A very, very bad day. His colleague's brains were splattered on the wall right next to him, while the corpse of Dr. Shiraishi Ryota had fallen into his lap, the gruesome bullet hole on his head staining Dr. Hiroki's pants red with blood. He suppressed the urge to throw up, as he looked at the beautiful, young brunette staring at him, with a bone chilling smile. The boy was holding a gun, the one he used to kill his colleague, and he aimed it at Dr. Hiroki.

"Wait!! Please! Please! Don't kill me! Ple'"

"Shut up."

Instantly he kept quiet, instead trying to plead for his life through his panic stricken eyes.

Shit, how did this happen? Why have things come to this?

He knew exactly why though. Just a few minutes earlier, while they were conducting the tests on the blood samples they got from the Mafia members, Dr. Ryota had discovered something very interesting.
There was a male Omega. And the male Omega wasn't just any random person. It was the Demon Prodigy. Dazai Osamu.
The discovery had been monumental, so of course they were going to contact the higher Mafia officials that were employing them. But before Dr. Ryota could even make it to the phone, he had been shot. Right in front Dr. Hiroki's eyes. And the bullet had come from the Omega himself, who stood at the door way of the lab, sneering at the two of them.

Shit.... I need to press the panic button. Then I need to upload the files with the proof

"I know what you're thinking. Move an inch, and I will kill you. Upload that file, and I will kill you."
Dazai's eyes were cold, so incredibly cold as he looked at the man in front of him.

"Okay, okay!", he stammered, raising up his hands.

"Now, I'll tell you exactly what to do. Give me the copy of the real results you just obtained, and change the official one to read Alpha."

Dr. Hiroki didn't move for a second, not believing what he was hearing.

He wants me to doctor the results? Even if I change what it says on paper, how will he change the biology of his body? Sooner or later, won't he be exposed?

"I'm not in the mood to be patient right now, Doctor."
Dazai pressed the tip of the gun to Dr. Hiroki's forehead, where it instantly burned him, as the tip was still steaming from the previous bullet.
Before he could yell in pain, Dazai stuffed a cloth into his mouth, muffling him.

The brunette leaned close, his dark eyes peering into Dr. Hiroki's face.

"I'm sure you have lots of questions and objections, but I don't want to hear any of it. Just shut the fuck up and do what I tell you too."

Seeing that Dr. Hiroki was still hesitating, Dazai smirked.

"I heard you have 2 kids. A daughter and son. What were their names again? Ah right. Harumi and Hiroshi. Adorable children.", crooned Dazai, pulling out his phone, with a picture of the two of them, along with Dr. Hiroki's wife.
"Maybe I'll pay them a visit one day...."

The muffled man began to violently shake his head in protest, eyes widening in shock, as Dazai looked at the photo of his precious children with a vicious smile.

"No? You don't want me to meet them? Then listen to everything I tell you from now on."

Dr. Hiroki slowly nodded his head in agreement, as he had no other choice now.

"Change the official document to read Alpha, and then send it to the Mafia personnel department. I will dispose of your unfortunate colleague's body, so that is not your concern. You just need to act like he went on a sudden, long vacation. I will also be visiting you occasionally for medical check ups and drugs. Don't even think about lying to me, because I will know. Since you are the only person other than me that knows my true secondary gender, I expect you to keep it that way. Or else...."

Dazai's eyes wandered back to the photo in his hand, and Dr. Hiroki nodded again, more desperately this time.

There was a small smile on the brunette's face as he watched the man agree, while shuddering in fear.

"So we have an agreement?", asked Dazai, removing the stale cloth from the man's mouth.

Fuck.... this is a horrible. What am I getting myself into..... He really is a demon.

Against all common sense and reason, he felt himself opening his mouth and saying, "Y-Yes"