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The Unwillling Spy

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“So, there's no way to find him. Were done. Finished. End of story.”
Even Havoc looked depressed, and the briefing had barely begun.

“Well . . .” All eyes snapped to Fullmetal. Except for Al, of course, who just looked mildly surprised that Ed had even brought it up.
“Are you sure big brother ?”
“ ‘Course” Ed spoke bracingly “we need him, and, as much as he hates to admit it, he needs us, too.”

Then he got up, did the sloppiest salute in the history of sloppy salutes and said, seriously, for once “Don’t follow me.”

Then the door swung silently shut.

”Who wants to follow Ed.” Mustang announced with malicious glee. Everyone raised their hand except for Riza and Alphonse.
“Riza I get, but why you, Al.” Brenda spoke through the haze of Riza’s neutral face of disappointment.

“I’m too loud.“ Al muttered, embarrassed. “Have you seen a suit of armour trying to be stealthy? it’s not pretty.”

Just then Fuery whisper-shouted “he’s getting away!” By the time they looked back, Al had disappeared.
“Not stealthy, huh” Havoc said, dry as an Ishval desert. Then he rushed after the rest of the mustgang, who were rushing after Fullmetal, who was just plain rushing.

So they followed him. They followed him to the red light district. The only reason they didn’t follow him in the seemingly random back alley he ducked into, was that there was a crumbling rooftop they could climb.

Hey, just because hawkeye wasn’t there, doesn’t mean they can’t take a leaf out of her book.

Not long after, a man? woman?, Swept into the alley. The person was wearing a long black trench coat and equally dark glasses. The shady person appeared happy . . . almost gleeful.

“You really came ?” the person murmured with amusement and a touch of awe. “You really will do anything for your precious people, huh, squirt”

“Cut to the chase Envy.“ Ed spat.