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Edmund kisses Frederick’s eyebrows first, his nose next, his bottom lip after. He cups Frederick’s face gently, longer fingers stretching out to play with the strands of hair in the nape of his neck

It’s one of the first true, sunny spring days that year; the sun bearing down on them without a cloud to disturb it. Their blanket covers almost the entirety of the Hoars’ small garden. A carton of strawberries sits half-eaten and forgotten next to them, the two of them dressed in nothing but shirts as the house is to be blissfully empty for the next several hours.

“I love you—” Edmund whispers against Frederick’s skin as he moves his kisses towards Frederick’s jawline. sSt atop his lover, he has all the freedom to move around, to kiss Frederick wherever he wants

Frederick can only reply with a soft moan as Edmund grazes his teeth gently across the sensitive spot below his ear. his arms wrap tighter around Edmund’s waist, trying to pull the man closer. “Mmm—I love you too.

As Edmund slowly moves towards his neck, Frederick lets his hands wander, cupping Edmund’s ass. He buckles his hips upwards as he presses Edmund down on him. They both gasp when Edmund's half-erect cock rubs against Frederick's stomach, Edmund at the sudden stimulation, Frederick at the hot breath against his neck.

“Frederick—” His nails dig into the base of Frederick's skull. “—we can’t. His voice struggles as his actions inadvertently cause Frederick to wriggle underneath him, creating more friction, his erection hardening rapidly

“We have the place to ourselves until noon. The smirk is obvious in his voice and the way he kisses Edmund's ear. “I’m sure we can be quiet and sneaky.

He lets go of Edmund's ass to dig one hand into the soft curls as the other grabs one of Edmund's. He slips them between their bodies rather unceremoniously, not caring that their fingers graze past Edmund's cock. Edmund groans.

And again as their hands come to rest near Frederick’s dick, Frederick's quiet but teasing moans as he rubs himself against Edmund's hand overwhelming in Edmund's ear

“Don’t be a tease.” He wrestles his hand free from Frederick's grasp to slip it under the edge of Frederick’s shirt, fingertips brushing against the inside of Frederick's thighs. Frederick merely puts his hand in Edmund’s hair with the other.

Frederick pulls at Edmund's hair, pulls him in for a deep kiss, tongue eager. The finger tips dance to the other thigh, carefully avoiding coming near Frederick's cock, and a loud moan gets thankfully stifled by Edmund's mouth

“So far for sneaky—” Edmund laughs in the short time they break away before Frederick pulls him back in, loudly sucking on Edmund's bottom lip, teeth grazing the inside.

Edmund lets his fingers run across the tip, barely a touch, and Frederick instantly buckles his hips upwards, trying to get more friction. Edmund withdraws his hand instead, causing Frederick to dig his nails into Edmund's skull in mild frustration. A grunt vibrates against Edmund's jaw

He does it again, with his thumb this time and fuller, pressing down slightly. The frustrated grunt rapidly turns into another, now softer moan, one that sinks into his skin with pleasure and causes a chill down Edmund's spine. He knows what Frederick likes—it feels good to know what Frederick likes, the man’s pleasure transferring to him, settling low in his stomach.

“I love you,” he whispers again, shifting so he can kiss the sensitive spots in Frederick's neck without cutting off circulation to his hand. They move awkwardly, Frederick wriggling one of his legs from underneath Edmund so Edmund is forced to slide partially Frederick’s side. The leg falls open—inviting.

Edmund’s thumb rubs slow circles on Frederick’s cock; two fingers dip downwards, slip inside Frederick easily, the wetness warm and inviting. The moans stop almost completely, becoming more breath than anything, synchronised entirely with the short hip movements as Frederick seeks all the friction he can get, even digging his heels into the blanket and grass. The fingernails against skull turn into fingertips, pushing and pulling his hair in every direction.

It’s encouraging—overwhelmingly stimulating as Frederick involuntarily pushes his waist up against Edmund’s erection with every thrust. He stops trying to kiss Frederick’s neck entirely, the already half-assed efforts requiring too much thinking he seems unable to do. He lets his forehead rest on Frederick’s shoulder instead, tries to control his ragged breathing, to focus back on his fingers, deep within Frederick, rather than his own arousal.

He flattens out his palm against Frederick’s cock, a third finger joining the others. His motions pick up to settle into Frederick’s almost desperate rhythm. The reaction is instant—the hot, heavy breathing in his curls as Frederick turns his head; the leg muscles tightening and pulling on the blanket before loosening up as he stills to let Edmund do the work, ready to give himself over entirely.

If anything, it removes the friction from Edmund’s cock, his breathing able to even out, the sheer excitement and lust slightly ebbing. The noises from Frederick, his name like a chant somewhere within them, between all the moans, still go straight to his cock however and it almost becomes his mission to elect as many of them as he can, gently going deeper, gently pressing down his palm.

“Ed—” Frederick chokes on the rest of the word as Edmund picks up speed, ever so slightly, but clearly enough to make Frederick forget whatever he was trying to say. The fingers in his hair tighten, pulling almost hard enough to remove several strands of hair. He sinks his teeth into Frederick’s skin as a reply, trying to ignore the hot mouth on the side of his head, reacting to every move he makes.

Frederick stills suddenly, leg muscles stiffening, a choked sound burying itself in Edmund’s hair. His hips buckle up hard, knocking awkwardly into Edmund’s hand and body as he comes breathlessly, a guttural noise rising from deep within his throat.

Edmund knows not to stop, not to slow down as Frederick rides out his orgasm, lower body shuddering underneath him. The stomach muscles twitch against Edmund’s cock, pre-cum staining the shirts still stuck between it and Frederick, the slickness aggravating the feeling. He moans hard against Frederick’s shoulder, teeth burying down to the point of almost breaking skin to try and muffle the loud noise.

Frederick’s muscles relax again; he falls back down on the blanket, only a small twitch in his thigh left. His breathing evens out slightly, still heavy but the raggedness, desperation and excitement largely gone. His fingers loosen their grip on Edmund’s curls and he softly strokes the hair instead, aware of the relief Edmund is desperate for.

Edmund lets Frederick take over without resistance, head getting pulled up for a slow kiss. It causes them to move, Edmund trying to find his balance as he is required to lean almost too far forward, his other arm twisting along, now between them, the fingers still deep within Frederick, who whimpers into the kiss as Edmund’s palm rubs against his sensitive cock.

The noise goes straight to Edmund’s erection and he buckles his hips involuntarily, his cock thrusting against Frederick’s stomach. It’s hard to not give in and rut against Frederick’s body, whether his stomach, his thighs or his cock, until release.

Frederick breaks the kiss to pepper smaller ones against Edmund’s cheek. “Just fuck me,” he whispers between them, “to hell with being careful. He lets go off Edmund’s hair with one hand to pull up his own shirt, exposing himself entirely, before grabbing Edmund’s cock, slowly running his thumb across the head.

Edmund moans loudly, unable to hold anything back, as he tries to thrust into Frederick’s hand. His own fingers slip out of Frederick, who tries to wriggle away from the touch.

“Ed—” he manages eventually, pulling up a leg to rest his feet on Edmund’s thigh, trying to make Edmund realize that he needs to move. “—darling. Just fuck me.

Edmund pushes himself up from the awkward position he’d been lying in, cock slipping from Frederick’s grasp, to sit up on his knees. It takes no effort to pull Frederick into his lap, between his legs, Frederick’s legs already wrapped tightly around his waist.

Frederick shoves an arm behind his head like a pillow, watching Edmund through his eyelashes, expression nothing but desire and love. His own sensitivity doesn’t seem to matter as he shuffles his ass closer to Edmund. His fingertips brush past Edmund’s knee.

Their moans collide as Edmund slips himself inside, entirely, Frederick tensing up around him and sending him deeper. Frederick manages to get his hand in front of his mouth to muffle most of it, something Edmund fails at, his fingers digging into Frederick’s thighs instead, his moan loud into the open air.

Frederick laughs. “So far for being careful indeed.

Edmund leans down to kiss him, enticed by the smile, far too pure for their activities. His erection slips out of Frederick slightly and rubs against Frederick’s cock, making Frederick gasp into their kiss, almost as loud Edmund’s moan had been. His back arches up—the sensitivity had turned back into nothing but lust.

Edmund tries to keep his rhythm slow, his thrusts shallow, at first, using Frederick’s mouth and neck to muffle the small grunts that escape him with every breath. Frederick’s fingers find his hair again, loosely running through it with every thrust.

He pushes himself up onto his hands, away from Frederick’s hand that falls onto his chest abandoned, to be able to move more, to move faster. His thrusts pick up speed together with Frederick’s breathing, laboured and heavy. Frederick has thrown his head back, eyes shut tightly, his mouth half-open. He looks nothing but beautiful to Edmund, giving in to the pleasure without feeling like assisting.

“Faster—” Frederick chokes. It’s all Edmund needs to hear, able to give in to the urge he’s had since before he had even entered Frederick. His groans are hard but quiet as he quickly reaches the point of climax, brain clouding over entirely with pleasure.

Just in time he remembers to pull out, falling onto his elbows as he does so, Frederick’s legs shifting to grab around his waist, pressing them as close as possible as Edmund ruts his cock against Frederick’s. He comes silently, breath and groan stuck halfway down his throat as he spills onto Frederick’s body.

Frederick’s leg tighten only moments later, Frederick grinding himself against Edmund’s cock as he comes a second time that night, a low moan escaping him before he can cover his mouth.

It’s not until he’s sure that Frederick’s ridden out his orgasm that Edmund lets himself collapse on top of him. Neither of them can bother to cover up or clean up. Frederick laughs again instead, his fingers in Edmund’s hair as he places kisses on Edmund’s face. “That was—good.

Edmund lifts himself up only to pull Frederick in a slow deep kiss.

“I love you,” he whispers after, collapsing again and sliding off to a side. Quickly somewhat fixing their stained shirts back into the right shape, he drapes an arm across Frederick’s chest. A quick kiss in Frederick’s neck.

“I love you too. Edmund watches Frederick close his eyes, sun casting golden streaks across his skin. Surely they had time for a nap before dealing with the mess and their family, soon to be home.