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An Evening With You

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The wind blew across their faces as the two girls stared up at the blue sky. Next to eachother they lay in silence, trying so hard not to say something they’d regret.

“I wonder what Karen is doing-“ Mahiru started her sentence but choked it back down instantly.

Claudine sighed, “Two points... Is she all you think about?”

“Is Maya all you think about?” Mahiru joked back.

“Touché.” The blonde laughed.

The two girls had agreed to go out on a trip to their local park, with the sandwiches Mahiru had made and try to relax for a bit. They’d done it before and wanted to make it a regular occurrence. Without thoughts of Aijo Karen or Tendo Maya. It clearly wasn’t working to both of their dissatisfaction.

“Here...” Mahiru passed the other girl her sandwich and sat up pulling the suzudaru cat blanket closer to her.

“You know... with Karen being so busy with Hikari at the moment, we could spend more time together away from picnic trips if you wanted...” claudine mumbled, her words muffled by her trying to speak and chew her sandwich.

Mahiru laughed, “What an awkward way to ask me to hang out again... Want to help me make the potatoes tonight? Nana has to study and I got that whole load in from my family this morning.”

Claudine grinned widely, “Ah! A chance to show Tendo Maya- I mean a chance to show off my cooking skills....”

“That’s another Tendo Maya mention..... what are you on? Four?” Mahiru teased.

“Hmph. Mahiru... When did you get so confident?” Claudine raised her eyebrow slightly.

“You give me energy Kuro!” Mahiru said cutely throwing herself toward the end of the blanket Claudine was at.

Claudine’s heart sped up, her ears reddening.

‘What am I feeling....?’ Claudine thought to herself staring at the small girl in front of her now rolling across the blanket.

“Aren’t you going to eat your sandwich?”

“Nope! I’m eating the confidence you’re giving me Kuro~” she teased again.

“Sacré bleu!” Claudine exclaimed trying to distract from the increasing pulsation of her heart.

Mahiru’s favourite distraction was her Claudine. A friend who made her feel great, and made her laugh more than she ever had before. But she felt confusion as to the different feelings Claudine brought out in her. The height difference wasn’t much but Mahiru sometimes thought about wrapping herself in Claudine’s arms, they looked so comfy and she felt so tiny in comparison. Sometimes it would ‘kind of’ happen when she would cuddle up to Claudine on the sofa when the girls all watched a movie. Claudine wouldn’t flinch - in fact she would stretch her arm out to cradle Mahiru. Was that what friends did?

‘Of course it is.’ She thought.

That evening the two hurriedly rushed round the kitchen following Nana’s guide to 11 types of potatoes. Kaoruko and Futaba passed in and out to shout “potatoes! Potatoes!” But apart from that, they were getting on quite well.

“You’re great at this Claudine...” Mahiru said, honestly surprised.

“Someones got to keep you in check, miss worry-pants!” Claudine joked.

Mahiru blushed slightly, “we make a good team right?”

Her hand brushed softly against Claudine’s as they both reached for the next potato.

“Sorry...” Claudine pulled her hand back, “But y-yeah we do....”

She could feel her cheeks burning.

“Ah Miss Saijou, do you have a fever?” Tendo Maya announced from the other side of the kitchen, “You’re ever so red....”

Tendo Maya, very knowledgeable of Claudine’s feelings, often liked to tease her in front of said crush. Mahiru of course was practically oblivious.

“The kitchen’s so hot! We’re working hard you know!” Claudine smartly returns.

Maya grumbles grabbing an already prepared baked potato and running.

“Tendo Maya!!!!!”

“Let her take it! We have a lot more.”

Mahiru smiled and handed Claudine their next batch.

“Come on partner.”

The potatoes were received very well. Everyone, especially Maya, scoffed them down leaving none left over. As a thanks the remaining girls cleaned the plates and the kitchen whilst Claudine and Mahiru got to have a break.

Mahiru realised suddenly that Claudine must have slipped away when the meal had ended as she was nowhere to be seen. When she looked out the front window she saw the blonde perched on the front steps of the dorm.

“I’ll be right back!” Mahiru shouted from the door.

“Ok! Be quick!” Junna shouted back.

Mahiru closed in on Claudine, but at first didn’t want to let her know she was there. She heard her whispering softly.

“Do I tell her....” Claudine mumbled, “I have to..... be brave....”

“You can do anything Kuro!” Mahiru cheered from behind causing the blonde to fall forward into the street, “Kuro!!!”

The blonde immediately jumped up to her feet to see Mahiru in front of her.

Now was her chance.

Claudine suddenly bowed in front of the smaller girl.

“Mahiru. I like you! I have always liked you. Every time we spend time together... I can’t control the pace of my heart. It means my heart wants you! Please-“

“WAh!” Mahiru let’s out a shocked noise, “is this a confession?!”

Claudine stayed bowed and silent, her face redder than a rose and hotter than the sun.

“Kuro....” she pulls the other girls head up to her level.

Claudine stares at the ground trying not to make eye contact.

“Please look at me?” Mahiru asks.

She can’t speak, but Claudine does as she’s told, their eyes meeting.

Mahiru doesn’t say anymore, instead pulls the blonde in for a soft kiss, Claudine’s hands subconsciously reaching for Mahiru’s face.

“That’s my answer.”

They both smile, their hands now meeting.

“That is all I need.” The blonde blushed.

“Let’s go-“


“OOOOOOOOOOO YEAHHHHHHH!” A voice screams from the dorm window.

The two look up, tearing their interlinked hands apart.

“KISSS AGAIIIIIIN!!!!” Futaba and Kaoruko scream in unison.

“MAHIRU HAS A GIRLFRIEND!” Karen yells with all her might.

“I thought I’d never see the day claudine!” Maya adds.

At least they didn’t have to tell the others....