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Is It Wrong to Fear Your Party Members?

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They were exploring a hidden cave revealed by smashing a gigantic crystal. After a tense battle with monsters, they discovered that the monsters could talk.  Bell shook Lyd’s claw hesitantly after the fighting ceased. He was a lizardman testing them. That’s when everything went wrong.

An enthusiastic rabbit leaped on to his face affectionately. Bell tried to dislodge the rabbit while everyone watched.  She used her movements to take advantage of his mouth which he didn’t manage to close in time.  His friends didn’t even help him dislodge the rabbit, they just watched. The rabbit forced him to give oral sex.

An unfamiliar taste greeted his tongue while the rabbit humped his face more and more for stimulation. He wanted the rabbit gone but she was strong enough to resist all attempts at dislodging her.

“She doesn’t speak but, it seems like she likes you, person from the surface,” a monster quipped.

Rage boiled in his veins while he couldn’t see who was speaking with the white rabbit’s privates blocking his face. Just because the monster couldn’t communicate, it didn’t make it okay. His friends didn’t even try to help.  

His muffled cries went unacknowledged despite his frantic attempts to dislodge the feral rabbit. Hestia was supposed to be his first or Ais Wallenstein, not some rabbit that he just met. The rabbit ejaculated from humping his face. None of his friends cared or even if they did, they acted as if nothing was wrong. Was it because they were afraid of the overwhelming odds?  Did they not notice the rabbit cum on his face?  He wiped his face to pretend like nothing was wrong. Some friends they were, letting the rabbit do all that to him.

Maybe it was fear, that made his friends decided not to act. There were enough monsters in the cave to prevent them from leaving alive if they all attacked at once. The other monsters were friendly, at least, but that didn’t negate what happened.  His friends wanted to talk with the monsters, and he wanted to leave.

He spent at least an hour acting as if he was on friendly terms with his rapist. The rabbit looked at him with an evil gleam in her eye and he couldn’t even run away.

“We need to get back to Hestia,” Bell said after the festivities went on for an unbearably long time.  “She wants to know what we found.”

Bell was silent when they were heading towards the surface. The surreal moment that his friends abandoned him even when they were out of the monster village, no one mentioned what just happened.  Even though he hated his friends, he needed him to get out of the dungeon alive so he didn’t bring his traumatic experience up.

The imagery of what he just experienced replayed in his mind as they walked towards the exit.  A rabbit forced him to give oral sex while his friend watched.

“Bell, watch out!” Lili said.

A monster nearly stabbed him, but Mikoto was quick enough to destroy the monster.

“What’s wrong with you?” Mikoto said.

He wanted to say, “Let’s see how you handle getting raped by a rabbit. In full view of your friends who did nothing to help.” The taste of the rabbit still lingered in his mind. Instead, he held his tongue like a coward, “I’m just distracted, that’s all. It’s so surreal that they could all talk. Wiene isn’t the only one.”

“Liar. Tell us what’s wrong.”

There was no way that Mikoto didn’t know what happened to him, yet she acted like she didn’t.  Did she expect him to be okay with what happened?  The only reason she even asked that was to warn him not to speak out.

“Later okay?” Bell hoped that would be enough to quell Mikoto’s suspicions. “I’m still thinking of how to explain this.” He wanted to talk to Hestia first before he announced anything to his former friends. “let’s get out of here.”

Throughout the rest of the trek towards the surface, Bell kept his thoughts on the present instead of the traumatic event that happened earlier.  He had to act as if nothing was amiss so his friends wouldn’t abandon him.  People died in the dungeon before, and he didn’t want to be one of them.

None of his friends made any mention of what happened in the village. Surely, his efforts weren’t good enough to disguise what happened between him and the rabbit. The only conclusion was that they didn’t care. Bell felt a sense of unease as the exit was in his sights. There was no way they would let him go, yet he was so close to safety. If his group wanted to kill him, they certainly could. It wasn’t too late for them.

He took several deep breaths when they were finally out of the dungeon. They didn’t turn on him as he feared. “I need to talk to Hestia.” He bolted off towards their home, hoping that Hestia would understand.

After ten minutes he was home. “Goddess!” he cried.

“Bell, what’s wrong?” Hestia asked.

“Can we go somewhere, just the two of us? I don’t want the others to hear.”


He followed Hestia as she led him out of the town. They arrived in the middle of the forest. He glanced around, fearing someone could’ve followed them. “I can’t do this anymore.”

“What happened?” Hestia asked. “Tell me.”

The protectiveness in her voice made him feel comfortable. “They – they just watched.”

“It’s okay, Bell.” She stroked his head. “You can take your time. I’m here for you.”

“We found a village filled with talking monsters. After a brief battle, they decided to treat us as friends then…”

Hestia said nothing. She waited patiently for him to continue.

“…a rabbit leaped on my face and forced me to give her oral sex. You were supposed to be my first, goddess. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, Bell. I’ll still be waiting for you when you’re ready.”

“Everyone watched it happen, they acted like nothing was wrong. They didn’t even say anything when we left the village. None of them cared, I thought they were going to kill me before I could get back to you. It’s not like they didn’t notice what happened.”

“Bell, what do you think should happen to our former Familia members? I will help you.”