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A Lover in Agony

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He got the call just as he’s sitting down to fill out his incident reports. He usually ignored it, unless it was Best Jeanist, Ochako, or the hospital calling. 

Today it was the latter, and the news petrified him. 

A cold sweat trickled down his shoulder blades as he bolted to Best Jeanist’s office to explain the situation. His boss’s eyes widened, but he was relatively calm as he called a taxi for Katsuki to take him to the hospital. Best Jeanist waited with him outside of the agency, reassuring him in a measured tone that everything would be alright. 

Pins and needles shot through Katsuki’s hands; they were sweating more than usual. He wiped them into his pants just as his ride pulled up to the curb. 

“Deep breaths, Bakugou,” Best Jeanist said as he gave the driver the agency’s credit card number. “You need to be calm; Uraraka needs you right now.” 

Katsuki nodded frantically as he clambered into the back seat. The taxi pulled away, and Katsuki snapped at him to go faster. He was a bundle of nerves, ready to go off at the slightest inconvenience, but the driver was used to terrified heroes calling for her services. There was an emergency, and this young sidekick was doing the best he could to keep calm under pressure. 

The ride only took ten minutes, but for Katsuki, it felt like an eternity in Hell. He jumped out before the taxi could put on the brakes and ran past the automatic doors of the hospital. 

“Where is she?!” he shouted at the front desk receptionist. “Ocha—Uravity! I’m her emergency contact and she  needs  me right now!” 

“Sir, you’re going to need to give me more information tha—” 

Katsuki slammed his fists down on the front desk. “SHE’S GONNA FUCKING DIE IF YOU DON’T LET ME SEE HER RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!” 

“Sir! Calm down before I call security—” 

But Katsuki couldn’t calm down. Somewhere in this place, Ochako was suffering because some scumbag unleashed his fucking pollen quirk on her. It’d been a fatal dose; if somebody didn’t help her within the next ten hours, then she would be— 

“You’re Katsuki Bakugou, I take it?” 

A doctor, probably in her late fifties, approached the front desk. She was carrying a clipboard, and Katsuki caught a glimpse of Ochako’s name written near the top. 

She nodded at the receptionist, saying, “He can fill out the paperwork later. We need him right now. Come with me, young man.” 

Katsuki followed the doctor into the elevator, where she slid the key card in and pressed the button for the tenth floor. “The most we could do for her is keep her comfortable,” she explained as they rode to their destination. “Luckily, within the past decade there have been breakthroughs in anti-pollen drugs to deal with these types of cases. Uraraka was hospitalized within the first hour of being hit with the quirk, so we managed to downgrade her status from ‘fatal.’ But she still needs you to break her fever and destroy the quirk’s effect completely.” 

“Did they catch the fucker who did this?” Katsuki growled. If that piece of shit was still on the loose, he would hunt him down personally… once Ochako’s condition was dealt with. 

“According to Uravity’s partner, the villain has been apprehended,” said the doctor. “He was part of the child trafficking ring that was making headlines recently. It’s all I know on the matter right now, but Red Riot said that Uravity single-handedly took him down just before he activated his quirk on her.” 

Katsuki made a mental note to phone Eijirou afterwards for more details. Right now, he needed to see Ochako. 

They stepped off the elevator, and the doctor led Katsuki down a long, sterile hallway to the last room on the left side. Before unlocking the door, she turned to Katsuki and said, “She’s not in her right mind, so don’t be alarmed if she attacks you. Both she and Red Riot told us quite vigorously that you would be able to handle this.” 

Katsuki’s mouth was dry. “I just want to help her.” 

The doctor nodded curtly. “Alright. After I let you in, I’m going to lock the door. There’s no security cameras inside for Uravity’s privacy, but I’ll give you a button to press once she’s stabilized. I’ll also be outside to check in on you in twenty minutes.” 

“Got it.” He needed to see her, comfort her, and… well… 

It wouldn’t be the first time that Ochako and Katsuki had sex. Ochako didn’t like the term “friends with benefits”: she considered them to be closer than that.  

“We’re lovers, Katsuki,” she’d told him one night after passionate lovemaking. “I don’t want to be with anyone else.” 

But this was different; it was a scenario that wasn’t initiated with an intimate moment by either of them. Ochako was in pain because one sick fuck decided to take the coward’s way out. 

The door swung open, and Katsuki stepped inside. The walls and floor were made of soft, green padding and there was a single mattress pushed to the side. Ochako was curled up on top of it, moaning and sobbing quietly. 


Ochako gingerly lifted her head. She was naked, the torn remnants of her bodysuit crumpled on the ground. She was covered in a sheen of sweat; her hair clung to her neck as if she was sitting in a heatwave. 


He approached her carefully, worried about how she would react to him being there. “I’m here, Angel Face,” Katsuki said gently. “I’m here.” He crouched down in front of the mattress and held out his hand. Ochako looked at him, and he could see the tell-tale signs of the pollen quirk: the whites of her eyes were clouded over with a milky pink colour. 

“Tell me what you need me to do.” 

Like a feral cat, Ochako jumped into his arms, knocking him onto the padded floor. She kissed and licked his neck and face, moaning in despair. “It hurts so much, Katsuki,” she moaned. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” 

Katsuki wrapped his arms around her. Her skin was on fire, hotter than any of his explosions. He didn’t wince, even as she bit into his shoulder and drew blood. 

“I’m here to help you, Ochako.” 

Her tears ran down her face, drenching his shirt. “It hurts, it hurts so much. I’m sorry, but I need you—I need—!” 

Ochako drew back, sitting up as she struggled with the zipper on Katsuki’s pants. He gently grabbed her hands and said, “Let me. It’s okay.” 

Katsuki unzipped his pants, but before he could pull them off, Ochako was palming his cock, pulling it free from his boxers. She pushed Katsuki back onto the floor, grabbing his shoulders for support as she lowered her aching, sopping cunt on top of him. 

Ochako’s scream was pornographic. She bounced on top of him, her strength and speed animalistic as she cried with relief. Katsuki held onto her hips, but Ochako was in full control. Right now, he was just a warm body with a working dick, and he was fine with that. 

She came on his cock, her body shuddering from her earth-shattering orgasm. Tears filled her eyes as she looked down at Katsuki. The pink in her eyes had receded somewhat, but the effects of the quirk were still there. 

Ochako leaned down and pushed her tongue into Katsuki’s mouth. “More,” she moaned as she squirmed on top of his cock. “You need to move, Katsuki. Fuck me. Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me FUCK ME RIGHT NOW PLEASE OH GOD!” 

She needed him to take control, to make her pain go away by her terms. Katsuki could do that; he would do anything for Ochako. And once the effects were destroyed and she wanted time apart to recuperate… Katsuki would give her space. 

He rolled them over until he was on top of Ochako. He grabbed her hips and shoved his cock deeper into her as she screamed with pleasure. Sweat poured down his shoulder blades as he went at a jackhammer pace into her cunt. Ochako’s breasts bounced against her chest as Katsuki continued to increase the pace. 


“I’m here, I’m here.” 


Katsuki let go of her just long enough to rip his shirt over his head. He couldn’t breathe; it was fucking stifling in this room. 

Ochako’s pupils were blown wide, but Katsuki could still see a bit of pink left. One more orgasm ought to do it. 

He pulled Ochako into his lap, sinking his cock into her once more. Ochako wrapped her arms and legs around her all spiderlike. She buried her face into his shoulder as Katsuki lifted and slammed her hips down on him. Katsuki had held out coming into her, but he was at his limit. With an ear-piercing roar, he exploded into her, painting her insides white. 

Ochako shuddered in his arms as she came for a final time. She breathed heavily into his ear, her body going limp from exhaustion. Katsuki gently pulled her off his cock and brought her over to the mattress. He laid her down and sat next to her. Ochako’s eyes fluttered open, the pink now completely gone from her eyes. 

She reached for him weakly, his come staining the insides of her thighs. “Katsuki…” she whispered before passing out. 



Ochako woke up in a hospital room, the curtains fluttering softly in the wind from the open window. She yawned and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes as she took in her surroundings. 

There were no less than two dozen bouquets on every surface in her room. Colourful flowers in every vase except one: a collection of white camellias in a star-patterned vase on her nightstand. 

Ochako smiled weakly.  Katsuki.  

All of a sudden, the memories of what she did to him while under the effects of the quirk flooded her mind. Hot tears bubbled up in her eyes; she wiped them into her hospital gown’s sleeve. 

She wanted to see him and apologize. She hoped it wasn’t too late to make amends. 

Ochako pressed the button to call the nurse. When he came in, Ochako asked if Katsuki had come to visit. 

“He was here for the past three days. He refused to leave until we threatened to call security on him,” the nurse said. 

“Where is he now?” 

“Visiting hours will be in another hour; I won’t be surprised if he’s waiting in the cafeteria to come see you.” 

Ochako fell back asleep shortly after that. When she awoke again, it was past noon, and Katsuki was sitting next to her bed. 

His usual scowl softened when he noticed her looking at him. “Angel,” he murmured. He reached out to touch her hair, then pulled back, unsure. 

“Thank you, Katsuki,” Ochako said. She reached for his hand and was relieved when he took hers. 

“How are you feeling?” Katsuki asked. “Do you need something to drink? I brought you some water and the bakery you love made fresh mochi this morning, so I bought you some—” 

“Katsuki, I’m sorry.” 

He frowned in confusion. “What are you sorry for, Angel? It wasn’t your fault.” 

Tears poured down her cheeks. “I was so selfish. I used you…” 

“No, you didn’t. You needed my help.” He squeezed her hand. “I’d fight a fucking tsunami if it meant keeping you safe.” 

Katsuki leaned over, his lips brushing against her forehead. “You were a fucking bad ass that saved so many children from those sick fucks. That asshole was fighting dirty, that’s all.” 

“But I  hurt  you.” 

Katsuki shook his head. “Do you want me to sound like a broken record, babe? It. Wasn’t. Your. Fault.” 

Ochako sobbed. “I just… I didn’t want to ruin what we had…” 

“Have.”  Katsuki smirked. “You’re not getting rid of me that easily, Ochako.” 

She laughed weakly. “I guess not, huh. You’re so stubborn, Katsuki.” 

He kissed her cheek. “You’re the only one for me, Angel. So stop beating yourself over stupid shit, okay?”