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Not Yet (Day 3: Orgasm Denial)

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The scream that rang through their apartment was a sharp, desperate sound, and Hizashi was glad they’d gotten their place soundproofed for his quirk. Shouta was shaking. He was a babbling mess, spread out for Hizashi like an offering for a god. The voice hero didn’t move yet, just stayed where he was laid back in the sofa, watching. His husband was held tight, cuffed and bound to several spreader bars, unable to move to give himself the release he needed. He was painfully hard, his cock standing proud against his stomach, despite the way the body it was attached to shook with need.


He’d been edging Shouta for a long time, winding his partner up endlessly, relentlessly, either with his own hands and mouth or with several different toys. The chosen item currently was a prostate vibrator, valiantly humming away inside Shouta’s toned ass as the muscles tensed and twitched at the stimulation. He’d turned it down just when Shouta had been about to come then turned it back on at an even higher setting than before after giving Shouta a few moments, thus causing the dark haired man to scream. 

Shouta panted as he figured out words, and they broke out of him, beautifully


”please—pleaseHizashi!God please-fuck-fuckI-need it-I need it” Hizashi stood finally, stalking over to where Shouta was, immediately gripping his husband’s chin-wet with drool and sweat-and turned his face up to his own, licking into his mouth, taking it over, turning the toy up another mark as he did. Shouta moaned broken sounds into his mouth, straining hard against the restraints, trying to lean closer to Hizashi, grind against him, pull him closer, anything. 

“Not yet.” Came the far too measured reply from the blonde. Shouta whined, tears spilling over, covering the already obvious tear streaks down his cheeks


”please?” His voice was small, desperate. The vibrator was a godsend. Hizashi didn’t think he had the restraint to do this without it. It was definitely one of Shouta’s favourites-or, least favourites right now. Hizashi didn’t have the heart to make Shouta cry often, but Shouta had asked for this specifically, and who was he to deny his husband’s simple request.


”No, I said not yet.” He repeats, keeping his face close to Shouta’s, sharing air, hot breaths onto each other’s skin, close enough for Shouta to stare at his lips constantly, to try and reach them, but far enough away to be a tease, keeping Shouta needy and begging. Beautiful.


Hizahsi holds the remote control for the toy in one hand, the other trialing over Shouta’s skin, overly handsy and groping, painted nails digging into his nipples one at a time, making Shouta squirm and cry out. His hubby was gorgeous, he was glad he didn’t have to share this with anyone. He turned the toy up again and Shouta keened, body trying to bend in on itself, struggling against the restraints again. Hizashi kept an eye on them, making sure they weren’t digging in too much. Shouta’s moans were graduating to screams again, gaining that edge that Hizahsi recognised so well, the sounds perfectly describing what his body was going through. Hizashi stood infront of Shouta, just too far away, and waiting. Obsessed with watching how his body tried to move despite being held in place, how his cock twitches right before he turns the toy off.


The cries cut off again, immediately replaced with heavy, strained panting. Hizashi kisses Shouta’s cheek gently, salt evident on Shouta’s skin. From his sweat or his tears? He leans back away, going to start the vibrator again when he hears it.


”yellow.” His voice is as loud as he can manage it, but croaky from screaming. Hizashi looks to Shouta’s face immediately. He’s shaking still, panting hard, his use of a colour ringing alarm bells in Hizashi’s head.


”what’s going on?” He asks gently, his hands going to the restraints, ready to take them off


”I’m,,, okay” the long pauses between words only make Hizashi more anxious, and he bites his lip as he watches Shouta try to string words together. “Just,,, fuck,,”

“Do you want to stop?” 

“I want to come” he meets Hizashi’s eyes, his face blushing dark red. Hizashi can’t help but bark out a laugh.


”Right, you got it baby, no more teasing.” He promises, cupping his husband’s face and peppering kisses all over his skin. Shouta sighs at the feeling, basking in it-then the vibrator turns on again. Hizashi kisses him hard, pushing a knee up between Shouta’s legs, grinding it forward to give him the friction he’s been desperate for the entire time. He moans helplessly, his back arching as he tries to rub off against Hizashi. Hizashi reaches his free hand into Shouta’s hair and tugs, the sting is enough to send him over the edge and he comes finally. For all his screaming before, he doesn’t make a sound as he comes, just chokes on his breath, gasping hard, vision whiting out, unaware of how his eyes glow red as he losses it, his quirk activated entirely against his will. 


He goes limp against the restraints, eyes snapping closed as he whimpers through the aftershocks. They’re intense, they have him shaking again, tears running down his skin again. Hizashi is there though, mummering praise as he eases the toy out of him and frees his husband, catching him when he immediately goes to fall to the floor once he isn’t held up by the restraints anymore. Hizashi lays him down on the sofa, cuddling along his side while he waits for Shouta to be present enough to drink something and not be too overstimulated to be cleaned up. 

Shouta feels calm as his mind clears from the haze, he adjusts himself a little, pressing his head against Hizashi’s chest.


”Got what I asked for huh?”