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Yandere Purge

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There had been an enormous rush at the store of people trying to grab things like knives and sledgehammers and extra locks, why does everyone everywhere leave everything to the last possible minute? It had taken you nearly two entire hours to get in and out with the baseball bat and snacks and it was nearing midnight. Some prick had even tried to pry the bat from your hands only to be told off by a larger, angry blonde with a surgical mask on his face, cradling a small cooing child with curly light brown hair, red eyes, and round, umber cheeks. “You should hurry up and get home… It’s a good idea to be in a nice predictable place…” The unstable sparkle in his eyes while he handed you the bat and bounced his baby made you wonder where the mother was…

You weren’t really worried, you weren’t special enough to be the object of any Yandere’s particularly delusional affections, and no one in your life had shown any interest or obsessive tendencies towards you. You were an average woman, living an average life in an average apartment at an average job. The only big thing that had happened in your life was being on national T.V. once. 

Almost two months ago you were taken as a hostage outside of your bank by some weird villain with a paper quirk, he had held a razor-sharp piece of paper to your throat and before you knew it you were swooped up and swung away by some Hero in a goofy helmet who you later learned was named Cellophane before the explosions started. Your friends to this day used a goofy-looking screenshot of your terrified face as a meme in your group chat. Which is why even now, walking back home in the heart of the city, you weren’t too concerned. Honestly, as awful as it was to admit it, the only reason you didn’t want to run into anyone after midnight was due to the rules of this deluded game that happened once a year that everyone, villains and heros included, could participate in. The dreaded ‘Ten Commandments’ of this fucked up night.


  1. Starts at 12am, lasts until 12am. (24hrs).
  2. It is illegal to kill a darling, even your own. A face scanner must be worn on the Yandere’s wrist at all times during the purge to prevent this.
  3. Darlings can do whatever they need to do to survive; Yanderes can do whatever they need to capture their darling.     (except for rule 2)
  4. Yanderes are free to kill citizens and any other yandere that gets in their way, tier 10 Government officials and above are excluded from this.
  5. Yanderes must register themselves as participants and register the name of their darling of choice to make sure no random slaughter happens. Darlings do not have to be informed if they are registered but are welcome to check the online registry to see if they are.
  6. Darlings belong to the Yandere for an entire year after they have been obtained.
  7. Law services will not be available to the Darling after they have been obtained.
  8. After a full year, the Yandere must offer their darling freedom a day before the next Purge.
  9. No emergency services will be available during the 24 hour period.
  10. No use of Class IV weapons.


So if that blonde’s Darling from earlier decided to use you as a meat shield? There would be nothing stopping the deranged Yandere from taking the same bat he gave to you and bashing your brains in. A shiver ran down your spine at the thought of that baby being covered in your blood. At least you had your favorite snacks now to keep you company while you locked yourself in your home for the next day. The sharp trill of the siren knocked you back into reality. It probably would be best to start walking faster…. you were still a good kilometer from your apartment.

“This is not a test; this is your Emergency Broadcast System. Announcing the commencement of the annual Yandere purge sanctioned by the Government. Weapons of class four and lower have been authorized for use during the purge. All other weapons, including quirks, are restricted. Registered Darlings have been granted immunity and shall not be killed, only captured. Commencing at the siren, any and all crime to obtain your selected darling, including murder, will be legal for 24 continuous hours. Police, fire, and Emergency Medical Services will be unavailable until tomorrow at 24:00 when the purge concludes. May your Darlings come willingly and be grateful for your love.”

You shook; the morbid announcement that hadn’t been changed in the last decade rang in your ears loudly. Picking up the pace you took the shiny new aluminum baseball bat out of your grocery bag. Sure it wasn’t a gun, but it was something. Not that you would have any idea how to shoot a gun even if you managed to get your hands on one. On top of that, you had absolutely heard the horror stories of Darlings ‘accidentally’ shooting themselves in the face mishandling them, however, that was just what the news had reported, you and everyone else knew that there were nasty sadistic Yanderes out there, and a Darling unlucky enough to have one of those after them would prefer to off themselves before being taken by one…

Almost ten minutes later you felt yourself calm down, the now-familiar streets were empty and all was quiet. All you had to do was make it through the long bar district and you would be at your apartment, your safe, lockable apartment. Then you could shut yourself in the bathroom and watch movies all night, just in case. The oddly silent streets felt a bit… off though, a whoosh sound startled you and you found yourself turning around a bit too quickly, pulling a muscle in your neck, only to find the streets empty. Taking a breath you tried to calm yourself down again. You aren’t special, there is no one obsessive in your life, it’ll be ok once you get through this district. Five minutes… A quick, straight walk and you will be home, in five short minutes….

A scream ripped the calm from your chest, eyes shooting towards a building door being slammed open, a young man tripping out from the darkness with blood pouring from his hands and face. “STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME, FUCK LEAVE ME ALONE….” His bloodshot and terrified purple eyes made contact with yours, watching his blown-out pupils dart between your face, the bat in your hands, and the empty street, contemplating his options. Before you could react he was running at full speed towards you, desperately trying to pull the weapon from your hands. “I NEED IT!!!! PLEASE GOD I NEED IT SHE’S GOING TO KILL ME!!!!!!” Twisting your head back and forth in disagreement you felt nauseous, where the hell was the Yandere… why was the Darling in such bad shape… This couldn’t have been from any of the more calm lucid ones no, this damage came from the sadistic delusional bastards that you were told to stay far, far away from.

A cackle came out of the building from where the man had emerged, a small, blonde woman with messy buns sauntered after him. “I’m not going to kill you silly! I love you! You look so pretty when your blood is on the outside!” Everything felt like it was in slow motion as she began sprinting towards you, panicking you let go of the bat, falling to the ground and bringing the man with you, the ting of the aluminum against the pavement had you scrambling for the weapon. You managed to pick it up and her attention turned to you as you went to swing. Smiling, she easily dodged your terrible form from the ground and began laughing wildly as she watched you struggle, tears spilling from your eyes. The man from earlier simply got up and abandoned you, bolting down the street. You watched the woman click her tongue and let out a world-weary sigh as she pulled out a knife. “I was having fun, and you are really really cute…. But you aren’t the one I want. Goodby….” As she held her arm high, she stopped at the beep, looking at her watch her eyes form into excited crescents as she slowly read the glowing smartwatch. “I guess I can’t taste your blood today after all ‘Mi Cariño’, good luck Darling! I hope your love finds you soon!” Standing to full height, the blonde chuckled one last time before calling after her fleeing love, her words ringing in your ears…

‘Darling…’ ‘Mi Cariño…’ She almost killed you…. But stopped… Because the scan had recognized you as a Darling… You couldn’t help but hyperventilate, glancing around the bar district you started to shake, there were so many alleys on this street… so many doors… so many places to pull you into, how the hell hadn’t you noticed this before. On your hands and knees, bat in hand you made your way to the middle of the street, your neck snapping back and forth as you tried to catch up to your spiraling thoughts. Trying your best to stay away from any dark corners… The blonde’s words from earlier suddenly crashed to the forefront of your mind. ‘You should hurry up and get home… It’s a good idea to be in a nice predictable place…’ You sure as hell couldn’t go home… What if they were waiting for you there? What if they were the severely fucked up kind… Now you really wish you had a gun... Where the hell could you even go… You couldn’t go to your friends, your Yandere probably knows them all, certainly not to your parents… They would know where you worked too. A hotel? But then you would be traceable. You absolutely couldn’t stay out in the open, just because you were a darling and were given immunity from murder doesn’t mean you couldn’t get hurt, you just couldn’t die. The cops couldn’t help you, not that they ever have been much help… Fuck… What kind of Yandere was yours anyways? You were racing to remember all the types you had to learn about in school… What were they again? Sadistic? Delusional? Possessive? Obsessive? Lucid? Selfish? Selfless? There was one more too… what was it… Protective! Wait what were the ‘good ones’ again?


Choking out a sob you turned slowly to the whispered plea for attention and held your bat out as menacingly as you could, pulling yourself to your feet. Instead of seeing a familiar face, you were greeted with a wave from a small collection of people from a bar’s front door. The main one calling you over was a tall, very brawny man with a strong black beard, middle-aged with a receding hairline and strong masculine features. “Comere kid.”  Another man popped out from behind him, older and frail with soft-looking grey blonde hair and wire-rim glasses was looking back and forth on the street, an uneasy and nervous air surrounding him. Leaving your groceries behind but keeping the bat with you, you scurried over to where the men were before they pulled you in behind them, locking all of the locks and barring the door. Turning you found the room filled with somber-looking men, all at least middle-aged or older. All either drunk or drinking.

“Who the hell are you people….” Turning to the large burly man you waited for your answer, the adrenaline in your veins still had you on edge, your body still shaking with the new information.

“A collection of sad old men that meet every year to reminisce about the people and children we have lost... But you can call me Daizō. We heard what happened outside and couldn’t ignore it… Miss... You can’t go back home tonight, that’s how I lost my wife.” A world-weary sigh escaped the older man’s chest as he locked the final lock. The elderly blonde excusing himself around the two of you before going to sit at a table, the tall man followed and sunk into his seat with a groan.

“I… I wasn’t planning… I didn’t think I would…” You felt the tears collect in your eyes and you began to feel them fall down your cheeks. A Darling… You were a registered Darling… If your Yandere didn’t get you this year… There was always next year and the year after that… Just giving them more and more time to learn everything they would need to know about you before they finally stole you for good.

“It’s ok kid. Have a seat. No one is going to suspect you are hiding out here with a bunch of sad drunk old men on pure coincidence.” Sniffing you found your way to the seat next to the old man who gently laid his hand on your shoulder. “We just gotta be quiet for…” Glancing over at the clock he sighed yet again, “Twenty-three and a half more hours.” Wiping the tears from your eyes you pulled your legs up to your chest in the chair… Only twenty-three and a half more hours….


Two hours later and you had to give up looking at social media, Twitter was filled with home videos of people begging for help, bawling on camera, and pleading for someone to save them, one popular one trending was from a Pro Hero’s account, titled “Punishing my Darling for running by breaking her legs + making my Darling Soba” Showing a woman with long brown hair with bruised and battered legs, a bowl of cold Soba resting on her thighs. Buildings burning with screaming civilians inside with cackling Yanderes holding their victims or footage from people’s apartments of terrified Darlings running from their Yanderes, some of them jumping from windows to escape. More than a few extremely graphic videos of executions popped up as well. The vast majority being Sadistic Yanderes posing with their Darlings, one of which had severed the legs of their ‘love’ so they could never run away again. There were a few Darlings that had been able to fight back and kill their Yanderes, proudly displaying the bodies, and filming themselves with the severed heads of their Yanderes, encouraging others to fight back, but those were few and far between.

Maybe you could kill your Yandere? What if they were strong or what if they were delusional like that girl from earlier had been what if they were a villain. You knew nothing other than your registered Darling Name which wasn’t much to go off of…

Knock Knock

The entire bar settled, the old men drinking stilled and every head in the bar snapped towards the front door.

Knock Knock

Swallowing the large lump in your throat you felt the sweat build on your brow as you held your breath… A yandere wouldn’t knock, right? Your eyes looked over to Daizō, who held his lips in a thin line… Looking over back to you, you watched as the large man slowly shook his head no. The silence in the room was now deafening, you could hear your blood pumping in your ears, your heartfelt tight and sick.

Knock Knock Knock

“Hello?” A male voice called out quite loudly. “My name is Cellophane, Number eleven Pro Hero! I heard voices in here, is everyone ok? It isn’t safe to be in public right now! Even in a private bar!” The hero called out from the other side and you released the breath you were holding, a smile gracing your face before you stood up and made your way to the door.

Before you could get to the entrance, the Daizō grabbed your elbow with his large hand. His eyes widening and as he studied your face carefully. “No no, it’s ok! I know him he’s a good guy! He saved me a few months ago, he’s really really nice! He’s that Tape Hero with the elbows!” Your voice was a hair above a whisper, not loud enough to hear anything outside, but loud enough to convey your emotions.

“How nice….?” Daizō stated plainly, it was worded like a question but sounded more like a warning.

“My Yandere is NOT a top pro hero I met once. If anything we will be safer with him here. He’s a pro! Even if he isn’t allowed to use his quirk tonight I bet he can fight better than any of us and probably has experience fighting against people with weapons too!” Attempting to move you found you couldn’t, the man’s grasp on your arm too tight. “Daizō… You are scaring me….” Taking a slow, deep breath he let go of your arm and you crept your way to the door, peeking through the peephole to check if he was in fact a hero, however when you looked you could only see a tall, lanky man with long black hair pulled into a low bun, wearing a baggy orange sweater and a tight pair of jeans, black eyes staring at where the peephole would be with his hands in his pockets. Making your way back from the peephole you accidentally stepped on a creaky floorboard, your heart skipping a beat at the noise.

There was a pause before a casual chuckle, the man outside spoke again. “I knew I heard someone, listen I am off duty right now but I’m still a Hero, I can’t ignore people if they are scared or need saving. Here! I have my license on me; it shows my face out of costume, you can check through the peephole!” Stilling, you felt yourself shiver in fear…. He could be who he said he was… you had never seen the Tape Hero without his costume on… Or he could be your Yandere… “I’m holding it up next to my face right now! If you want me to slide it under the door I can too, but I will need it back, they are expensive to replace!” He sounded so sure, so safe… Taking another step forward you brought your eye back up to look once again, honestly with all the horror movies you had watched over the years you half expected him to stab through the door with an icepick. Instead, you felt relief, the ID matched the man perfectly, well almost, his hair was a bit longer, and he didn’t look nearly as boyish as he did in the photos, and to be perfectly honest he was sporting a few new scars, but he was in fact Cellophane. Turning your head back to the bar patrons you nodded and they all seemed to relax a tinge. “Um Hello? I really am just trying to keep civilians safe tonight. May I come in?”

Eyes locked on Daizō, you gave him a questioning look, watching the man chew on his cheek before nodding and giving you the go-ahead. “Ok… Just a moment Cellophane sir…” Lifting the door bar and unlatching the locks, you slowly opened the door to see the smiling man, leaving the chain for last. “Show me your elbows please….”

He gave you a questioning glance before laughing lightly again. “Oh yeah, I guess those would be hard to fake huh? Lifting one sleeve of his sweater he popped the end over his elbow with a bit of difficulty, spraying out a little bit of tape to connect to your fingers. “Just to show you I am who I said I am.” Playing with the end of the tape you giggled softly and unlatched the chain, opening the door and welcoming him inside. Walking in with you he looked around at the collection of six or seven men and raised an eyebrow at you, shooting back your own inquisitive look the man spoke again. “So…. This looks a little suspicious. Seven old men and one pretty little girl?” Daizō was about to speak up when the tape hero leaned away from you and whispered to the old man. “Do I need to take her down? Is she a Yandere collecting old male Darlings? Is this a daddy issue thing? Blink twice if you need help.” He wiggled his eyebrows goofily and the bar seemed to relax a little, soft smiles all around and a few of the men finished their drinks with a chuckle. “Seriously though, how did this happen?”

“We were here together, and she was attacked by a Yandere…”

“You are a Darling?” He glanced over to you as you sat down at the bar again, rolling the metal bat back and forth.

You nodded and the old man huffed. “As I was saying… She was attacked by a Yandere and found out she was a darling… She doesn’t know who her Yandere is, so I’m sorry we weren’t more hospitable at first.” The bar watched as he went to sit beside you, backwards on the barstool, leaning his elbows against the well-worn wood wearing a triangular smile a bit too wide for his face.

“No, I get it… Yanderes are terrifying huh? Like, even if you are a Yandere, why not just try to court your Darling naturally? Why not try to make them love you by doing your best and romance? I mean, I’m not saying I wouldn’t be scared if I was someone’s Darling, but if someone said they loved me and they were trying their best for me I think I would give them a shot!” Looking over at you he saw your worried brow and his smile dropped a smidge, reaching over he took your hand and gave it a soft squeeze. “Hey… Try not to look so down… I know I’m not a top ten hero, but I can still keep you safe as long as you let me.”

“That’s only for the lucid ones; didn’t you kids learn anything in school? The ones that you have to watch out for are the sadistic delusional ones… That’s the type that got my daughter, the one that got my wife though… The sick bastard was charming… She didn’t even know he was Yandere… And now I have to watch her with him every year where they play the stupid game and he ‘lets her go’ and she just walks right back into his arms… It took him a single year to break her… She thinks she loves him….” He shot back his drink and dropped his glass to the floor, tears pooling in his eyes at the memories, lost in thought and mumbling.

Sero turned back to you, having stopped playing with the bat and instead quivering. “Hey… Are you ok? I promise no matter what your Yandere is like, you will be ok. You may not have faith in me, I’m not the strongest hero… but I promise I…”

“No, I have faith in you…” You interrupted the man and turned to meet his gaze.

“Oh? You’ve seen me on TV? I’m in the news a lot because I work with Ground Zero and…”

“No. Two months ago you saved me. You probably don’t remember me but I was about to get my throat slit in front of a bank… and you swooped in and saved me. Look.” Bringing out your phone you went into your group chat with your friends, most of them joking about being ok and twitter going crazy. You didn’t want to worry them about this… It would only put them in danger. Scrolling up you pointed to the awful meme of your zoomed-in face screaming and covered in snot and tears, the Pros muscular arm wrapped around you as you clung to him. “It’s probably the second most exciting thing to happen to me in my life… Beyond this I mean… I don’t know why a Yandere is after me… I’m not Darling material, I am boring. Not that I want to be a Darling that is… this is honestly the worst… I’m so fucking scared.” You felt the waterworks start again but felt his hand squeeze your own.

Pausing he cleared his throat. “You wanna see something cool?” You nodded at the man and he grabbed your baseball bat standing up and taking a casual pose he turned his right side to you and spun the bat a few times around in a circle, before tossing it into the air and catching it in his other hand with ease, going to swing the bat he let it go and it spun in between his empty hands. You watched in awe as he casually tossed it in front of him, balancing it on his foot before kicking it back up, going to take a swing again he dropped it over his back and caught it with his heel, bouncing it again back up into his awaiting hand with another spin. Through his legs with more twists and spins and unexpected movements, you couldn’t help but giggle at the tricks he was doing. A few moments passed and he held the bat in his left hand, twirling it like a baton while looking at you. “Feel a bit better?”

You did honestly, releasing the tension you felt you looked over at the clock on the wall again. “I will feel better in…. Twenty hours, but yah, I feel a lot less stressed out knowing you are good with a bat. A Yandere wouldn’t stand a chance.” Mocking a swing you pretended to hit a home run and acted out a small cheer.

Sauntering back over to you and sitting down he spoke again. “I know this sounds kinda weird right now… But if you liked my bat tricks, would you maybe wanna go to the batting cages… Like… maybe just the two of us after all of this is over? Oh, I guess you don’t really know my real name! Its Sero, er, Sero Hanta.” Bringing his spare hand up to the back of his neck you watched as he awkwardly stumbled through his invitation.

“I… It’s a date Sero.” Playing with the ends of your hair you felt a sudden calmness overtake you, maybe it was the safeness of the moment, or his goofy antics keeping you distracted from some psychopath out there trying to get to you, but he felt different. Charming and funny and…

“That makes me so so happy to hear that Mi Cariño. After that we can get some food from…” The color left your face as the words left his mouth. Drifting your eyes down to the bat in his hand before they traced his arm back up, something was on the wrist of the arm he hadn’t shown you… “You ok Y/N? You kinda drifted off to space there for a second!” Snapping his fingers in front of you and smiling he whistled once or twice before you spoke….

“I didn’t tell you my name…” It was a whisper as you peered into his beautiful black eyes, the same sparkle you had seen in the blonde’s carmine eyes glimmered in Sero’s.

His face slowly fell and he sighed, balancing the bat on its head he slowly removed his orange sweater. Impressive musculature showcased by his tight black shirt. The scanner wristband now on full display. You began to shake heavily as you watched him smirk sadly and set the sweater on the bar before picking the bat up again. “Mi Cariño…. I tried to do it the nice way… this is my fault I’m sorry. I should have been more careful.”

“You…. When… Why…” Standing you almost tripped over the barstool trying to back up. Sero was quick to tape your hands down to the bar, the tape now far far stronger than the cute strand he had touched your fingers with earlier.

“God I just love you so much you know? The day we met, the way you clung to me, how you thanked me? You are so beautiful and perfect, you are SPECIAL. The more I learned about you Y/N… Oh, you have no idea.” His tone was loud now, alerting the men to his presence, however before any of them could act, Hanta was hanging them upside down from the ceiling, encased in tape like mummies. The shouting coming from them completely muffled.

Watching the horror unfold you screamed at him to stop. “YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS. WE CAN JUST GO OUT ON A NORMAL DATE!” Pleading and begging you watched as he spun the bat while walking over to the men who had taken you in, now bound and helpless much like prey in a spider’s web.

“No we can’t… These guys know who I am now… and you? You will just run. Don’t worry Mi Cariño, by the end of the year; you will be just as happy as this sad fucker’s wife.” Horrified, you watched as Hanta used his powerful Hero built muscles to smash Daizō’s head in, the sickening crunch caved in the man’s skull in one clean executioner style swing, the unrecognizable skull shape leaking blood through the seams of the tape.

“PLEASE SERO STOP STOP PLEASE!!!!” You cried out, bile rushing into your throat had you gagging.

Repeating the process with the six other men he kept going. “Why couldn’t you just have ignored my little slip-up? I have been trying so hard!”


“I was going to woo you like any NORMAL guy. Like a cool Hero like my buddies did.”


“I wanted you to fall in love with me naturally like I fell in love with you!!!!”


“You even just said yes to a date with me… My plan was literally going perfectly…”


“But fuck if that isn’t one of the reasons I love you baby… So smart… That brain is just beautiful.”


“When we get home, oh Mi Cariño I am gonna spoil you rotten just for saying yes to a date with me, we are gonna cuddle and watch your favorite movie.. and don’t worry about the snacks you dropped outside… I have everything you love waiting for you.”


Bawling you tried your best to escape as he sauntered over and removed the tape, bringing you close into his chest and kissing at your hair. “YOU BASTARD!!!!! YOU KILLED THEM!!!! USING YOUR QUIRK IS ILLEGAL DURING THE PURGE!!!!!” Vomiting onto the front of his shirt from sobbing so hard you tried your best to push him off. “I’LL REPORT YOU! THEY’LL FIND THE BODIES!!!! I’LL BE FREE AND YOU WILL ROT IN PRISON YOU SICK FUCK!!!!!!”

Cooing at you softly he simply lifted you up and wrapped his tape around your arms, pulling a pill from his pocket he slipped it into your mouth before petting it down your throat. “Oh no Mi Cariño, you see… I’m going to burn this place to the ground, and who is going to trust a regular woman, over a well-respected Hero?” He watched your eyes droop and happily sighed as you finally slipped into sleep.

“Let’s go home Mi Cariño”

Chapter Text

Waking up you groaned, your body sore for some odd reason despite feeling like you were sleeping on a cloud. Your hair was wrapped in a silk scarf, the same fabric that you assumed your cozy pajamas were made of, keeping your locks from your face. Stretching out you couldn’t help but to deeply inhale the air after yawning. Orange, Cinnamon, and Vanilla overwhelmed your other senses for a moment, the perfect blend relaxing you into a smile and a soft hum. You felt so cozy and comfortable, the silky sheets keeping you just a tad too warm were tangled around your body. Slowly you wiggled your foot around to find a cool spot and sighed happily when your foot emerged from the blankets. Grinding your cheek into the mountain of pillows you paused, underneath the natural odor of the room there was another smell, one that was spicy and musky, like an expensive cologne… Where had you come across that scent before? A bar maybe? No. Not just any bar…. Why were you so groggy?

Sniffing again for the musky cologne, the aroma of bacon, eggs, and pancakes filled your nose. “You are awake Mi Cariño!” Shooting up in bed you felt the dread fill your chest, raw adrenaline acting before your mind could catch up. A clang of cutlery and the smash of a plate against the marble floor was the least of your concern as nausea built up in your stomach, and before you could vomit all over the beautiful orange print bedding he was on you, gently rubbing your back with an ice cream pail in his large veiny hand. Grabbing the bucket with both hands you dry heaved until the green slimy bile bubbled up from your stomach, burning your throat until tears spilled from your eyes and snot fell from your nose. Finally after gagging for what felt like hours you heard him speak again. “I’m sorry…. I put you on an IV last night but the drug clearly said to take with food and I gave you a double dose… This is my fault Mi corazón… Please don’t cry…” Bringing a hand up to your face, you wiped away tears you didn’t realize you had been crying. The memories of last night started to sink in…


‘‘Mi Cariño’, good luck Darling! I hope your love finds you soon!’

‘You can call me Daizō.’

‘Yandere’s are terrifying huh? Like, even if you are a Yandere, why not just try to court your Darling naturally? Why not try to make them love you by doing your best and romance?’

‘That makes me so so happy to hear that Mi Cariño.’

‘Let’s go home Mi Cariño’


“Mi angelito?” He softly called to you wiping the sweat from your forehead. Snapping out of your thoughts you quickly turned to face back towards him, shaking your head ‘no’ so hard the scarf fell from your hair. Silently you shot back as fast as possible, getting caught in the expensive bedding and nearly falling off the California king before he caught the front of your silk pajamas with his tape, gently pulling you back up. “OYE!” Drawing you back into his arms he sighed and kissed your hairline, his hold being too well trained and strong to break from all you could do was use the adrenaline rushing through you to struggle fruitlessly. “I know… I know I’m sorry I know… Por favor, mi amor, perdóname.”

“LET GO OF ME, YOU SICK BASTARD!” You clawed at the skin on his exposed chest and arms, deep red welts left in long lines decorated his flesh, leaving a particularly nasty scratch that drew blood across his face from his temple to his chin. “GET OFF OF ME… FUCKING… YOU FUCKING PSYCHO!!!!”

“Mi vida…. Por favor detenete… Te vas a lastimar… Esta era la única forma…” (My life… Please stop… You’re going to get hurt… This was the only way… ) He didn’t flinch as you hammed him with your fists. The well trained pro hero easily taking your hardest hits without flinching. Landing a particularly rough hit to his cheek you felt the skin on your knuckles split, your own blood smearing down his unmoving jaw. “Y/N you are just going to hurt yourself… I’ll take any hit you want but please… At least let me teach you to properly punch so you don’t bruise your fists or break a bone.” Taking your bloody fist in his calloused hand he gazed into your eyes, his obsidian irises shining with worry. He brought your hand to his lips, placing a long, delicate kiss to your red knuckles, his heavily hooded eyes never breaking contact with your own.

Stopping at his words you stared up at the man, for a single moment, serene bliss overtook you as you lost yourself in his gaze…  The moment was lost almost as quickly as it was built, shaking like a leaf in the wind the nausea built again. “Bucket….” In a split second he spun you around, your back to his firm chest before he shot out his tape once again and retrieved a new, clean ice cream pail from the floor, holding it in front of you again and rubbing your stomach in slow soft circles as you once again heaved into the plastic container that read ‘Orange Creamsicle’ on the side.

“Acaricia mi ensueño

El suave murmullo

De tu suspirar.

Como ríe la vida

Si tus ojos negros

Me quieren mirar.

Y si es mío el amparo

De tu risa leve

Que es como un cantar,

Ella aquieta mi herida,

Todo, todo se olvida.

El día que me quieras

La rosa que engalana,

Se vestirá de fiesta

Con su mejor color.

Y al viento las campanas

Dirán que ya eres mía,

Y locas las fontanas

Se contarán su amor.

La noche que me quieras

Desde el azul del cielo,

Las estrellas celosas

Nos mirarán pasar.”

Rocking you slowly from side to side he sang lowly in the foreign language, the rough timber in his voice making his rolled rs sound like growls. Staring at the angry yellow-green bile in the bucket you sobbed again, tears so heavy that they simply fell from your lashes, blurring your vision from your cruel fate as they mixed into the stomach acid.

“Y un rayo misterioso

Hará nido en tu pelo,

Luciernagas curiosas que verán

Que eres mi consuelo.

El día que me quieras

No habrá más que armonía.

Será clara la aurora

Y alegre el manantial.

Traerá quieta la brisa

Rumor de melodía.

Y nos darán las fuentes

Su canto de cristal.

El día que me quieras

Endulzará sus cuerdas

El pájaro cantor.

Florecerá la vida

No existirá el dolor.

La noche que me quieras…”

Moments passed as he finished the song, the tall man continuing to hum the chorus into your hair. The morning light finally breaking through the gossamer curtains laying against the floor to ceiling windows. A sob caught in your throat, burning and constricted, you finally lifted your head from the bucket to look around, the back of your head pressing against his chest.

Steading your breath and wiping your tears you watched as the sun rose. The white walls of the modern architecture were a stark contrast between the deep black wood that decorated the antique-looking furniture of the bedroom, orange-gold accents in chosen décor popping color into the space. A grandfather clock’s chime rang heavily in your ears, six gongs danced through the high rafters. Peering over to the period piece with puffy eyes, you had to confirm that the dark wooden timekeeper had indeed proclaimed that it was six in the morning. Good, you had eighteen hours to escape this monster before you would officially be his. First, you would have to figure out where you were, and where to run to, you would probably have to hide somewhere sketchy…  “Water…. and Tea….” You shakily coughed out, not realizing how badly your throat hurt from vomiting, your dehydration hitting you all at once as the adrenaline left your system.

You felt as he inhaled sharply, a smile blooming on his face against your scalp. “Yes of course Mi corazón…” Kissing your scalp again he loosened his grip on you, reaching a short distance down to the traditional looking bedside table, only to open the front to reveal a mini-fridge. Pulling out a water and meeting your eyes once again, he made a show of uncapping the fresh bottle and drinking some himself. You scrunched your face in confusion, his action’s purpose lost on you until he spoke again in a volume just above a whisper. “The drugging Mi amor… It was a one-time thing. Never again.”

“I want tea too….” Snatching the bottle from his hand you took a long drink before he stopped you, tilting the bottle down before you could chug the entire thing.

“You will um… You will puke again if you drink that fast on an empty stomach Y/N… Slow sips please. I only have one more IV bag, and I would prefer to save it for an emergency. I’m home for the week off of work so you can adjust so I can’t grab more from the agency immediately.” Letting go of you finally and standing to his full height you got a good look of your captor for the very first time. The deep obsidian eyes from earlier held a soft, almost unnoticeable golden glow around the pupil. His strong, cut jawline, held tense, a stark contrast from the gentle smile on his face and kind words. His hair was pulled halfway up into a bun, letting most of his soft-looking locks fall over his broad shoulders, the loungewear he was in doing nothing to hide the years of cultivated muscle the hero had worked for. Hell, even the scars on his face only enhanced his sharper edges, one coming from up from the column of his neck and through his lip, ending right below his nose on his left side, another larger scar sat heavy under his left eye that retreated into his hairline, one more newer looking one decorated his right, the line coming from just below his ear to settle disturbingly close to his eye. You could only imagine from the look of his bare arms and elbows that he had more.

“I want my tea with lemon… and honey… cream too…” You tried your best to keep your voice flat, desperate to get the man out of the room for as long as possible so you could check the window. It was your best bet. See where you were in the city, formulate a plan of some sort, and get the hell out of dodge.

“I… That isn’t how you normally take your tea, but if that’s how you want it, that’s what you will get mi cariño.” You flinched away as he went to touch your cheek, the man pulling his hand back slowly with a heavy sigh at your obvious fear. “I’ll be back soon, just relax.”

As soon as he was through the French doors you tore yourself out of bed as quietly as possible, wobbling as you tiptoed as quickly as possible to the huge windows. Looking down you could recognize a few of the enormous buildings that surrounded your prison. Downtown Tokyo overlooking the bay… Makes sense for him to live here considering he already worked here, the tall buildings being ideal for his quirk. The bad part was these windows obviously didn’t open, and you were positive you were at least forty floors up. There was a large balcony though, the tape strands blowing in the breeze hanging off the railing probably meant that it was only accessible from the main part of the apartment. So the elevator or stairs would be the only options unless you miraculously sprouted wings as an adult and became Hawks.

Opening the door as gently as possible you made it on your hands and knees down the hall, the large room that you assumed was the master bedroom you were in being at the end. The marble floors were uncomfortable on your bare knees but at least you wouldn’t have to worry about the creaking of floorboards. Listening, the man was humming along to a more upbeat tune in Spanish.

Hearing his phone ring echo through the apartment as the kettle boiled away and you froze, only continuing to move even slower now towards the now visible entryway as you eavesdropped as he answered it on speaker. The line seemingly dead before your captor opened up dialogue.

“Hola, Quien habla?” (Who is it?)

“Fuck off with the Spanish Tape shit. Did you get your girl?”

That voice….

“Kat, you were supposed to call yesterday… but yes, I have her, but I had to kill people, seven of them…”

“Bout fuckin’ time you put on your big girl panties and took what you wanted. And fuck you I was busy.”

The disembodied voice snarled over the line.

“She hates me dude… I tried to wake her with breakfast in bed but she just looked at me in fear and puked. Twice. She was so happy before I blew it. She said yes to a date even….”

“Just pump a fuckin’ kid into her. Bitch can’t get far next year if she’s waddling or has a baby. That’s what I did.”

You froze, and hated the fact that you thought to yourself that the silence between the two men had been just a tad longer than a pregnant pause.

“Yah… I remember seeing what you did… No…. no. Kat I’m a hero, I can’t touch her without her consent, she’s just a civilian and she’s scared… Maybe over the year she can fall for me and then it’ll be like it’s normal…”

“I don’t give two shits about what you do with your dirty whore.”

“No la llames puta, maldita excusa para villano de mierda.” (Don’t call her a whore you shitty excuse for a villain.)

His tone was far angrier than how he had sounded in the bar… The echo of a ceramic mug shattering against the marble had you shaking in fear…

“I don’t know what you said plain face, but remember next month, you have to hold up your end of the bargain.”

“Mosquito muerto… YOU DIDN’T EVEN DO ANYTHING! AL PEDO COMO TETA DE MONJA!” (You snake in the grass…. as useless as a nun’s tits!)

“I got her the bat you used so shut your fucking mouth. All that matters is you got her. Be grateful you didn’t have to wait another year.”

“Fine. Fine. Your Darling will have a friend.”Keeping your breathing steady you made your way to the foyer only pausing to hide behind a large cabinet as he made his way to the fridge, removing what you would assume was cream before continuing his conversation, not noticing you. “Chupamela, Bakugou….. Just call me next week and I’ll see where she is.” (Blow me.)

As soon as he hung up his upbeat loud music returned, and you took your shot, opening the front door silently and closing it just as you heard him yell out to you from the kitchen. “I HOPE MEDIALUNAS ARE OK FOR BREAKFAST MI CARIÑO! I DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO…..”

Running. You had a minute at best to run. Stairs were a no go. You were barefoot and there was no way you were outrunning a pro hero with a capture and detain based quirk down forty flights of stairs, elevator it was. Slamming the elevator button hard multiple times you were relieved to find it open right away, thanking whatever god was watching over you above. Before the door could even close you checked your options, a finger held down on the close door switch… He could fling himself down to the ground as soon as he saw you were gone, your best options of escape would be the underground parking garage or the first floor and then take the stairs down…. Pressing the lowest garage level you begged the elevator to go faster. Looking into the mirror in the elevator you felt embarrassment blooming in your chest, standing barefoot in the tiny silk sleep shorts and the obviously oversized white silk button-up that you were sure belonged to him, smelling like the musky cologne. You would fucking burn it the second you got somewhere safe…. Hide. Hide and wait for seventeen hours, a library? No… they were closed on Purge day, everything was, maybe some Hero would take pity on you and hide you. Hell, you would hide in a back alley dumpster filled with fish guts until midnight if you had to escape.

The elevator ding shook you from your planning. Peering into the poorly lit garage you felt the air return to your chest. He wasn’t here. He. Wasn’t. Here. Sneakily creeping through the exotic and expensive cars you beamed the second you saw the door. The door to your freedom. The door away from the Yandere. Taking one last survey of the area, you made your way to it and ripped it open, the chilly air had never smelled so good, so crisp. If you ever smelled oranges or cinnamon or vanilla again it would be the death of you.

“MI AMOR!!!!!!” Stilling and hiding back behind the door you heard him, your adrenaline spiking as he desperately called out for you, the distress growing with every plead. “PLEASE! BABY!!!!! Y/N!!!!!! YOU CAN’T BE OUTSIDE YET!!!!” The yelling seemed to get further and further away and you made sure he was out of earshot before you took off in the opposite direction, cutting your feet on the hard concrete and loose rocks. The early morning streets were empty, but of course they would be. No one was stupid enough to be out today.

You had to get out of downtown. You might as well be a sitting duck with how quickly he could fly around with his stupid fucking elbows. Luckily you weren’t too deep into the heart of Tokyo, and it was only a few blocks away from the old Tsukiji fish market. The short streets, winding food stalls and huge warehouses would be ideal to hide from him in. You could do this. Daizō and the rest of the men would not have died in vain…

Finally reaching the market after sprinting down the curved, downhill street, you darted into the first alleyway you could spot in the outer markets, your best chance at freedom was to hide in the huge abandoned warehouses that were boarded up, worst case scenario you could take refuge under the docks attached to them. Running fast, a noise behind you had you turning your neck before you ran straight into something large and soft, getting stuck in the giant mochi-like wall. “WOAH! Hey there little one!” You were unceremoniously peeled off of the source of the Kansai accented voice before being set back down on your feet, looking up you felt relief washing over you like a cold shower. FATGUM, the BMI Hero. “The market doesn’t open until nine! Are you late for work or something?”

“FATGUM!!!!!” Gripping the front of his sweater with your still bloodied fist you finally broke. The comfort of his calm and casual attitude relaxing you. Sure, he wasn’t a top hero like Cellophane, but he would hide you from him at the very least. Why would a pro hero turn you in against a Yandere? There had to be Hero’s that didn’t by into this crazy shit right?

“Ah, just a fan then huh? You want me to sign something?” He reached down into his jacket pocket so calmly, large tongue sticking out of his mouth while he fished for what you assumed was a marker.

“NO FUCK! He’s chasing me! I need you to protect me! PLEASE!!!!” Shaking at him and looking around wildly you noticed two more people by his side. Red Riot, the number nine Pro Hero and Suneater, the number fifteen. “YES! YES YES YES! It’s three against one! You guys will totally win! Holy shit he doesn’t stand a chance!!!”

Red Riot was the first to react, taking long strides over to you with his enormous body, it suited him, the hardening hero being built like a mountain. Placing a hand on your shoulder and smiling his sharp tooth grin, albeit slightly confused. “Don’t worry, we will keep you safe! Is it a villain?”

“YES! Well…. no…” Trying to find the words for what was happening in your still foggy mind was proving to be a more difficult task than what you had intended, the kind Hero keeping you as grounded as possible with soft squishes to your shoulder. “He’s the Tape Hero… Cellophane! I escaped his apartment! I just… I just need you to protect me until the Purge is over! Please!!! Please! I don’t wanna be a Darling!” Not receiving a response from the now sullen-looking men, you tugged at the Red Hero’s arm and pulled at the yellow and orange sweater that the BMI Hero always sported. “PLEASE! HE KNOWS I GOT OUT!!!!! AND HE MURDERED SEVEN PEOPLE LAST NIGHT!”

“Two nights ago.” The eldest man spoke softly. “He legally killed seven people two nights ago.”

“What?” Eyes widening at the near whisper you shook your head in disbelief, letting go of the last safe haven you had, fight losing quickly to flight, the only feeling was needing to turn and run again.

Before you could even turn on your heels the command was issued. “Amajiki-kun.” This time it was the redhead’s turn to talk and he almost sounded excited, his tone far too playful to be worried about your words.

“G..Got it.” The shy man sputtered out. Instantly you were pulled into a mess of tentacles, bound and restrained, but in no way hurting you. Well… Your pride, it was hurting your pride, your confidence in your escape attempt shriveling quickly.

Watching through tearful eyes, the hero Red Riot pulled a cellphone from his pocket, dialing a number extremely quickly before addressing you once more, his hand over the receiver. “Don’t worry, Sero’s one of the good ones to have! Oh and we can do double dates after you get settled in! My Babe totally will love getting a new person to draw too!” Your heart sunk… Two days… Which meant you had slept through the majority of the purge…. No wonder he had you on an IV… “Heeeeeey bro! So… yah I know calm down! So I was about to say that Fat, Suneater and I were in the fish market for some food for Tamaki’s… Yah dude don’t yell that’s what I’m trying… Come on man, maybe I don’t speak Spanish but even Kaminari would be able to tell that whatever you said was rude…” There was a much longer pause before he spoke again. “We found her my guy. That’s why I called! Why didn’t you tell her Purge was over?… Yah we can meet you at the gate. No problem!”

“You fellas think you can settle this on your own while I go get some more food?” You couldn’t even pay attention to the words coming out of the buxom man’s mouth, or the meaningless conversation anymore, your eyes instead locked onto a TV through an open window, six figures watching the flat screen that was replying the ‘recent success’ of the latest Purge. Selfies of terrified Darlings being posed with their Yanderes, buildings that had been burned and leveled and relief organizations for those who either lost their homes or had sustained substantial damages during the Purge. For a brief moment, another burned building appeared on-screen… The Izakaya you had tried hiding in… Being deemed as an ‘unfortunate electrical fire’ where ‘not a single soul was injured’.

The Heroes, having seemingly finished talking, began to walk casually towards the entrance, squirming in the grasp of the tentacles you begged them to listen, wasting your breath on words that fell on dead ears. “WAIT!!!!! STOP HE BURNED DOWN THAT BAR!!!! HE USED HIS QUIRK!!!!! HE KILLED SEVEN PEOPLE!!!!” If you had been smart, maybe you would have kept your vision locked onto the open window of the office, rather than desperately trying to convince the men to let you go. If you had, you would have noticed the many pairs of eyes very interested in exactly what you had to say about your Yandere….

In the short five minutes it took to deliver you to the gate, you had become a mess, without your hands you couldn’t even wipe your face properly. Ugly crying? You were sure that it was called ugly crying. Hanta’s words ringing in your ears.

“Oh no Mi Cariño, you see… I’m going to burn this place to the ground, and who is going to trust a regular woman, over a well-respected Hero?”

You could see him running towards you in your peripherals, not wanting to look at him you turned away, suddenly very very interested in the painted manhole cover a few feet away from you. Feeling the tentacles slip from around you, you didn’t even bother to make a break for it. Your feet were cut up, you were groggy and tired from the after-effects of the drug, dehydrated as hell, and if you did get away from three Top twenty Heroes on foot? Not a single soul could help you now. Not your friends or family, not the law or the Hero’s Commission…

Picking you up in his arms, he swung you around in a tight crushing hug. “Cariño, la puta madre, estaba tan asustado.” (Darling, fuck, I was so scared.) Shifting you until you were in his arms bridal style and kissing into your hairline as gently as you could imagine was possible. “Es mi culpa.” (It’s my fault) A kiss to your cheek. “Me olvidé de explicar.” (I forgot to explain) A kiss to your forehead. “No va a pasar otra vez.” (It won’t happen anymore) With a final kiss to your neck, he smiled into your skin. “Gracias, I owe both of you a favor. If you hadn’t found her she could have gotten more hurt than she already is.”

The few blocks walk back to his apartment was a blur, letting your headrest on the man’s chest, staring down to his own bare feet smacking against the concrete while he whispered softly to you in a mixture of his Languages. From what you understood, most of it was apologies and promises to do better. You tried not to look at the horrified receptionist’s face as the man dressed in nothing but sweatpants and a muscle shirt strolled into the luxury complex with you in his arms, hair disheveled and feet dripping with blood. Did your best to ignore how casual and proud he sounded when he explained he needed his spare key because he took the ‘quick way down’. Everything was beginning to ache and you just wanted to sleep and wake up from this nightmare. You wanted to go home, back to your terrible apartment. You wanted to bathe in your tub that was too small. You wanted to be yelled at by your shitty boss and party away from your problems with your friends.

As soon as the receptionist let you back into the apartment and the door was closed behind you, you gasped. The couch was overturned, tea was on the floor, a shattered mug, his cracked phone was still blasting music from the floor, it looked like he had pulled out half the master bedroom looking for you. The door to what looked like the main bathroom pulled half off of its hinges. Curtains were torn down and a sliding glass door cracked into webs with how hard it had been slammed open. “No mires.” (Don’t look) Covering your eyes with one of his hands and bringing you further into his chest, you cringed as you heard him stepping over the sound of crunching ceramic. Leading you back through the hall and through the master bedroom to the bathroom.

Embarrassed wasn’t the right word as he sat you down on the closed toilet. Ashamed? No… Defeated. You really weren’t sure how to describe what the man in front of you appeared to be feeling. Awkwardly staring down at him as he removed pieces of gravel from your feet before pulling a first aid kit out of a side cabinet. The silence deafening as he worked very carefully to tend to your wounds. “I…” You started softly, his attention immediately pulling back to your face. Pursing your lips you looked down at his elbows, an angry red from what you would imagine was an overuse of his quirk searching for you the last half hour. “I thought it was still the Purge….”

“I know.”

“I don’t wanna be a Darling….”

“I know.”

“You didn’t have to kill them….”

“I did.”


Looking up again after finishing your bandages, he stood over you, shamefully hanging his head, brows furrowed with a fiery passion burning in his eyes. “We both know what this is, that I, and many others feel isn’t normal mi cariño… What would the public think of good Heroes, being able to kill those that they protect so easily over one person? They don’t understand though…. It’s not just one person… It’s THE person. Mi media naranja. What do you think a bar full of heartbroken drunks would say to the media about me? About us. No. I killed for us because I had to. And I would do it again.”

Chapter Text

After patching up your feet and knuckles, you were confined to the spare bedroom while he ‘took care’ of the apartment, only listening as he cleaned, swept up broken things, or walked back and forth down the hall, briefly hearing him speaking lowly over the phone to order a new sliding glass door for the balcony and new curtains to be delivered ASAP. ‘Your room’ or at least that’s what he called it, looked almost identical to the master honestly, a queen instead of a king, and a private bathroom as well, though smaller. It still held a beautiful view of the bay and smelled of the same incense. You found yourself on an antique camelback sofa, reading a particularly creepy novel about a group of fallen heroes being cursed into half-human abominations due to their lust for power. Shockingly, The deranged half-spider the story was currently following reminded you of the man behind the door. 


Hearing the smashed sliding glass door being removed by maintenance people hauled you out of your escapism. Who were you kidding? Eight hours he had left you alone. Eight hours. Every once and a while he would bring you tea, exactly the way you liked it, your favorite snacks, asking if you wanted anything extra, not needed. Wanted. Each time you told him to fuck off. 


Placing the book down onto the pile you had already read and staring out the window you angrily smacked the back of the couch, you couldn’t distract yourself anymore. This was bad. Really bad. It had you thinking back to when your ex-boyfriend had thrown a glass. It wasn’t even AT you, it was at the wall behind him and specifically away from you, but everyone in your life had told you to run. That he was incredibly abusive, and that he would end up hurting you or manipulating you into something worse. That hero had destroyed so much of his apartment in a matter of what? The minute or two that was an elevator ride and a walk through a parking garage? Granted he had killed seven men in less than that... 


You couldn’t even sleep. Your body was exhausted but your mind was too awake processing the reality of the situation. A year... you had to survive a year, and he didn’t seem like the type to hurt you, just those around you. You just had to play house pet for three hundred and sixty-three more days and then legally he had to offer you freedom. 


The knock on the door broke you from your spiraling thoughts, already used to his soft knocks you answered with a snarl. “Come in...”


He calmly opened the door, his muscle shirt and sweatpants were replaced by a crisp white button-down rolled over his elbows and tucked into a pair of black chino pants, looking less like a Pro Hero and more like a salaryman on his day off. “Princesa, I’m gonna order some take out ok? Do you want sushi? Then we can sit and talk while we eat...”


Refusing to look his way, you answered him with an angry huff. “You know all of my favorites don’t you?” You stayed seated, your face in your palm on the edge of the sofa, staring at the window seemingly at the bay, in reality, you were keeping your eyes on his reflection, still not trusting him yet. 


Sheepishly be brought his hand to his neck, rubbing over his Adam’s apple and leaning his head backwards. “I know it’s creepy, but yah... I do....”


Snapping you interrupted him, your entire body turning quickly to glare icy daggers at him. “Yeah, it is really REALLY fucking creepy.” He opened his mouth to say something but closed it quickly, sighing as he looked at the floor. The silence between you was lasting too long, where was the aggressive man who killed all those men? You knew you were pushing your limits but you couldn’t help but test your boundaries. Clicking your tongue against the roof of your mouth you continued. “Expensive stuff. It’s my first dinner here so I want the good sushi, the super fancy stuff, like omakase, the best of the best. You can afford that, can’t you hero?”


If he picked up on your egregious sarcastic tone he ignored it, favoring instead to smile sadly at you. “Of course. I’ll order enough to feed Fatgum.” Going to close the door he paused. “Do you want anything, Mi Amor? It will be around an hour for the food to arrive and for maintenance to finish installing the glass door....”


Your eyes trailed down to your lap, to the stupid sleepwear you were still in, balling your fists into the silk you answered him quietly. “I want to go home.....” 


Another moment passed before you heard the soft click of the door, leaving you alone again with your thoughts. 




Sure enough, within the last hour, you had heard the last of his orders come and go. New curtains that even despite the twelve-foot vaulted ceilings, had gone up in less than ten minutes, a new couch that you overheard your captor saying he didn’t really like but ‘it would have to do for now’, then hearing him wish the maintenance people a good day. Finally, after another fifteen minutes, the doorbell rang yet again. Probably just the food. You couldn’t even read anymore, your thoughts stuck on your friends, your family, your fat and happy pair of pet goldfish you had won at a festival five years ago. 


Another soft rap at your door. 


You debated not answering him, leaving him to eat the expensive sushi by himself, but your stomach growled in retaliation, only having picked lightly at the snacks he had brought to you despite not eating for the past two days. What was the last meal you ate? Oh, yeah... The cheap cup of ramen you had at work before heading to the store on Purge Night. “Come in.”


“Sushi is here Mi cariño.” You hated that stupid accent, his stupid voice, the soft way he spoke to you. The way he smiled and held his hand out to you to guide you to the kitchen.


Pulling yourself up from the sofa you wobbled a bit, a heat filling your body and nausea kicking in. Oh fuck.... Two days without food and you didn’t drink much water today, of course, your blood pressure would be low enough for you to faint. 


“Y/N!!!!” The next few seconds felt like a blur. Instead of cracking your head open on the marble tile, you were instead wrapped tightly in a strand of tape, being pulled quickly off of your feet and into the strong arms of your keeper, the tape somehow retracting back into his elbows, leaving you flush against him. His lips kissing the top of your head as he pet up and down your back lovingly. Wiggling your feet you realized he had you completely off of the ground. How many times in the span of three days would this fucking ass pick you up like you weighed nothing, like you were nothing outside of his sick obsession to own you. “¿Presión arterial baja? ¿Deberíamos hacer una prueba? ¿Olvidaste comer tus bocadillos? Lo siento cariño, debería haberte comprobado más.” (Low blood pressure? Should we do a test? Did you forget to eat your snacks? Sorry darling, I should have checked you more.) Shaking in his grip you interrupted his consistent questions, confusing the man even more before you set you down, keeping you steady by the arms before speaking again. “Mi Amor?”


You screamed into his chest. “I DON’T FUCKING SPEAK SPANISH.” Seething you grit your teeth and shook, furrowing your brows causing a deep line to appear. 


The long pause before he gently answered felt sickening, his grip on your shoulders softened as he spoke in a low voice. “Lo s... I’m sorry. I’ll do my best not to speak Spanish as often from now on...” His promise was only answered by more silence, he recognized what this was, what you were going through, he had seen it happen fast in the field, and slowly over months through his friends. “Let’s go eat, sushi can’t get cold, but the tempura I ordered with it can.”


He chose to ignore your hot, angry tears as he led you through the door and down the hall to eat at the dining table, sitting you in the comfortable padded chair right beside what you assume was his place at the table before he grabbed a remote and pressed play. From somewhere, probably from some fancy surround sound, Lo-fi music started playing at a low volume. As he unpacked the bags and boxes you could only stare blankly at the dark wood of the table that all the furniture in the apartment seemed to be made of and think back to when you and your friends would turn on music like this to study to. Had they noticed you had gone missing yet? Or were they still using that stupid meme that apparently got you here in the first place in the group chat being none the wiser. Your boss had to know... You hadn’t ever missed a day of work without calling in before, certainly not two days. Family too... They always called after Purge. 


You didn’t even react as he set the spread out and a plate in front of you, accompanied by a sake cup, fresh wasabi, and a small bowl of soy sauce. He waited for a moment for you to pick your favorites before placing some food on your plate for you, waiting for you to start eating.


“You said we would talk...” Staring down at the beautiful and tasty looking roll you scowled. 


“Despu... After you eat a bit ok? A few bites at least... Oh and some water.” He stood and wandered into the open concept kitchen, pouring you a glass of water from an expensive-looking karaf from the fridge, promptly bringing it back to place in front of you before sitting back down. Taking the water from him you swallowed half the glass down, picking up your chopsticks and bringing a piece of nigiri to your mouth. Eating more and more as you felt yourself slipping yet again, more fat tears spilling down your cheek as you ate what was arguably the best food you had eaten in your life. He ate in silence with you, allowing you to sob out your frustrations as you put another piece in your mouth. Seemingly satisfied at the amount you had eaten he sighed, leaning back in his chair, with his veiny hands laced in his lap. “So... You probably have questions...”


“Why me....” You were interrupted before you could even properly start 


“Not that one yet... That one... That’s the only question that I need to keep for later.”


“Fine.” You huffed but made a mental note to ask him later. “What kind are you.” You watched as he shifted awkwardly in his chair, thighs spreading before he reached out to grab the bottle of sake, filling your glass, and then his.


“When I... Figured out my feelings I contacted the government and they scheduled my test... I got the results back a month ago.” Shooting back his sake he avoided your stare. “I got a mix... You can probably at least tell that I’m lucid...”


“I guess... I don’t really remember the types there are. It’s been a hot minute since middle school health classes.” 


“Yah it has...” He chuckled and poured himself another glass. “It’s a lot to learn too, I felt like I was back in school that week. I had to relearn it all myself after I met you... Estar remando en dulce de leche, sorry... um... what’s a better way to put that... It basically means rowing through caramel, but dulce de leche is better than caramel... We can have it on ice cream later for dessert if you...”


Cutting his rambling off with a click of your tongue, you kicked his chair lightly. “Sum it up for me then.” It was no longer a question.


His intense eyes met yours and you tried your best to stare him down as he explained. “The government puts us into a combination of ten Yandere archetypes based on the exams. It’s optional to take, and it’s mainly just to determine if they have to check on Darlings throughout the year. Lucid, delusional, possessive, protective, obsessive, manipulative, selfish, selfless, sadistic, and masochistic.” You were about to open your mouth to speak again but he continued. “Lucid 100%. Possessive 85%. Protective 100%. Selfless 90%. Those were the only archetypes above the scoring thresholds.”


The idea confused you, you didn’t know how the government's tests worked or what the different types were like, you had a gist thanks to what they were called, but that didn’t really tell you what you wanted to know. “What does that mean for me?” 


Smiling at you he shot back yet another drink. “It means on a scale of ten, one being a harmless normal relationship and ten being locked up and isolated, never to see the sun again, tortured and treated like a sex slave, only to be brutally murdered at the end of the year?” He watched your eyes widen at the idea, thoughts careening through your mind as fast as a bullet train, smirking he rested his elbows on his knees and leaned forward. The pause before he continued had your thinking that he forgot to add sadistic to his list. “I’m a three or a four. The government sees me as pretty harmless... To you... I love you, and I’ll do my best to earn your love.” You released a heavy sigh of relief, sipping at the sake yourself, thinking back to how rude you had been to him, how bad this really could have been. “Let’s move this to the couch, Mi Amor, we can watch the water while we talk.” Nodding, with a little bit more respect for the situation, you stood and went to grab the dishes before he stopped you. “I’ll clean them up after you get into bed.”


With his hand on your lower back, he brought you to his new couch, sitting down comfortably with his legs spread, one foot hooked over his knee, his hand opposite to you resting on his thigh. He pulled you down close beside him, draping his arm over the back of the sofa behind your head. 


Watching the water slowly darken, the other tall buildings reflecting the last of the orange and pinks of the sun setting behind you felt soothing. “Can I ask more?”


“Anything other than why.” He sounded tired. Happy, but tired.


Pulling your knees up to your chest you asked always. “My job?”


“I called your hijo de su reputisima madre boss yesterday. You don’t have to work for him anymore. You can write if you want, or do art, bake, anything that makes you happy.”


“What is hijo... hijo respute madre?”


“Hijo de su reputisima madre, basically a more insulting version of son of a whore. Reserved for real douchebags where I am from. He didn’t value you.” You could feel his gaze on you as he played with the ends of your hair, not bothering to look at the water anymore. 


“Well... He certainly was... That then...” A pause went by and you stood up. The last light of the day finally hiding itself away until tomorrow. Curiously he watched you, tensing only slightly as he saw you nearing the front door. To his relief you only shut off all the light switches, leaving only the window to illuminate the room. Shuffling back over to the couch and sitting down a bit too far for his liking, he pulled you onto his lap. Both of you watching the ocean reflect the lights of the city. “Where are you from?”


“Argentina. Moved here when I was fourteen for high school.” His chest rose and fell with every breath he took. 


“What about my apartment. All my things...” The soft glow of the cars passing by so far down below you seemed surreal, you wondered if any of them contained people you know, people who were out looking for you.


“I paid your overdue rent and gave your landlord an extra month of money to keep it the same for the week so we can go grab the things you need before putting the rest in storage for the year. I also contacted the bank with the forms so your bills, accounts, and subscriptions are paused, don’t worry about that either. You’ll have the key an....”


“Did you kill Burt and Ernie too?”


He paused and chuckled. “Your fish?”


“Yes, my two beloved boys.” At this point there wasn’t any anger in your voice anymore, you had done nothing all day but you were still exhausted. It felt like your emotions were frayed, watching the stormy winds blowing the dust and waves over the rocks felt almost hypnotic and calming despite sitting in the lap of a murderer. “You have a strong penchant for killing old men over me. Maybe you were jealous of them too.”


Wrapping his arms around you and leaning his chest over your back he spoke directly into your ear, low voice grumbling with his accent. “No, they are with a friend of mine right now, Mina, she’s watching them for me until their house comes in. I got a custom fish mansion for them Mi cariño. Burt and Ernie, just like you, will be living en lujo, no more little forty-gallon tank, and fish flakes. Tomorrow a three hundred gallon tank is coming in. So you can see your old men after we decorate it together.” Kissing the shell of your ear he groaned. “I can’t wait for this to all become real for you too....”


You were about to speak when he began humming the same tune he had in the morning. The tune itself was lovely but full of melancholy, and he sang the lyrics of the song earlier like he had written it himself. Turning in his lap slightly, you looked away from the ocean to stare at him, his eyes were closed and there was a smile on his face. “What is that song?”


“Hm?” Pausing he leaned back with you and opened one of his eyes lazily. “The song is El día que me quieras, it’s a very famous song in Argentina. ‘An oldie but a goodie’ I think is what you would say. Why the curiosity mi Hermosa?”


“What does it mean?”


Both eyes opened now, his grip on you becoming tighter. “The day that you love me.” Parting his lips gently, he licked his lips, unblinking hooded eyes never leaving your own. “It’s clumsy when you translate it, Mi Amor... But for you, anything.”


Sitting you down beside him again, turning his body towards you, he took your hands in one of his much larger ones, opening his mouth he took a breath before he started. 


“The smooth murmur

Of your breathing

Caresses my dream.

If your eyes

Want to gaze at me,

How full of joy life will be!

And if the solace

Of your light laughter 

So like a song - is for me,

It will heal my wound,

And all, all will be forgotten.


The day when you will love me,

The rose that decorates

Will dress itself up

In the brightest of colors.

And the bells will say

To the wind that you are mine,

And the fountains will go crazy

In telling each other about your love.


The night when you will love me,

The stars will look upon us

From the blue heavens in jealousy

As we walk by.

And a mysterious ray of light

Will make a nest in your hair 

Curious fireflies that will see

How much you mean to me.


The day when you will love me,

There will be nothing but harmony.

The dawn will be clear

And the spring will be gay.

The breeze will bring a quiet

Hint of a melody.

And the streams will play for us

Their crystal song.


The day when you will love me,

The songbird will sing

More sweetly than ever.

Life will bloom,

And pain will not exist.”