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Used To Be Friends

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            The pile of crumpled letters had reached the ceiling of her dimly lit room. Every time Shiori thought she had crafted the perfect apology; she would crumple it. She settled on the only thing she could offer Juri anymore: honesty.

            “I messed up, and I don’t know what to do. I know you hate me. Tell me what I should do. Please.”

            She placed the letter at Juri’s door, and then she waited for Juri.

            She came out nearly an hour later, and Shiori felt her heart stop. But seeing Juri’s beautiful teal eyes rain down their sorrow was not what she had expected.

            “Shiori!” Juri shouted in between sobs. “I know you’re here!”

            Shiori felt her heart jump into her throat. Here it comes, the final thrust of the blade into the heart.

            But it never came. She only saw Juri.

            “I’ve already forgiven you, Shiori. I love you.”