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courtside tango

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The buzzing of Jungkook’s phone causes his music to pause. He grumbles out loud while his ring tone blares through his airpods. 

Ignoring it, Jungkook continues his early morning jog in the five star hotel he’s staying at along with Taehyung, Yoongi, and the rest of the team. 

When it stops ringing, his music resumes. Uncaring about his surroundings, Jungkook sings along to Astrothunder and keeps his pace. Whoever is calling does not relent, robbing Jungkook the opportunity of belting out the chorus. He curses and resigns to finishing his seventh lap around the perimeter without any music. 

He removes his airpods and stuffs them inside the pocket of his windbreaker. The caller is persistent, and it makes Jungkook want to ignore them more. 

On the elevator ride back to his suite, Jungkook finally takes his phone out to check who it is. Instead of being greeted by his wallpaper of a quote from Michael Jordan, he is instead greeted by the Messenger app notifying him of an incoming video call. 

Jungkook is quick to understand the situation when he sees the name of his persistent caller. It makes him want to ignore the other some more, get them angry and irritated the same way he was. It’s childish, but the caller already calls Jungkook other names, so he might as well.

He taps the keycard on the handle, turns the door open, and jumps into the humongous bed with the softest white sheets. 

As vice-captain, Jungkook gets the privilege of having his own room. Yoongi’s own suite is just down the hallway, and Taehyung is stuck with a roommate a few floors down. 

He settles against the headboard, free arm stretched and hand behind his head while the bottom half of his body is comfortably sprawled underneath the thick duvet. 

Finally, Jungkook answers the call and is met with Seokjin squinting at him from the other side of the screen.

“You miss me already?”

“Did you just wake up?” 

Jungkook shakes his head and runs a finger through his hair to show Seokjin how sweaty he is. “Morning run.” 

Seokjin makes a face of disgust. “And you have the gall to complain about looking bad in our shots. I’m amazed you’re up before eight though.”

The basketball team left the school at around 9 PM yesterday. They arrived in the hotel at two in the morning, and the digital clock placed on Jungkook’s bedside table tells him it’s Monday and there are only a few minutes left before eight.

“What do you want, Kim?” 

“Did you read what I sent you last night? Nevermind, of course you didn’t. I was thinking that while you are away we should—”

“We should Facetime, talk about our days, and screen record it. I’ll ask someone to record me while in the game, probably the benched players. I’ll record around the hotel too. And you’re making your roommate Jumin or whoever help you on your end while you do nerd stuff.”

Seokjin’s eyebrows shot up afterwards. Jungkook has learned the past week that he does said action a lot whenever Jungkook surprises him about the most mundane of things, like remembering what Seokjin says, or not being late. It says a lot about what he thinks of Jungkook, but at the same time, Jungkook finds it amusing that Seokjin’s standard for him is so low he gets impressed with the most bare minimum of things.

“I’m impressed,” Jungkook laughs at Seokjin’s predictability, “And it’s Jimin, not Jumin. You can’t even remember names properly.” 

“Can I go now?”

“Am I holding you up?”

“Yes, you know you are.”

Seokjin laughs, another thing he’s been doing a lot lately. Jungkook’s starting to think he’s funny, but when he mentions this to Taehyung and Yoongi, they look at him with lips curled in disgust and a shake of their heads.

“Okay, I’ll hang up now. Don’t forget to get your games filmed.”

“We don’t have one today. We’re just going to train and watch the other schools, but sure, I’ll get some footage.”

The last thing Seokjin says before hanging up is, “That’ll work. I’ll call again later.”

The day passes quickly for Jungkook.

The basketball gymnasium of the university they are at isn’t as big as theirs. Most of the players are more interested in walking and touring around the school, but Yoongi, despite his height compared to the other players, stands by the door with a glare and shouts out punishment laps. 

When he catches Jungkook and Taehyung trying to escape, he drags the both of them by the ear and forces them to shoot three pointers and run a lap after each shot. Every time they missed, Yoongi made them run double the laps around the court. 

While running four laps for two misses, Jungkook’s phone vibrates in his pocket. He takes it out, sees a notification from Seokjin, and curses out loud for forgetting to film. 

Kim Seokjin sent you an attachment

“NO PHONES WHILE TRAINING!” Yoongi shouts from the other side of the gymnasium. 

Jungkook ignores him and opens his phone, still running but slower this time.

Kim Seokjin

here’s a google drive with our lessons for the day

i know you’re exempted from the homework but i uploaded it too

you better be filming

The gesture surprises him. Nobody really sends him the lessons, much less the homework, since as Seokjin put it, he is exempted from them when in official away-games. 

He stops running right by Yoongi who pointedly glares at him. Thumbs press down on the screen to type out his reply.

Kim Seokjin


It’s not like he’ll be opening and studying them, and he would have said so just to get into Seokjin’s nerves, but the other sent it to him out of his own accord. He’s reminded of the rat fiasco and the realization that Seokjin looks out for everyone, so he’ll settle with a thanks today.

He still won’t open it though.

“Hey, you’re my friend and all, but stop slacking around. Set a good example as vice captain!” Yoongi says with his arms crossed over his chest. 

Instead of saying anything, Jungkook opens his camera and hands it to Yoongi. “Film me and make sure I look cool.”

“What the hell?”

“It’s for my project.” Jungkook resumes running, motioning for Yoongi to start recording.

Confused, Yoongi raises the phone up and clicks the big red button on the side of the screen.

Jungkook turns around, jogging backwards. He raises a thumbs up to his face and sends a toothy grin plus wink towards the camera before running again normally.

It’s his last three pointer to make and the punishment will be over. Jungkook has to make it count, especially since he is being filmed. He takes a ball from the cloth basket, all casual and cool dribbling it between his legs, and shoots.

The ball hits the backboard, spins around the rim for a while, and eventually falls down the net.

He holds back the loud hoot he would’ve let out if he wasn’t behind the lens of his phone. Instead, he only raises his brows, crinkles his nose, and starts on his last lap. 

When he comes up Yoongi’s way, the other’s expression breaks his cool persona. 

Yoongi is looking at him with his upper lip curling in disgust, eyes staring at him in judgment. He stops recording and hands the phone back to Jungkook. 

“You’re such a loser.” Yoongi sighs, shaking his head when Jungkook skims through the video, watching his three pointer in full. “It’s like you’re a freshman again trying to impress their crush.”

Jungkook only laughs. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”


Gaze still on his phone, Jungkook opens Messenger again to show his partner a teaser.

Kim Seokjin

You sent an attachment

we’re getting a 4.0 just for how amazing i am

Seokjin is quick to view his message. Instead of replying, he only gets a mocking laughing emoji reaction. Jungkook bursts out in laughter, and when he closes his phone, he is met with Yoongi giving him a look similar to pity.

Looking left and right, Jungkook asks, “What?”

“You’re so whipped.”

Jungkook’s response is a furrowing of his brows in confusion. “I still have no idea what you’re talking about.”


Seokjin’s voice echo inside Jungkook’s suite. He hurriedly gets out of his chair from where he was narrating his day with the help of the script Seokjin wrote. He takes the banana milk he bought from earlier out of the mini fridge and lays down the bed. 

While popping the straw into the lid, he hears some rustling around over Seokjin’s end. It's already 9:30 PM, and by the looks of Seokjin’s background, he’s still at the study area in the dorms.

When Jungkook takes his phone from the table, back settling on the humongous bed’s headboard and sipping on his drink, he sees Seokjin writing something down on a thick notebook. He’s wearing his prescription glasses, the metal frame hanging on the bridge of his nose in such an attractive manner that even Jungkook’s pettiness dissolves into objective appreciation.

“What are you doing?” 

Seokjin doesn’t look up, still jotting something down. “Writing on my planner.” 

Jungkook continues watching him while drinking the banana milk.

Minutes pass and Seokjin speaks up again. “You can hang up already if you want.”

The thought has indeed crossed his mind, but Jungkook is so very bored with nothing to do except wait for tomorrow’s game, so he doesn’t hang up. Instead, he asks, “What time do you wake up?”

“Five thirty.”

“That early? Damn, you’re a machine.”

Seokjin rolls his eyes. He puts his pen down, closes the planner, and reaches for his phone that was situated away from him. “I’m hanging up. I’ll call you again tomorrow after your game.”

Sipping noisily on his drink, a metaphorical light bulb turns on above Jungkook’s head. “Say, is it alright if you call me tomorrow when you wake up?”

The quality of the video call is impressive. It accurately shows every reaction Seokjin makes whenever Jungkook opens his mouth, especially up close like this.

Before Seokjin could ask why, Jungkook beats him to it and says, “We have to leave early tomorrow. I’m usually late.”

Seokjin clicks his tongue. “Of course you are. Fine, I’ll call you. Do you need me to be relentless or to just call once?”

“Until I answer the phone.”

“Relentless it is. Alright, goodnight Jeon. Nice work.” 

“Goodnight, Kim.”

The ringing and vibrating of Jungkook’s phone against the hardwood bedside table jolts him awake. 

First games always has him sleeping late, a combination of excitement and fear keeping him up. He fell asleep at 1 in the morning watching Samsung reviews even when almost everything he owns is from Apple. This lead to him going on the website and adding a bunch of things to his cart and doing a list of the pros and cons of hitting checkout and going into debt. At the end, he removed all the items and finally went to sleep.

With his body still comfortable under the hotel’s expensive comforter, Jungkook rests his cheek on the pillow and groggily reaches out to turn on the lampshade and grab his phone that is still ringing.

Without giving it much thought, he swipes on the screen to answer it. He’s too out of it yet to be surprised that it’s a video call and not a normal phone call. 

Jungkook blinks at the screen, notes how his hair is sticking up in different places compared to Seokjin who is sipping what looks to be tea from a plain white mug and his hair wet.

“Finally, you’re awake. It's almost six.”

With his brain to mouth filter still not working, he grumbles out in a sleep-laced deep voice, “You’re showered already?”

Seokjin pauses mid-sip of his tea. He blinks at the screen and glances somewhere beyond his phone, looks back, and blinks some more. “Oh. Um. Yes.” He takes another gulp, eyes downcast like he is trying to figure out some problem that suddenly cropped up in his mind. 

Jungkook rolls over and lays down on his back, arm stretching fully and holding out the phone to the ceiling. He scratches his neck, yawning and making keening sounds. 

“Aren’t you getting up?”

Hearing Seokjin speak makes him realize he closed his eyes again.


“You made me wake you up? For your big game?”

“Oh, right. Thanks Kim. Bye.”

“At least get up first before hanging up.”

Groaning, Jungkook sits up from bed. Squinting at the camera, he sees Seokjin’s cheeks puffing out like he’s trying to hold back a laugh.

“Are you happy now?”

“Not until you send me that footage.”

Jungkook is the one who ends up chuckling. It pushes him to a state of full on awareness, the sleep and fatigue finally shaking itself off from him. 

“Goodluck with the game.” Seokjin’s voice is soft. His eyes are a bit wide, half of his face covered by the mug he is drinking from.

Feeling a bit kind, Jungkook nods and spares him a smirk. “Thanks. And for waking me up too. I’ll let you know how it went.”

“I don’t really care though.” 

And just like that, Jungkook is laughing and jumping out of bed. 

The study area in the regular students’ dormitory is once again empty. It’s almost ten at night, and while one might imagine it would be full, there are so many more options around the university to study with a better ambience such as the library, coffeehouses, or study cafes. 

Seokjin himself prefers the library, but since he has to call Jungkook up to ask about his day and the game, purely for their project of course, the study area in the dormitory where no one bothers going is the best choice. 

He presses screen record, clicks the video call button, and was about to place it down when to his surprise, the screen immediately shows Jungkook, the call being answered on the first click. 

The screen is dark, a lampshade the only thing shedding light on his partner on the other end of the line. Jungkook is laying down the hotel bed, cheek mushed on a white pillow and face blank. His eyelids are heavy, the kind of tired different from when he didn’t sleep the entire night because of the rat in his room. 

Seokjin picks up on the atmosphere quickly. 

He blinks at the screen, once, twice. He pushes his glasses resting on the bridge of his noise higher to buy more time. 

Asking straight out what happened is more his style, except he and Jungkook aren’t particularly close, so he pretends that the glumness Jungkook is emitting in waves isn’t obvious to him.

“How was your day?” When he asks, Seokjin keeps eye contact and features smoothed in a neutral expression. 

Jungkook shrugs. “We lost.”

Seokjin could guess as much.

“Oh, then—”

“Don’t worry I still have videos. I already uploaded them on the Drive.”

Seokjin unintentionally snaps at him too quickly. “That’s not what I meant.”

Jungkook only sighs. “Okay. Can we get this over with?”

Seokjin stops screen recording. “You don’t have to talk about it on record. It’s fine.”

The surprised expression he receives switches to suspicion. “You’re not pitying me are you?”

Scoffing, Seokjin places his phone on the metal stand he brought with him. “I’m not that insensitive. Your sulking expression won’t look good on the vlog.” 

Jungkook stares. Seokjin does the same, arms crossed over his chest.

After a while, he hears the other say, “We went straight to practicing after the game. We’ll be doing it tomorrow again. I understand but I’m just really tired.”

Seokjin didn’t expect the explanation, didn’t even ask for one. Jungkook, just like their morning call, once again rolls on his back and holds the phone with one hand and facing him straight. 

Not knowing how to respond, Seokjin can only say, “I guess I’ll wake you up tomorrow too.”

Jungkook laughs in a low tone. It doesn’t reach his eyes and is over quickly. “Sure. Thanks.” Pursing his lips together, Jungkook continues speaking. “What about you? How was your day?”

Seokjin double checks the edge of his phone screen before saying, “Jeon, I stopped recording.”

The statement has Jungkook’s brows furrowing in confusion but only for a second. He seems to mull over this for a while. 

“So… how was your day?”

Seokjin blinks at him in confusion, once again at a lost for words. “I went to class?” Clearing his throat, Seokjin decides to ignore the unusualness of their situation. “Did council duties. Studied in the library.”

“Nothing interesting?”

“I submitted the budget and grocery list for the dorms’ pantry restock.”

“Did you add samanco and banana milk? I like those.”

“Yes. Not because you like it though.”

Jungkook grins at that. “I mean, did you add a lot? The other athletes always steal my share.”

“It’s for everyone so I can’t help you with that.”

Jungkook moves again. This time, he has his arm bent and laying on the bed, the side of his head resting on a closed hand. “What if you double the quantities?”

Seokjin has no idea where their conversation is going anymore. He guesses Jungkook is talking to him as a distraction from the disappointment of losing today’s game, so Seokjin sucks it up and obliges. “I can always buy extras if there is leftover money. I just have to submit the receipts.”

“Will you buy extra samanco and banana milk if I win tomorrow?”

The wide-eyed and expectant look being directed at him, Seokjin decides, is better than the sulking one. In all honesty, he’d even prefer it if Jungkook is acting like his normal bratty and sarcastic self. 

“Okay,” Jungkook whoops, lays on his stomach and moves the phone closer to his face. Seokjin can clearly see the prominent mole under his lip. Hastily, he adds, “Only if you win.”

They return to awkward silence. Seokjin feels like it with how Jungkook is smiling up at him. With this angle, he can see Jungkook’s legs moving up and down, the top of his foot hitting the back of his knees and the bed. 

“Well, goodb—”

“What are you going to do now?”

Seokjin glares at the other for cutting him off. “I’m going to study.” Not knowing what else to add, Seokjin says, “...bye?”

Jungkook raises a brow in puzzlement. “Why?”

“Because… I’m going to study.”

“You said you studied earlier.”

“I know. I’m going to study again.”

“Can I watch you study?”

The question is the last thing Seokjin expected the other to ask. “What?”

“You can go study. I’ll just… I don’t know. Just leave your camera on.” The way Jungkook speaks is in a whisper even though he is obviously alone in the hotel room. It’s weird for Seokjin to hear him being careful with his words. The hopeful expression on Jungkook’s face is a first as well.

It should make him feel weird because it is weird. Yet at the same time, Seokjin gets it. He knows what it’s like to lose, and he is very familiar with the disappointment that accompanies it, especially when it's failing on the things you care about. It makes him think of Jimin and how his roommate of three years know just by the slump of his shoulders that Seokjin is mentally beating himself up when he can’t live up to the standards he impose on himself. Jimin would invade his space, make him laugh or force him to put notes and textbooks down or forget student leader duties for a while. Despite what other people may think of him, Seokjin is only human as well, and he understands that companionship is the easiest way to pick oneself up after a failure.

So instead of calling Jungkook out for acting out of character, Seokjin opens his bag, grabs his laptop, and sets it in front of him.

He doesn’t say anything more. 

When he glances to the screen, Jungkook is still watching him, face now serene and none of the anxiousness and gloom.

Seokjin couldn’t concentrate at all the first five minutes. He would keep glancing away from his laptop and to his phone. Jungkook has shifted his intense gaze away from him, now simply staring up the ceiling and flat on his back. Soon enough, he forgets Jungkook is there on the other end of the line. Sometimes, Jungkook shifts around in bed and Seokjin would look up and see his back. He would face the camera again, this time drawing circles on the mattress, seemingly in deep thought. 

Finishing up the pubmat for an event the student council is hosting next week, Seokjin turns off his laptop and isn’t surprised to find Jungkook already asleep. He fixes his bag, trying to be quiet even though he’s sure Jungkook wouldn’t wake up. Taking his phone from the stand, Seokjin watches him for a while.

Jungkook’s sleeping on his stomach, face turned to the side, arms above his head and hugging a pillow. It makes him think of Jimin who sleeps curled on his side. Seokjin sleeps flat on his back and with his hands resting on his stomach. He remembers Jimin telling him it freaked him out when they first started out as roommates, convinced Seokjin was a vampire of some sorts. 

Seokjin ends the call. He wonders if when he wakes Jungkook up tomorrow, he’ll still be asleep in the same position.


Seokjin moves around the room in silence. He grabs the bottle of sunscreen from his study desk and sits down the bed. 

The sudden, “Why am I looking at the dorm ceiling?” makes him turn to where he left his phone on the bedside table. 

It takes Seokjin several calls before Jungkook answers, so this has him jumping and reaching out for his phone. The noise makes Jimin turn in his sleep. 

Holding the phone on his hand, he’s surprised to see Jungkook already showered and wearing what Seokjin is familiar with as the basketball varsity’s official jersey over a black shirt. He has a white towel over his head and he’s rubbing it on the strands carelessly.

“You’re up early.” Seokjin mumbles in surprise. He didn’t even have time to dry his hair properly.

Jungkook grins at him, teeth baring and nose scrunching. “Nothing like a loss to make the comeback more exciting.”

The optimism surprises him. It surprises him more that he and Jungkook share the same sentiment. Seokjin allows himself to chuckle, “I agree.” Jungkook hums, still rubbing on his hair with the towel. As an afterthought, he adds, “Goodluck with the game.” It comes out softer than when Seokjin imagined it in his head.

Jungkook is surprised for a second. His reaction morphs quickly into a happy one. “Thank you.” He clears his throat and promises, “I’ll keep you posted. And take videos of course.”

Seokjin nods. “Okay. You do that.”

After the call ends, Seokjin finally notices the heat spreading in his chest. He sits in silence for a while, looking down at his lap. Shaking his head, he opens his phone again and looks for a song to play, in a low volume of course since Jimin is still asleep, while he gets ready for the day.

Kim Seokjin is listening to Stay Away by Carly Rae Jepsen — SPOTIFY

The movements Seokjin has been exhibiting the past two hours are now familiar to Jimin. He looks up from his textbook, Principles of Anatomy and Physiology by Tortora and Derrickson, to find Seokjin doing exactly what he expected. 

Seokjin lowers the screen of his laptop for a while, grabs his phone laid down next to it, opens it, sighs when he discovers his phone isn’t broken; it’s really not just ringing. Then, he goes back to his laptop with a slump on his shoulders and unconsciously pouting at the screen. 

Jimin’s eyes narrow in suspicion. 

They both don’t have classes on Wednesdays. It became their designated study day, or when they don’t have anything to do, the day they would leave the campus premise to either eat somewhere a bit better than cafeteria food or watch a movie. Since their first exams start next week, they are here instead of catching up on new cinema releases. It’s usually Jimin who dozes off, the one who Seokjin tuts at when he catches Jimin going from innocently checking his phone to playing games. 

Seokjin doesn’t obsessively check his phone like this. When Seokjin’s phone vibrates on the wooden library desk they are situated on, he immediately grabs it. 

Jimin watches the corner of Seokjin’s lips curl upwards, thumbs flying across the screen and noisily tapping on his keyboard screen. His suspicion rises. He wants to ask, he really does, but Seokjin acted like this before only for it to be that Seokjin’s proposal to the UC was approved over all the other college reps. 

Another hour passes. Jimin ultimately forgot about it, too engrossed with memorizing the muscular system for his upcoming exam, when Seokjin’s phone vibrates again. This time, it goes off continuously. 

Jimin watches his roommate and best friend dive towards his bag and takes out earphones that he hurriedly plugs on the phone and the buds in his ears. He watches Seokjin school his expression into one of indifference. Jimin inwardly rolls his eyes at this.

With the mango yellow highlighter between his fingers, Jimin pretends to highlight another page while his attention is entirely on Seokjin’s mysterious call.

“Do I have to revise the grocery list for your snacks or not?”

The opening statement makes Jimin pause. He glares at the uneven highlight his surprise caused. 

“Cool.” Seokjin says. 

Jimin thinks it is more than cool with how Seokjin’s face lights up with pride. 

Seokjin scoffs, his sparkling eyes betraying his words and tone of voice. “Fine. Congratulations, Jeon.”

No one can really blame Jimin when he chokes on his spit, the control he has on the highlighter slipping. There is now an ugly yellow line extending from where he was highlighting and ending on the margins of the page.

Jeon? As in, Jeon Jungkook? The ace athlete of the basketball varsity, Seokjin’s classmate, partner on a project, and the one who hates him with such weird passion Jimin secretly thinks it borders on obsession?

(“Wow, that guy really hates you.” Jimin tells Seokjin while they eat dinner in the cafeteria, his eyes on the athlete dormers who are queuing in line to get their food. 

Jeon Jungkook is shooting what can only be a death glare towards their direction.

Seokjin shrugs and continues eating his cheese tteokbokki. “It’s okay. He irritates me just as much.”

“You? Irritated by someone?”

Seokjin has his hand raised in mid-air, chopsticks between his fingers. His eyes are cast upwards like he is deep in thought. He only looks down to get another piece of tteokbokki. 

“He rarely attends our classes but the professors can’t really fail him. Varsity jocks and all that.”

“So you hate that he’s getting by easily?”

“Maybe? He’s just so… obviously disinterested with everything else besides basketball, and he still finds time to dislike me.”

“Seokjin-ah, I think he has a crush on you.”

Seokjin laughs, eyes turning into pretty crescents. Jimin wouldn’t be surprised if Jeon Jungkook does. Seokjin is the picture perfect poster boy of conventionally attractive. 


Present time, Jimin watches Seokjin direct all his attention on the video call with Jungkook. 

The soft and nice tone Jimin’s only ever heard directed towards him and a few select people shocks him the most. “It’s okay. Enjoy your celebratory dinner. No need to call up later. Yes, I’m recording this. What, it’s good footage! No. Nope. Jeon, no. Bye.”

Seokjin removes the earphones, carefully folding the wires with a ridiculous smile on his face that he didn’t let show earlier. He doesn’t glance up at Jimin once. Instead, he goes back to whatever it is he’s working on his laptop and doesn’t check his phone again.

Once the project he was working on finishes rendering, Seokjin lets out a satisfied sigh. He stretches his arms above his head, moving his shoulders up and down, getting rid of the stiffness that formed due to perpetually being bent down his laptop. 

Jimin is still out, and it’s almost eleven at night. When they left the library at seven and ate at the cafeteria, his roommate and him parted ways: Seokjin heading back to their dorm room while Jimin exits the campus for a much needed date with the PC Bang , according to the other.

Seokjin is left with nothing to do. Literally. He dislikes studying in advance, something that surprises people who don’t know him well. Projects, essays, and homeworks on the other hand are something he always finish weeks in advance. He already made a revised version of the grocery list for the pantry restock, citing team morale boosts and whatnot for the athletes on his note as to why he was changing it at the last minute. It didn’t really matter though. The school administration trusts him more than necessary, and would probably approve it without a second thought. 

He told Jungkook earlier they didn’t need to record for tonight, the one from this afternoon of him announcing their win enough. He took lightly how fast he got used to the routine of calling Jungkook up at night and in the morning that his mind has already unconsciously made time for it. Now that it’s not happening, he feels lost and bored out of his mind. 

Taking this as his chance to relax and unwind, Seokjin lays down in bed on his stomach and closes all school related softwares. He opens Safari, types Netflix on the address bar, logs into the account he shares with Jimin (his user’s icon is Princess Carolyn while Jimin’s is Mr. Peanutbutter), and clicks on a random Queer Eye episode.

While in the middle of a touching scene, Seokjin’s phone starts ringing. The first person he thinks of is Jimin, the other probably asking if he wants anything from the convenience store. 

Grasping for his phone buried somewhere under his pillows and comforter, Seokjin’s eyes widen at the caller’s name.

It’s a video call from Jungkook. 

He taps on the green icon and is once again greeted by Jungkook’s face up close with only the lampshade open. 

From what Seokjin can see, Jungkook is wearing a white shirt with the sleeves bunched up on one side. He’s laying down the bed in a similar fashion as Seokjin, his arm flexed and showing off muscles Seokjin never expected him to have (he should’ve though, Seokjin tells himself, Jungkook is an athlete). On his head is a black bucket hat with the iconic Supreme logo stitched in the middle. 

Seokjin waits for Jungkook to say something, but when the other only blinks at him in wait, Seokjin opens his mouth and asks, “Why are you calling?”

Jungkook’s blinking goes rapid, confusion crossing his features. “Are we not supposed to record?”

“I told you earlier we didn’t have to.”

“Oh. I forgot.”

Seokjin finally notices the redness on Jungkook’s face. He didn’t need to be beside the other to tell he probably smells like alcohol.

“Did you drink?”

Jungkook is taken aback at how easily Seokjin predicted it. The reaction has his eyes rolling.

“Yeah. We celebrated by getting samgyeopsal.”

“Lots of soju, huh?”

Jungkook laughs. He settles more comfortably in bed. His muscles still manage to be distracting. “We won and are going home tomorrow, so Coach let us drink.” 

Seokjin stops himself from bringing up their project. He’ll let Jungkook have his moment.

“It’s well-deserved. You won two games back to back, after all.”

Jungkook grins. “And I was named MVP on the second game.”

There is something about people who excel and get excited in what they are good at that gets to Seokjin. He’s pretty sure it’s not that complex of an attraction, leans more toward admiration, but he never really thought of Jungkook to be one of those people. He always viewed him as some kind of musclehead who lives in the moment, and okay it might be accurate, yet he is also more than that. He’s reminded of the Jungkook from last night who was sulking over their loss and the Jungkook of this morning hungry for victory. 

It reminds Seokjin of himself. 

“Again, congratulations Jeon.”

Jungkook giggles at the praise. “Okay. Thanks.” The fake humble response elicits a laugh from Seokjin as well. 

Silence ensues again. This time, it doesn’t feel awkward. He watches Jungkook, tipsy and still grinning, scroll on an iPad with a black cover case. He pauses at something and laughs.

“Do you only listen to Carly Rae Jepsen?”

He turns the iPad screen around and shows Seokjin that Spotify has once again violated his privacy by showing what he is listening to on his Facebook timeline. 

Instead of waiting for a reply, Jungkook says, “I must admit, I’ve been listening to Dedicated religiously again because of you. I forgot how catchy her songs are.”

Seokjin tries not to fixate on the because of you part. “Wish you had that energy when you edited our last vlog. The sirens from Codeine Crazy are still ringing in my ears.”

Jungkook hums. “Whatever. I’m still one hell of an editor.”

This is the part where it sinks into Seokjin that he and Jungkook are having a normal conversation. They are actually conversing and not spitting back statements to get on each other’s nerves. 

Their conversation shifts to what Seokjin’s day was like. Jungkook listens in rapt attention. Seokjin mentions Jimin, and that they spent their day in the library.

“Do you always just study in your free days?” If Jungkook asked this last week, Seokjin would be quick on forming a snarky reply.

“Not really. We like going to pet cafes or the cinema.”

“I didn’t take you as an animal lover.”

That one makes Seokjin level a stare of disbelief on the other. 

Jungkook plows on and asks, “Dogs or cats?”

“Dogs, obviously. I don’t have a dog though. Maybe when I graduate, attend law school, and live in my own apartment.”

“I bet you already have it all planned.”

“Of course. He’ll be a pembroke welsh corgi.”

“What will you name him?”

“Cashmoney Chubbers.”

Jungkook bursts out in laughter, his already red cheeks coloring more. Seokjin realizes he just spilled to his not-so-enemy enemy one of his dreams without much convincing. 

“Is that how you see your future? Living in a nice apartment with Chubbers?”

“Working in a law firm while living in a gorgeous apartment overlooking the city with my corgi,” Seokjin sighs as he envisions it, “And its Cashmoney Chubbers. You need to say his full name so he can respond to both.”

Seokjin doesn’t think much about his last sentence. The only person he imagined who would meet Cashmoney Chubbers is Jimin. Probably Namjoon as well. He’s not even sure if he’ll remain… acquaintances with Jungkook after their project is over. 

Jungkook, the tipsy and all too optimistic guy that he is, nods his head quickly. “Okay, I’ll remember that when I meet him.”

The clock on the wall’s hands are positioned on six and eight. It’s 8:30 in the morning, and Seokjin managed to record around the campus. He likes to call these extra footage time extenders for the vlog project. 

Right now, he is sitting inside the council office of their college building. A steaming mug of jasmine green tea is on the table by his hand and laptop opened. He’s the only one there, so he indulges by lighting up the pumpkin spice and juniper scented candle Namjoon keeps. The screen of his laptop shows iMovie along with all the clips he and Jungkook recorded for this week. 

He didn’t bother waking Jungkook up. The basketball team are returning today, a five hour trip at most. 

The ringing and vibrating of Seokjin’s phone surprises him. At this point though, the caller ID doesn’t. It’s not a video call, just a simple voice-only one. Clicking on answer and pressing it to his ear, Seokjin straightens up in his seat, fingers tapping against the table. 

Jungkook is already speaking the moment he answered. 

“Why didn’t you wake me up?”

It takes Seokjin aback. “Aren’t you returning today?”

“I overslept and woke up with Tae and Yoongi almost breaking the door down.”

Seokjin stifles his laughter and clears his throat. “They almost left you behind?”

“Because someone didn’t wake me up.” The tone of Jungkook’s voice hint on the scowl probably on his face.

“Well, sorry for not doing so.” Seokjin tells him sarcastically. “I assumed you didn’t need waking up anymore.”

On the other end of the line, Jungkook grumbles. Seokjin hears someone telling him to keep quiet, we’re all trying to sleep here.

“You’re in the bus already?” Seokjin asks.

“Yup. We’ll probably arrive around lunchtime. Are we going to film? I’m tired as fuck, and maybe a bit hungover, so tell me now.” 

Seokjin is glad Jungkook brought it up. “Yes, we should. I’m editing right now and we need more footage to get past the minimum time.”

“Alright. I’ll be good by afternoon. I think.”

“We, well I do since you’re exempted and all that, still have classes by afternoon. Dinner?”

“Okay. Dinner. Bye now. Yoongi looks like he’s about to deck me if I don’t stop talking.”

The call immediately ends when Seokjin says “See you later.”

There’s a mirror opposite the wall facing Seokjin. When he looks up, he realizes he was grinning the entire time. It falls off his face when he sees it, and even though he’s alone, looks left and right, clears his throat, and goes back to working on their vlog.

“Did you eat dinner yet?” Jimin asks the moment he enters their room. He’s carrying several worksheets from his histology class. He told Seokjin earlier they can’t eat dinner together since he had to do the aforementioned worksheets with his groupmates, and Seokjin tells him it’s fine because he’s meeting Jungkook later.

He comes back around nine at night, expecting the room to be empty and not with Seokjin laying down in bed watching Modern Family on his laptop.

Seokjin pauses the episode and grumbles out, “No.” 

Jimin places his stuff on his bed and joins Seokjin in his who scoots away giving Jimin space. 

“Did he ditch you?” Jimin asks casually. 

Seokjin shrugs and presses play again. “Probably overslept again.” 

Jimin watches as irritation, pettiness, and understanding play on Seokjin’s features while he resolutely keeps his eyes on the screen. Bumping the other’s shoulder, he says, “It’s not too late yet. Let’s go to the convenience store.”

“I don’t want to move.” 

Jimin nods in understanding. “I’ll go for you?”

Seokjin sighs and shakes his head. “You just got back, it’s really fine. I’ll berate him about it tomorrow.”

It’s at that moment that Seokjin’s phone starts ringing. He’s not the type to ignore calls, even when the caller ID showing is the person who forgot about dinner plans. Seokjin pauses the show again and answers the call with a, “What?”

“Shit, sorry! I’m really sorry! I just woke up. My alarm didn’t wake me.”

“Yeah, it’s fine. I completely understand.”

Jimin knows Seokjin does understand. Despite missed schedules, he always know when to step back and think about the other person’s situation. It’s what makes him such a good and effective student leader.

“Okay, okay. Let’s go now? There’s some places still open.”

“It’s late. We can get breakfast tomorrow instead.”

“I’m really sorry, Seokjin.”

Jimin may not be able to hear what is being said to his roommate, but the sudden coloring of Seokjin’s cheeks and ears has his brows rising in interest.

He takes a moment to respond. 

“Apology accepted.”

“Um, it’s potatoes and garlic right? You’re allergic to potatoes and garlic.”


“Nothing else?”

“Not that I know of. Why?”

“Okay, got it. I’ll be quick. Don’t sleep yet!”

The call ends, and Seokjin removes the phone away from his ear to stare at it in scrutiny. Jimin nudges him again. “What did he say?”

“I’m not entirely sure, but I think he’s buying dinner.”

They don’t speak about it again and continue on watching Modern Family. They go through two more episodes, the rumbling of Seokjin’s stomach prompting Jimin to ask him if he’s sure he doesn’t want Jimin to scour for food, even suggesting threatening other dormers for their snacks. That last bit makes Seokjin laugh.

Seokjin’s phone vibrates again. Jimin tries his best not to look over the other’s shoulder as he replies to a text.

“Jimin-ah, I think Jeon is here.”


There’s a knock on the door, and both their heads swivel toward it. Jimin jumps out of bed and hurriedly turns the knob. Pulling it open, he’s face to face with Jungkook dressed in a black sweater, black gym shorts, and black Nike sliders. On both his hands are plastic bags. 

“Oh, uh, is Kim, I mean Seokjin, there?”

Jimin moves aside to let Jungkook in. Seokjin, who is still in bed, only looks at the other in surprise.

Jungkook holds the bags up. “I brought dinner.” Turning to Jimin and then back to Seokjin, he sheepishly adds, “Enough for your roommate too.”

Jimin is instantly won over, moving the door wider. 

Seokjin gets out of bed as well. “We can eat at the dining hall.” He announces, already changing his room slippers into sliders. “We don’t want anymore rat infestations don’t we?”

Unlike the study area in the dorm that is usually empty, the dining hall isn’t. To Seokjin’s surprise some of the residents look up at their arrival and waved shyly toward their direction saying, “Hi, Jeon-sunbae.” 

Said person perks up and waves back. Their smiles and excitement at the athlete’s friendliness die down when Seokjin crosses his arms and stares Jungkook down. 

“Oh, right.” Jungkook place the plastic bags down, four in total, on a round table. Jimin stands in wait for the other two before sitting down. Jungkook takes the chair next to Seokjin. Jimin decides on sitting across them. He tries not to grin mischievously at the two taking out the paper box containers. 

“That’s the chicken.” Jungkook says, pointing at the one Seokjin is opening. He takes out another box, removes the tape on the lid, and places it in the middle. “That’s the rice. I got more chicken but it has garlic so I asked them to place it it another box.” He gestures to said box, and Seokjin places it by Jungkook’s side.

The other two plastic bags had bottles of water and soda, the last one containing ice cream. Jimin stands to place it in the freezer. He stalls, wondering if he should write their names on it or not since they’ll stay there anyway. While he stands on the other side of the room, he watches the two closely. 

Jungkook helps Seokjin with the plastic glove for the chicken. Seokjin says something to him, and he laughs. 

Oh wow. Wait until Namjoon hears about this.

Jimin allows them more alone time. He looks for plates and cups, washed them even though they are clean, and only then does he return to the table. He places the utensils down and pours the contents of the green soda bottle in two cups, the other he pushes toward Seokjin.

“Nice. You bought Milkis.”

Jungkook snorts. He opens the chicken box with the garlic flavor, and says, “Because you like Milkis.”

Jimin pauses. 

Seokjin gives Jungkook a weird look. “You stalker.”

“The drinks served in all our department’s events are always Milkis. It’s pretty obvious.” 

Seokjin takes a piece of chicken, no flavor except for salt and pepper, and asks, “Really?” He’s stifling a laugh, but he is also looking at Jungkook in surprise and wonder.

Jungkook nods. He takes the bottle of water for himself. “Very obvious.”

Only when one pays attention. 

Jimin removes the tape on the last remaining box to find mandu.

Well, now.

He always knew Jungkook is a nice guy.

“Jimin-ah, his roommate is also in Biology.”

Jungkook nods in affirmation. “Kim Taehyung?”

Jimin does know him. They have the same histology class, lecture and laboratory. “Really? What a small world.” He wonders if he can interrogate Kim Taehyung for information on what’s up, but the tall student is always busy daydreaming in class. Jimin sees Kim Taehyung in the engineering department waiting for a shorter guy with blonde hair more than in the sciences department. 

Jimin helps them with their vlog. He watches them from Seokjin’s phone camera. They remind each other to stop being awful and sarcastic, to play nice and be friendly. Jimin thinks they don’t need to act the part when they are already doing it in real life.

After they finished eating, Jungkook scarfing down at least half of the chicken, Seokjin and Jimin remain seated on the table while they watch Jungkook carry their trash outside the dining hall. 

“He’s reliable.” Jimin suddenly says. 

It surprises Seokjin. He piles their plates together while Jimin takes the cups. “Sometimes.” 

They place it in the dishwasher the same time Jungkook comes back. 

“Thanks for dinner.” Seokjin tells him while they walk side by side. “Here I thought we were all broke college kids.”

Jimin chooses to walk behind. He’s texting on his phone, composing a scene-by-scene breakdown essay about what happened and to be sent to his significant other. 

“Nah, its ‘cause the school covered everything while we were away. I’m already thinking of what expensive thing to spend the money I have left on.”

“Of course you are.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Why don’t you just save it?”

“There’s no point in saving money.”

“What if you go hungry again?”

“Look, if I buy a nice pair of shoes, I’ll have the choice of being able to wear them every single day of the year while I’ll forget about being hungry in a few hours. It’s an obvious choice.”

“Weirdly enough, I agree.”

Jimin adds that last bit on his text report. 

they agree on a lot of things but they like pretending they don’t and i think their way of flirting is pretending they hate each other. do you think that’s healthy? whatever it’s cute i guess. anyways, what’s your bet? when do you think they’ll date?