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The rustling sound of papers common in university classrooms sets the mood for the third week since the opening of classes’ Monday morning. When their professor first started passing the paper, everyone shot up to complain and groan about what they thought was an unannounced quiz. It’s the kind of exclamation you only get from those of the higher years, this particularly being third years, due to being used with college life and familiarity with peers and the faculty alike.

The professor only sighs, looks over the communication major class they are assigned to, and says, “Just read it before reacting!" Mumbling to themselves, they add, “This is exactly why we need this type of course requirement.” 


COURSE TITLE: Visual Communication



GENERAL INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVES (GIO): The main goal of the Weekly Vlogging Buddy System output is to enhance teamwork and camaraderie between students under the AB Communications program resulting into long-lasting connections and interpersonal development even after graduation.


  1. To partner in pairs and produce a weekly vlog of the students spending time together,
  2. To showcase technical skills in camera work and editing,
  3. To encourage creativity of students in regards to coming up with new content each week,
  4. To foster connections between students that will be remembered even after graduation and aide in their future career paths in each industry they choose to work in,
  5. To expand the student portfolio of undergraduates belonging in the department,
  6. To apply knowledge of communication through a visual medium.


  1. Submission of a weekly vlog to the class adviser (NOTE: students with undeclared concentrations and/or majors please see the department head).
  2. Tasks will be accomplished until the final term and submissions are expected to be on time.




As expected, violent reactions toward the project are voiced out reverberating from each corner of the room.

“For the entire semester?!”

“What if I don’t like my partner though? Like what if I decide midway I don’t like them?”

“Wait, are we not choosing our partner?”

“Wow, the college itself is forcing us to make friends. How low can we actually get?”

The professor simply waits for the racket to die down. It’s better than butting in and trying to get their voice heard over the noise of hyperactive college students vexed over a sudden addition to the course requirements.

And it’s only 10 in the morning.

Finally, peace.

“As stated, the goal of the project is to encourage students to form bonds with each other. It would be useless if we allow you to pair up with your friends, wouldn’t it? You cannot change partners midway. It may sound fun but don’t forget this is still graded and an academic requirement. Now, shall we start the roulette for pairs?”

The ability of the students to find something to get mad about each time provides some sort of entertainment for the professor. The obvious disgust and elation towards certain partners are transparent on their faces. 

When they catch some students trying to converse, they say with a commanding tone, “No changing of pairs! If I forgot about you and you don’t have one yet please tell me now!”

“The absentees I guess?” A student sitting in front pipes up helpfully. 

Another difference between freshmen and juniors in university is their attendance. It is no surprise when you walk into a senior class to find half of the class missing compared to the wanting of pleasing authoritative figures the first years still possess. 

“Jungkookie and Seokjin-sshi aren’t here!” A last row student shouts. 

So that is why they are acting more like zoo animals today. It’s always chaos without Kim Seokjin around.

The professor takes their pen and easily writes it down.



26.) Jeon Jungkook & Kim Seokjin


“Wait,” The professor asks the ever kind students of the front row, “Do you know where they are?”

“Seokjin-sshi is in a council meeting representing the department.”

“Jungkookie said the basketball team has a practice game with another school today!”

Ah, yes. Our very responsible student leader and the school’s star athlete. Alright, I guess they are excused for today’s lecture.  

“Can anyone of you relay this to Seokjin-sshi?”

The professor knows better than to ask for Jungkook to be the receiver of the news. 

Reiterating their earlier thoughts, freshmen all want to please, and that is good and all, but the faculty knows the older students better.

Jungkook, the student who miss classes due to his sports affiliations, is always on the cusp of failing if only he isn’t the school’s pride and joy. 

Seokjin, a third year who single-handedly blaze through each semester with stellar marks and the youngest in their college’s rich history to represent the entire department of fine arts in the university student council. The faculty heard of him vying for the most coveted seat of UC President, and with his spotless record, might actually win. 

It’ll be interesting to see what these two students come up with.

The high that comes with winning, whether it be practice games or official match-ups, is always amplified when surrounded by people sharing the same sentiments. 

Jungkook’s laughter is only a part among the others’ who are outright chortling due to Taehyung’s antics. 

Taehyung bends his knees, pretends to dribble, and shoots an invisible ball somewhere far. “It was like that!” 

“Are you talking about how number 11 stole the ball from you and did it like that?”

“What the hell, I’m talking about me.”

Walking ahead of them in a letterman jacket is Yoongi. His bleached blonde hair complements the red sweatband around his head, strands being ruffled by the wind. 

“Yoongi! Tell them about my three pointer!”

“Now you’re just being delusional Tae…”

Yoongi ignores them, hands inside his pants' pocket and the other gripping the strap of his gym bag hanging off his shoulder.

The athletes' dorm comes into view, and Yoongi lets out a sigh of content, thoughts of lounging in bed with noise cancelling headphones the only thing in his mind. The noise cancelling part is a must with Jungkook and Taehyung being his roommates. 

A familiar figure standing at the entrance of their dormitory stops Yoongi in his tracks. 

This prompts the rest of the basketball team trailing behind him to halt and quiet down. 

“What’s he doing here?” Taehyung squeaks out. “What did you guys do now?” 

Jungkook audibly groans. Yoongi can imagine him rolling his eyes and crossing his arms across his chest. Jungkook, the guy friendly with almost everyone he cross paths with, does not get along well with said person they are eyeing. 

“Hey, you.” 

Kim Seokjin’s no nonsense tone has them all flinching. Yoongi just wants to sleep.

“I’m talking to you, Jeon Jungkook.”

At the mention of the other’s name, Yoongi resumes walking but less languidly and with more speed. Taehyung appears beside him, an unspoken agreement between them that whatever this is about, they have to pretend their third roommate does not exist for a while.

Once inside, Yoongi glances back to where Jungkook is left alone with Seokjin. Based on the movement of his lips, he says, “What do you want, Kim?” The boredom and obvious dislike on Jungkook’s face is foreign to the boy’s overall cheery persona.

“Do you think it’s a confession?” Taehyung wonders out loud. 

The absurdity of it prompts a response out of Yoongi despite his aversion toward Taehyung’s out-of-touch musings.

“How did you even come up with that? No one hates Kim more than Jungkook does, and Jungkook is the nicest person I know.”

“I thought I’m the nicest person you know.”

“Why the hell are you making it about you?” 

Taehyung’s boxy smile meets Yoongi’s narrowed eyes. “All that hatred must be getting repurposed into something else.”

“You are delusional, Tae.”

The entrance swings open, and the two look up to find Jungkook scratching the back of his head and a scowl marring his features.

“The stick up that guy’s ass is actually so long it must be messing with his brain.” Jungkook growls out, walking past the two of them. His heavy footsteps echo in the close to empty hall. 

Taehyung covers his mouth but does not suppress his laughter. “It’s so fascinating that the first thing he thinks of is Kim’s ass.”

“You’re so weird for hyper focusing on that.”

Catching up to Jungkook jamming his pointer finger repeatedly on the elevator button, Yoongi clears his throat and asks, “What did you guys talk about?” 

Jungkook glares at the button, unrelenting on his continuous pressing of it. “Apparently, we both missed the same class and are now partners for a project. He wants me at the caf in ten minutes to start on it.” Jungkook finally stops the torture on the button, turning sideways to face Yoongi, and his habit of running his hand through his hair whenever he’s frustrated comes out. “Who even starts a project this early on? And we just got back from a game! I don’t know, let me rest? He’s the most inconsiderate person, seriously.” 

As the current captain of the basketball team, Yoongi had the opportunity to meet Seokjin, a prominent figure in the political and leadership scene in their campus, several times. Yoongi keeps to himself that he thinks Seokjin is considerate, and that Jungkook is actually very lucky to have him as his partner in whatever project they are having.

“You should just go with him already instead of wasting ten minutes.” It’s Taehyung who says it, catching up to them and resting his forearm on Yoongi’s shoulder.

“Nah, he only said that to make sure I come on time. I want to take a shower already; schoolwork can wait.”

Taehyung and Yoongi glance at each other, an unspoken conversation happening rapidly between them. 

He’s the inconsiderate one.


Yoongi exits the bathroom while rubbing a white towel on his wet hair. The air conditioning on blast makes him shiver, hands coming up to rub his sweatshirt covered arms. 

The bed next to his and the one across are both occupied by his roommates who are fast asleep. 

Taehyung’s hand is peeking from underneath the covers while Jungkook sleeps flat on his back, wet hair clinging on the pillows, hands clasped atop his stomach, and mouth hanging open.

Glancing at the clock, Yoongi’s eyes widen at the time. 

An hour has passed.

Walking over to Jungkook, Yoongi shakes him awake. The younger does not budge but the furrowing of his eyebrows encourage Yoongi to try harder. 

Jungkook groans and blindly reaches for Yoongi to stop. He speaks incoherently, and Yoongi has to strain his ears to hear Jungkook’s mumbling.

“Leave me alone…”

Sighing, Yoongi grabs his wrist and pulls him up. “Kim Seokjin’s going to kill you if you don’t get up right now.” 

Jungkook falls back down the bed, turning his back to Yoongi and covering his head with a pillow.

Yoongi hears him say, “Not if I get him first…”

“Just get up! You can’t afford to get low grades no matter how talented you are in shooting hoops! Do I have to pull out the student athlete handbook on you again?” 

Jungkook lets out a long suffering sigh but does sit up in bed. “Yoongi-hyung,” He says with eyes half-open, “He’s already getting on my nerves and we haven’t even started the project yet. Besides, I don’t even know what this project is!”

Copying Jungkook’s tone, Yoongi sarcastically replies with, “That’s exactly why you should be thankful you became his partner. You’re always so lost when it comes to school. Think of this as a blessing in disguise and stay in his good graces.”

The cafeteria is five minutes away from the student dormitories. Matter of fact, it is right in front of it. 

Jungkook walks into the building normally and in no rush. He’s dressed down in a black windbreaker with blue shorts and so flippantly casual. He easily spots Seokjin. He’s the only person in the cafeteria with a laptop in front of him and hunched down writing something.

Pulling the chair from across Seokjin, Jungkook sits down and drops his keys and wallet noisily. 

“You’re late.” Seokjin says without looking up from his papers. 

Jungkook chooses to ignore the statement. “What project is it this time?”

Being in the same major and in their third year, the two of them have been in the same group projects when the professor chooses to do the member assignments. 

Seokjin is always the leader, and Jungkook a contributor. Jungkook doesn’t think of himself to be lazy, the kind of group member who sends his outputs late, it’s just that Seokjin has unbearable standards and rips apart anyone whenever they are a minute later than his set deadline. 

The animosity between the two of them is mostly set aside due to their vehement and blatant ignorance of the other. 

Jungkook knows when exactly he started hating Seokin, but that’s a rumination for another day. Right now, he just wants to get this over with. 

Seokjin puts his pen down, a super fine black ink ballpoint pen with the tip 0.3 centimeters thin. He pulls a sheet of paper buried underneath the other stacks, all fastened with a white paperclip, and hands it to Jungkook. 

“I assume you know how to read?”

Jungkook rolls his eyes. “Now that is just unnecessary.”

“Your lateness is unnecessary.”


Jungkook reads the paper over, reacting loudly at the objectives laid down for the project. 

“No, I refuse to work on something like this,” He shakes the paper fisted around his fingers and gestures toward Seokjin, “With someone like you.”

Seokjin stiffens. He laughs humorlessly. “I should be the one saying that.”

“I’ll have a word with the professors about this.”

“Give it up. They won’t budge. All of our classmates in the class are already paired except for us. It’s logical we ended up as partners since we were both missing earlier.”

“So you’re fine on being partners with me? Because I certainly am not!”

Seokjin glares at him, eyes narrowing from behind the stylish metal-framed prescription glasses Jungkook has seen him wear from time to time. Seokjin usually wears contacts, only donning them in the after hours. Not that Jungkook is aware of whatever it is Seokjin does, but living inside school and running or seeing each other eating dinner around the vicinity happens a lot. 

“I don’t have to be fine with it to do it. Honestly, I should be the one complaining about getting someone like you.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“It means the same thing as what you meant when you said it earlier. Now, stop wasting your breath and work with me. What can you contribute?”

Jungkook sets the paper down and crosses his arms over his chest. “Am I not allowed to ask you the same thing?”

This seems to particularly tick Seokjin off because he’s now staring at Jungkook in disbelief. He smiles, the kind of smile customer service employees have perfected when dealing with unreasonable clients. “You know how capable I am. Not to toot my own horn, but everyone does. As for you, all I know about you is that you only know how to make three-pointers and that you are insufferable.”

The first part of his last statement makes Jungkook smirk. “So you watch my games?”

Seokjin scoffs. “I don’t have time for that. If I wanted to see how the human body’s physiological functions are applied, I would simply tune into National Geographic.”

“What the fuck are you—”

“Don’t swear.”

Jungkook settles down in defeat. He hates how Seokjin gets a rise out of him so effortlessly. He could be standing there simply breathing and Jungkook would take it as an insult. Granted, he does have good reasons to hate on the other. Well, that’s what Jungkook likes to tell himself whenever he sees Seokjin around campus or in class.

“I’m one hell of a videographer.”

Seokjin brightens up instantly, his smile looking a bit more genuine. “Okay, noted. Do you know how to edit videos?”

It’s Jungkook’s turn to scoff and smile sarcastically at the other. “I’m a third year student majoring in the communication arts, of course I know how to edit videos.”

“What do you use?”

“Vegas and Premiere Pro, mainly. Sometimes After Effects. I took a course in animation last semester so I also dabbled in Blender.”

Jungkook savors the slightly impressed expression on Seokjin’s face. He can’t help adding, “I’ve seen your vids. The free iMovie stock song you use is, how should I put it, real simple.”

“Simple is a perfectly good background music!”

“Keep telling yourself that.”

Seokjin rummages for the small notepad he brings everywhere inside his backpack. Jungkook peers over to watch Seokjin write down the editing softwares he mentioned.

“So I’ll be doing the editing and camera work. What can you offer to the table?”

“I can edit and shoot too. I’ll think up the content, maybe come up with a script so you can at least sound intelligent on camera.” 

“With all due respect, you are always so needlessly rude.” 

Seokjin sighs, takes his glasses off, and rubs the bridge of his nose in frustration. Jungkook gets a glimpse of the indentations left behind by the nose pads. He puts them on again, and this time, looks absolutely serious.

“Look, the main objective of this project is to implement and foster acquaintanceship and camaraderie between students. We need to look friendly in the vlogs or we’ll be graded lowly.”

“Are we graded based on objectives?” Jungkook asks, genuinely confused.

“Are you actually for real? The entire point of objectives is to tell us what our professors expect us to learn and do!”

“I’ve always thought they were just a bunch of extra paragraphs to prolong syllabuses and modules.”

Seokjin mutters under his breath and starts fixing his things. Jungkook manages to hear him say, “I bet this idiot doesn’t even read the syllabus…”

“Why would I need to read the syllabus?”

Seokjin pauses to stare at him blankly. He sighs again, deeply and with a tone of judgment. “You should be thankful you have me.”

Seokjin comes up with the big idea to film in the school’s grandstand where the sunset is at its prettiest and a bunch of greenery are planted. 

When Seokjin tells Jungkook to introduce himself while recording with his phone on a backdrop of lilac-colored flowering vines, Jungkook refuses and says, “So you’re trying to kill me? I’m allergic to flowers!” to which Seokjin shouts back, “How am I supposed to know that?!”

Walking around campus, Jungkook suggests they eat at the snack bar just outside the university and film there instead. 

“I can’t eat anything with potatoes. I’m allergic to them.” Seokjin deadpans.

Jungkook, for once, feels sympathetic over it. “Okay, what about pasta? The newly opened Italian place next to it?”

“I’m allergic to garlic.”

“Are you allergic to everything?!”

“Says the one allergic to flowers of all things!”

“Seasonal allergic rhinitis is a serious condition affecting many people!”

“Stop making it sound life-threatening when it isn’t, Jeon.”

“I’m not the one with an allergy toward essential food groups! Imagine eating soup and suddenly keeling over because it has garlic and potatoes. I’m really embarrassed for you.”

“You do know I won’t die if you throw a potato at me.”

“Ah, so we actually see eye to eye on some things. I’m glad you’re aware I’m super close to hurling stuff at your direction.”

They end up in a convenience store, ramyeon packets being noisily ripped open and the contents dumped in boiling hot water. 

Their inability to decide on a place to sit down and shoot something at took up too much time, and before they knew it, nighttime came. They did their introductions for the vlog at a random red bricked wall near the campus gates, and when Jungkook readied to walk back to the dormitories, Seokjin grabs the back of his jacket and drags him for dinner and more filming. 

The 24 hour convenience store is where they settle with, the two of them shooting down each other’s suggestion of where they should eat. 

Jungkook frowns at his instant ramyeon.

Taehyung sent a picture of a close-up of samgyeopsal and a photo of him, Yoongi, and the rest of the basketball team members in their groupchat, and Jungkook replies with several thumbs down and red-faced angry emojis to express his dismay on being left out. 

I could be eating pork belly and drinking soju right now. 

Seokjin on the other hand is eating from his own ramyeon cup with enthusiasm.

Look at him. He looks at his food nicer than he does with me. 

The steam from the paper cup tries its best to entice Jungkook into a better mood, but only leaves his nose and forehead warm.

“No, no, no!” 

The suddenness of it prompts Jungkook to look up from his sad cup of noodles. Seokjin’s body is half turned, eyes glued to the windows getting wet thanks to the rain.

“The weather app said it wouldn’t rain!” Seokjin exclaims, hurriedly taking his phone out of his pocket to probably check on said weather app. 

Jungkook ignores his rambling and goes back to his noodles. The cold weather makes him feel a bit better about his meal. He hears Seokjin curse in the middle of slurping his noodles, and he almost chokes at how pronounced it was. He imagined Seokjin to always be calm and collected, so his shock isn’t really surprising. He takes the stack of tissues the cashier handed him earlier and wipes the corners of his mouth.

“It’s just rain. The dormitory is only fifteen minutes from here.”

Seokjin glares at him. “I don’t like getting wet. I get sick easily. If you want to leave you can go ahead. I’ll wait it out.”

Rolling his eyes, Jungkook takes a big serving of his noodles and slurps them into his mouth noisily. 

“We’re in a convenience store. Just buy an umbrella.”

“That is not economical.”

“Suit yourself.”

Just to piss Seokjin off, Jungkook pulls the zipper of his windbreaker up to his neck. He eats his noodles with enthusiasm, and every time he meets eyes with Seokjin watching him with lips curled in disgust, Jungkook’s eyes crinkles reminiscent of crescent moons in glee.

Finishing the soup of his cup noodles, Jungkook lets out a sound of satisfaction at the meal. Seokjin toys with his own food, head resting on his palm and unconsciously pouting.

Jungkook looks left and right, unsure what else to do. They were supposed to take videos of them eating and fake interacting, but his earlier sour mood probably made Seokjin careful. Seeing as they are now the opposite, Jungkook scratches the back of his head at the awkward atmosphere.

Why is he so upset about the weather?

“Hey, uh, what if I just buy an umbrella and we share?”

Jungkook expected an adverse reaction towards his kindness. He even had a comeback prepared in case Seokjin says something that irks him again.

Instead, Seokjin looks up from his cup noodles and shrugs. “Do whatever you want.” 

Not needing any further prodding, Jungkook gets up from the bench and takes his empty cup noodles with him to throw in the trash. He walks up the front of the store and grabs the cheapest umbrella on display. It has a white handle and the canopy made of transparent cheap plastic. 

When the cashier personnel rings it up, Jungkook winces at the amount. Opening his wallet, he winces some more. This umbrella could’ve been one meal. He thinks about just running back to the dorm. Maybe he can hand Seokjin his windbreaker, or he can just leave him here. 

Nope. Mom didn’t raise you that way no matter how much of a dick he is.

So Jungkook sucks it up, pays for it, and comes back to their table. He remains standing, one hand inside the front pocket of his jacket.

Seokjin glances at the umbrella first, then cranes his neck up to Jungkook.

“Expensive isn’t it?”

Resisting the urge to roll his eyes again, Jungkook holds it over the other threateningly. “Yes, it fucking is. Do you want to share or do I whack you with it?”

Seokjin cackles and stands up. His cup noodles are still half-full but he closes the lid, grabs his bag, and slides it over his shoulder. 

Passing by him, Seokjin says, “How do you know I like that sort of thing?” He laughs after saying so, and Jungkook watches him dump the cup noodles into the bin with wide eyes. 

Shuddering at the sudden shift in attitude, he runs to catch up with Seokjin who is already pushing the glass doors and exiting the store. 

Once outside, Seokjin sighs loudly and repositions his bag by hanging it on his front.

Jungkook raises a brow in question. 

Seokjin catches him doing so.

“I cannot let my laptop and papers get wet. My bag isn’t exactly waterproof.” He explains, patting said object.

Jungkook holds his hand out automatically. “Give it to me.”


“Your important stuff. I’ll keep it inside my windbreaker. There’s an inner pocket big enough to fit your shit.” 

Seokjin keeps his pride up by exclaiming, “My laptop is not shit!” He’s already opening his bag and taking out a brown clipboard so thick the papers inside peek through the sides. 

“This is more important than my laptop and less heavy.” He tells Jungkook, waving said clipboard in the air. 

Jungkook grabs it from him and opens the front cover. “Oh, the notarized forms for the field trip?”

“Yes. Which reminds me, you still haven’t submitted yours, and the deadline is tomorrow.” 

“You gave it two weeks ago, Kim. Cut me some slack.”

“Exactly? I gave it two weeks ago?”

“Well, I lost it. Just give me another one.” Jungkook closes it with a thump. He balances the umbrella between his thighs to open his jacket.

“I did. I gave a copy to your roommate because you always lose them.”

Jungkook opens the wide inner pocket and slips the folder in, making the jacket protrude in a way that makes him grin childishly at the funny look. Unconsciously puffing his chest up, it’s only then he realizes what Seokjin said.

“Wait. Which roommate?”

“The tall one.”

“Taehyung is the most irresponsible person ever.”

Seokjin blinks slowly at him. “You drain my energy so much, Jeon, I swear. I’ll send you the file and you can print it yourself.”

“That’s cool and all, but one,” Jungkook is back to holding the umbrella and unclipping the front of it. “I’m pretty sure we aren’t friends anywhere on social media. And two, I don’t have a printer.”

At this point, Seokjin isn’t even hiding how tired and over he is with every word that comes out of Jungkook’s mouth.

“Fine. I’ll print it for you and give it to you tomorrow morning. You being in the same year as me with no printer and no sense of direction is such a mystery. Aren’t you Virgos supposed to be clean and organized?”

“Hey, I am organized! How do you know I’m a Virgo though?”

“I’m the one who types out the birthday calendar for all the student residences inside the campus.”

“You mean the one on the bulletin board?” 


“Oh. That’s cute.”

“No, it’s not. It’s literally grunt work.”

“Is that why you’re running for president?”

Seokjin seems to cheer up when Jungkook mentions this. “Not just president; the president of the undergraduate council.” Seokjin’s eyes sparkle as he says this, lips curving up into a smile that distracts Jungkook for a while.

“If you manage to win as a junior, then my dreams of being named team captain isn’t too far off.”

Seokjin laughs. “Do you only have basketball in your mind 24/7?”

“Yes, actually.”

Other people would breathe a sigh of relief that the atmosphere between such testiness and animosity has lightened up a bit, but the two only felt more awkward about it. 

Clearing his throat, Seokjin takes the initiative and says, “Well? Are we going to stand here all night?”

Jungkook walks first, holding the umbrella out over the edge of the small roof and clicking it open. Seokjin joins him, hissing when his bare arms get hit by the rainwater. 

They adjust their stance every second, Jungkook pausing to look at Seokjin with a mix of disbelief and irritation every time the other hits his arm. 

“I’m getting wet!” Seokjin says loudly. The rain drowns out his voice.

The third time it happens, Jungkook ultimately stops and stares at the ground while biting his lip. Seokjin glowers at him, waiting for the person holding his shelter from the rain to get moving. 

Without warning, Jungkook wraps his arm around Seokjin. He pulls the slightly taller male closer to his chest, almost wrapping half the other’s body to him. 

“What are you doing?!” 

“You keep complaining about your shoulder getting wet!” 

“Is it my fault I have amazingly wide shoulders?!”

“I didn’t even say anything!”

Despite the glower Seokjin is giving him, he ends up encircling his arm around Jungkook’s waist when the downpour hits harder. “Are we going to start walking or are you waiting for me to get sick?”

“Your lips are as big as my head.”

The suddenness of it surprises both of them. 

The disbelief show on Seokjin’s face and tone. “Are you insulting me?”

Jungkook clears his throat and looks ahead. “If I am, will you get mad and walk into the rain without an umbrella?” 

Seokjin scoffs, unconsciously straightening his posture to make himself bigger.

Jungkook loses his hold on the umbrella for a second.

He grumbles, pulls Seokjin closer until they are almost facing each other, steadies the umbrella above their heads, and tightens his grip on Seokjin’s shoulder. “Stop moving!”

“Hey, listen to me. First of all, I’m always irritated by you, so getting mad now won’t make a difference. Second, I could’ve just waited at the store until the rain stopped. I’m only standing here with you because you bought the umbrella and I felt bad! You know what, I’m actually going back to buy my own—”

Jungkook starts walking, giving Seokjin no choice but to follow his lead. “Do you like hearing yourself talk this much?”

Seokjin keeps talking back. 

Every now and then, when Seokjin says something rude and Jungkook counters with something ruder, his eyes slide down Seokjin’s mouth in anticipation of what he has to say next.

They’re really as big as my head.

Kim Seokjin sent you a friend request. 

a few seconds ago

421 mutual friends

Confirm Delete

Jungkook crashes down his bed with his phone on hand while staring at the latest notification he received on Facebook. He instantly presses confirm without much thought and throws the phone somewhere over his bed and rolls around to bury his face on his pillow. 

The rain is unyielding, and here in the safety of his empty dorm room, it is soothing. 

Not even a minute passes by and his phone buzzes again. He blindly reaches for it and gets comfortable laying on his stomach. 

It opens the moment his face comes into view without him seeing the notification preview.

Opening Messenger, the latest unread notification is unsurprisingly from Seokjin. Clicking on it, Jungkook’s eyes scan the block of text.

He regrets opening it now.

It’s an entire paragraph of Seokjin repeating all the plans they made earlier for the project. 

Mumbling to himself, Jungkook says, “I’m not reading all that.”

He instead clicks on Seokjin’s picture, a photo of him with light colored hair and taken on what seems to be a fishing boat. Arriving on Seokjin’s profile, Jungkook scrolls down. He doesn’t post much, and half of it are just people tagging him in official school photos or events. A familiar icon catches his eye, and Jungkook hurriedly scrolls back to it.


Kim Seokjin is listening to Let's Get Lost by Carly Rae Jepsen — SPOTIFY


Jungkook bursts out in laughter. It seems that Seokjin isn’t aware of it, seeing as it was posted around two weeks ago. Jungkook presses on the thumbs up button and chooses the heart emoji from the pop up that appears. 

Expectedly, Seokjin messages him about it. Feeling up to replying now, Jungkook clicks on the message notification as soon as it arrives.


Kim Seokjin

what the hell?

stop stalking me


where’s my field trip form thing


i already told you i’ll hand it over tomorrow morning




hello? did you read what i sent?




no you didn’t


what do you expect

give me the sparknotes version


tomorrow. you and me. 8 am. we’re filming.




yes. we have class at 10. it’s the most reasonable meeting time. 




jeon we haven’t filmed anything to last us 15 mins

just work with me

the rest of the week you have to film your morning routine too since it’s an introduction vid


only me???


i’ll be doing it too of course









and may i remind you, you still need to get your field trip form notarized

i’ll be expecting that by 12




what, is your planner filled with basketball practice or something


nah our practice starts at five in the afternoon and only on tues thurs and sats

like normal people do you know

and a planner? loooooool



you do not own a planner?


and you do? 




you’re the embodiment of a type A person huh


you must at least have a calendar


yeah it’s on my phone homescreen 🤔

how did you know 🤔



you are weird.

how do you know what you are supposed to do the entire day then?


uh? i get out of bed? figure it out along the way?



you’re insane. 

The next day arrives with Jungkook noisily moving around the room waking Taehyung and Yoongi up who both curse at him.


On the bed beside Taehyung’s, Yoongi grabs the round brown stuffed toy he keeps on the foot of his bed and throws it over, hitting Taehyung smack dab on the face.

“Shut up, you’re as noisy as him.” Turning to Jungkook who is sitting on his desk and blow drying his hair in front of a brown wooden portable mirror, Yoongi asks, “Why the fuck are you awake and showered? It’s seven in the fucking morning.”

“Appreciate you guys’ belief in me, but it’s actually almost eight.”

The digital mirror on Yoongi’s bedside table flashes the time: 7:58 AM.

“What the hell is going on with you?” Yoongi mutters before dragging his grey comforter over his head and going back to sleep.

Ignoring his roommates, Jungkook turns the blow dryer up to the highest setting. He drops the round brush he was using to tame his hair, settling instead to grabbing fistfuls of sections and almost burning his scalp with how close the nozzle is. 

Brushing his hair back, he stands up and grabs his black backpack, waterproof unlike Seokjin’s, he thinks to himself while snickering. He checks himself out one last time. 

Black shirt underneath a three-toned jacket with the top being blue, the middle block mustard in color, and the last black. His normal jeans are paired with the new shiny shoes he wasted half his allowance on when the first week of the semester started, and the reason why he’s been sticking to sad convenience store food. Earrings, rings, and his favorite chain bracelet on his wrist. 

Jungkook opens his phone to take a picture for his Instagram story. He’s distracted by numerous notifications from Seokjin asking where he is. He ignores it and focuses on taking a good picture. Deeming it bait-worthy of heart reactions, Jungkook hits the add to story button and finally starts walking out the room.

Exiting the athlete’s dorm, Jungkook spots Seokjin standing nearby, eyes glued to his phone and tapping on the screen aggressively. He confirms the receiver of the messages is no other than him when his phone buzzes inside the pocket of his jeans.

Seokjin looks up and scowls at him. Jungkook blatantly ignores it.

“You’re nine minutes late.”

Stopping in front of the other, Seokjin hands him what he instantly recognizes is the field trip form. He accepts it and instantly folds it in half. Seokjin looks at the once perfect paper with zero creases now folded in two and being inserted inside Jungkook’s backpack. 

After closing his bag and regaining his posture, Jungkook says, “Only for nine minutes. If you round it off I’m still on time.”

“No, if we round it, you are actually late by ten minutes.”

“That does not sound right.”

“How do you not understand basic arithmetic?”

“Exactly why I’m in the liberal arts department.”

“No, Jeon. Understanding how to round numbers is basic. Even kids in the first grade know this.”

“Alright, I get it; you’re those people who can do math.”

“I would not be surprised if you cannot count up to ten.”

“Don’t have to. The only important ones are two and three.” Jungkook smirks, feeling smart about the reference he made.

With a mocking tone, Seokjin shots back, “Alright, we get it, you only care about basketball.”

It takes them five more minutes to leave the front yard and choose what to do. They decide on breakfast, Seokjin leading the way to a cafe outside the campus premises. Jungkook doesn’t bother complaining about Seokjin’s choice. He doesn’t really eat breakfast, usually still asleep by this time.

The cafe is familiar to Jungkook in a sense that he sees it a lot on other people’s social media posts. It’s at the end of the block away from the campus main gate and definitely situated further away from the convenience store they were just at for dinner. There are round tables outside where some store patrons are smoking. They sit on a table at one side of the room, leather brown couches forcing them to eat facing each other. 

Jungkook slouches on his seat, hands resting behind his head and arms raised, thighs spread, and nonchalantly looking around. He appreciates the early morning lighting, something he usually doesn’t see. He turns his head around to find Seokjin, complaints about how slow he is taking with ordering already forming and waiting to be said. 

Seokjin is standing by the front, the second in the queue, but instead of meeting his eyes, Jungkook is greeted by the lens of Seokjin’s camera focused on him. He straightens up suddenly and clears his throat in embarrassment. Glancing again to Seokjin, the other already turned the camera off and is ordering.

Returning to the table, Seokjin kicks Jungkook on the ankle and gestures for him to take the camera hanging on his shoulder.

“Start rolling before I sit down.” Seokjin instructs, waiting for Jungkook to steady the lens. 

“So you get to look good while my parts are all stolen shots?”

“Yes, that is exactly the point.”

Jungkook presses the record button and follows Seokjin through the camera’s screen viewfinder. Jungkook realizes that Seokjin planned this. His matching greige cotton hoodie and pants, latte colored puffer jacket, and white shoes complement the cafe’s interior in such a visually pleasant manner that the raw video preview appears ready to post on Instagram. 

“You should’ve told me! This is unfair!”

Seokjin tears open the small packet of stevia and pours it over his steaming cup of cold brew. “Told you what?”

“The color palette. You obviously set me up.”

Jungkook zooms in on Seokjin’s hands, focusing on their breakfast. 

“But I did tell you? Not my fault you didn’t read what I sent.”

“Fine. I’m choosing next time and I’m not telling you.”

“You can choose later for dinner.”

“We’re still filming?”

Seokjin holds up the other packet of stevia and Jungkook raises his brows in affirmation.

“Yes, Jeon. We are still filming. Again, the entire point of this project is to enforce interpersonal relationships between students.”

“Well, I can’t. I got practice.”

Seokjin dumps the artificial sweetener on Jungkook’s iced cold brew and places it closer to him. 

“What time does it end?”

“Ends around nine.”

“So from five to nine?”

“Yup.” Jungkook stops recording and hands the camera back to Seokjin who places it down on the wooden table. “Wait, how do you know it starts at five?”

“You told me yesterday while we were messaging?” Seokjin picks up a cut piece of his thick egg toast with the toothpick plunged in the middle overflowing with the goopy sauce.

Jungkook takes his tall glass cup, the ice cubes clacking together, and stares at it before taking a sip. “Huh. You’re good with the little things too.”

Ignoring Jungkook’s last statement, Seokjin picks up his own coffee cup and blows on it. “Is it important?”

Jungkook gives him an incredulous look. “Is it important— I’m a student athlete? Of course it’s important!”

“Then we’ll have to showcase it in our first vlog submission.”

Pulling his own plate of egg toast close to him, Jungkook takes his time and picks out the one least drenched in sauce. Jungkook waits for Seokjin to add more regarding what he said but the other only continues eating.

Assuming that their conversation about it is over, Jungkook takes his time enjoying the egg toast. 

There’s something about eating breakfast, basking in the pretty sunrise, and hanging out with your mortal enemy that has Jungkook feeling like his life is in order.

“I guess I have to come to your practice.”

Jungkook swallows the piece of egg toast without chewing properly and ends up grabbing his iced coffee to help push it down his throat.

“What?” Voice sounding a bit hoarse, he clears his throat and tries again. “Why?”

Seokjin levels him a stare Jungkook has been getting familiar with. “Who's going to film you practicing then?”

Jungkook had a clapback ready, but even to him, it was too full of holes. So instead he says, “I just know that means I’ll also be following you around while you do your… whatever it is you do.”

Seokjin’s eyebrows rise in acknowledgment of Jungkook’s words. “So you at least have some form of critical thinking—”

“Watch it.”

“That is the idea, yes. I’ll film you while you do basketball, and you’ll film me while I do my duties as department representative.”

“While I do basketball? Why do we even have to do all that? And why do we keep doing your plans? I have ideas too.”

“Okay, what are your suggestions then?”

They stare at each other in silence. Jungkook remains unblinking, and Seokjin sips his coffee with his fingers around the handle. 

Seokjin lets out a sound of satisfaction upon drinking, places it back down, and smiles. “As I was saying, we will film each other doing our duties around school. It’s the easiest way to get the best possible grade for this project. Imagine what our peers are coming up with. We don’t have to try hard to make good content compared with the others. We are the pride and joy of our school, and I guess you do basketball, so that in itself is interesting already.”

Jungkook glares at him for the last sentence but doesn’t bite back. 

Not yet done with his speech, Seokjin continues on. “If you think about it, we are actually the best paired students for this. A student inclined towards academics and the other with extracurriculars. It’s a good balance.”

“Fine. You can come see me practice.”

“I wasn’t asking if I could come. I will be there whether you like it or not, the same way I expect you to help me with my council duties tomorrow.”

“But we don’t have class tomorrow? Why do you have to drag me while you’re doing voluntary manual labor?”

“Which is exactly the best time to get a lot of filming done.” Seokjin finishes the last of his toast and grabs his backpack, also the perfect shade of brown matching his current wardrobe palette. “I have to go meet with the council. Make sure you give me your form later; duly signed and notarized. There’s a notary public office a good five minutes walk from this cafe.”

“Did we eat here so I can get it signed easily?” Jungkook asks, teasing and sarcastically saccharine in his tone.

Seokjin gets up from his chair and stops in front of Jungkook with the same sarcastic smile he’s been giving his project partner a lot. “Of course. I’m a considerate person after all. Plus, that means you get to hand it to me when we meet for our 10 AM lecture and not later.” 

“You said by twelve!”

“I’ll speak with you again during basketball practice.”

Before Seokjin could start walking away, Jungkook mumbles under his breath, “Don’t come complaining to me later if you get embarrassed…”

Seokjin stops in his tracks, turns around, and bends down until he is face to face with Jungkook. “Then I’m very excited.” He says, mouth now forming a full-blown grin. 

The proximity surprises Jungkook for a few seconds. His eyes travel from those lips he thinks are as big as his head, and ends to meet Seokjin eye level. He raises his brow unimpressively and looks back blankly. “They will eat you alive.”

Seokjin returns to standing straight, hands inside the pockets of his pants. “I won’t ask; I’ll just see for myself why you are talking in riddles. For now, goodbye Jeon.”