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(Magnus Quinn)




    Gideon's phone clicked as her (adoptive) dad picked up. His voice sounded a bit bleary, but it could have been the phone.

    "What's up, Gideon? You don't usually call out of nowhere like this. Are you alright? Are you sa-"

    "Yea, yea, dad, I'm fine. I just- I told you about Harrow, right? That girl I went to high school with who was basically like, my arch nemesis?"

    His voice sounded warmer, more awake, and less worried that it had a few second ago. "Yea."

    "So, I think I told you that she's going to the same college as me, right? And we have had a couple classes together, and so we started talking 'cause like, at least I kinda know her, right? And, like, she's been a lot more... nice? Don't get me wrong, she's still kinda prickly, but she's not like. Actively a bitch. Which is kinda nice, not gonna lie. And then I was at this party, and she was there, and I just-"

    "Were you drunk?"


    "Look, I don't care that you're underage. Just be careful, ok?"

    "Ok. I was being careful, anyway. I just had, like, one beer. Besides, Cam was there too, and we watch each other's backs. Anyway, Harrow was there, and she was dancing, dad. I didn't think skeletons could dance, but like, apparently I was wrong??? And then she saw me, and she strutted over to me, and I just-" Gideon mimed her head exploding, with proper sound effects. Magnus chuckled. 

    "I assume you're going somewhere with this?"

    "Yea, I- she kissed me, dad. On the lips. And, I, uh. Well." Gideon once again mimed her head exploding, with proper sound effects. Magnus chuckled again, a little louder.

    "What does it mean? Do you think she likes me?"

    "Yes, Gideon, that is generally what kissing someone means."


    "Breathe, Gideon. In and out." After she took a couple breaths, Magnus continued. "As for being calm, well. Sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees."



    " knew?! For how long?! Why didn't you tell me?!"

    "...I plead the fifth. And if I had told you earlier, you probably wouldn't have believed me."

    "...yea, you're probably right. But what do I do, dad?"

    "Talk to her, Gideon."

    "Ok. Yea, you're right. Thanks, dad. I love you."

    "You're welcome, Gideon. Love you too."

Call Ended