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Kirishima glanced at Bakugou before looking back to his paper, a soft sigh threatening to come out. He glanced over to Midoryia and felt an even bigger sigh threaten to come out. Bakugou was pissed and Midoryia was upset. Eijiro didn’t know which was worse. 

Bakugou’s anger really was something you didn’t want to mess with and when you pissed him off, it really only got worse. However, Deku had this deflated puppy look on his face with tears swimming in the bottom of his eyes. What was jarring was that they both had reasons to be upset with one another.

That didn’t make it any easier for Kirishima when all he wanted was his two boyfriends back to being their feisty selves again. 

He finally did let out a sigh when the bell rang loudly throughout the halls, excusing the students from their class. Kirishima turned to Bakugou and gently laid a hand on his shoulder, feeling the heat that radiated off the teen. Before he could say a word, however, Deku was up and rushing out of the classroom, most likely heading to his dorm.

Kirishima bit his lip as Bakugou watched the greenette leave, getting even hotter to the touch. Yep, he was pissed. And it got worse when Todoroki, the real reason for Katsuki’s anger, chased after their small boyfriend.

“How are you not pissed?” Bakugou’s surprisingly quiet voice asked. He was obviously gritting his teeth and clenching his fists till they shook.

“Pissed, no. Jealous? Yeah a bit. But it isn’t Deku’s fault,” He soothed gently, hand trialing to Bakugou’s hair. “They are just friends, hun.”

“Apparently so are we!” The ash blonde growled, shoving himself out of his seat as sparks started to cover his hands. 

Kirishima winced as he remembered the conversation that had taken place just that morning.

Deku was walking between his two boyfriends, chatting happily about something random the two were barely paying attention too when he suddenly ran over to Todoroki with a blinding smile. 

Kirishima and Katsuki traded confused looks, slowly catching up to their small boyfriend. Deku was once again chattering but Shoto didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he seemed content to listen for as long as Midoryia wanted his attention. 

“Hey, Deku,” Todoroki suddenly interrupted, the two still not noticing the red and ash haired boys standing a little ways away from them. “When did you, Kirishima and Bakugou get so close?”

“Hmm? Oh, we are just friends!” Deku said brightly, a blush on his freckled cheeks as he smiled up at his multi-color haired friend.

It was like a stab went through both of their hearts.

Just friends?

That is the one sentence no one wants to hear from someone they love. It hurts deeply and down to the core.

“Is that so?” Bakugou’s voice was rumbly and filled with anger.

Todoroki and Midoryia turned to face them, both looking confused.

Kirishima gave Todoroki a small nod to the left, silently asking to be left alone with the green haired boy and the other teen nodded, quickly making his leave.

“Kacchan? What’s wrong?” Deku asked, completely confused.

“Don’t call me that,” the ash haired teen snarled. “Just friends huh? Do you kiss all of your friends? Do you cuddle them and tell them how much you love them?”

Deku frowned, trying to step closer to Katsuki but the blonde backed away. “Kacchan-”

“I said don’t call me that!” He smashed the wall right by Deku’s head, scaring their little boyfriend to the point of him shaking slightly.

“Kat, enough,” Kirishima said immediately. Sure he was hurt but he didn’t want to hurt Deku. “Let him explain.”

“No! Why should I? He made it pretty fucking clear that we are only friends! In fact, I bet you are ‘just friends’ with that icy hot freak as well, huh? Well stay the fuck away from us, stupid Deku! We don’t need you!”

And with that, Bakugou dragged Kirishima into their class, making sure the red head was in Midoryia’s former seat.

Kirishima himself was a bit shocked by the actions that just occurred. Did they just break up? But Deku didn’t even get to explain! Unfortunately, he couldn’t say anything to Katsuki as he was too fired up at the moment. It would only cause more trouble.

“We never let him explain…” Kirishima reminded his boyfriend gently. “You just jumped to conclusions. Besides, I didn’t think you wanted-”

“I don’t care who knows! You two are mine-were mine, FUCK!” 

Kirishima winced at the growl and sighed for the billionth time. “Let’s go to our rooms okay? You need to calm down before we talk to Midoryia.”

Bakugou grumbled angrily but didn’t dispute, following Kiri to the dorms and crawling into the bed with a huff.

Kirishima smiled and crawled in next to him, wishing Deku was in the middle like always with his big grins and pretty pink blushes. Kirishima nuzzled Bakugou’s neck, his fingers gently tracing shapes against his boyfriend’s sides.

Bakugou shivered, squirming slightly in place. 

It made the red head smile, continuing his soft actions.

The explosive blonde bit his lip, hiding his face in his arms as the soft tickling calmed down his nerves and instead renewed them with a different type of energy. A softer kind. One only his two boyfriends could ever bring out of him. 

“Kihihiri,” He warned but it was all a front. He didn’t mind one bit. In fact, he was happy for the distraction.

“Yeah baby?” Kirishima asked, now using both hands to softly scratch down Bakugou’s sides. “Something wrong?”

“Shuhuhut uhuhup, Shihihitty Hahahair!”

“That’s not very nice,” Kirishima growled playfully, burying his face in Bakugou’s neck and starting to nibble gently.

“ACK! Hahaha no!”

“Yes yes yes!”

Bakugou whined loudly, turning his boy so he was on his back, glaring up at his boyfriend. But he still didn’t stop him. Nope, instead he patiently waited for the belly tickles he knew he would receive.

Eijiro smiled softly and did just that, digging into his boyfriend’s toned belly just to hear those loud huffs of laughter. It was music to his ears after such a stressful morning. 

“S-Stahahahahap!” Bakugou cackled, kicking his legs out when Kiri got his lower tummy. It was worse on Deku and Kirishima but also a pretty good spot on their blonde.

“Do you reaaaaally want me to stop?”

Bakugou refused to answer and instead continued to laugh, yelping at the tweaks to his thighs.

“Lift your arms up baby,” Kirishima smirked, watching Bakugou’s face turn a dark red color. 

But he did as he was told….slowly.

Before they were even half way up, they slammed back down when Kirishima dug into his armpits, making Bakugou erupt in loud, boisterous laughter.


“That is such a dirty mouth!” Kirishima teased, using his thumbs to dig into the middle of Katsuki’s armpits.


Kirishima smiled and slowed down, leaning up to kiss his lover. It took a second but Bakugou eventually responded though there was a small pout on his lips.

“Now…Can we talk to Izuku now?” He asked softly, watching the dark eyes of his lover look down and away. “Come on, Kat. We talked about not letting people know. It was what we all agreed on.”

“But Icy Hot is obviously in love with Zu…I just…don’t like them around each other. The shitty nerd doesn’t even realize how he has everyone wrapped around his finger.”

“But he chose us, babe,” Kiri said softly, running his fingers through Bakugou’s hair. “He chose to be with us out of everyone else. That means something, doesn’t it?”

Bakugou nodded but still wouldn’t mean Kirishima’s eyes, shame flooding his chest at his overreaction. He just got mad so easily, especially when he felt threatened.

The two slowly got up from their cuddled position and headed to their partner’s room, Eijiro knocking on the door.

There wasn’t a response.

Bakugou tried the knob and found it was unlocked. 

The two teens slowly walked into the room, eyes immediately drawn to the small figure on the bed to the side of the room. 

Deku was curled up tightly in a ball, snuggling into three different hoodies. One was Kirishima’s, one was Bakugou’s, and one was the hoodie the three rotated regularly. What really caught their attention was the dried tear tracks on his cheeks as he slept.

Shame once again slammed into Katsuki’s chest and he slowly sat on the edge of the bed, running a hand through Midoryia’s hair.

The greenette’s eyes fluttered open and he gave a small sniffle, peering up at who was touching him. His eyes widened and he hurriedly sat up, finding Kirishima as well.

“W-What are you doing in here?”

“It belongs to our boyfriend,” Kirishima said softly, a smile on his face. “We’ve come to check on him an apologize.”

“I didn’t think-”

“IM SORRY OKAY?” Bakugou interrupted Deku with an angry yell. He was looking at the door, face turned into a snarl. He hated feeling bad, feeling shame, he hated anything that didn’t make him feel good. “I…Gods Deku…I’m sorry.”

“Why did you get so mad?” Deku asked quietly.

“You told Icy Hot we were just friends! We aren’t though. We are your fucking boyfriends!”

“But you said-”

“It’s different with half and half okay?” Katsuki huffed, crossing his arms. “Just…I’m sorry.”

Deku gave a small smile. “It’s alright Kacchan-I mean Bakugou.”

“You…” Katsuki gave Deku a pained look. “You can call me Kacchan. You always can.”

Kirishima was beaming at his too lovers with pride and happiness. He was so glad they worked it out. Now, however, they had a small boy to cuddle.

Kirishima joined them on the bed and eagerly pulled Deku into the middle of a cuddle pile, squishing him between Katsuki and himself.

Deku gave a small giggle, the sound adorable and lovely, and happily snuggled close. His head was on Kiri’s chest and he had Kacchan cuddling him from behind.

Another giggle escaped from Deku as he felt fingers slowly rub into his belly, massaging the muscles there.


“What? Kiri tickled me!” He whined, nuzzling into Deku’s neck. “Stupid nerds. Both of you.”

Deku continued to laugh softly as Bakugou gently tickled his ribs, picking at them tenderly before blowing a huge raspberry on Deku’s neck.

“NYAHAH! Ewwwww!”

Kirishima, not one to be left out, eagerly used his pointer finger to tickle under Midoryia’s chin, electing the sweetest squeak in the world.

“Awww you are so cutttte!” Kirishima cooed, pressing a kiss to Deku’s still giggling lips.

Bakugou went to Deku’s hips, digging into the sharp bone with a smirk as Deku’s body jolted, a strangled gasp escaping him.


“Not your hips? But they are so cute!” Kacchan cooed softly, a teasing smirk on his face as he tickled hip to hip, including the adorable lower belly.

Deku squealed in delight, being showered in affection by his lovers. He lightly bat at the hands, not really trying to push them away. Eventually the tickling stopped and Deku was left a panting, smiling mess.

Bakugou tsked softly and kissed Deku’s head and then Kirishima’s nose before closing his eyes to relax.

Deku cooed and kissed Bakugou’s knuckles and then Kirishima again, doing the same.

Kirishima watched over his boyfriends, stunned once again by their beauty and smiled, keeping them close and safe.