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you - 10:43pm

heyyyyy sakusa

its atsumu

from camp


sakusa - 10:45pm

I’m aware

You gave me your number


you - 10:45pm

oh right


you - 10:48pm

so how r u


sakusa - 10:48pm



you - 10:49pm



was just askin how u are

the polite thing to do


sakusa - 10:49pm

Why are you texting me

It’s a school night


you - 10:49pm

ok and

school doesnt matter

plus were friends

friends text each other


sakusa - 10:51pm

What makes you think we’re friends


you - 10:51pm

wow wtf


so rude and mean

cruel probably


sakusa - 10:52pm

Can you stop talking


you - 10:52pm

no u know what i dont think i will

this is all so unjust actually.

youre hurtin my feelings so hard right now


sakusa - 10:52pm

I’m not doing this right now


you - 10:52pm

when ive done NOTHIN to you


sakusa - 10:53pm

Goodnight miya.


you - 10:53pm



you - 11:32pm

gnight sakusa :)




you - 6:32pm

evenin sakusa


you - 6:54pm

wow no response

ur too good for me now or somethin

got a hot date tonight

whos the lucky lady




sakusa - 6:56pm

Don’t you have other friends to bother

A brother to bother


you - 6:57pm

yeah but i wanted to bug u


hot date?


sakusa - 6:59pm

No thank you

And i was it wouldn’t be with a “lucky lady”


you - 7:00pm


ur gay?


sakusa - 7:03pm



you - 7:04pm




sakusa - 7:05pm

That was a much less explosive reaction than I was expecting


you - 7:05pm


did u think im homophobic

im so offended

ill have u know i like men

and women but thts not the point here


sakusa - 7:06pm


I didnt ask


you - 7:06pm

would it kill u to have some tact

ur killin me sakusa

hold on wait


sakusa - 7:06pm

What now


you - 7:07pm

i need to make a nickname up for u


sakusa - 7:09pm

Please god no


you - 7:09pm

nope its too late

gears r turning

ur first name is kiyoomi right


sakusa - 7:10pm

Don’t even think about it


you - 7:10pm

relax relax i know were not there yet


how about omikun


yeah i like that


sakusa - 7:11pm

I really do not like you


you - 7:11pm


well ill let u go back to whatever it is u were doing omiomi

til next time




you - 7:15pm

hes gay


spawn of satan - 7:16pm

i literally do not care




you - 9:34pm

gl tomorrow

make it to the chip so i can whoop u


omiomi - 9:56pm

That's the funniest thing you’ve ever said

See you there


you - 9:56pm





omiomi - 4:33pm

You played well

Not well enough but



you - 4:34pm

yeah whatever

we’ll get u next time


omiomi - 4:39pm

Looking forward to seeing you try



you - 6:24pm


this cat looks like u

[image attachment]


omiomi - 6:45pm


What made you come to that conclusion


you - 6:46pm

are u kiddin me

that looks exactly like u


omiomi - 6:51pm


Why a cat


you - 6:53pm

cuz ur just like meow 

u know

ur just a cat idk how to explain it

cats always keep themselves clean n shit maybe thats it


omiomi - 6:54pm



Not the most intelligent thing you’ve ever said miya


you - 6:55pm

ok shutup actually

never saying anything nice to u ever again


omiomi - 6:55pm

That was supposed to be nice?


you - 6:56pm

um yeah

if someone compared me to a cute animal id be so happy


omiomi - 6:56pm



omiomi - 6:59pm

[image file]


you - 7:00pm

wtf is that


omiomi - 7:01pm

A raccoon

We’re doing animal comparisons are we not


you - 7:01pm


i need to process this for a second


you - 7:04pm

ok processed


is it cus u think im cute ;)


omiomi - 7:05pm

Don’t think so highly of yourself


you - 7:05pm


ok then why

since ur SOOOOO confident in your animal association



omikun - 7:05pm

You’re annoying

And i can see digging around in garbage being something you’d do


you - 7:05pm

you dont actually think that do u

right omi



omiomi - 7:06pm

Do i look like the type to lie


you - 7:06pm


but maybe ur making a joke

nvm u dont seem like u have a sense of humor LOL

if u did u wld laugh at me all the time


omiomi - 7:07pm

[ video attachment ]


you - 7:08pm

what the fuck

stop doing that

shut up




you - 7:08pm



spawn of satan - 7:08pm

once again

don’t care




you - 4:22pm


check this out

[image file]


omikun - 4:30pm

Why did you do that to yourself.


you - 4:31pm

cuz it looks cool duh

also cos ppl kept getting me n samu mixed up and its annoying

do u like it :)


omikun - 4:34pm

Your hair looks like straw

That's not a compliment before you try to twist my words

Tell your brother he looks good. Grey suits him


you - 4:35pm

what the hell is wrong with you

why would u say that

goodbye kiyoomi.


omikun - 4:38pm





you - 11:32pm

u know omi

u dont have to pretend like u dont like me

i know u just do it to look cool

its ok! ur allowed to be my friend


omikun - 11:33pm

Who said it was pretend


you - 11:33pm



wyd rn

wanna get snacks


omikun - 11:34pm

We have to be up at 7 tomorrow


you - 11:35pm

oh my bad ur highness

forgot u need ur beauty sleep

can u ask komori kun


omikun - 11:36pm

I'd honestly rather not


you - 11:37pm

what the hell

nvm hes here bye




you - 10:07pm



omiomi - 10:09pm



you - 10:09pm





you - 4:19pm

have u ever felt like

not good enough


omiomi - 4:23pm

Why do you ask


you - 4:24pm

doesnt matter

just askin


omiomi - 4:24pm

I can't empathize with you if you don't tell me what's happening


omiomi - 4:28pm



omiomi - 4:32pm

Miya its not like you to just drop shit and leave

Is something going on


omiomi - 5:15pm



you - 5:16pm

sorry was doing something

didnt realize u wanted to talk to me so bad lol

should play hard to get more often then huh


omiomi - 5:16pm

Don't play dumb miya

What's wrong with you


you - 5:18pm

wow blunt


you - 5:21pm

im captain

next year


omiomi - 5:23pm


Why would that be a bad thing


you - 5:24pm

because like


like i know im good

im really good


but idk if



omiomi - 5:27pm

It’s a big responsibility


you - 5:27pm

yea exactly

n its not like

bc im not one to shy away from a challenge or anything its just

like what if i fuck up

if we couldnt pull it off under kita san



omiomi - 5:28pm



you - 5:28pm

my captain


omiomi - 5:29pm



you - 5:30pm

n also like 

this is samus last year playing volleyball

fuckin quitter

but i dont want to let him down


omiomi - 5:32pm

I don't think you could ever let him down

I don't know osamu that well but i do understand being a sibling


you - 5:32pm

ur not an only child



omiomi - 5:33pm

I have 3 sisters


you - 5:33pm


are they hot


omiomi - 5:35pm

Why would you ask that


you - 5:35pm


what were u saying


omiomi - 5:36pm

I know you care about your brother a lot and he cares a lot about you

And it's different being a twin but i know there's not much my sisters could ever do to let me down

Losing a couple volleyball games isn't on that list

And i think even though it's different it's still the same

If this was motoyas last year id be nervous as well

So it’s understandable for you to feel that way


you - 5:40pm

ok wow way to rub in how u still have someone to play with

say hi to him for me tho hows he doing

and thanks omi

that actually means a lot coming from u


omiomi - 5:40pm

No problem




you - 9:58am

hey omi i know ur gonna be real heartbroken but im gonna be out today so i cant talk to u 

that much

must be rly sad to hear that right


omiomi - 10:02am

Do you want a serious answer


you - 10:02am

no dont hurt my feelings

especially bc i have to spend the whole day with samu and sunarin

so miserable 


you - 10:07am

so are u gonna ask what im doing today or


omiomi - 10:08am

I thought you were going to be quiet today


you - 10:09am

wow attitude

can u just ask



omiomi - 10:11am

What are you doing today miya


you - 10:12am

we’re hiking :)


omiomi - 10:13am


Can i expect silence now


you - 10:13am

yea yea whatever

i know ur sad ur not talkin to me

can sense it thru the screen

ok bye see u later omiomi


omiomi - 10:20am

Have fun


you - 2:32pm

ok i know u must be so sad ur not here rn

even though theres dirt and shit

check this out

[ image file ]


omiomi - 2:38pm



you - 2:43pm


views fuckin sick

[ image file ]

[ image file ]


omiomi - 2:45pm

Those pictures are considerably worse than the first one


you - 2:47pm

literally how

only difference is u get to see my gorgeous mug


you - 2:53pm

fuck you


omiomi - 2:54pm

The sentiment is returned in full


you - 2:54pm

yeah yeah whatever

[ image file ]

look @ this lil stinker

think im gonna bring him home with me


omiomi - 2:57pm


The fuck is that


you - 2:57pm

a millipede lol


you - 3:04pm


[ message not sent ]


you - 3:04pm

what the hell

[ message not sent ]


you - 3:04pm

unblock me

[message not sent]


you - 3:20pm


[message not sent]




you - 5:43pm

we left the pleasantries on the court right


omiomi - 5:45pm



you - 5:45pm

taking that as a yes





omiomi - 5:46pm

Do i have to remind you of how insecure you were going into


you - 5:46pm

no you dont its ok


r u gonna go pro next szn so i can beat u on the big stage


omiomi - 5:46pm



you - 5:48pm



omiomi - 5:48pm

I’m going to university

Some of us actually care about getting an education


you - 5:48pm

thats bullshit

ur totally good enough to go straight to the league


omiomi - 5:49pm

It’s my decision


you - 5:51pm

i know but


doesnt make any sense


omiomi - 5:52pm

It doesn’t have to make sense to you

It’s my life


you - 5:52pm


just feels like the wrong decision


omiomi - 5:54pm

You think we’re more similar than we are

I’m not like you like that

Not everything revolves around you like you think it does


you - 5:55pm

ok fuck u



you - 6:00pm

have fun at uni or whatever idc


omiomi - 6:01pm



you - 6:01pm





you - 1:21am



can u call me

no one else is picking up


you - 1:30am





you - 2:34pm

playing the adlers today

ill say hi to kourai n tobio for u if u want

and ushiwaka but m sure u talk

ok gtg




[incoming call from omiomi - 11:32pm]


Miya Atsumu: Om—Sakusa?


Sakusa Kiyoomi: (unintelligible)


Miya Atsumu: ...Sakusa?


Sakusa Kiyoomi: Hm—oh! (laughs) You picked up! You picked up. What the hell?


Miya Atsumu: Are everything okay?


Sakusa Kiyoomi: Why would I not be okay? (snorts) I’m doing so great. So great. You picked up.


Miya Atsumu: Yeah, I picked up...are ya sure you’re fine?


Sakusa Kiyoomi: (laughs) I wanted to hear you! I wanted to—be quiet, I’m on the ph—stop! This is...(unintelligible)


Miya Atsumu: Sakusa.


Sakusa Kiyoomi: I’m—hm?


Miya Atsumu: D’ya have a reason for callin’ me at...almost midnight?


Sakusa Kiyoomi: No, just wanted to hear you. And you picked up!


Miya Atsumu: Oh.


Sakusa Kiyoomi: (voices in background) No, stop! Stop. I’m—shut up! I’m leaving.


Miya Atsumu: Um.


Sakusa Kiyoomi: Sorry about that. (laughs)


Miya Atsumu: ...Sakusa, are you drunk?


Sakusa Kiyoomi: What? No. Noooooo. (laughs) I hate alcohol. No. Not drunk. (laughs) Not drunk.


Miya Atsumu: Oh. M’kay.


Sakusa Kiyoomi: You know, I always forgot how much…how much I like your voice.


Miya Atsumu : Really?

Sakusa Kiyoomi: Mmm, yeah. I like it when you talk. It’s nice.


Miya Atsumu: Oh. Thanks.


Sakusa Kiyoomi: I wish you were here right now. It’s cold.


Miya Atsumu: Sa--


Sakusa Kiyoomi: Why are you (laughs) why are you calling me that? What about--what was that nickname you had for me? I always liked it, even if I never told you. I liked it a lot.


Miya Atsumu: Sak--Omi, I--


Sakusa Kiyoomi: Yeah. (laughs) Omi. Omi-kun. I wish you were here. I want to hear you say that here. I think I...miss you. Yeah. I miss you.


Miya Atsumu: ...I have to go. ’m sorry.


[ call disconnected ]




omikun - 8:32am

If i said anything last night

I apologize


you - 10:28am

dw ab it


you - 11:54am

actually u know what


how are you just gonna


you - 12:05pm

its been months sakusa

and you

what were u even doing last night anyways

getting high with ur uni friends or something i dont even know

i dont even care

point is u cant just

i dont understand u


omiomi - 12:11pm

I’m sorry


you - 12:13pm

no i dont

i dont know


just go back to not talking to me or wtv

we can go back to that fake hate thing we used to have way back when

idk what this is idk if i want to figure it out


omiomi - 12:41pm

That’s fine


you - 12:49pm






spawn of satan - 1:00pm

did u fuck up


you - 1:00pm

stay out of my business


you - 1:03pm



spawn of satan - 1:03pm


gl with that


you - 1:03pm

fuck you




you - 9:36pm

congrats on mvp




you - 4:37pm

whos ur roommate


omiomi - 4:53pm



you - 4:53pm

oh that

makes sense actually


you - 5:10pm

well if u ever wanna swing by me n bokkuns just say the word


omiomi - 5:15pm

I’ll pass


you - 5:15pm





you - 10:55pm

u can shower first

getting snacks w wan san

if u go to sleep before i get back can u leave the light on at least


omiomi - 10:59pm

I’ll consider


you - 10:59pm

please omi

pretty pretty please

if i trip on something and sprain my ankle what woud u do

no setter for tomorrow

we’d lose and itd be all ur fault


omiomi - 11:00pm

Our second string setter is more than capable

We’d be fine without you


you - 11:00pm

oh shut it

do u want anything from the store


omiomi - 11:00pm

Coconut water


you - 11:01pm




omiomi - 11:01pm

Do you have something against coconut water


you - 11:02pm


none at all

this is a judgement free zone


omiomi - 11:02pm

Should i be expecting a drink


you - 11:02pm

yes sir its on its way




you - 8:15pm

r u going out tn


omiomi - 8:16pm

What do you think

Use your brain for once


you - 8:16pm

rude :/ was just asking

u should come

night out on the town

boys night in tokyo

jackals and adlers take on the big city


omiomi - 8:17pm

I lived here for 18 years

This isn’t anything special


you - 8:17pm

boo forgot ur a city slicker

whatever its cool

ill bring back a little souvenir just for u


omiomi - 8:18pm


Your taste in most things is questionable


you - 8:18pm



omiomi - 8:19pm

Have fun

Don’t drink too much


you - 8:19pm

no promises


you - 1:27am 

omi what if 

what if you were a littl fro g 

and you hoppedaround everywhere

what if you and shoyo were little f rogs

and iwas a frog too and we all just

we just did frog thigs

wld that be cool or what

i think thatd be SO cool

bokkun coudl be a frog too but idk if u want him to be

he doesnt have to be a frog if u dont want

him 2

he can be an um

he can be a toad


toadkun haha

frogomi andfrogtsumu and toadkun


you - 1:45am

ok see u at practm


omiomi - 9:15am

For everyone else on this earth’s sake stay away from alcohol for the rest of your life




SHOUYOU!!!!! - 3:01pm

sometimes you’re not very smart, atsumu-san


you - 3:03pm

i know shou kun


SHOUYOU!!!!! - 3:03pm

just talk to him!!! shouldn’t be that hard

you’re overthinking it


you - 3:04pm

i know shou kun

s just



SHOUYOU!!!!! - 3:04pm

you’re scared

and that’s fine!!! omi-san is scary sometimes

i think you’re just being a little um

what’s the word for when you blow things out of proportion


you - 3:06pm



SHOUYOU!!!!! - 3:06pm

yeah!!! that

you don’t have anything to worry about

i should know :)

since we're best friends and all :)


you - 3:08pm

wtf i thought i was your best friend


SHOUYOU!!!!! - 3:09pm

sorry, atsumu-san :)


you - 3:09pm

sfine totally not heartbroken


im gonna do it


SHOUYOU!!!!! - 3:10pm

yeah!!!!!! go atsumu-san!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tell me how it goes ;D


you - 3:30pm

shou kun can we just date instead


SHOUYOU!!!!! - 3:32pm

no, atsumu-san


you - 3:33pm

worth a shot




“It’s Kiyoomi. Don’t call back.”


[ At the tone, please leave a message. When you are finished recording, please hang up. ]


Miya Atsumu: Um. Hey, Omi. I hope you’re...having a good night. Um. (coughs) I know you’re with family right now n’ my shit is the last thing you wanna deal with or whatever, but I need ’ta just--I need ’ta say this. Fuck. 


Fuck . Omi, it’s always been you. It’s been you this whole time, or at least for a while. Long enough. And… ‘m sorry for disappearin’ on ya for like, two years. If ya even still care about that. I don’t know. I was… (laughs) I was scared, ‘cause it seemed like…I dunno. I thought I could just--jus’ ignore it for forever n’ leave it as that and then ya just had t’join…(choked noise) ya had to join the one pro team I was on, huh? Can’t ever let me live shit down. (laughs) But I guess I always liked that about ya. Accountability and whatever. And all the other stuff about ya too. How you’re prob’ly gonna think I’m a fuckin’ idiot for sayin’ all this in a voicemail. I like that. And s’ so stupid, but I do. So. There’s that.


An’ I guess it just…took not talkin’ to ya for so long for me to figure it all out. I missed ya. You said ya missed me that one time and I couldn’t--it made me feel real weird. I think that’s when it clicked (laughs). N’ now everythin’s kinda like how it used ’ta be, a little bit. Fallin’ back into old routines. S’nice. S’a little different but… (sniffs) Fuck. Why am I crying. Um. I guess that’s it. You don’t have to even… you can forget this all happened. ‘S fine by me. More than fine. I just wanted ’ta get it out. (laughs) Um. I’d tell ya to say hi to your ma for me but that’s kinda weird so…see ya when you get back. Bye.




omiomi - 11:43pm

Meet me outside




SHOUYOU!!!!! - 8:22am

so :)

woke up to 

i’m assuming it went well :)


you - 8:55am

dont talk to me

dont talk to me ever again

dont even go down that road either i know what ur thinking


SHOUYOU!!!!! - 8:55am



you - 8:55am

its not like that

shut up

dont be so smug


SHOUYOU!!!!! - 8:56am

…… :)


you - 8:56am

dont say shit to anyone you hear me

smug little bugger

bane of my existence


SHOUYOU!!!!! - 8:57am

i won’t!!! dw

and you dont mean that, atsumu-san



you - 8:58am

yeah i dont


SHOUYOU!!!!!! - 8:59am





you - 9:00am



spawn of satan - 9:23am


only took you what

6 years


you - 9:25am

shut up

can u be happy for me just this once


spawn of satan - 9:26am

[ image file ]

we’re both so proud of you tsumu

fantastic work 


you - 9:26am

ew ew ew

tell sunarin he sucks


spawn of satan - 9:27am

oh i know


you - 9:27am

ur worse than me and i hate you


spawn of satan - 9:28am

no you don’t


you - 9:28am

yeah i dont




you - 11:32am

do u want to get dinner after prac


omi :) - 11:37am


Isn’t that what people typically do when they’re dating


you - 11:38am


i meant like tonight specifically


omi :) - 11:39am

I know

Yes id like to go to dinner wtih you tonight


you - 11:39am


ill pick u up at 7 ;)

r u excited


omi :) - 11:40am

Do you want a serious answer


you - 11:40am

yeah actually


omiomi - 11:41am

I am

Excited that is


you - 11:41