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Moonlight Heat

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The smell of wet grass and dead leaves permeates his senses from the moment of his first waking, Aether at once distinctly aware of the jerking motion of the damp forest floor beneath his cheek, his hands, his upper torso. Or rather, he realizes a split second later, it's his body jerking, back and forth with rhythm. The way the night air hits him, he can tell he's completely naked. Unable to remember a thing, he's not afforded the time to when all at once, every nerve in his body lights on fire. Something long, thick, and hot is pounding into his ass with reckless abandon, a powerful grip holding him up by the waist to steadily fuck him into the ground. So he's guessing that long, thick "something" is a dick. The sound of skin slapping against skin is so loud it echoes into the night air, each thrust sending shockwaves up of heat and pleasure through his body. He can feel his own half-hardened cock slapping uselessly against his stomach as warm fluid drips from his stretched asshole down his inner thighs.

Aether weakly grits his teeth, unable to move even a single finger to claw at the grass--to get away from this. Even his voice is out of commission, his throat painfully dry.

The person--or creature if the animalistic grunts are anything to go by--must have been at this for a while because he can feel droplets of sweat tickling his back. Fuck it if his own body isn't actively betraying him right now too, angling his hips so the next thrust hits deeper and forcing a strangled cry from his lips. The fucker must have taken that as encouragement, because the pace doubles from frantic to brutal, sacrificing no speed for strength and rocking his body even harder.

"Nn, ahh," Aether pants louder, his voice slowly returning to him though not in the way he wants.

Now he remembers.

Him and Paimon, they'd been on their way from Mondstadt to Dawn Winery to pay a visit to Diluc and the other folks there. Only Paimon suggested they camp over near Wolvendom instead for a spot of hunting and gathering. It made sense at the time. They were out of meat and drinking water, plus he'd felt at the time the early onset of his monthly heat. And with no medicines on hand, better he makes do with wild wolfhook than being caught off guard at the alpha's winery. Besides, no one lives around Wolvendom...or so he'd been told. Obviously, that's not true. Either way, he doesn't remember much beyond that. Everything after is black.

Aether can't help the bitter smirk as hot tears spill from his eyes onto the moistened grass as another hard thrust knocks him back into the present. Can't say he appreciates the irony.

All he can do is squeeze his eyes shut and take the pounding, feeling shame flood his cheeks as he cums first. The one behind him is merciless, fucking hard even as their own breath grows labored with the effort. They must be close because each movement is jerkier than the last. The pace slows as they roll their hips deep and slow. Aether's mind is at war with itself, one side praying for this all to stop, the other begging and screaming for more. The latter must be winning because he can't help pushing back against the hard cock slamming inside him.

The grip on his hips tightens as theirs snaps forward one last time, hot cum filling him up completely. They stay like that for a short while, both panting heavily before the attacker makes an odd pulling motion. Trying to pull out but unable to. They pause for a second, then bend forward. Fear floods Aether's heart for a second at the thought he's about to be marked, but instead, the person just sniffs him. Loudly sniffs and pants at his back, his neck, his hair, leaving hot puffs of air along his skin. Calloused hands massage up and down his back, oddly soothing before his body is carefully maneuvered onto his back while the cock is still in him. The feeling of his slickened ass rotating on the thick length like a roast on a spit is probably the strangest thing he's ever experienced.

Aether sees him for the first time then. Wild hair and pale skin glow in the moonlight as shadowy red eyes appraise him from above. A young man, probably in his early twenties. His entire body is naked and glistening with sweat, his chest rising and falling in a soothing rhythm that's making Aether drowsy.

"Awake," he says gruffly, wiping messy bangs from his eyes as he once again leans down, licking Aether's face like a dog. "Mm, feel good."

Great, Aether thinks dryly. Fucked by a caveman.

The man drags his tongue along Aether's cheeks at first, before moving down to his neck, his collarbone, down the middle of his chest and making him shudder. "You feel better?"

The question surprises him, though he supposes nothing should be surprising after all that. Aether clears his throat, feeling compelled to answer but all that escapes is a dry croak. It's like trying to speak immediately after waking from a deep, deep sleep. He's still groggy and out of it, the strong smell of sex hanging off them like thick fog certainly isn't helping. Aether clears his throat again, swallowing thickly. "Who...are you?"

The man pulls back, leans over so they're eye to eye, and wipes the sweat from Aether's brow. "Razor."

"Oh," Aether sighs, half-nuzzling into the hand cupping his cheek without realizing. 

There's something calming about Razor's presence. His whole body feels relaxed and at ease as though he's perfectly safe here despite the fact his voice of reason is screaming at him to get up. The flush of his heat won't let him see reason just yet. Still, the numbness in his arms is wearing off, enough so that he can reach up and touch the hand on his cheek. Razor's eyes soften at the touch, something unspoken passing between them in the bask of moonlight.

Aether gasps at the sudden movement of Razor slowly sliding out of him, relief and disappointment mixing together before Razor bucks into him again, his cock quickly hardening again. Razor bends down, taking a perky nipple into his mouth and sucking hard as he fucks into the blonde again, setting a new languid rhythm. It's nothing like the rough, frantic fucking from before. This is lazy and intimate. Aether arches his back instinctively, burying his hands into silver hair as shaky mewls bubble up his throat. Globs of cum bead around the cock thrusting in and out of his entrance, rolling down his ass and soaking the earth.

Ah...where's Paimon when you need her.

Razor grunts quietly, eyes closed as he circles his tongue around Aether's abused nipple and, if the hum is anything to go by, seemingly pleased with the way the boy squirms under his tongue. Aether's legs shake as he comes for the second(?) time that night, the sticky fluid splurting onto their stomachs. At this rate, he'll walk away from this fucking pregnant...if he can walk again at all. That would be... humiliating, would be the word, if his heat-addled brain can stop begging for it for five fucking seconds. Aether weakly pushes the man off his chest, the single greatest act of resistance he's mustered all night, but Razor looks more amused than offended, replying with a hard thrust making the blonde throw his head back in shameful ecstasy. "Feel better," he grunts, now nuzzling a wet nose into the crook of Aether's neck, inhaling deeply.

Feel better, feel better. Razor keeps repeating the same phrase over and over till the realization dawns that Razor may have been trying to help him.

That's why I don't sense any danger, is the last thought running through his mind as his vision spots. 

For the second time that night, Aether awakes in a strange place. The sound of birds landing in water greets his ears as his eyes slowly open. From the way the sky is warming, dawn must be fast approaching. Aether rolls onto his side along the soft sand of the lakeside, still weak in the limbs when a hand on his shoulder shocks him fully awake. He whips his head to find a worried looking Paimon hovering over him--which only scares him half to death. "Aetheerereerrr," Paimon sobs messily hugging his side and getting her snot all over him.

"Looks like you've had a rough night," says Diluc.


Aether flinches, panicking as memories of the night before come flooding back. Oh...his clothes... he's fully clothed again, though they're a bit damp. Paimon looks up at him full of worries.

"Paimon came flying into the winery saying you collapsed and that someone sent her to get help. It took a while to find you. What happened here?"

What DID happen.

"Hm. Speaking of, where is the person you spoke to, Paimon?"

"Uhhh," Paimon glances around as if noticing for the first time that small detail is missing.

Dearly sore aches and pains all over his body make it impossible to wave it all away as a heat-induced fever dream. That being said... Aether blushes profusely, looking down at his lap burning with shame. "N-nothing, I think I just have a fever," he rasps, his throat still painfully sore. Maybe he really did come down with something, now that he thinks about it. Paimon hugs him again, sighing with relief seemingly satisfied with that explanation. Diluc on the other hand doesn't look convinced, but he thankfully keeps those thoughts to himself. Aether's blush burns deeper at the possibility the alpha can smell it on him. Everything that happened...

Please, let it not be so... He'd die from embarrassment.

Paimon flies up to Diluc, wiggling midair as she squeals, "Quick! Let's take him back to the winery so he can rest!!"

Diluc doesn't seem opposed to the idea. He kneels down beside the blonde, ignoring the way the boy leans away. "Can you stand?"

"I think so," Aether mutters, testing the strength of his limbs and finding them lacking. Gods damn it all. When he finds that caveman, he'll... He'll... Well, he's not sure what he'll do, but it'll be a reckoning. Aether's brows draw together as he shrinks further into himself. He couldn't blush harder if he tried.

Diluc snorts. "I thought so."

Gods fuck it all!