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The clacking of Phu’s keyboard is a sound Kao associates so strongly with bedtime he now considers it a lullaby. Phu’s been staring at his screen for two hours, engrossed in a contract for a potential sale that’s proving tricky. Kao tried to decipher the buyer’s words all day, but with no luck, so Phu is looking it over himself. From the glare on Phu’s face, Kao knows it’s not going well.

Meanwhile Kao passes the time by playing a game on his phone. Occasionally Phu reaches out to run his hand through Kao’s hair, and these brief moments are what make what would seem like a stressful evening, in Kao’s opinion, perfect.

The sparkly graphics of the game are starting to blur before his eyes, though, and he’s surprised at how much time has passed when he glances at his phone’s clock.

“P’, we can continue looking through it tomorrow, don’t you think?”

Phu grunts in response, which means Kao’s words are going in through one ear and out the other. His fingers fly across the keys at the same brutal pace.

Kao rolls over in bed to watch his boyfriend work more closely. Even the frightening expression and the way Phu is attacking the keys makes Kao smile, because it’s just how Phu is. Phu isn’t the type of person who can refuse work, especially when it’s difficult work. His instinct is to plow on ahead at full speed until the work is finished, regardless of who suffers in the process.

Sadly, the person who suffers the most is Phu himself. Thankfully, he has someone by his side who can force him, on occasion, to shift his priorities.

Those quick fingers pause for a split-second when Kao wraps his arms around Phu’s waist. He drags himself up enough to peer over Phu’s arm to find Phu composing what looks like the longest email in the history of real estate. From a few scattered words Kao’s sleepy eyes pick out, he wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end.

“Even if you send it tonight, they’re not going to respond until the morning. Probably later in the morning since you have so many questions.” He gives Phu a little squeeze to show he isn’t trying to be critical. “Get some sleep and finish it in the morning with a rested mind.”

For a moment, Kao worries he’s going to have to push more, as Phu opens the document again and starts scrolling through it. This only lasts a second, though, before he shuts the laptop with a sigh.

“You’re right.”

Kao raises an eyebrow because it’s not often he’s told so quickly that he’s right. Phu must be even more tired than he looks. “If I’m right then I deserve a reward,” he quips and holds his arms wide open. A small smile pulls at the corner of Phu’s mouth as he sets the laptop to the side and slides down into the bed and Kao’s arms.

“So cheeky,” he mutters and pinches Kao’s cheeks for emphasis. Kao couldn’t care less, wrapping Phu in a tight hug.

“I’m fine with being cheeky if it works, and it always works.” He shakes off Phu’s pinching fingers and peppers the other man’s face with kisses. Phu grumbles, but he’s smiling fully now. Pulling Kao closer, he interrupts all of the tiny pecks with a full, proper kiss.

Immediately Kao feels himself flush, but he leans into the kiss and tries to ignore how hard his heart pounds. Even now, over a month since their first kiss, kissing feels mind-blowingly new. It’s taken a lot of practice just to get to the point where his brain doesn’t shut down automatically. Not that he’s minded practicing in the least bit.

Neither has Phu. When Kao eagerly opens his mouth, Phu’s tongue slips inside as his hands shift downwards to wrap around Kao’s waist. Cold fingers gently crawl beneath the hem of Kao’s t-shirt and up his back, pressing into his skin and holding him in place. Between the kiss and the hands and the way Phu drags him closer so that he’s half lying on Phu’s chest, Kao almost forgets to breathe.

His gasp a moment later isn’t caused by lack of air, though, but by Phu’s lips leaving Kao’s to trail light kisses along Kao’s throat to the tiny bit of collarbone peeking out of his shirt. Kao arches against Phu and lets out a moan that shocks even himself, tangling his fingers in Phu’s hair. The sound must surprise Phu as well, because his mouth pauses where it had been nibbling Kao’s ear. Kao can feel Phu take in a deep breath before sighing against Kao’s shoulder. Before Kao can respond, Phu gently pushes him back against the pillows and runs his fingers through Kao’s mussed hair.

“Let’s get some sleep, Gon.”

“But P’Phu--” Kao whines, but Phu tucks the blanket around Kao’s arms and pushes his head back down with a finger.

Sleep, Gon.”

With that, Phu turns to shut off the last light in the room. For a long time, Kao stares at the ceiling of their bedroom, head perfectly blank except for the loud pounding of his heart. He’s certain that even Phu must hear it, though the other man is doing an excellent job of pretending to be asleep.

Logically speaking, they both had a difficult day at work, it’s ridiculously late at night already, and Phu is stressed. Any one of these things is a good reason for Phu to stop.

But this is the third time this has happened this week, the twelfth time this month, and Kao’s starting to feel like it’s a rejection.




Kao sits on the sofa in Phu’s office and realizes he’s been staring at the same line of a document for the past twenty minutes. Phu’s been in a meeting for over an hour, and the quiet atmosphere leaves too much freedom to think. Groaning and stretching, he hops to his feet and leaves Phu a note before stepping out for a break.

There’s a small outdoor area meant for employees to smoke, but when the temperature gets chilly fewer and fewer people use it. Kao slips through the glass doors and settles against the wall, just out of sight of the windows. After checking one last time that no one’s followed him, he dials the one person he knows he can trust with his problem.

As soon as the call connects, Kao's greeted by a huge yawn. “What do you want?” Solo drawls on the other end.

This already feels like a mistake. “Um, hi. Is P’Gui there?”

“Not telling. If you have a problem, tell me first.”

Kao curses under his breath before continuing carefully, “I just feel like I would prefer to talk to someone sensitive, not a grumpy dog who’s going to laugh at me. I also feel like you will not want to have this conversation.”

“Tell me.”

“Okay, but I warned you.” Kao squeezes his eyes shut and tries very hard not to picture Solo’s face as he blurts out his question: “Have you and P’Gui had sex?”

A long, tense pause follows. It’s so long that Kao checks his phone twice to see if he's been disconnected.

Finally, the same bored voice replies, “Of course.” The complete lack of shame doesn’t surprise Kao in the least.

Kao lets out a relieved breath. “When did you do it first?”

“Are you asking for the exact date? What kind of question is this?”

His free hand flails in the air and he can feel his face reddening already. “No! But… about how long did you wait before, you know?”

There’s another long pause and Kao can imagine Solo sitting quietly, rolling around Kao’s words in his head to make sense out of them. It’s not a good sign because Kao would really prefer Solo not know exactly what--

“You want to know how long you should wait before having sex with Phu.”

Even on the opposite end of the Earth, Solo cuts right to the heart of the issue with zero tact.

Kao groans. “Do you have to say it like that? I know P’Gui’s there even if you won’t tell me.” It’s close to dinner time and there’s no way Solo is missing a meal with his precious boyfriend.

“He’s here and he’s laughing a lot.” A voice in the background makes him pause. “He wants me to tell you he is laughing in a very supportive way.”

He can feel his blush spreading to the tips of his ears. It’s one thing for Solo to laugh, Kao’s used to that much, but he at least expected Gui to offer some wisdom. “I shouldn’t have called you. Sorry for disturbing your evening.”

“Why don’t you just talk to Phu about it?”

Kao groans again. “It’s not that easy.”

“You’ve been totally shameless from the moment you met him, and he stayed with you anyway. This shouldn’t be any different.”

Deep down, Kao knows as much. He spent months following Phu around and declaring his feelings to anyone and everyone who asked, even some who didn’t. He moved across the world to be together even when he hadn’t been exactly sure what they were to each other yet. It wasn’t until a month ago they were even kissing, and that alone was enough to short circuit Kao’s brain. He spent so long focusing on his feelings and Phu’s feelings and what was in their hearts that he hadn’t even considered how that would translate into a physical relationship.

The sensation of Phu’s fingers on his back is still fresh in Kao’s mind, sliding up his shirt and pressing hard enough to hurt. The brief moment their eyes met, Kao’s hands tangled in Phu’s hair about to drag him back down into another kiss before Phu pulled away, is exactly what’s been playing in his mind all morning.

Despite the chilled weather, Kao’s body feels undeniably hot.

“Kao? Idiot rabbit, you there?”

Solo’s voice snaps him back to reality. “I’m here,” Kao replies quickly. “Do you really think it’ll be okay?”

“Do you actually think he doesn’t want to have sex with you?” Never in his life has Kao blushed this much and it’s starting to piss him off. As if sensing Kao’s rage, Solo laughs more gently this time. “Don’t worry, just be your usual stupid self and handle this directly.”

“I’m not stupid!”

“Su su, Kao,” a voice chuckles in the background.

“See? Even Guitar believes in you. No need for more advice.”

Kao wishes he could speak to Gui directly, but knows it’s pointless to ask again. As always, the one thing Solo is stingy about is his boyfriend. “If you keep this up I’m going to tell P’Gui about that one time we--”

Gui’s voice in the background suddenly becomes louder but Solo practically shouts, “Kao? Kao? Sorry, bad connection. We’ll talk more later!”

The line goes dead. Satisfied that at least now Solo, too, has a difficult conversation in front of him, Kao sighs and leans against the brick wall. The sky is a deep grey that matches his mood.

“Distracted and pouting,” a voice grumbles from behind him just as something smacks against the top of his head. Kao looks up to find Phu standing in the doorway with a small stack of papers. He must have spied Kao through the glass.

Rubbing at his head, Kao frowns. “Not distracted, just thinking.”

“Since when do you need to stand outside in the cold to do that?” Kao doesn’t need to look to feel the concern in Phu’s eyes. Embarrassingly, he notices himself shaking a little and regrets not having grabbed at least his suit jacket earlier. He really is distracted.

For now, he forces himself to grin and slides up beside Phu, latching onto his arm. “Maybe I am a little distracted because we haven’t eaten yet.” He guides Phu back inside the building by his arm. “Let’s take a break for lunch, yeah?”

“Weren’t you just taking a break?” Phu scoffs, but his worried expression fades a bit as he smiles. Kao gives his best light-hearted shrug before dragging them both back to Phu’s office.




Unsurprisingly, the less than helpful phone call to Solo and rushed lunch are not enough to break Kao out of his distracted mood. After innumerable instances of being caught unawares staring into space, out the window, or simply at his blank computer screen, Kao checks his watch and it’s already 7PM. Outside of Phu’s office, most of the other employees have left for the day, but inside Phu is still engrossed in a pile of papers on his desk. Kao notes with despair that the pile hasn’t diminished a bit since this morning.

He judges based on the size they’ll be here at least another two hours. “Want me to go get something for dinner?” he asks with a huge yawn.

Phu glances up from his work, his eyes oddly amused. “If you want,” he replies slowly, “though I did say we could leave about two hours ago and somebody never responded.”

Kao winces. “Seriously?”

“I thought you were being unusually diligent today and didn’t want to discourage it.” Now Phu’s eyes are practically dancing and Kao knows he’s being teased. He grumbles and starts shutting down his computer, trying to ignore Phu smirking in the background.

“Next time throw something at me, P’.”

“I’d rather not,” Phu replies seriously. “I thought some extra time might help you work through whatever you’ve been thinking about so hard.”

Kao pauses, eyes flicking to the other man across the room. He grabs his bag from the sofa and shrugs.

The pile of papers now neatly stacked to the side of his desk, Phu frowns and doesn’t move from his seat. “Gon, stop pouting and come here.”

“I’m not pouting,” Kao mumbles while definitely pouting, but he drops his bag and moves to sit on the corner of Phu’s desk. He tries his best not to appear nervous, but he can’t bring himself to meet Phu’s eyes. The large hand that gently grasps his is what makes him finally look up.

Instead of annoyed, Phu looks concerned, and that makes Kao feel even worse. “You’ll feel better if you talk about it, whatever it is.”

“It’s hard to talk about.”

Phu cocks an eyebrow. “You’re the one who usually has to force me to talk. Should I be scared?”

“It’s embarrassing, P’Phu,” Kao whines and shakes his boyfriend’s hand lightly.

Now both brows rise. “Something actually embarrasses a shameless rabbit like you?”

Kao screws his mouth up in frustration because this teasing is not helping, but if there is going to be any progress, Kao knows he’s going to need to be the one to push. “Fine,” he says with a huff. Though his cheeks are burning, he meets Phu’s eyes as best he can. “It’s sex. I want to talk about sex.”

The amusement, at least, leaves Phu’s face but Kao can’t quite read his expression at all. “Is that so?” he asks, slowly again. Kao can practically see the gears turning in the other man’s head.

“We’re in a relationship, so we should be able to talk about it.” Kao sticks his chin out defensively and immediately regrets it because the amusement creeps back into Phu’s eyes.

“Okay. You want to talk about sex. What about sex specifically?”

Kao leans forward and sticks his finger in Phu’s face. “You can laugh, but I’m taking that as permission to ask whatever I want.” He straightens up and crosses his arms. “Have you had sex before?”

Phu’s mouth quirks slightly. “Yes.”

Kao nods. “Okay. I have, too. With only one gender or more than one?”

“More than one.”

“Me, too!” Kao uncrosses his arms and sits back slightly. This is way easier than he thought, now that he’s gotten the awkward initial question out of the way. His mind races with all of the questions he wants to ask. “Hm. To be honest, I don’t really think we need to share how many partners we’ve had.” He cringes at the thought and Phu shakes his head with a small smile. “In my opinion I haven’t had too many. I already told you that you’re the first person I’ve seriously liked. So I guess I’ve done a lot of messing around, nothing involving, like, feelings, you know?” He peeks at Phu out of the corner of his eye. “You?”

There must be some note of nerves in his voice, because Phu replies without any hint of teasing: “The same, actually. No serious partners. No feelings.” He emphasizes the last word with a long look that makes Kao blush all over again, though he can’t deny he feels reassured by it.

“It might come up later, so you should know some of that messing around was with Solo.”

Phu’s jaw actually drops-- well, more like his mouth hangs open slightly, but for him, that’s the same thing.

“Let me explain,” Kao continues carefully. “We were in secondary school, and secondary school kids are stupid, and we were more stupid than most. We both feel eternal regret and promised to never speak of it, but I don’t want to hide anything from you.” Kao grabs Phu’s hand and squeezes. “Like I said, I’ve never slept with anyone I felt anything for, Solo included. It was more like… friends figuring things out.” He laughs and shrugs. “We figured out we do like men, but we do not like each other.”

Phu rubs at his temple with his free hand and Kao realizes he’s probably said too much, but oh well, too late now. “Is that everything?” Phu groans but he doesn’t let go of Kao’s hand.

Kao shakes his head vigorously. “No. You should also know I’ve always practiced safe sex. If you want, though, I can go to the doctor and get tested.”

Phu’s self- massaging has extended to his entire forehead, his fingers needing the deep creases that have formed there. “Gon, that’s not--”

“See, I noticed every time we get close to… you know, you stopped, and I’ve been trying to figure out why you wouldn’t want to do it. At first I thought maybe you had never been with a guy, but you've answered that--”

“Gon, I don’t--”

“But I also thought maybe you didn’t want to because you were worried I’d never done it before, even though I don’t think I come off as a virgin, and maybe you thought I didn’t want to, even though I think it’s pretty obvious I do want to-”


“In the end I figured the most likely thing was the you didn’t want to because you didn’t know about my history or how I feel about protection so I started researching doctors nearby this morning--”


Kao jumps in his seat and drops Phu’s hand in the process, giving a small, awkward laugh at how much he must have been babbling. “Sorry, P’, I just wanted to--”

“You just wanted to be clear,” Phu replies with cold calm. Kao swallows as Phu stands and leans into Kao’s face, placing his arms on either side and effectively blocking any escape. “And now I want to be clear.” He leans forward even more, his mouth so close to Kao’s ear he can feel Phu’s breath. “I want to do it. I’ve always wanted to do it.”

Kao jerks back in surprise. “Then why--”

“Because I don’t just want to do it, Kao,” he continues, his lips brushing against Kao’s ear to close what little distance Kao had created. “I want to kiss you until your lips are bruised. I want to make you moan so loud everyone at home can hear it.” A warm hand slides up Kao’s thigh and his breath hitches. “I want to mark your skin so anyone who sees you knows what we’ve done. I want to make you beg for it, Kao, drive you so crazy you can’t think of anything except how much you want to--” The hand squeezes Kao’s thigh and Phu takes a deep breath. The sudden warm air against his ear makes Kao shudder. Phu pulls back just enough to give Kao a small smile. “It’s a lot, Kao. I wasn’t sure if you--”

“I want it.” Kao grabs Phu by his dress shirt and doesn’t let him move away. “Everything, all of it.” He loosens his grip and his eyes drift to the bit of skin exposed near Phu’s neck, licking his lips.

Phu’s laugh sounds a little forced as he cups Kao’s cheek with one hand. “Is that so?” he asks again, and Kao’s starting to realize that those words are a sign Phu’s struggling to control himself, at least based on the fact that Phu’s dark stare remains fixed on Kao’s mouth. Phu’s thumb traces Kao’s bottom lip and Kao opens his mouth greedily, letting the digit glide against his tongue. This time it’s Phu who shudders. He removes the hand and takes another deep breath. “You have to promise me that if you don’t like anything, or if you want to stop, you say so immediately.” He slaps Kao’s thigh lightly when Kao doesn’t respond right away. “This is important, Kao. Do you promise?”

At this point Kao is ready to promise anything if only Phu will continue, but he forces himself to nod and reply, “I promise.”

“Good boy,” Phu murmurs and then, finally, kisses Kao.

This time, there is no hesitation. The kiss is more tongue and teeth and small groans than actual kissing, and Kao feels his shirt being yanked free of his slacks before Phu’s fingers attack the buttons down the front. How none of them go flying across the room, Kao doesn’t know. All he can focus on his Phu sucking on his bottom lip and how wonderfully hot the office feels all of a sudden.

Kao shrugs out of his dress shirt and raises his arms obediently over his head as Phu pulls off his undershirt, but before Phu can lean in for another kiss Kao gives him a light shove. Phu blinks in confusion and Kao smirks back, shoving again. Now that he has space, Kao stands and glances meaningfully behind Phu. “You’ve been working too hard, P’. You should sit down.” He’s stupidly proud of how his voice doesn’t shake.

Phu grins and settles into his large office chair, patting his lap. “Come here, Kao.” Glad that Phu’s the type to invest in a strong, steady chair for work, Kao joins him, kicking off his shoes and straddling Phu’s legs with his own. There’s no denying this position is a vast improvement, and Phu seems to agree as he buries his face against Kao’s neck. “What a smart rabbit.”

“I’m always smart, ‘P. You’re finally noticing it.” Phu chuckles but doesn’t argue. Instead his mouth moves to where Kao’s neck meets his throat. Kao moans appreciatively and tangles his hands in Phu’s hair. The wet heat of Phu’s mouth moves lower until he reaches Kao’s nipple. Kao jerks as if shocked and presses closer. The resulting fiction against his groin draws out an even louder moan. Phu moans, too, quieter but so, so satisfying. Kao grins, biting his lip and repeating the action, and Phu’s hands grip Kao’s hips hard enough to hurt.

Those hands move to the front of Kao’s slacks and manage to unhook Kao’s belt and remove it in seconds. Kao would be impressed but he’s too distracted by the light touch of Phu’s fingers undoing his pants and proceeding to completely strip Kao of the rest of his clothing. Kao shifts enough to allow Phu to pull his pants free and toss them aside. Surprisingly, Kao isn’t embarrassed in the least sitting naked in Phu’s lap; it feels totally natural. Phu returns to trailing wet kisses along Kao’s chest while Kao fumbles with the buttons on Phu’s shirt. Eventually he manages to undo them all and shove the offending clothing over Phu’s shoulders and finally off of his body.

Kao is distracted from going any further, though, when a hand wraps around his now painfully hard cock. He whimpers and barely registers Phu’s free hand reaching out to open the top drawer of his desk. Phu’s mouth finds Kao’s neck again, his voice a low rumble near Kao’s ear. Kao’s so focused on Phu’s slow strokes that he doesn’t make out the words at first. Phu’s hand stops and Kao whines, pushing into his touch. “Listen, Kao,” Phu says calmly, though his eyes are anything but calm. He draws away and Kao notices the small bottle in his hand.

“You’re always so prepared, P’,” he tries to joke, but his voice shakes.

Phu takes his time coating his fingers. “If you don’t like something or want to stop, tell me right away.”

Unable to look away from Phu’s hands, Kao nods impatiently. Phu stays perfectly still until Kao looks up and nods again. “I will, P’, I promise. Just hurry up, please.” It’s the ‘please’ that finally gets Phu to move, giving Kao his small half-smile and rewarding Kao with a kiss. Kao bites at Phu’s lips and tries to grind against the other man, but Phu holds him steady in his lap. A finger pushes inside Kao at the same time Phu’s other hand wraps around Kao’s cock again, and the combination of sensations makes Kao gasp and push back against the digit. It’s a strange sensation, but not bad. Certainly better than his experiences in the past. It doesn’t hurt that Phu’s eyes go unfocused beneath Kao as that finger pushes deeper, carefully stretching the tight muscles.

“Relax, Kao,” Phu murmurs and gives Kao’s cock a light squeeze.

Kao moans. “Not fair, P’.”

Phu just chuckles in response and slips in a second finger. By now Kao’s breathing heavily against Phu’s shoulder, hunched forward to give Phu better access. He groans and alternates between moving against Phu’s fingers and pushing into Phu’s hand. He barely registers how deep Phu is until Phu’s finger presses against a place inside Kao that makes Kao cry out and arch back against the fingers harder. The sudden movement rocks the chair, but Phu keeps them from falling while continuing to press against Kao’s prostate steadily but far too slowly for Kao’s liking.

“P’Phu, please,” he whimpers but Phu’s fingers stop to resume the stretching. A third finger joins the others and Kao feels at his limit, rocking against Phu desperately. “P’, I want it, please.”

“What do you want, Kao?” Phu asks quietly. His three fingers surge forward and reach Kao’s prostate again so that all Kao can form are a long string of curses. He’s so far gone he can’t even feel angry at Phu’s smirk. “Tell P’ what you want.”

“I want you to fuck me, P’,” Kao groans and grinds down against Phu’s lap. A soft moan escapes Phu’s lips and Kao manages a dazed smile. “Please, P’, I need it.”

Whether due to the friction or Kao’s soft, needy voice, Phu growls low in his throat and Kao finds himself lifted and set back onto Phu’s desk. Phu pushes Kao back against the smooth wood surface and fishes a condom out of the same drawer he’d opened earlier. Kao lies back and drinks in the sight of Phu’s skin as he rips the foil wrapper open with his teeth. After rolling on the condom, Phu grabs Kao’s legs and locks them around his waist.

“Try to relax, Kao,” he says soothingly, but Kao finds that very hard to do when his entire body is tingling. When Phu finally pushes inside, Kao immediately tenses and Phu curses. The cursing, at least, makes Kao laugh and he takes a deep breath. Phu slides deeper inside, and Kao groans. The stretched, full feeling isn’t so bad when Kao gets to see Phu’s face shining with restrained lust. A drop of sweat listens down Phu’s chest and Kao’s cock twitches against his stomach.

Kao tights his legs around Phu’s waist, forcing him the rest of the way inside. It makes both of them cry out but brings Phu close enough for Kao to touch. Kao runs his hands around Phu’s tense forearms. “Hurry, P’, I’m going crazy here.”

Phu grunts but doesn’t need any further encouragement. He pulls back to thrust into Kao gently at first, but Kao feels the muscles flexing in Phu’s arms and, with a few more encouraging words from Kao, soon he’s moving faster, their movement causing the drawers of the desk to bang in the otherwise quiet office.

Phu shifts his hold on Kao’s hips and his next thrust hits Kao’s sweet spot again, making him writhe on the desk. He grabs Phu’s shoulders and yanks him forward just to feel more of his skin. Phu keeps one hand on Kao’s hip to maintain the angle, pounding into Kao and muffling Kao’s cries with kisses.

“I’m so close, P’,” Kao almost sobs, stroking himself against Phu’s stomach. Phu gives a soft grunt and pulls out suddenly. Kao doesn’t have much time to whine, because Phu lifts him around the waist and carries him across the room. Sex must make people stronger, Kao muses with a stupid grin, before Phu positions Kao back in his lap, now on the sofa. Before Kao can react, Phu pushes back inside.

“Ride me, Kao,” Phu murmurs, drawing Kao’s arms over his shoulders to give him better leverage. “Make yourself come on my dick.” He gives Kao a quick thrust and Kao doesn’t need any more motivation. He rolls his hips, feeling Phu slide in and out at Kao’s pace. He tries to maintain a steady rhythm, but being seated on Phu’s cock makes it too easy for Phu to hit his prostate and Kao’s movements become more and more erratic. Phu wraps an arm around Kao’s waist and his free hand finds Kao’s aching erection again. In seconds Kao orgasms, spilling over Phu’s fingers and crying out against Phu’s neck.

Beneath Kao, Phu continues moving, working Kao through his orgasm and coming moments later, his final thrusts rocking Kao where he rests against Phu’s chest.

Very gently, Phu lifts Kao out of his lap. Kao feels rubbery and soft, allowing himself to be laid down on the couch like a sleepy child. Phu wanders away and returns, back in his pants. Something wet makes Kao jerk to attention, but it’s just Phu gently wiping him clean until Kao feels blessedly less sticky. The sofa shifts beneath Kao and Phu pulls Kao back into his arms. Phu’s blazer, still warm, drapes across Kao’s naked form.

“That was worth the wait, P’,” Kao mumbles sleepily. He turns in Phu’s arms to look up into his face.

Phu snorts, but hugs Kao closer against him. “Love you, Gon.”

Kao snuggles closer. “Love you, P’Phu.”




That night, curled up in bed while Phu once again is engrossed in his work computer, Kao texts Solo a thumbs up emoji followed quickly by an eggplant.

Seconds later, Solo’s response is a single middle finger emoji.