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under the weight of the night

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“I think I might go work on some talismans,” Wei Wuxian murmurs.

“Mn,” Lan Wangji acknowledges. There’s a soft edge to his affirmation, distant-sounding already. 

They’re lying together in post coital bliss, tired and sated. Well, Lan Wangji is tired. As his breathing grows deeper, Wei Wuxian carefully extricates himself from the warmth of his arms. The soft inner robe he was wearing had been discarded onto the floor in the heat of the moment, and he stoops down to retrieve it, wrapping it loosely around his body.

He stops for one last look at his husband’s sleeping face, which lacks the tension he often carries in the daytime. His mouth is soft and pushed out into a pout. Wei Wuxian can’t resist pressing a soft kiss to it. He gives one last affectionate brush of his fingers on his husband’s cheekbone before he leaves the room, carefully sliding the door closed behind him.

It’s easy for him to lose track of time when he’s inventing, and though it feels like barely an hour has passed, the position of the moon tells him the small hours of the morning have arrived. He blows out his lamp, its oil nearly dried out now. 

When he turns around after closing the bedroom door behind him, his breath catches at the sight of Lan Wangji lying there, nude, lit by shafts of moonlight. His inky hair is pooled around his head, breaths puffing out from his lips. Most importantly, his cock is nestled between his legs, soft and inviting. 

Wei Wuxian likes when his husband enjoys his body while he’s sleeping, gets a small thrill out of the idea. Lan Wangji always wakes with the sun, and as such he has had many opportunities. Sometimes Wei Wuxian wakes up during, sometimes he doesn’t. He quite enjoys discovering the evidence of it, long after Lan Wangji has left the Jingshi for the day. 

His husband has expressed an interest in being on the receiving end too, but Wei Wuxian hasn’t yet had the opportunity despite being a late sleeper. Often, after finishing with talismans or whatever else he might be working on, he’s so exhausted that he can barely manage to crawl under the covers before his eyes shut. 

Cautiously, he climbs into the bed. He slowly pushes Lan Wangji’s legs further apart, sinking down between them. With a gentle hand, he lifts Lan Wangji’s cock, leaning forward to lick an experimental stripe on the underside of it. No reaction. Smiling to himself, he fits his lips over the head, licking a circle around it. 

He wraps a hand around the base, stroking as he takes him deeper into his mouth. Lan Wangji doesn’t stir, but his cock begins to stiffen under his touch. Wei Wuxian hums, eyes fluttering closed as he sucks, falling into the rhythm of it.

There’s a gasp, and Lan Wangji’s hips give a shallow buck. Wei Wuxian looks up at his face and sees that his eyes are still firmly shut, but his mouth has dropped open. He increases his pace, pressing harder with his tongue. Drool drips from his lips, easing the slide of his hand around what his mouth can’t fit.

Lan Wangji makes a small noise, thrusting haphazardly into Wei Wuxian’s mouth. The head of his cock hits the back of Wei Wuxian’s throat, making him choke. He pulls off and covers his mouth to smother his coughing. In Wei Wuxian’s opinion, choking your husband deserves some kind of retaliation.

With a smirk on his face, he slips off of the bed to retrieve the pot they always keep nearby. Using two fingers, he scoops out some of the reddish substance. He warms it in his hand before he takes Lan Wangji’s cock, gives it a firm stroke and climbs on top of his husband.

Wei Wuxian is still open from earlier in the evening, so he sinks down onto Lan Wangji with ease. Seated and feeling so full, he rolls his hips, testing. Lan Wangji’s breath catches in his sleep and he whispers a broken, “Wei Ying.” He must think he’s dreaming. Even better. 

Slowly, he moves, rocking forward, watching Lan Wangji’s expression as he dreams of him. Awake, Lan Wangji excels in controlling his appearance. Wei Wuxian has noted before that aside from the red of his ears and the fire in his eyes, if someone were to see his face, they would have no idea what he’s doing. 

In his sleep, Lan Wangji’s cheeks are pink, lips forming a silent ‘o,’ brows drawn together. His hands bunch in the sheets, no doubt imagining slender hips in their place. Wei Wuxian lifts said hips tentatively, dropping back down with a quiet smack. His husband lets out a soft “ah.” Encouraged, he speeds up, reveling in the slide of Lan Wangji’s cock inside of him.

Wei Wuxian pants softly as the pressure builds, steadily approaching his climax as he fucks himself on Lan Wangji’s cock. He reaches down with the hand he used to wet Lan Wangji, stroking himself in time with the rocking of his hips. 

“Lan Zhan,” he moans as he comes, releasing over Lan Wangji’s stomach. He makes no attempt to catch it, letting it spill over his skin. Having reached his climax, each hit of Lan Wangji’s cock against his prostate feels like a jolt, wonderful and uncomfortable at the same time. 

Leaning forward to take Lan Wangji’s nipple into his mouth, he closes his lips over it, licking circles around the bud. He rides his cock faster, heedless of the noise from their skin meeting over and over. Lan Wangji’s chest arches into his mouth. He breathes in deep, grip on the bedsheets tightening. Wei Wuxian moves his mouth to Lan Wangji’s stomach, lapping up as much of his own release as he can reach.

Then Wei Wuxian feels his husband’s climax, hot cum spurting into him. He pulls Lan Wangji onto his side, keeping himself plugged with his cock, and snuggles into his chest. Instinctively, Lan Wangji wraps his arms around him, tugging him in closer. 

Wei Wuxian drifts to sleep, limbs loose and exhaustion finally fogging his brain. 

He wakes to the feeling of something thrusting into him. When he opens his eyes, the first thing he sees is Lan Wangji looking back at him. His gaze is soft and warm, lips curved into a small smile. 

Lan Wangji’s hands glide over his skin, feeling him for the sake of feeling him. He presses a kiss to Wei Wuxian’s forehead. 

“Er-gege, no need to be so gentle,” Wei Wuxian murmurs in a sleepy voice. At that, Lan Wangji’s hands find the curve of Wei Wuxian’s ass, kneading and squeezing it. Wei Wuxian hums, arching into his touch. Lan Wangji tightens his hold, moving onto his back with Wei Wuxian slumped on top of him, still not very awake but enjoying himself immensely.

His husband spreads his ass and bends his knees for better leverage. Wei Wuxian cries out when his husband starts fucking into him so quickly that all he can do is take it. Pleasure cracks through him with each thrust. 

Voice shaking, he says, “Ah, yes, there, there, there, it feels so good Lan Zhan, use me, make me cry.” Lan Wangji’s answer is to pull Wei Wuxian’s lips to his own, kissing him roughly. He returns the kiss eagerly, licking into his mouth. 

Even when he comes, keening loudly as he spills over Lan Wangji’s chest again, Lan Wangji doesn’t let up. The feeling is overwhelming, even more than when he had done it to himself earlier. Tears really do spring to his eyes, and Lan Wangji brushes them away tenderly, a sharp contrast to how rough he’s pounding into him.

When Lan Wangji comes, he pulls Wei Wuxian in for another kiss, soft and breathy this time. They lay there, breathing in sync with one another until they come back to their senses. Lan Wangji is stroking his back with one hand, holding him tight against his chest as he slowly wakes. 

Wei Wuxian trails a finger up and down Lan Wangji’s arm. “Lan Zhan must have liked my surprise, then?”

“Mn. Did Wei Ying like mine?” 

“So much,” Wei Wuxian replies, yawning.

At some point they’ll get up and take a bath together, and maybe they’ll wash and comb each other’s hair. Lan Wangji will have to leave for the day, and maybe Wei Wuxian will join him.

For now, they lie together in the bed, holding each other close, murmuring words of affection to one another as the sun rises.