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Seokjin thinks that he’s become blunter and more straightforward as he’s gotten older. It was a necessary development, though. There’s only so much you can be apologetic about who you are and what you want before it reaches a breaking point.

He remembers the start of his. Seokjin was in his last year of college. He’d been dating the same guy since his junior year, and slowly, Seokjin had started becoming more and more uncomfortable with sex. At first his boyfriend didn’t push it, attributing it to studies or some other arbitrary reason. But then it went from occasionally not in the mood, to rarely in the mood, to just not wanting to have sex.

An interesting thing is that when they were having sex regularly, Seokjin was perfect in his boyfriend’s eyes. The ideal partner, even. With disagreements, Seokjin talked through it and didn’t hold grudges. But when they started having sex less, his boyfriend managed to find more things to be unhappy with. One thing he kept insisting was that Seokjin was being more distant by not having sex regularly.

Well, Seokjin didn’t want to seem distant. So, he started forcing himself even when he wasn’t in the mood. He wonders at times, if his boyfriend realized Seokjin’s responses during sex were muted, or if he even cared. Still, his boyfriend went back to being happy with him. For a bit.

Until Seokjin couldn’t force himself anymore. Then, Seokjin suddenly became the worst boyfriend. Cold, distant, accused of playing some kind of game by withholding sex. Even as he tried to explain that it wasn’t a lack of love or affection, it just didn’t feel right forcing himself when he didn’t want to have it.

Obviously, they broke up. Seokjin would like to say he didn’t feel sorry at all. He tried his best and despite what his boyfriend said, he wasn’t playing some kind of game. Still, it was his fault, wasn’t it? Seokjin was the one who slowly stopped having sex. He put the strain on their relationship.

Taehyung, bless his soul, was in vehement disagreement. He was a freshman that Seokjin met in theatre club and he was quite the personality, in a good way. After the breakup, they went out drinking with his boyfriend Jimin and they were nothing but comforting. They both had a way of gently letting someone know when they were in the wrong and very sternly telling someone when they were in the right.

Seokjin was a little surprised to find himself in the latter and suspiciously so. Really, they were his friends, it did make sense they’d side with him during a breakup.

It was a couple of days later, Taehyung had wanted to take Seokjin out to lunch. He’d figured it was probably just a pity thing over his breakup, but Seokjin went along with it, thinking it was fine considering all the food he’d provided for both him and Jimin since he’d known them.

“Hyung, do you think you might be asexual?”

Those words were a pivotal moment in Seokjin’s life, though he didn’t realize it at the time. Nah, he just gave Taehyung an eyeroll along with a head shake and changed the subject. Yes, Seokjin had heard the term before, first in biology class. Hearing it again in terms of sexual orientation had been barely notable. Honestly, it sounded stupid. Just how many identities did they have to come up with?

It was a bit of poetic justice, a couple of years later, for Seokjin to realize that he was the stupid one. Not only was it valid, but it was also exactly what he was.




Seokjin has dated people since realizing he’s ace. His relationships have lasted varying lengths and ended for different reasons. Honestly, none of them have been very fulfilling. He’s only dated people who concretely understood that he’s asexual, and that’s fine enough. Some don’t really get it when he veers off their expectations though.

Eventually he had gotten tired of it and just stopped dating. It was fine, he wasn’t lonely. Dating wasn’t all that important to him, despite his parent’s concerns that he’d end up all alone. Really, none of the people he’d dated had been his own pursuits anyway. They came on to him, and the ones who made it past him upfront telling them that he was asexual, he at least gave a chance. But he was over it for the time being. Give it a few years and he’d see if he wanted to date someone again.

That worked out for about three years before he came across one Min Yoongi.

He was a childhood friend of Taehyung’s who had recently moved to Seoul after finishing his enlistment. Yoongi was subtly funny, amazingly competent and he looked like a work of art. His arm veins appeared in Seokjin’s dreams; he swears to this day.

Really, Seokjin isn’t usually the one to make the first move, but he’s also not one to pass up on a golden opportunity, and Min Yoongi was just that. Seokjin was all over him, even physically, and he was delighted that Yoongi welcomed it. If they were together, their arms were constantly looped, if they sat together, Seokjin would be leaning into him. Their hugs lingered way longer than necessary.

It was almost comical how much Seokjin wanted them to constantly be touching.

Yoongi was the one to ask him out and Seokjin immediately said yes… though he did pause to tell Yoongi that he was asexual. To this day, he thinks of how Yoongi didn’t even blink or give any kind of indication that it was shocking or off-putting news.

They date for a frankly amazing year. Maybe the most amazing year of Seokjin’s life, even. Seokjin is his one hundred percent honest self, and he has an amazing person with him who doesn’t at all make him feel like that self isn’t completely perfect. They have fun and have disagreements from time to time, but they’re always resolved quickly. Yoongi is like him, someone who doesn’t hold grudges against the ones he cares about. It’s great and eventually, the two of them decide to live together.

And Seokjin is delightfully surprised over the way their relationship evolves after that.




The thing is, Seokjin isn’t completely unsexual. He’s sensual, he likes when people appreciate his face and his figure, he likes talking to his friends about their sex lives. He even masturbates fairly regularly… though he is prone to zoning out when he does. It’s more something he views as a healthy release that feels good than something sexy.

Seokjin can be sensual but doesn’t like being touched by people he doesn’t know well. When he does get closer to someone, he becomes pretty touchy feely, and he’s fine with them being the same, as long as none of it is sexual.

They decided at the start of them moving in together, that it would be best for Yoongi to be upfront when he wants to masturbate. He certainly shouldn’t have to feel like he has to sneak around his own home when he wants to take care of himself.  Seokjin will hang out in the living room while Yoongi does his thing, and sometimes it’s quick, sometimes it’s closer to an hour. Yoongi once told him that he really enjoys taking his time, which is respectable.

Of course, Seokjin supports it, and even cheekily bought Yoongi a fleshlight, telling Yoongi to think of him while he uses it. Yoongi laughed at the time but assured that he would. Seokjin wonders if that was when he really started becoming more comfortable with Yoongi.

They’re laying together in bed one night, Seokjin cuddling into Yoongi’s side as they watch a variety show on TV. Yoongi has an arm around him, with his hand resting on Seokjin’s waist. Slowly, Yoongi’s hand starts caressing and Seokjin leans further into him.

He can always tell when Yoongi is starting to feel horny.

Yoongi is well aware of Seokjin’s limits. It’s something that’s been talked about and explored often. Really, Seokjin’s limits have gone a lot further with Yoongi than it has with others. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they can go even further.

Seokjin is nuzzling Yoongi’s neck, while Yoongi’s hand is gentle resting on Seokjin’s bottom. Not squeezing, just lightly touching, the way he knows Seokjin likes. If Seokjin looks down, he’s sure he’ll see Yoongi just starting to chub up. And then comes a hum.

“I’m gonna take a shower,” Yoongi mumbles. Seokjin knows what he means, but he isn’t ready for Yoongi to leave him. So, he presses closer and kisses Yoongi’s neck, who doesn’t stop him. Even tilts his head for Seokjin. Seokjin bites down very gently and Yoongi makes a questioning noise. “Hyung…”

“You can stay here,” Seokjin says, nuzzling once more into Yoongi’s neck.

“I don’t want you to get up, you’re all settled in,” Yoongi says, still not making a move to pull away.

“I don’t want me to get up either,” Seokjin says, and that gets Yoongi to look at him. He doesn’t look confused or tepid, just interested.

“What do you want to do, then?” Yoongi asks and Seokjin feels something warm bloom in his chest.

“I just… want to be here while you get yourself off,” Seokjin answers, almost shyly. Yoongi stares at him for a moment before his mouth quirks up into the slightest smile.

“Alright, but you’re wrapped around the arm I use to jerk myself off,” Yoongi says and Seokjin huffs in amusement.

“You can’t just use your other hand?”

“It’s not as precise.”

Seokjin huffs once more, put upon, but can’t stop his smile as he crawls to the other side of Yoongi before immediately latching onto his other arm. He watches Yoongi tug down his pants and boxers until his dick is free, barely even half hard. Seokjin starts trailing one of his hands up and down Yoongi’s arm and watches him take his cock in hand.

It’s been a while since Seokjin’s seen someone fully hard. He’s felt Yoongi’s morning wood against him from time to time. In the morning, Yoongi is usually too lazy to take care of himself and Seokjin doesn’t mind it staying pressed against him until it goes down. They also shower and take baths together and sometimes Yoongi will get partially hard. It had been a little funny the first time it happened, because Yoongi seemed almost embarrassed. He even called his dick a traitor.

“Why are you so fidgety?” Seokjin complains as he rinses Yoongi’s hair out for him.

“I’m not,” Yoongi mumbles a denial. Seokjin huffs and turns Yoongi around to face him once his hair is free of suds. He notices Yoongi trying to subtly cover his groin.

“I can get out of the shower if you’re feeling uncomfortable,” Seokjin says, blinking.

“No!” Yoongi a little loudly, startling Seokjin. He looks apologetic. “No, I’m sorry, it’s just… it felt good when you were washing my hair…”

Seokjin raises an eyebrow.

“Like… really good.”

Seokjin takes another moment before he understands.

“Oh… oh. Well, I mean it happens. Did… you want me to get out of the shower?” Seokjin asks again, uncertain.

“No, no. It’ll go down. I just… don’t want to make you feel weird,” Yoongi sighs.

“I’m don’t. Honestly, it’s nice to know I have the effect on you,” Seokjin smirks. Yoongi huffs out a laugh in return.

“Of course, you have that effect on me. You’re gorgeous and amazing,” Yoongi rolls his eyes.

Still, while Seokjin’s seen Yoongi’s dick soft and semi-hard, he hasn’t seen it in its full glory. As he watches Yoongi stroke himself slowly to full hardness, Seokjin thinks it’s kind of cute. Though, maybe people don’t appreciate their dicks being called cute. Yoongi’s cute himself though, so of course his dick would be cute too.

Seokjin looks away to kiss Yoongi’s cheek, pressing closer to him. The hand that he isn’t using to stroke himself is resting on Seokjin’s inner thigh, halfway up. He’s nuzzling his nose against Yoongi face, occasionally dropping kisses.

He doesn’t feel horny himself—instead, he feels a warmth in his chest. He feels giddy, because Yoongi is sharing this with him. Letting Seokjin be here, even watch if he wants to. He looks down again in time to see Yoongi fully hard with a bead of precum swelling up. A couple of slow strokes and it’s trickling down the side.

“Baby,” Yoongi starts, turning his head so they can share a quick kiss. “Can you get the lube out of my nightstand?”

“Okay,” Seokjin says, pressing another kiss to Yoongi’s lips before unwrapping himself from around Yoongi’s arm. He opens the drawer and sees lube along with a few different toys. He smiles when he sees the fleshlight he’d gotten Yoongi before and thinks he should get him something new soon.

Seokjin returns to Yoongi’s side with the bottle of lube and suggests, “Do you want to get more comfortable? You should probably at least take your shirt off.”

Yoongi hums in agreement before pulling his shirt up over his head. He also pushes his pants and boxers all the way off his legs before laying down. Seokjin pours a little lube into his waiting hand before closing the top and settling down on his side next to Yoongi. He rests his head on Yoongi’s shoulder and one hand trails along his broad chest while Yoongi gets back to stroking himself. His other arm loops around Yoongi’s free one until he can intertwine their fingers.

He watches Yoongi stroke himself again before an idea pops into his head, “Can I play with your nipples?”

Yoongi huffs out a ‘yes’ and Seokjin trails his fingers over to one of them. He takes a moment to cup Yoongi’s pec, appreciating how broad his boyfriend is beneath his loose shirts. Then he lightly pinches a nipple and Yoongi hums is approval. He doesn’t know if Yoongi likes his nipples being stimulated, but he continues to make low sounds in the back of his throat.

Seokjin starts pausing for short moments, just to see if Yoongi’s sounds are coming what Seokjin’s doing or from Yoongi stroking himself. He’s glancing up at Yoongi with a mirthful look as he tries to figure it out.

“What are you doing?” Yoongi asks lowly and Seokjin is quite sure he hears amusement in his voice.

“I was trying to see if you liked it,” Seokjin answers easily and Yoongi does laugh lightly at that before adjusting so that their heads are level with one another.

“Yes, it feels good. Thank you, baby. Can I have kisses?” Yoongi asks and Seokjin couldn’t dream of denying his baby kisses.

They’re not sloppy kisses. There’s tongue, but not too open mouthed. Sometimes they do make out like that, but Seokjin usually likes his kisses slow and deep. More a press of their mouths with their tongues peeking out to meet. Occasionally, a kitten lick along each other’s lips.

It’s so easy for Seokjin to get lost in their kisses, playing with Yoongi’s nipples and just trailing his hand around, that he doesn’t even realize how long it’s been before Yoongi’s breath hitches and he feels something warm and wet hit his arm.

He pulls away with a, “You got your come on my arm.”

“My bad,” Yoongi says, breathing deeply as he comes down from his orgasm.

“I haven’t had anyone’s come on me since college. You should be honored.”

“I am beyond honored, believe me.”

Seokjin giggles and presses another kiss to Yoongi’s lips before getting up to get a washcloth for Yoongi. When they go to sleep that night, he feels warm.




This is admittedly a scenario Seokjin didn’t really imagine happening probably ever.

He and Yoongi talk often about their wants and needs, just to make sure they’re being met as well as they can. Like Seokjin asking if they can cuddle naked. That had taken a bit to work up to. He knew Yoongi was quite different from his past partners, but he still had to squash the internal voice that told him that Yoongi would call him some type of tease. And not a good way, either.

Of course, Yoongi said nothing of the sort. He agreed and now they do it from time to time and Seokjin sort of loves it. That they can be naked and touching without it having to be sexual. It’s a show of trust and boundaries and Seokjin figures that’s the big appeal to him. That and Yoongi looks really good naked. He even lets Seokjin touch his butt. It’s great.

Recently, Yoongi said he would like to get off to Seokjin’s naked body. He didn’t need to touch Seokjin, he just wanted to look. Then, shyly, he added that he wouldn’t be mad if Seokjin did a strip tease for him.

So, that’s what Seokjin’s doing. Or about to do. Yoongi doesn’t know yet. His cute boyfriend is in the living room watching a variety show.

Seokjin looks at himself in their full-length mirror. He’s wearing a pink lip gloss and even quickly styled his hair away from his forehead. He has an oversized white button-down shirt that reaches his mid-thighs, and tight black boxers. He considers whether to put pants on but decides against it. He looks better with just the shirt and boxers.

With a deep breath, he turns and slowly pads out of their room and to the living room. Seokjin takes a moment to look at the back of Yoongi’s head, reminding himself that he doesn’t need to feel awkward. Even if Seokjin doesn’t really know how to do a strip tease, Yoongi is the type to be excited that he’s even trying.

Nodding to himself, he walks around the couch to stand in front of Yoongi, blocking the view of the TV. Yoongi blinks in confusion before looking up at Seokjin’s face.

“Hi,” Seokjin says simply.

“Hello,” Yoongi says back, though there’s amusement in his face.

“I’m going to do a strip tease for you now. It’s not gonna be that sexy, but it will end with me naked, so that should be a win,” Seokjin says firmly. Yoongi immediately bursts out laughing, gums out and eyes crinkled.

“I love you,” Yoongi says in response and Seokjin feels his ears burning. Seokjin mumbles a response before grabbing the remote to turn the TV off. Variety shows aren’t really the sexiest background noise to strip to. Oh. He probably should’ve picked a song or something. It seems sort of awkward for it to just be silent.

“Play a song,” Seokjin requests. Yoongi smiles but does as he’s told, picking up his phone and less than a minute later, a song starts playing. It takes only a moment for him to recognize Ariana Grande’s ‘Greedy’.

It’s a good song. Not the slow song Seokjin was imaging, but he finds he prefers this. With a small smile, Seokjin gives himself one last encouragement. Reminds himself that he doesn’t have to try too hard. Yoongi finds him sexy. Finds him beautiful.

Seokjin starts by unbuttoning the first three buttons of his shirt. He doesn’t really know a lot about doing strip teases, but he does know he’s not supposed to just give it all away at once. It’s supposed to be like a slow unveiling. So, he pulls the shirt aside to reveal one of his bare shoulders and gives a cheesy wink that brings a smile to Yoongi’s face.

It ends up being more playful than sexy, but Seokjin thinks it’s better this way. When he finally gets the last button undone, he lets the shirt fall halfway down before turning and giving Yoongi a view of his broad back. He playfully shimmies his shoulder, giving a smirk as he glances back. Then, he lets the shirt drop before turning back around.

Yoongi’s eyes are dragging up and down Seokjin’s body as he lightly, almost absentmindedly palms himself. Seokjin trails his hands slowly down his chest and plays with the waistband of his boxers. He tugs them down just enough to show his hips, right before they begin to swell out… only to put them back into place with a smirk.

He’s rewarded with a playful glare from Yoongi and can’t help but let out a giggle. He turns his back to Yoongi and pops his ass out just a bit. Then he hooks his thumbs into the band of his boxers and slowly starts lowering them down until they’re right below his ass. He gives the lightest wiggle before turning back and lowering the boxers the rest of the way with little fanfare.

Now he’s naked, and surprisingly, a little hard. Not enough for him to want to do anything about it, but it’s kind of nice. Yoongi’s gaze drops to Seokjin’s dick, or maybe just his general hip area. He has expressed an appreciation for Seokjin’s full hips. Maybe he’s looking at both. Then Yoongi’s eyes are trailing all across Seokjin’s body as he palms himself with more purpose now.

Seokjin quickly bends down to pick his shirt up, before walking to stand between Yoongi and their coffee table. Yoongi’s looking at him with wider eyes, lips slightly parted. Seokjin has the sudden urge to kiss him, so he does. Just a quick peck before he sits down on the coffee table, making sure to put his shirt down so his bare ass isn’t touching it.

The music continues, shuffling to another song on the same album. Seokjin isn’t quite sure what to do now. He’s naked and Yoongi’s only just started to undo the button on his pants. He decides to keep it simple, trailing his hands around his body. Down his chest, over his stomach, he bends his knee to rest a foot on the coffee table with him, baring himself even more to Yoongi.

Yoongi has freed his cock now and he’s stroking himself with his eyes completely focused on Seokjin. It’s then that Seokjin realizes how much he likes this. Being the reason that Yoongi is turned on, and even more so that Yoongi is getting off just being able to look at Seokjin’s nude body.

He watches Yoongi’s eyes follow the paths that Seokjin’s hands are making over his body. Notices that Yoongi likes it when his fingers trace his nipples. Likes it when Seokjin runs his hands over his hips. Really likes it when Seokjin touches his bottom lip before biting it slowly, his eyes hooded.

The strokes get faster and, without thinking, Seokjin leans forward, hands bracing on either side of Yoongi so he can press their lips together in a gentle but deep kiss. Yoongi’s breath hitches before he’s groaning and coming.

Seokjin kneels down in front of Yoongi, rubbing his boyfriend’s legs as he breathes deeply through the aftershocks of his climax with his head tipped back.

“You know, Yoongichi, you can’t keep getting your come on me like this,” Seokjin says with a pout.

Yoongi huffs out a laugh, “You’re the one who leaned over me.” Seokjin scoffs but then sighs.

“I guess letting you come on me isn’t the worst thing,” Seokjin admits. Yoongi immediately snaps his eyes open and looks at Seokjin with a grin. “Oh, don’t go getting ideas.” Yoongi only laughs and even though Seokjin said that, he’s already considering if that’s something he’d be fine with.

Probably if Yoongi seriously asked him, he might let him do it every once in a while. Like, on his birthday or holidays.




“Man, I can’t believe Yoongi-hyung ended up with a hot guy that doesn’t even like sex.”

The comment comes from some guy whose name Seokjin hadn’t bothered to remember. Usually, he’s fairly good at remembering names, but that’s only when he’s being polite. Something about this dude had given him vibes that he didn’t want to hold any kind of conversation with him. Sometimes Seokjin annoys himself with how right he can be.

They’re out at a bar for Yoongi’s friend Namjoon’s birthday. Yoongi is up getting them another round of drinks, leaving Seokjin with Namjoon and some of his other friends in a booth.

“Donghyuk,” Namjoon says in a way that means he wants to guy to stop talking.

“What? I’m not trying to be an asshole. It’s just funny, especially with how much Yoongi used to sleep around when we were younger. It’s one thing to settle down, it’s hilarious that it ended up being with some dude who doesn’t even like fucking. He’s gotta hate it at least sometimes,” The jackass, apparently named Donghyuk, continues.

When Seokjin was younger, when he was still figuring himself out, when he still didn’t really accept himself… if this was then, this would hurt. It would probably end up inadvertently affecting his relationship with Yoongi, maybe even to the point they broke up. Make him doubt. Maybe even make him mad at Yoongi for the simple reason of knowing someone like this.

He’s past that now, though. Years of self-improvement and learning how to love and accept himself just the way he is. Beyond himself, he knows his almost two-year long relationship with Yoongi is strong. That Yoongi doesn’t hold any kind of feelings like the one this asshole is implying.

Still, he didn’t spend years coming to terms with himself and his sexuality to let someone reduce him down to “some dude who doesn’t even like fucking”.

Namjoon turns to Jackass with a frown, “Dude—”

“Do you actually think before you speak, or do you just let literal shit carelessly fall out of your mouth?” Seokjin asks. Jackass has the nerve to look put upon by Seokjin’s question.

“What, are you mad or something?”

“Please don’t think someone as insignificant as you could make me mad. You said something stupid and I think it’s best you know. How will adults correct the bad behavior of children unless we say something?” Seokjin asks and his eyes are wide, like he genuinely wants to know.

“Dude don’t be a little bitch just because I pointed out how weird it is that Yoongi’s with some dude he can’t even fuck,” Jackass raises his voice and Seokjin contemplates how worth it is to punch this guy. Namjoon would probably back Seokjin up, even if this is apparently his friend. Before Seokjin can commit though, a cold voice cuts in.

“What the fuck did you just say to my boyfriend?” Yoongi asks and oh. He’s never seen Yoongi mad before, he realizes. He’s seen Yoongi a bit upset, but that is leagues away from the look of cold fury on his face right now.

“He’s the one that—”

Before Jackass can even finish the sentence, Yoongi has already flipped the entire tray of drinks he was carrying at him. Seokjin, oddly, suddenly feels delighted.

Jackass tries to scramble out of the way, but it’s futile and he ends up covered, glasses toppling and a couple of them breaking. The others who hadn’t been paying attention are suddenly making noises of shock.

“If you ever speak to him again, I’ll rearrange that stupid fucking face of yours,” Yoongi says before tugging Seokjin up out of the booth and wow, Seokjin is in love. “Sorry, Namjoon, we’re heading out.”

Seokjin has enough sense to send Namjoon an apologetic smile and to give Jackass the finger before Yoongi is tugging them away. Really, he should probably be a bit more worried about the mess they left considering he heard a couple of glasses break. He’ll worry about that tomorrow though. Contact them and see about reimbursing them or something. Right now, he has an angry boyfriend to follow.

Yoongi quickly hails a cab and they climb in. He hasn’t let go of Seokjin’s hand and as he looks at Yoongi’s clenching jaw, he wants to kiss him.  They’re still in a cab though, so for now, Seokjin just presses a kiss to Yoongi’s cheek. Immediately, he sees some of the tension seep out of Yoongi’s body.

It’s a silent fifteen minutes before they arrive home. They get in the elevator and ride up to their floor, still with their hands clasped. It stops at their floor and they make their way to the apartment, punching in the code and walking inside.

And it’s like everything Yoongi had been holding in is ready to come rushing out.

“God, I’m so sorry, hyung. I don’t know what the hell he was thinking, talking to you like that. I never paid him any fucking mind, but I swear he better never show his face, or I might actually end up in jail, fu—”

His tirade is interrupted by Seokjin cupping his face and bringing him into a kiss. He backs Yoongi up to press him against the wall and licks into his mouth. Despite his anger, Yoongi doesn’t hesitate to return the kiss, hands gripping Seokjin’s waist. They kiss until they’re out of breath and Seokjin pulls away to nuzzle their noses together.

“Min Yoongi, you have no idea how much I love you,” Seokjin whispers.

“Yeah?” Yoongi asks, dazed.

“Yeah. Now let’s take a bath.”

Thirty minutes and they’re settled in the tub, hot water tinted purple from a lavender scented bath bomb. Yoongi is rested between Seokjin’s legs, with his back to Seokjin’s chest. They’ve already been soaking for about twenty minutes and Yoongi seems to be devoid of all his earlier tension and anger.

Seokjin’s been dropping kisses along Yoongi’s head and neck. He kisses up to Yoongi’s ear and asks lowly, “Yoongi-yah, can I give you a hand job?”

Yoongi opens his eyes and tilts his head to look at Seokjin with furrowed eyebrows. He knows what it might seem like. That Seokjin’s worried, maybe insecure over what Namjoon’s friend had said. That he’s trying to force himself to do something he doesn’t want to do, to make sure that Yoongi stays with him.

It’s so far from the truth, though, that it’s laughable. He saw Yoongi angry for the first time over something someone said about Seokjin. Didn’t hesitate to flip a whole tray of drinks on the guy and even threatened to rearrange his face.

The mature adult in Seokjin objectively knows that wasn’t a good thing to do. They’re almost thirty, they shouldn’t be getting into confrontations at bars. Especially on someone’s birthday.

But the Seokjin whose had more than his fair share of people invalidating him. Reducing him just to someone who doesn’t feel like putting out. Making him feel like no one could ever have a fulfilling relationship with him. Like something’s wrong with him and just needs to be fixed.

That Seokjin is nothing but happy, giddy even, that this is the man he’s with now. Someone who will tomorrow apologize to Namjoon for causing a scene, but still stand by what he did. Who will not give Donghyuk the time of day unless he genuinely apologizes and fixes his fucked-up way of thinking.

“If you want to, of course you can,” Yoongi answers, after he finds whatever he was looking in Seokjin’s face.

Seokjin pecks his cheek before he reaches down to take Yoongi’s cock in hand. It’s better that it’s from this angle, seeing as Seokjin hasn’t touched a dick other than his own in a long, long time. He takes it slow, not wanting to rush. Who knows when he’ll get the urge to give Yoongi a hand job again? Best to savor it.

So, he does, doing things he knows feel good, like rubbing his thumb over Yoongi’s cockhead. Reaching his other hand down to lightly play with Yoongi’s balls while he strokes him. Yoongi’s head is tipped back on Seokjin’s shoulder, eyes closed, mouth open. He’s letting out moans and low whispers of hyung.

And really, that’s worth it for Seokjin. He feels such fondness for Yoongi right now, and this is just another way for him to show it.

It isn’t long before Yoongi’s coming with a groan, and they’re definitely gonna have to get out of the tub and rinse off, but it’s fine.

“You can’t blame me for getting come on you this time,” Yoongi mumbles. Seokjin laughs before pressing a kiss to the side of Yoongi’s neck.

Later, they’re all fresh and lying in bed, comfortable in their pajamas. They’re facing each other with their legs tangled and the lights are already off, lulling them both slowly to sleep.

“Hyung,” Comes Yoongi’s tired voice.

“Yoongi,” Seokjin says back.

“Would you wanna get married some day?” Yoongi asks and Seokjin pretends that his heart didn’t just stop and restart.

“With you? Absolutely. I want a nice wedding though, with great food and plenty of booze,” Seokjin responds, hoping he doesn’t sound as excited as he feels.

“Nothing less for you, hyung. Give it a couple more years, and I’ll give you exactly the wedding you deserve,” Yoongi promises. Seokjin leans in to press their lips together, needing an outlet for the sudden overflow of affection.

“I love you so much, Yoongi.”

“Love you too, hyung.”

As they fall asleep, Seokjin thinks he needs to take Taehyung out for dinner to thank him for bringing someone so perfect into his life.