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The Magical Balance

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“What is with your magic and sparkles!? Granted it isn't glitter, which is a blessing.... But STILL!”

Minny picks up Winky- who had appeared nearby. 

“I have no idea... my attacks dissolve into sparkles too…”

Lora sighs.

“One of the mysteries of the multiverse then....”

Dumbledore stares at where Lora and Minny had appeared in front of him, shocked. “what did I just see..... How did you just Apparate into Hogwarts Lora?! And who is your undead friend.....? I dearly hope you haven't done any dark magic Ms. Potter.”

“No dark magic from me professor~”

“I’ll have you know that that is my magic-”

Lora turns to the other girl, “He means the fact that you're a living skeleton Minny....”

“I was talking about the apparition, and I am technically undead... I did die.”

Lora turns and whispers to Minny.

“That's more true for you than for me.... remember, I did die too. I just had to start over from the baby stage…”

“It's still troubling to have one of the living Undead appear in one's office....”

They both ignore Dumbledore as Minny whispers back to Lora.

“I know- I just thought you wouldn’t want Dumbledore to know…”

“True." Lora turns back to Dumbledore, speaking louder again, "Wellllll...... don't mind us Professor! We'll just be on our way!”

Lora takes Minny's hand and bolts out of the office.

As Minny was being dragged along, she speaks. “Wow, you’re actually running! Where are we going?”

“I got the sudden urge to prank Lockheart. And I couldn't just shortcut out of there! Besides, despite my reputation I DO keep in shape.”

“Pfft- alright. What should we do?”

“I'm thinking... a little bit of stalking... followed by jump scares.”

The skeleton grins.

“Let's do it. How are your glamours? I could go and pretend to be a student and we could make the glamour flicker every now and then- slowly freak him out.”

Minny pauses for a moment. “Although I’m not sure he’s smart enough to pick up on that...”

Lora takes out her wand.

“Making a skeleton look like they are human is easy. It's making a human look like a skeleton I'm having problems with.... So, any thoughts on what you want to look like? Skin tone...? Eye color.... hair?”

Minny shrugs.

“I can’t say I really care- but could you give me pink hair?”

“No problem.”

Lora cast the glamors so that Minny now had a light skin tone, shoulder length pink hair, one blue eye, and one green eye. Then Lora pulled herself, Minny, and Winky into a shortcut to the girls bathroom so Minny could look at her reflection.

“What do you think?”

Minny stares in shock at the mirror.

“Woahhhhh- it’s weird seeing myself look like a human again... looks great though!”

Lora smiles.

“I've spelled it to flicker at random. It should dissolve completely after three hours though.”

Minny nods. “Nice, I know what I want to talk to him about... but I’ll need this to vanish completely at a certain time while I’m talking- want to stalk in the meantime?”

“Sure. Should I disguise myself too? He knows I should be on Holiday at the moment…”

“Probably- oh! Do you think you could you make yourself look like a ghost when I go talk to him?”

Lora shakes her head.

“I don't think so.... that would require me to look transparent. Maybe if I shift to my animagus form I can pose as one of your familiars...? I should still be small enough to pose as a large house cat…”

“Oh right-" Minny facepalms. "I forgot about that- and you can if you want? I’m not sure what else you could do either…”

“Ok. Just remember that I won't be able to speak English but I can still understand you perfectly fine.”

Lora closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. As she releases her breath she transforms into a fluffy snow leopard cub, about the size of a large house cat, with blood red eyes instead of her usual hazel.


Minny squeals.

“Oh my god you are so cute!!”

Winky walks up to Lora, giving her a nose boop- the customary greeting in cat.

Lora flattens ears and gives Minny a cute look.


Minny lightly shakes her hands up and down before stretching one out to Lora.

“Please let me pet you-”

Lora bumps her head into Minny's outstretched hand.

“Hehehehe- awwww you’re so soft!" She scratches behind Lora’s ears.

"Want me to hold you or would you rather walk to Lockhart?”

Lora stares intently at Minny while thinking: ‘I'm not yet used to this form! You'll have to carry me!

Minny is completely clueless to Lora’s attempt at telepathy.

“Just nod your head if you want me to hold you”

Lora nods head firmly.

“Alrighty!” Minny picks up Winky, who was curiously sniffing Lora. “You have to go here, ‘Kay?” She sticks Winky in the gap where her stomach would go if she had one and scoops up Lora. “TO LOCKHART!”


Minny begins running in a random direction before stopping.

“...where’s his classroom...?”

Lora simply uses her magic to shortcut them all in front of Lockhart's classroom.


“Woah. That works.”

She quietly walks in, whispering to Lora. “How much time is left for the spell?”

Lora wonders how she was supposed to answer.


“Oh right- can’t talk... is it more than an hour? Just nod or shake your head.... More than two?”

Lora nods.

“it’s like... two and a half, right...?”

Lora thinks for a moment, ‘Close enough at this point…’ and nods.

Minny nods.

“Alright, it doesn’t look like he’s here... maybe his office?”


“...I’m assuming that means yes. Wait- he does have an office right? ...Shoot now I can’t remember…”

Lora meows to Winky.

“Is it always like this with her…?”

Winky meows back.

“Yes, Mother is often like this when she has no access to these strange blue things she swallows”

“Blue things....? Nevermind actually. I'll just take us to his office....” Lora then shortcuts them all to the outside of Lockhart’s office.

“Oh! Thanks!” Minny smiles at Lora before knocking on the door.

Lockhart calls from inside. “Come in!”

Minny walks in and attempts to act timid. “H-hello professor?”

“Welcome! Welcome! It's fine, I won't bite you sweetie! Did you come to help with my fan mail? Or did you have a question only the magnificent me can answer? I'm happy with both options!”

Minny could only think ‘ew-’ but she continues her act.

"W-well- I was, uh, wondering if-f y-you could tell me- um- about yourself? Although I uh, have the t-textbooks- I wanted to hear it from you...?”

Minny internally cringes. 'He's never gonna fall for it-'

“Wanted to hear it directly from the source I see~ Well I'm happy to oblige! Which one of my MANY adventures would you like to hear about darling~”

‘Oh my gosh he’s like a worse Mettaton-’

Minny lays it down thick. “W-well uh, the-the time you dealt w-with that poltergeist? Or- um- those evil s-spirits y-you vanquished? Or the-the uh, ghosts you’ve talked to, o-over the years…”

“Well... there was this one time... But you don't want to hear about THAT particular tale.... I haven't even added it to my published books yet....”

‘He’s totally doing this on purpose…’

She still pretends to fall for it.

“W-what?” She takes a small step closer and tries to appear interested.

“I couldn't possibly... Oh well you've twisted my leg! Let us go sit on the sofa while I regale you of this tale~”

Lockhart goes and sits on the lavender sofa directing Minny to sit on the other side.

Minny holds back a grimace and carefully sits on the sofa, making sure not to jostle Winky or Lora.

Her glamour flickers.

Lockhart startles a bit at seeing the glamor flicker but blinks it away thinking that he was simply seeing things.

“Now then! It all started on a trip to North America.... The place is dreadfully infested with malevolent ghosts.... I had decided to stay at this particular hotel....”

Minny pretends to pay ‘rapt’ attention as Lockhart continued the story.

Her glamor continuing to flicker throughout the story- causing Lockheart to become more and more anxious.

Yet soon the story ended.

"W-woah, th-that’s amazing!" Minny pauses, "...C-can I, u-uh, ask one more question?”

Lockhart was a bit freaked out but was not about to deny a fan.

“But of course my dear!”

Minny tilts her head. “H-how would you become a ghost?”

“Well... the only way I know of is to die.... But life has SO much to offer! And how could I leave my fans just to become a ghost!? I'm afraid you'll have to ask a ghost yourself if you really want an answer.” Lockhart was even more freaked out- but was great at acting fine.

Minny nods as if she was just told a great wisdom.

“Of course, of course- that would be a bad thing, I agree... “ Her glamor flickers more- the skeleton anatomy beginning to show.

At this point Lockhart was barely holding in his terror.

“A-are you okay...?”

Minny grins widely and uses magic to make the lights flicker in time with the glamour’s flickers.

“Me? Oh, I’m perfectly fine.... You, on the other hand?”

She chuckles darkly, glamour completely fading away, revealing Minny with a twisted, skeletal grin- magic flowing freely out of her eyesockets. 


y o u b e t t e r r u n


Lockhart jumps off the couch only to faint in sheer terror.

“Oh my god-” Minny starts cackling.

Lora jumps from Minny's hold and transforms back to her human self.

“Ohh... head rush.....” Lora shakes off the dizziness. “Man that was hilarious!”

Minny calms down and starts poking Lockhart, concerned.

“Did I take it too far?”

Lora laughs.

“I don't think so.... he'll forget about it soon enough. Or at least believe it was all a nightmare....”

She goes over to Lockhearts desk and takes out his Makeup supplies. “Want to help me spell his makeup to turn into ridiculous colors upon skin contact..?”

“hmm... what if you glamoured yourself to look like the glamour you put on me and freak him out.” She pauses for a moment. “That might be a bit too mean actually…”

The rest of what Lora said registers.

“Heck yes-” Minny starts helping Lora grab makeup.

Lora charms the makeup. “Yeah... I think it might be best if we return to Snowdin Cabin after we put the makeup back.... No need to give Lockhart anxiety at the moment. He hasn't threatened Harry's safety yet. So I don't want to be too mean to the guy…”

“That’s fair. He is pretty funny to prank though- ooo turn this one into olive green.” Minny holds up foundation.

Lora does so without complaint.

“And... there! That should be the last one! Now time to put the Makeup back in its proper place!” she starts the process of putting the makeup away.

Minny helps put them back- but in the wrong places.

Winky meows.

“You think so Winky..?”

Minny looks back and forth between her cat and Lora.

“You can understand her?!”

Lora shrugs.

“Yep. I understand anything with a Soul.”

“Cool! Does she have a name for me?”


Minny snorts.

“That is so much better than I thought it would be-”

“Oh...? And what did you think it would be...~”

“Honestly? Something along the lines of “idiot”" Minny smiles wryly. "I tend to seem a bit like one when I’m off my meds... but maybe something like mom? I don’t know- “mother” is just weirdly formal-”

“Dudette, I'm not the one you need to talk this out with. Sounds to me like you should let Winky know how you feel about being formal instead of being on the RAD side~”

Minny cringes away from Lora.

“First of all- never talk like that again. And second- I don’t mind if she calls me mother, it’s just a bit funny.”

Lora pouts. “But I like speaking a fresh language from time to time…”

“Fresh is the only one who can do that.” Minny switches voice to sound like a surfer dude. “An' ya aren’t even doing it right broski, ya gotta throw in as much rad and tubular lingo as possible my brah.” Minny grimaces, switching her voice back.

“That was painful to say wow”

“Ha! That was AMAZING! And you're right I do need to work on that more.... So looks like you've given me permission to continue talking like Fresh sometimes too~”

Minny sighs, rolling her eyelights.

“As long as I’m not around.”

“Fine with me~ ready to go?” Lora holds out a hand.

Minny checks for whoopie cushion, then grabs Lora’s hand.


Lora shortcuts them to her bedroom in Snowdin cabin.

“And we're home!”

Minny plops down onto the floor right where she was standing, breathing out a sigh.

“That was fun!”

Lora smiles.

“Agreed! Pranking Lockhart is always fun~”

Winky begins batting at Minny’s face.

Minny nods in agreement to Lora before looking at Winky. “I know I know- it’s almost bedtime-”

Lora glances at the clock. “Yeah it is getting pretty late here.... You should be getting home soon too....”

Minny flops down to a lying position.

“I knowwww... I have no idea how to though…” She huffs in exasperation.

“Can't you just.... I don't know.... 'write' a doorway between your Multiverse and mine into existence....?”

Minny sits back up, sighs, and facepalms.

“Probably? I’m not actually sure how much I’ve locked my Creator skills…”

Minny stands up and pulls up her magic.

“I'll give it a shot... I bring up my magic, forcing it into the shape of a door-” the magic changes to something else on its own “-IIIII mean- two small books, one leading to my undertale, and one to the snowdin cabin.”

She releases her magic before stumbling.

Lora goes to steady Minny. “Are you okay?!”

“Woahhhh... dizzy…” Minny regains her balance. “Yeah... might’ve... might’ve been a bit too much magic at once though... how about I stay here- and you go see if that worked?”

“Sounds like a plan. Want me to bring back some of your skeletons to help you out?”

Minny doesn’t want to make Lora do more work but is in desperate need of magic.

“Please- if you don’t mind...?”

Lora grabs the two books.

“No problem pal. You can rest on my bed right there.... I don't mind. I'll be back as soon as I can, alright...?”

Minny carefully walks to bed- stumbling once or twice.

“Alright- be careful... some of them might try to kill you....and, uh, thanks.”

“Not like I haven't already experienced death.... I'll be fine. I know how to take care of myself. I'll be back before you can say something incredibly long that I don't know what the word means.” Lora uses one book to disappear into Minny's multiverse in a flash of sparkles.

Minny immediately attempts to say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.