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The Magical Balance

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After all the excitement she has been going through recently, Minny decided to read a bit to relax.

She had just sat down with a Harry Potter Book, Winky on her lap, when she got sucked into the words of her book.


One second she was opening the book up to read- the next it had become a portal and sucked her into it.


Lora had decided to dedicate this day of her Giftmas vacation into finally mastering her animagus form.

She had already completed most of the steps, all that was left was to do a full transformation.

She had taken a shortcut from her bedroom to the beginning of the puzzle security system before getting ready to transform.

That's when things got crazy.


Lora was about to transform when she was suddenly crushed by a duel-colored skeleton.


“What the fu-!”

“GET OFF ME!” Lora was able to throw the skeleton off her back causing them to crash into a snow poff.


The skeleton sits up. “How did I get here??” 

Lora quickly pulls out her wand and points it at the skeleton. “That's what I'd like to know!”

The other girl points at the wand, scrambling back.

“What is that!?” She then seems to come to some sort of conclusion. “Are you a Frisk? Don't hurt meeeee-”

She puts her hands up as if bracing for an attack.


“A stick... No it's obviously a wand. And Why would you think I'm Frisk? Do I look like I'm wearing strips to you?!” Lora replies sarcastically.

“I'm panicking okay?!" The girl pauses, lowering her arms and tilting her head. "Who are you then?”


Lora sighs and puts her wand in her inventory.

“Names Lora, Lora the Witch.”

She puts out her hand to help the skeleton up. “I wasn't expecting to meet any Skeletons today....”

Minny calms down a bit and grabs Lora's hand. “Nice to meet you Lora! I'm Minny... have I heard of you from somewhere?”


 A loud Pfffffffftttttt sounded when their hands met.


“Ha! The old Whoopie cushion charm! It's always funny! And Minny..... that name seems to spark some memory of mine......”


Minny laughs at the sound.

“... does this mean you're a Sans then?”

Lora helps Minny stand.

“I wouldn't say that exactly... I'm more of an obsessed Fangirl with the only Monster Soul in this world and abilities just like Sans....”


Minny freezes.


“An obsessed one.”

“Does Undertale exist here??”

“Nope~ not to my knowledge anyway.....”

“Wait... what's your last name?”

“Potter. Why?”

Minny starts mumbling to herself, “so is this Harry Potter then- “ then turns to Lora “-is there a Harry here?”

“He's my little bro. Well technically we're twins..... but I'm the oldest.”

“Wait-” Minny points dramatically at the other “YOU'RE LORA!!”

Lora winces and rubs her ears. “Yes! Oww.... I did introduce myself as such.... no need to yell.....”

“oops sorry…" Minny sheepishly replies, "But no! I read a fanfiction about you!! Before I died!”


“Wait.... You Died Too!?”

Minny rapidly nods her head.



Lora takes another look at Minny before her face brightens in realization.

“DOUBLE WAIT! You're Minny! The Goddess of Balance! I read a fanfiction about YOU before I died!”

“What the heck?? That is so random? How did this even happen??”

“Magic. That's all I'm going to think as the answer. Unless of course the one of the people watching/reading about me want to give an even better answer through the ask box......? .... No... ok. Magic is the answer.”

“That's fair- do you think that my past self is one of the people in the ask box who talked to you? Cause I know that I did say a few things…”

“Probably. Or maybe your past self is your current self and your current self is another version of your Past self. And your past self is reading what your current self is doing and wishing that they are you.”

“I'm... not even going to try to understand whatever you just said…” Minny looks around. “hey, have you seen my cat anywhere? She was on my lap when... this happened.”

“ actually..... I was too preoccupied with you landing on top of me when I was trying to do my first full animus transformation....”

“ ...yeah- sorry about that...." Minny starts yelling into the surrounding woods.

"Winky? You here??”


Lora looks around the area to try and find the Skeleton cat. “Come on out kitty.... it'd be just Pawsome to meet you~”

“Pfft- what a purrfect pun- there!“ Minny points to a tree “Winky! How did you even get there??”

“Don't know but I don't think we should Leaf her up there..... want me to get her down?”

“One sec- she might just needle little push-”

Minny takes a deep breath.

“Winky! I have food!”


Winky jumps down and immediately runs to Minny.

“Always works!”

Minny runs a hand down Winky's spine as said cat tries to find the food that she doesn't have.

“Wow. That Tuna out fine. Glad she didn't find anything fishy about that…”

Minny tries to think of a fish pun before giving up. “Yeah. Do you have anywhere warm for her?”


“I think the cabin is the warmest place for miles. Just head up this path. Don't worry about the puzzles, they're harmless. I'll make sure the fire is going strong in the fireplace!” Lora jogs the opposite direction of the puzzles and vanishes into a shortcut.

Minny chuckles and puts Winky in her sweater, trying to use her magic to keep the kitty warm.

“Can't say I'm surprised- she's probably getting Harry-”

Minny starts heading down the path.


Harry- who was currently talking to Hermione- sneezes “A-chue!”

Lora appears from her shortcut at the top of the stairs. “Bless you bro! Hope you're not catching a cold…”


“Whatever you say bro..... By the way a new friend of mine is coming to visit. She should be here in the next half hour or so…”

“I'LL MAKE SURE TO GO GET THE HOT CHOCOLATE READY!” Harry then heads to the kitchen to prepare. 


Back with Minny…


Minny walks into the next clearing. “Is this... the electric maze?”

Turning her head, she notices a sign that read, “This is an electric maze! Please take one of these metal balls before attempting the maze!" With an arrow pointing to a pile of metal balls.

Minny grabs one.

“That’s convenient.”

Minny pauses, staring at the maze that she couldn't see.

“Do you think I could chuck this at the wall- wait there’s footprints-”

Minny follows the footprints to the other side of the clearing.

“I did it! ...Can I keep this?” she asks nothing, pointing to the metal ball.

She then spots a Convenient Sign(TM) saying “Yes! Yes you can keep the metal ball! Congratulations on getting through the maze!”


“The convenience of that sign fills you with determination- hehe I crack myself up-”


Minny walks to the next area. “Let’s seeeeee- is it theeee switch one next or the first X thingy-”

She sees yet another sign, which was nailed to tree.

“There is no convenient switch here!” An arrow points to a switch. “This switch Is totally NOT the win instantly switch!” Another arrow points to the same switch.

Minny hums in thought.

“Ya know, this is probably fake but-” Minny flips the switch.

The game is instantly won upon the switch being flipped.

Minny notices another sign under the first one, “HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT THE FIRST SIGN LIED!?”

'was that there before?'

Minny cheers, “Yeah! I’m smart!”

And resumes walking.

“Hmm... I wonder how many they have... cause I honestly can’t remember-”

Minny reaches next puzzle.

A nearby Sign read:

“Just two more puzzles before you reach your destination! Congrats! For this puzzle many different tiles do different things! But I forget what does what! So press the button and good luck! Only thing I know is that pink tiles are safe tiles....”

“oh no not this one- wait does the 'two more puzzles' include this one?”

She pushes the button.

“Whatever I’ll figure it out later.”

The path lights up in colors before finally settling on all pink with red on either side.

Minny sighs.

“... I’m not even surprised- “

Minny walks on the pink tiles and heads to the either second to last or the last puzzle when a thought pops into her head.

“Is there a bridge of doom? Ohhhh maaaan I hope not-”


Minny sees one more sign.



Bro did you just pun?


But it's in writing bro...




Minny snorts.

“Oh man that’s amazing-”

Then she sees the puzzle, which was basically a real life version of the Escher stairs painting.

“Holy fuuuuu- nope! Not today!”

Minny pulls up her magic and starts 'writing'.

“I somehow manage to walk through the entire puzzle as if it wasn’t there- and warm up Winky some more with my magic while I'm at it- keeping her comfortable.”

Once she walks through the final puzzle, she releases her magic and breathes a sigh of relief.

"Oh thank fgod that worked- I'm not sure what I would've done otherwise..."

With one last glance at the puzzle, she walks to the house just ahead.