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New Beginnings

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"Right that's the beef in could you peel me the spuds darling?" Serena said as she shut the oven door.
"Of course I can."
"Mum, do you want me to do anything?" Zac asked as he came into the kitchen.
"You could set the table in the dining room."
"We are using the dining room?"
"Yeah, we need a bigger table tonight."
"Mum do I have to be tonight. Can't I stay at Mickeys?" Cameron asked as he stood at the kitchen door.
"No you can't. I want us all to get to know Paul better."
"Because he's our Grandad." Zac piped up as he grabbed some more cutlery.
"Go and help your brother set the table please baby."
"Ok." Cameron sighed as he picked up the plates and followed Zac into the dining room. "Here the plates."
"Put them on the table then." Cameron huffed and banged down the plates. "Watch what you're doing. You're gonna break them."
"So what. We won't be able to have this stupid dinner then will we." Cameron snapped before storming off and bounding up the stairs and slamming his bedroom door.
"What's up with him now?" Serena asked as she dried her hands on the tea towel.
"I don't know. Do you want me to go and talk to him?"
"Don't bother Mom, he's just been a pain in the arse." Zac said as he came back into the kitchen. "I've done the table for you."
"Thank you darling."
"Is there anything else you want me to do?"
"No thank you."
"I'm gonna go and get a shower and get changed then."
"We better go and go and do the same." Bernie said.
"You're right. Look at the time." Serena said as she took off her apron and they all went upstairs. "Cameron when Zac has had a shower you need to get in." Serena said as she knocked on Cameron's door. "Cameron, are you listening to me?"
"YES." Cameron shouted.
"What is up with him?"
"He'll be OK. Come on, you shower."
"Are we sharing a shower?"
"Do you want to?"
"What are we waiting for then?" Serena smirked as she followed Bernie to their bedroom.


"How do I look?" Serena asked as flatten down her dress.
"You look beautiful." Bernie pulled Serena towards her as the doorbell rang. "I better go get that." Serena kissed Bernie quickly as they helds walking down the stairs.
"Hello Darling." Adrienne said as Serena opened the door.
"Hi. Come in." Adrienne. Albert and Christine gave Serena and Bernie a hug as they entered the house.
"Is Paul here yet?" Christine asked as Bernie took her coat.
"No not yet. Come through and make yourselves comfy."
"Can I get you a drink?"
"I'd love a beer please Bernie."
"Who's driving?"
"We came in a taxi so we could all have a drink."
"Fab. Adrienne, Christine, what can I get you?"
"I'll have a gin please."
"I'll have the same thanks." Christine smiled as her and Adrienne sat down on the sofa.
"Here comes one of my boy's." Albert said as Zac came into the room.
"Hi Grandad." Zac smiled as he gave Albert a hug. "Hi Grandma."
"Hello Darling." Adrienne squeezed Zac tightly as they hugged.
"Alright Auntie Christine."
"I'm fine Zac." Christine smiled.
"That'll be Paul." Serena said as the doorbell rang. "Zac go and tell your brother to get his arse down here now."
"Ok Mum."
"Hi Paul, come in."
"Thank you Serena. I've got you these." Paul said as he handed Serena a bunch of flowers.
"Thank you. This is my Mum and Dad Adrienne and Albert."
"Yeah, I remember them from the parents' evening. Hello again."
"Hello." Serena's parents said together.
"Hello Paul." Christine smiled.
"Christine." Paul said as he looked Christine up and down seductively.
"Erm right then let's go to the dining room." Serena and Bernie walked ahead. As they followed them into the dining room Christine and Paul walked side by side and gently brushed hands.


"This is a beautiful meal Serena." Paul said as they all ate and chatted.
"Thank you. Are you still coming to our wedding on Saturday?"
"Of course I am. I wouldn't miss my daughter getting married."
"Well you missed her first one." Cameron snapped.
"I didn't know about your Mum then did I."
"Well maybe you should have stuck around instead of buggering off."
"Cameron enough." Serena snapped.
"I haven't even started yet. Don't think you'll be giving Mum away because Grandad will be doing that."
"I guessed he would be."
"But you would have liked to, wouldn't you?"
"Of course I would." "I think you've said enough now mate." Bernie said as she put her arm around Serena.
"No I haven't. You thought you could just swan in and be a part of our family well you can't. You might have made my Mum but you will never ever be my Grandad. And you" Cameron said as he glared at Christine. "You will never be my Grandma. These are my Grandparents." Cameron stood up and stood behind Adrienne and Albert.
"I think you've said enough now son." Albert said.
"Enjoy the rest of your meal. And I'm really Mum but if he's going to the wedding then I'm not." Cameron said angrily as he stormed out of the room.