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New Beginnings

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"Paul, stop." Christine said as she pulled away
"God your beautiful." Paul smiled as he reached out and stroked Christine's face gently.
"We can't do this Paul. Too much has changed."
"Not for me it hasn't. My feelings for you haven't changed." Paul moved closer and was just about to kiss Christine again when the doorbell rang.
"I better get that. It might be Serena. She said she might come over today."
"Shall I go."
"No sit down, finish your tea." Christine smiled as she walked to the front door. "Hello sweetheart. Are you alright?"
"Yeah fine. You took your time opening the door didn't you" Serena said as she walked straight in.
"I've got a visitor."
"Me." Paul said as he stood at the kitchen door.
"What are you doing here? If you have said anything to upset her."
"He hasn't, darling. I. Promise." Christine said as she put one arm around Serena."We've just been talking, that's all. Actually Paul was just leaving weren't you?"
"Erm yes, yes I better get going."
"I'll let you know when we can go for the DNA test." Serena said as she sat down.
"Actually I don't need to do a test. I know you're my daughter." Paul smiled as he walked towards the front door. "When can I see you again?"
"I don't think that would be a good idea."
"I want to see you again. I meant what I said. My feelings for you haven't changed."
"Shush Serena might hear you." Christine started scribbling on a piece of paper. "Here this is my number."
"Thanks. See you soon I hope." Paul leaned forward and kissed Christine on the cheek. "Bye."
"Bye." Christine felt her cheek and smiled as she shut the door.


"Do you want a drink sweetheart?" Christine asked as she walked back into the kitchen.
"I've just had one before I left. So what was he really doing here?"
"I've told you he just wanted to talk. It has been a long time since we saw each other, you know. Anyway enough about Paul. Do you want to do something today?"
"I erm, I was hoping that you would come with me to help me choose my wedding dress."
"Really. You want me to come with you?"
"Yes. So will you come with me?"
"I'd love to darling. But doesn't Mum not want to go with you?"
"I've asked her and she said it's fine."
"Ok. I'll just go and get ready." Christine smiled as she kissed Serena on the cheek and ran upstairs.


An hour later Serena and Christine walked into the bridal shop arm in arm.
"Hello. Can I help you?" The shop assistant asked.
"I need a wedding dress."
"Did you have a particular style in mind?"
"Something simple but elegant."
"Follow me I'm sure we will have something for you." Serena and Christine followed the shop assistant. "This one came in yesterday." The assistant said as she held up a dress.
"No it's too fussy. I want something more simple this time. I've done the big white wedding dress before." Serena picked up a dress from the rail. "This is nice. Do you have this in a size 12?"
"Yes there you."
"Thank you." Serena chose a few more dresses and went to the changing rooms to try them on. Christine sat on the seats and waited. Serena tried a few dresses that she didn't like on. As Christine carried on waiting her phone pinged.

Hello beautiful. Are you alright? Paul Xx

Yeah I'm good. I am with Serena. She is picking her wedding dress. Xx

Great. Can I see you tonight? Xx

"Christine are you listening to me?" Serena said.
"So sweetheart. What did you say?"
"I said this one looks better on the off."
"Let's have a look then." Serena opened the curtain and stepped out
"Well what do you think?" Serena asked nervously.
"Oh Serena." Christine stood up and walked closer to her. "You look absolutely stunning."
"Do you really think so?"
"Absolutely. You are beautiful. Bernie is one lucky woman."
"I'm the lucky one. Shall I have this one then."
"I think it's the nicest one and it does look beautiful on you. Does it feel nice?"
"Yeah it does. I'll have this one then." Serena kissed Christine on the cheek and went back behind the curtain to get changed.

Christine are you still there? Xx

Yeah I'm here. Xx

Can I see you tonight. I thought we could go for a meal and have a proper chat. Xx


I'd love to. Just let me know the time and the place and I'll be there. Xx


I'll come and pick you up. Xx


I think it's best if I meet you. Look I've got to go. See you tonight. Xx


I bloody hope so. Xx

"Are you sure the dress looks ok?" Serena asked as she came out of the changing room.
"It looks more than ok. You look stunning."
"Come on then I'll go and pay for this and then we can go and get a coffee if you want?"
"That would be great? Then you can help me look for an outfit for the wedding too.
"Ok then." Christine smiled as she followed Serena to the till.