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New Beginnings

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"I think you've got me mixed up with someone else. I don't have any children." Paul said as he put his hand down.
"Let me refresh your memory. When you were working in Holby as a substitute teacher. You had an affair with a girl called Christine McKinnie. Ring any bells, does it?"
"Christine McKinnie I haven't seen her for years."
"But you remember her though?"
"Well yes but."
"But what?"
"Nothing happened between us. She was one of my pupils for God's sake."
"Then why did Christine say you had an affair with her?"
"Look I admit Christine developed a crush on me and she even tried to kiss me once. But I pushed her away."
"YOU'RE LYING." Serena shouted.
"Just tell the truth Mr Harrison." Bernie said as she put her arm around Serena to calm her down.
"Don't tell me you believe this load of rubbish Miss Wolfe."
"Is that really what this is? A load of rubbish?"
"Of course it bloody is. Do you have any idea what these sorts of lies could do to my career? I would lose my job."
"Good you slept with one of your pupils."
"No I didn't. It's all lies."
"I'll ring her up then shall I and tell her to come down here." Serena opened her bag and got out her phone.
"No wait. Alright I admit I did sleep with Christine. But it only happened once."
"That's all it takes." Bernie said as she squeezed Serena's hand.
"I used protection."
"Well it obviously didn't work, did it? Christine says you and her were in love."
"She might have been in love with me but I wasn't in love with her."
"Then why did she say that?"
"Because she was infatuated with me. I'm really sorry but I don't think I'm your Dad." Paul sighed as she sat down.


"You must be. Christine didn't sleep with anyone else."
"And you believe her?"
"Stupidly enough, yes I do." Serena said as she sat down beside him. "Look, we could do a DNA test if you want."
"Ok. Here's my number." Paul said as he passed Serena a card. "Ring me, I'll do a test."
"Thank you."
"I'd better go." Paul stood up and grabbed his briefcase. "I guess I'll be hearing from you soon then?"
"You will." Serena stood up and stood beside Bernie and watched as Paul left the office.
"Are you ok?" Bernie said as she put her arms around Serena.
"Am fine. I better get going too. Are you going to bring the kids home with you?"
"Yes of course."
"See you later then." Serena kissed Bernie on the lips and opened the office door.
"I love you." Bernie smiled as Serena walked back to her and kissed her lovingly.
"I love you too." Serena stroked Bernie's face and left the office. Serena walked out of school and into her car.


Serena pulled up outside her parents house. She got out of her car and walked up the drive and rang the bell.
"Hello darling." Adrienne said as opened the door and hugged Serena.
"Is Christine in?"
"Yes come in, don't just stand there." Serena walked inside. "Christine Serena is here to see you." Adrienne called out as she shut the front door.
"Hi. I didn't expect to see you today." Christine said as she stood at the lounge door.
"We need to talk." Serena snapped as she walked past Christine and went into the lounge.
"What do you want to talk about?"
"My biological Dad."
"I've told you all I know about him. I don't know where he is."
"I know where he is?"
"You do?"
"He's here in Holby. He moved back here after his marriage ended."
"How do you know all this?"
"Because I saw him today. I spoke to him. He knows everything."
"Everything." Christine looked nervous as she sat down on the sofa.
"Yeah. He doesn't think I'm his daughter. He says you only had sex with him once and that he used protection."
"It happened more than once. He told me he loved me."
"That's not what he said."
"He's lying sweetheart. I know I have told you lies about the past. But I am telling you the truth now. He said as soon as I left school he would leave his wife and that we could be together."
"I'll soon find out who's lying. He's agreed to take a DNA test."
"Good. Serena you have to believe me I'm telling you the truth." Christine stood up with tears in her eyes as she took Serena's hand in hers.
"I want to. But you have told me so many lies."
"I know and I'm so sorry. I love you so much Serena. You know that don't you?" Serena nodded as Christine pulled her closer and hugged her tightly.