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Electric Twins

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“Elesa!” Someone screamed down the phone “Elesa! You won’t believe what just happened!”

Elesa yawned, checking the time of her phone. Three in the morning? Damn...why the hell was her brother calling now of all times? Didn’t he know gorgeous models like her still needed beauty sleep in order to function?

“You-“ Elesa yawned again “-better have a good excuse for phoning me at three am”

“It’s that early?” The voice asked, almost sounding sorry “I can call back later...I guess?”

“No no! It’s fine!” Elesa grumped, deciding she wasn’t going to be getting anymore sleep “‘Sup Volk?”

Volkner took a deep breath “I have nothing to wear” He deadpanned

Elesa blinked “You’re...You’re kidding me?”

“Elesa, I have NOTHING to wear! And I have to be ready in...40, no, 39 minutes!” Volkner panicked and Elesa could hear that this clearly wasn't the time for any sort of sibling banter

Elesa softened “Okay, why is this so important?”

“You remember Flint?”

“The weird one with the afro?”

“He is not weird !

“Okay, okay” She placated, rolling her eyes “What about Flint?”

Volkner sighed “He...He kinda asked me out” He mumbled

“What was that?” she checked her nails, making a mental note that they needed to be redone ASAP-

“HE ASKED ME OUT!” Volkner yelled down the phone in exasperation, before adding bashfully “A-And I know what I should wear. I just...I just thought...” He trailed off in embarrassment

Elesa smiled, feeling a sudden surge of generosity “You just thought I would?” She finished “Give me ten to get changed and then we’ll go through your wardrobe, ‘kay?”

There was a muffled “‘Kay?” on the other end of the line


She smiled thoughtfully. This was one of the first times Volkner had ever bothered to ask her for help before. Not that he needed to; he was the smart twin

Brains and Beauty -that was Volkner and her. Refusing to be called the ‘Brawn’...


Elesa and her brother weren’t particularly close anymore. It was a miracle she even got a Christmas text from him. It wasn’t that they hated each other, no, far from it! Their careers just led them down different roads

Volkner was the youngest of the duo. The younger twin went to live with Aunt Bertha in Sunyshore City when they were seven, only coming back home during the summer. He was in Sinnoh so he could stay with his best friend (now seemingly potential boyfriend), Flint and eventually became Sunyshore’s Gym Leader, and the strongest in the Region

And then there was Elesa, the eldest twin. Elesa went to Unova so she could pursue her dreams as a world-famous model after being scouted back in Kanto. Eventually becoming the Nimbasa Gym Leader, she could bet half of her fanbase didn’t even know she had a twin!


She sighed "That, little bro, may be the first time you've asked me for help since you wanted to save that dumb Remoraid" She muttered to herself