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More Than Pazaak

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The first time she touched Atton's mind, he was playing pazaak. Shielding his real thoughts with strings of meaningless numbers. The next time she tried to listen, it was coordinates, running through all the systems he knew and various hyperspace routes between them. She held on till the end, just to see what would happen, and was disappointed when he just went back to the top of the list and started running through them again.

It was almost exhausting, listening to him hold onto these surface thoughts for so long without faltering. Surely he had to let them go at some point, if only to focus on something more important.

That was her excuse for peeking in on Atton's thoughts whenever she had a chance: curiosity. It wasn't a particularly noble excuse. The Jedi Council would say such things led to the dark side, but the Jedi Council could go to hell for all she cared. Any guilt she had was assuaged by the thought that it wasn't really invading Atton's privacy, because the real Atton never seemed to break through.

In retrospect, it shouldn't have been all that surprising when she touched his mind expecting pazaak and instead got an image of herself sucking his cock.

She broke the connection almost as soon as she made it, but the curiosity sent her back a few seconds later. He was imaging her kneeling next to his seat in the cockpit, sucking him off. His hand tangled in her hair, pulling her down, making her take all of him in. Even though it was her mouth around him, it was his fantasy, and she felt the sensations through his body. It was even more disorienting when Atton's fantasy pulled her up, pushed her against the wall and thrust into her, and she could barely distinguish the feeling of being in Atton, filling her, from the feeling of herself being filled.

When Atton's fantasy self came, so did she.

So this was what was under the surface, she thought. Her mind was too hazy to contemplate the implications, but her curiosity was sated. At least until she heard another thought, piercingly clear: I thought you might've gotten bored of pazaak.