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Sherlock entered the room like he always did, reminding John a little of a whirlwind. But instead of storming to his latest experiment or flinging himself on the sofa, he sat down opposite John.

’John, I might be in need of your expertise...’

John looked up, confused. ‘What?’

‘To solve the case, I need your help in an area I feel I don’t have enough experience in.’

‘Which would be?’

‘Um, it has to do with the circumstances under which the victim died.’

‘Which would be?’ If it had been anybody else, John would have thought he was out of his depth. But this was Sherlock!

‘They were rather exceptional.’

Really, this was getting ridiculous. ‘Exceptional how and why exactly do you need my help?’

‘The victim was in a situation I have never been in, but I know you have and I thought you could help me understand how he felt when he died.’

No, John still had no idea where this was going. ‘You really need to give me more than that.’

‘I’d like to recreate the crime scene here.’

Now John was close to grabbing Sherlock and shaking the answer out of him. ‘And I can help you how?’

Sherlock looked at him very matter-of-factly. ‘Well John, would it be very indecorous to ask you for a blowjob?’